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Sonny: [Sighs] Okay, look, chad, um, I’ve been thinking a lot about what helped me when I thought will was gone. All right, and I remembered that work became very important to me. It gave me structure, helped me put one foot in front of the other.

Chad: Yeah, but I don’t have a job.

Sonny: Well, a new vp position opened up at titan. And you are more than qualified. I mean, it’s yours if you want it.

Alex: Actually, no, it’s not.

Allie: These came for you, special delivery.

Chanel: Who are they from?

Allie: Don’t know. Guess you have a secret admirer.

Johnny: Uncle chad, can I borrow some shampoo?

[Suggestive music]

Gwen: Ava! Ava, are you in there? I need to talk to you. It’s really important. Kristen, what the hell are you doing here?

[Door opens]

Warden: Can I help you?

Xander: [Irish accent] Hello. I’m father callum o’brien, and I was hoping I could help you.

Male announcer: Like sands through the hourglass, so are the “days of our lives.”

[Soft orchestration]

Xander: Now, I’m sure you’re a busy lass, but I’ll only be taking a minute of your time. You see, our parish is very interested in helping with your literacy program. Fine, fine work you’re doing–

[Phone rings]

Warden: Excuse me.

Xander: No problem.

Warden: Yes, what is it? Damn it, I’ll be right there. I’m sorry, father, there’s an emergency. If you’ll have a seat, I’ll be back shortly.

Xander: Of course, of course. Take all the time in the world.

Sarah: The warden is on her way to a non-existent prisoner altercation in block C. We have ten minutes to download everything we need.

Xander: And may the holy father be blessing the efforts of this poor child to escape taking the rap for a heinous crime she did not commit.

Sarah: Good god, I’m breaking into prison records with the lucky charms leprechaun.

Xander: Hey, that was liam neeson; it was perfect.

Sarah: You’re right, it totally was. And this could all just be a wild goose chase. I mean, who is stupid enough to keep records of when they just happened to lose track of a prisoner? The warden of statesville.

Xander: Yeah.

Sarah: Yeah.

Kristen: Well, my brother and ava let me crash here when I was released. Being here is bittersweet. I was looking forward to knowing jake a bit better.

Gwen: So sorry for your loss.

Kristen: Oh, and yours. I mean, you and jake were together, right?

Gwen: Yeah, before he stomped all over my heart.

Kristen: You have one?

Gwen: [Clears throat] So where is ava?

Kristen: Well, ava doesn’t live here anymore.

Gwen: Where did she go?

Kristen: The dimera mansion. I’d say that is trading up, wouldn’t you?

Ava: What–what is the matter with you? Don’t you know how to knock?

Johnny: I–I did. You didn’t answer.

Ava: What?

Johnny: You didn’t–you–

Ava: Oh.

Johnny: Look, I’m sorry for barging in on you, but what are you doing in my uncle chad’s bedroom?

Ava: Doesn’t anyone talk to each other in this family? Your father invited me to move in.

Johnny: Uh, why?

Ava: Because I married your uncle.

Johnny: You married my uncle chad?

Sonny: Okay, alex, before we go making any more wild claims, I would like to introduce you to my best friend and the guest of the house, chad dimera. Chad, this is my doofus brother, alex.

Alex: My bad. I’m sorry.

Sonny: You know, you always make, like, the best first impressions.

Alex: I really am sorry, sonny. I’ve been told that I can be–

Sonny: Like, a jerk?

Alex: Very direct when it comes to business.

Chad: Well, we dimeras are always very polite.

Alex: That’s what people say. Alex kiriakis. Don’t move.

Chad: Yeah. Um, I can’t believe we’ve never met. I’ve heard about you forever.

Alex: Same here. Same here. And I’m really sorry to hear about your wife, chad. From what sonny told me, she sounded like an amazing person.

Chad: Thank you. She was.

Alex: I’m sorry about barging in like that. You know, and sonny, I’m surprised that you didn’t know about that, like–

Sonny: About what?

Alex: About why the job is no longer available. Uncle victor gave it to me.

Sarah: And I’m in.

Xander: You’re a veritable mozart on this keyboard, eh?

Sarah: Well, it helps that the warden’s still logged in. Okay, so gwen– how the hell do you spell that last name?

Xander: R-I-z-c-z-e-c-H.

