GH Short Recap Friday, August 12, 2022

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Recap written by Eva

Dante arrests Cody, and while at the police station, Cody tells Dante how he found out he was Dominique’s son. Cody tells Dante that he grew up in the caretakerā€™s cottage with his adoptive parents. Cody always heard stories growing up about Dominique and her abusive first husband Leopold Taub. Cody tells Dante that his adoptive mother told him that Dominique was his mother before she died because she felt he needed to know the truth. Scott is also telling Britt and Liesl about Leopold Rain and Dominique’s abusive marriage to him. Liesl tells Britt that Leopold had dealings with Faison. Scott thinks Dominique was trying to protect Cody from Leopold and that is why she gave him up for adoption. Scott also thinks that is the reason she never told him she had a son. Scott drops the charges against Cody because he believes he is telling the truth.

Jordan figures out that Portia wants to wake the bartender up from his coma after TJ tells her there is a way to wake him up early and that he considered doing it to help Trina. Rory also tells Jordan that Portia came by the room, but he didn’t let her in because she wasn’t on the approved list. Jordan decides to help Portia and when Jordan gets in the elevator she pushes the alarm button to create a distraction forcing Rory to leave his post. Portia is able to get into the bartenderā€™s room and c give him that will awaken him from his coma.

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