Sarah: Woof. And you’re sure that all the prison records are in the same place?

Xander: I’m pretty sure. It’s kind of like your high school report card. They keep track of every infraction, every license plate you make.

Sarah: Ooh. Got it. Okay, so gwen’s files are downloading. About three minutes, and we can get the hell out of here.

Xander: Language, my child. Ugh, this bloody collar’s choking me.

Sarah: Yeah, but it’s so sexy.

Xander: Sexy?

Sarah: Uh-huh. The roman collar is an essential wardrobe component to the hot priest. Makes a woman want to get him to take it off.

Xander: That’s preposterous.

Sarah: Mm-mm, it’s a very, very real phenomenon.

Warden: Father! Exactly what is going on here?

Migraine attacks?

Sonny: Wait, uncle vic gave you the evp job–when?

Alex: Last night.

Sonny: I am the ceo. He cannot hand you a job without talking to me first.

Alex: I’m sorry, sonny boy. I told you I was interested in the position, and you didn’t seem to have a problem with it.

Sonny: I do–I do not have a problem with it, but it is my call, okay? And I don’t like you sneaking around my back like that.

Alex: I wasn’t sneaking around your back, sonny. Uncle victor came to me. More like he summoned me.

Sonny: I see.

Alex: And I’m sorry. I didn’t know you were interested in the job.

Chad: It’s okay. I wasn’T.

Alex: And I’m sorry that uncle victor didn’t tell you about this. I told him that you should have been sitting in on that meeting.

Sonny: It’s fine. It’s fine. Okay.

Alex: Okay.

Sonny: We’ll just–we’ll talk about it later. Anyways, I’m sure chad doesn’t want to watch us hash this out.

Alex: Fair enough. I was on my way to hr. Apparently, there’s a mountain of paperwork for me to fill out. So see you at the office?

Sonny: Guess so.

Alex: Chad, nice to meet you, man.

Chad: [Groans]

Sonny: So you have met my brother now.

Chad: Really reminds me of someone. I can’t think of who, though.

Sonny: Drawing a blank.

Xander: Warden, I can only imagine how that must have looked to you.

Warden: Who is that woman?

Xander: This would be mary frances mchugh, the president of our sodality.

Warden: Doesn’t it make that little episode even more inappropriate?

Xander: Ah, well, I’m afraid that mary frances does have difficulty with impulse control. In fact, we should probably be going, mary frances. I fear that that initial pat down has got her over-stimulated.

Warden: Wait a minute. You look familiar, father.

Xander: Well, I’ve been told that I do bear a passing resemblance to st. Sebastian. Poor lad; that must have been very painful. And truly, the number of arrows was very excessive. Hey, mary frances, we should really be going. I have a feeling that you’re in need of a damn good confession. And warden, may the wind be always at your back.

Gwen: Well, I knew jake and ava were living together. I didn’t realize they were thinking of getting married.

Kristen: Hm. Neither did I. So what is it that you wanted to talk to ava about?

Gwen: Just wanted to say that I’m sorry about jake.

Kristen: Really? “I need to talk to you. It’s so very important. Thank god you’re here.” I mean, it seems a particularly urgent condolence call. So gwennie, what’s the real reason you’re here?

Johnny: You married my uncle chad? Look, my aunt abigail just died. His children just lost their mother!

Ava: Okay, calm down. Didn’t marry your uncle chad.

Johnny: Then why are you in his room? Where is he?

Ava: I married your uncle jake.

Johnny: Ah. Oh. Sorry, my uncle jake’s not exactly the first thing that comes to mind when you say “my uncle.” I take it, since I never even heard about it, it wasn’t a very big wedding?

Ava: Yeah, sorry you weren’t invited. No one was.

Johnny: Yeah, I don’t blame him for not wanting to have a bunch of dimeras there. Look, I was never really close with the guy, but, uh, I am sorry for your loss.

Ava: Thanks. It’s good to know that someone cared enough to let you know he was dead.

Johnny: In fairness, I haven’t been around much lately. So my father has invited you to stay here.

Ava: Yeah. He was very compassionate, very generous– as soon as he found out that I had inherited jake’s estate.

Johnny: Ah. Ah. Well, welcome to the family. You might want to think about getting a food taster. I will grab some shampoo, be out of your way. Uh… sorry about that.

Ava: I’m not.

Johnny: Well, I guess we’re even then. Oh, there.

[Door closes]

Allie: My brother is such a dimera. He said, “oh, of course I’m gonna accept chanel’s decision,” but no, no, he knew the whole time he was gonna fight.

Chanel: Uh, horton.

Allie: And flowers? Flowers? Come on. Be original. Like, what’s he gonna do, start writing you sonnets?

Chanel: They’re from my mother.

Allie: Oh. Oh, cute. Um, what’s the occasion?

Chanel: Oh, you know, nothing. Mama doesn’t need a reason to send flowers. It was probably just a spur-of-the-moment decision.

Allie: Okay, then why does the card say “I’m sorry?” Sorry for what? Hey. Dupree, come on. What are you not telling me?

Chanel: Promise you won’t get mad.

Allie: No. Out with it.

Chanel: Well, you were kind of right about johnny. He hasn’t accepted my decision to be with you, and he wanted to get me back, and for, like, a nanosecond, mama thought about helping him.

Allie: And you want me to not be mad, even though your mother would rather you be with johnny, and was going to help him?

Chanel: She was just worried about me, but then she realized that she doesn’t need to be.

Allie: Wait a minute, help him–help him do what?

Chanel: See, this is why I didn’t want to come between you and your brother–

Allie: Help him do what?

Chanel: Look, just– just leave it alone, okay?

Allie: No, okay, sorry, no, I can’t do that. Not gonna happen. And if you’re not gonna tell me what he did, then I’ll go get it straight from the jackass’ mouth.

Chanel: That’s gonna go great. Shingles.

Sonny: It makes me so mad!

Chad: Okay. I didn’t even want the job, sonny.

Sonny: That’s not the point. All right, uncle vic had no right going behind my back like that.

Chad: What did you think, that victor kiriakis was just gonna make you the ceo of titan and then go down to the basement and start making birdcages for fun?

Sonny: No, but it’s still my company. And why would he go to alex, of all people?

Chad: You think alex is lying?

Sonny: I don’t– you’re the one who warned me about working with my brothers.

Chad: Yeah, no, I shouldn’t have done that. I was angry at ej. Alex seems like a good guy.

Alex: [Laughs] Sweet bits. Excuse me, I’m sorry. Do you know who came up with the name sweet bits?

Chanel: I did.

Alex: Really? Okay, I’m sorry, you do know there are gonna be some people who might read into that as something a bit provocative.

Chanel: [Sarcastically] No.

Alex: There are people whose minds really work like that. It’s sad.

Chanel: Yeah, it is sad.

Alex: Yeah.

Chanel: Mm-hmm.

Alex: So you named this place.

Chanel: Mm-hmm.

Alex: Does that mean this is your place?

Chanel: Does that surprise you?

Alex: No. Not at all. I’m intrigued. I mean, you’re out here working the crowds, being hands-on with your business. I like it. What do we got going on? What’s the spread?

Chanel: Let’s see. So we have bear claws, petit fours, and passionfruit mousse.

Alex: Passionfruit mousse…

Chanel: Mm-hmm.

Alex: For the win. How much?

Chanel: Oh, it is a free sample, actually, to entice you into the store.

Alex: Here’s a free business hint. You’re not gonna entice any guy to go in there when you’re standing out here.

Chanel: [Laughs] Yeah, I see. You are one of those smooth-talking big city boys my mama warned me about.

Alex: Mm-mm. Sorry, mama. Salemite, born and bred. I’m actually just moving back here to be closer to the family. I’m alex.

Chanel: Chanel.

Alex: Chanel. How french. Oui, oui. It’s nice to meet you. Or should I say enchenté.

Allie: Hey! We need to get some things straight.

Johnny: Oh, hey, allie. Something wrong?

Allie: Yeah, you know something’s wrong. I just heard from chanel that you tried to recruit her mother to help break us up?

Johnny: She turned me down–

Allie: Okay, johnny, that’s not the point. Look, you said that you were going to accept and respect chanel’s decision. I won. And that means that you now need to deal with the fact that chanel and I are together.

Ava: Oh. Are you? Well, that didn’t take long.

Gwen: Paying condolences is very important.

Kristen: Mmm. Since when are you and ava even friends? She got you sent to prison before I got you out.

Gwen: And I’m very grateful for that.

Kristen: Good. So then prove it to me by telling me what you’re hiding. What’s the deal between you and ava, gwen, hm?

Sarah: I just pray to god we downloaded everything before the warden came back.

Xander: I’m just glad that we got out of there before she remembered that I was a guest of the state at one point. So what have you got?

Sarah: Mm, visitor logs, call logs, disciplinary records.

Xander: That is a lot of dress code violations.

Sarah: Oh, my god. Look at this. Abigail was killed on june 10th. This shows that gwen went missing from bed check on june 10th. Unaccounted for for several hours. Which means no one knew where gwen was when abigail was murdered. -Well, I’m not 100% sold yet. -Okay, have you considered —

Sarah: So now the question is, is this enough to take to the cops?

Xander: We still don’t have enough evidence. We can’t prove that gwen left the prison that night.

Sarah: No. But we do know that lucas swore that he saw me at the mansion that night. And I can prove that that wasn’t me. We could go to the cops and tell them that we found that damn mask in gwen’s suitcase and that she took off with it and tried to get rid of it. And now we can prove that she went off the radar that night.

Xander: But–

Sarah: But we don’t have the mask. And we can’t prove that she left statesville that night.

Xander: And that new lady detective ain’t exactly open to hearing what we have to say.

Sarah: Hmm. But we know that gwen did it, so now we just have to figure how.

Xander: Maybe she bribed a guard.

Sarah: Yeah, but then why would it be reported? Wouldn’t a guard want to cover their tracks? Could it be somebody from the outside?

Xander: Let’s check the visitor logs.

Sarah: Wait. Abigail visited gwen that day.

Xander: Well, that is very interesting, but I don’t see abigail helping gwen get out.

Sarah: Mm-mm. And the only other person that visited gwen that day was me. I went to tell her the good news about us getting back together.

Xander: I’m sure she was thrilled for us.

Sarah: I really did enjoy rubbing that particular salt in her wounds.

Xander: Oh, look, so the next day, she sees leo stark and… ava vitali?

Sarah: Ava? That’s strange.

Xander: Right. I mean, ava sold gwen down the river to get immunity. Why would she be visiting her?

Allie: What are you doing here?

Ava: I live here. It’s a long story.

Allie: Right. Ah, well, this is kind of a private conversation.

Ava: Oh, about your girlfriend? That’s sweet. But wait, just explain something to me. Wasn’t it just, like, what, a month ago that you told my son that you loved him?

Allie: Yes, but–

Ava: But you were wrestling with your sexual identity? Right, you were trying to feel your way through, so to speak, and so instead of being direct with tripp, you decided that you’d string him along and give him mixed signals, so basically you just drove him out of town.

Allie: I am sincerely sorry for hurting tripp.

Ava: For hurting him? You broke his heart. He literally died for you, and then you dumped him.

Allie: Ava, I don’t want this to sound like a threat, because it’s not a threat. It’s just the truth. You and I need to be very careful with each other– for henry’s sake, because I want you to be in his life. I really do. But that’s not gonna happen if you speak to me like this.

Ava: Understood. You’re right.

Allie: Thank you. And just wondering, since when were you team johnny? I didn’t even know that you knew him.

Johnny: Oh, intimately.

Allie: Hm? What was that?

Johnny: I said you need to relax.

Allie: Not if you keep trying to come between me and chanel.

Johnny: I’m not. I’m over her, promise.

Allie: Mm-hmm. I know how much a dimera promise means. Just back off, johnny. Or I’ll have to go full brady on you.

Gwen: I don’t see how my relationship with ava is any of your business.

Kristen: I have been frozen out of my family’s business. Meanwhile, ava has inherited jake’s stock, and since ej needs to claw his way back to the head of that company, he has moved ava into my house.

Gwen: So you are looking for something that you can use against her.

Kristen: Mm, maybe.

Gwen: I’m sorry. I can’t help you.

Kristen: Can’t or won’t?

Gwen: Can’T.

Kristen: Fine. You and ava can have your little secrets, but don’t forget what I did for you. After all, I may be asking for something in return one of these days. I was on an antidepressant,

Sonny: I mean, when I was younger, joe and vic could be, like, huge jerks. Like, it was like they genuinely enjoyed making my life a living hell, but then alex would take them aside and, you know, make them reconsider their role as older siblings.

Chad: Sometimes all it takes is the right word.

Sonny: [Laughs] Yeah. If I’m being honest, I used to– I thought alex walked on water.

Chad: Thought? Past tense?

Sonny: I don’t know. It’s just, he seems to think that, you know, he needs to– or he gets to watch over me, like it’s the natural order of things, that he’s always gonna be in charge.

Chad: Is that what happened in phoenix?

Sonny: No. No, I think it was just different opinions on the chain of command.

Chad: Mm. It is so surprising to hear about conflict within a family business.

Sonny: Funny. It’s like, I don’t even have a problem working with alex. I just, I don’t want to fight with him the same way joe and vic did.

Chad: Well, looks that way.

Sonny: I was gonna give him a job at titan. Just not this one. I guess I have no choice now.

Alex: This is the best thing I have ever tasted–almost.

Chanel: Well, come back tomorrow and we’ll have mango.

Alex: Mm? Oh, my god. I can’t believe there is a patisserie like this here in salem. It’s unbelievable. And it’s amazing how much this place has actually changed. Maybe you could, um, help me get reoriented.

Chanel: You know what, there is an app for that.

Alex: An app?

Chanel: Mm-hmm.

Alex: I was thinking more of, like, a, you know, night on the town? Maybe a little dinner, maybe a lot of drinks, maybe a lot more dancing in those shoes.

Chanel: Sorry, I can’T.

Alex: You can’T. You have a boyfriend. Should have known.

Chanel: I did, but we broke up.

Alex: You broke up? So he’s blind. He’s an idiot? Oh, he’s both.

Chanel: Neither.

Alex: Neither? So then, what’s the problem? I’m single. You’re single.

Chanel: I didn’t say that.

Alex: But you did say you broke up with your boyfriend.

Chanel: Mm-hmm. And now, I’m with my girlfriend. Oh, and there she is now.

Ava: Sorry I shot my mouth off like that.

Johnny: You know, she really does feel bad about tripp.

Ava: Yeah? Well, I guess I’m gonna have to just get used to it. Speaking of which, did you mean what you said? You’re really– you’re really over chanel?

Johnny: Well, I don’t have a choice. Pining after someone’s not really my style. And I hate fighting with my sister, so.

Ava: Oh, yeah, well, I can see why.

Johnny: You know, the problem is, I’m just– I’m not very good at letting things go.

Ava: Oh, I can relate.

Johnny: Hm. Anyway, uh, thanks for having my back, especially since we just met.

Ava: Oh, well, like you said, we are now intimately acquainted.

Johnny: Yeah. Yeah. Again, I’m sorry about that.

Ava: Ah, it’s all forgotten.

Johnny: Really?

Ava: Well, mostly.

Gwen: You let me know when you’re ready to call in that favor.

Kristen: I will. And give ava my regards.

Gwen: You know, I can’t help wondering. Ava is in your family’s mansion, while you, the dimera heiress, are stuck living in this dump above a garage.

Kristen: Hm. Well, the smell of motor oil makes me feel so close to jake. Truth is, ej offered to let me move into his mansion, but he wanted certain concessions I wasn’t willing to make.

Gwen: Trust me, that mansion is not at all all that splendid. It is bloody haunted, I swear it is. And it looks like a mausoleum.

Kristen: [Chuckling] Well, I will be redecorating it one of these days.

Sarah: So in addition to abigail, gwen made two phone calls on the day of the murder, one before I went to visit her and one after. The first one was to leo, and the second was to ava vitali.

Moving forward with node-

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Chanel: How did it go?

Allie: Well, you’ll be happy to hear that there was no bloodshed. You have mousse on your face.

Alex: Thank you.

Allie: Yeah. You’re welcome.

Chanel: Horton, this is…

Alex: Alex kiriakis.

Allie: Oh, no way, sonny’s brother.

Alex: Yeah, that’s right.

Allie: Hey. Allie horton.

Alex: Nice to meet you.

Allie: Nice to meet you.

Chanel: You’re a kiriakis. I’m surprised you didn’t lead with that.

Alex: Ah.

Chanel: He was just hitting on me.

Alex: Until I found out that you guys were gay.

Allie: Actually, I’m bi.

Chanel: And I’m me.

Alex: And I’m honest. You two are a very, very sexy couple.

Allie: Ooh, not the classic straight guy thinking two women together is hot.

Alex: Yes. That’s because it is. Now, I just got turned down by your girlfriend when I was hitting on her. So maybe instead, I could take out the both of you.

Allie: And why would you do that?

Alex: Because the only people I know in this town are my relatives. And I think it would be amazing to have two beautiful women showing me around town. My treat, of course.

Allie: Mm. I don’t know.

Chanel: Horton, my mama told me to never turn down a five-star meal.

Alex: Five-star?

Chanel: I mean, we deserve nothing but the best, and you look like you can afford it, so.

Alex: Touché.

Chanel: So what do you say?

Allie: Sure. Why not?

Sarah: So I went to see gwen, got her all riled up. Next thing you know, she calls ava, somehow gets out of prison, abigail is killed, and then ava comes back to see gwen the next day?

Xander: And what about leo? I mean, he made contact with gwen before and after abigail was murdered too.

Sarah: Yeah. But leo is gwen’s friend, so he had a reason to visit. Ava didn’T.

Xander: Right. Also, ava has those mob connections. I mean, she’s probably the one person besides the governor who has the pull that you would need to get gwen out of statesville.

Sarah: Looks like we need to go have a talk with ms. Vitali.

Johnny: So if you need anything, just let me know.

Ava: Like shampoo.

Johnny: Just help yourself. We’re one big happy family here. Right, nonno? You.

Gwen: Hi. Yeah, harold let me in.

Johnny: Did he really? Well, it’s great to see you, gwen, as always. Please feel free to stop by anytime. I’ll see you later, ava.

Gwen: Well, wasn’t exactly a warm welcome.

Ava: Well, what did you expect?

Gwen: [Sighs] Nothing. I don’t expect much of anything these days. Look, I need to talk to you.

Ava: Okay. How did you know I was here?

Gwen: I went to your old flat; kristen told me.

Ava: Oh. How is our old friend?

Gwen: Oh, my–bloody hell. Is–is that my ring?

Ava: Yeah, um, I’m sorry. I’m sorry, jake– jake got it for me.

Gwen: Oh, he did, did he?

Ava: Yes, he did. I asked him to bring it back because I didn’t want to hurt your feelings, and–

Gwen: And?

Ava: I was afraid it was gonna bring bad luck. Sorry.

Gwen: Yeah, well, you were right about that.

[Sighs] I never actually thought that you and jake would get married.

Ava: Well, we did. But I can’t imagine that you came all the way over here to tell me that.

Gwen: No. They brought sarah horton in. Turns out that they have evidence that she may have killed abigail. But now she has an alibi, so that means–

Ava: The police are gonna be looking for someone else.

Gwen: Yes. Which is why you have to swear you are not gonna tell anybody that you helped me get out of statesville the day that abigail was killed.

Ava: Is that because you’re the one who killed her? Ubrelvy helps u fight migraine attacks.

Sonny: Listen, chad, um, when I thought I lost will, I mean, I was so overwhelmed by grief that I thought I was never gonna get out of it. So I started talking to someone, a counselor. And it didn’t bring will back, but it made me feel a hell of a lot better.

Chad: Well, the only person I have to talk to right now is thomas, so I’m gonna go home and see if I can make things right with him.

Sonny: I know you will.

Chad: I wish I was as sure as you are. Thank you.

Sonny: Go talk to thomas.

Chad: Yeah. Boop.

Sonny: And I’ll talk to alex.

Alex: Well, I would give you my business card, but it’s still at the printers.

Chanel: Well, I’ll be in touch.

Alex: Okay. And I’ll know where to find you if you’re not, little miss sweet bits.

Chanel: He’s cute, isn’t he?

Allie: Uh, should i be jealous?

Chanel: What, you didn’t think he was cute?

Allie: No, he’s smoking hot. I just–you know, I’m excited to see where he takes us.

Chanel: So how did it go with johnny?

Allie: Oh, well, I went over there expecting to serve him his head on a platter, and instead I got mine handed to me. Tripp’s mom was there.

Chanel: What was she doing there?

Allie: I really don’t know.

[Suggestive music]

Gwen: No, of course I didn’t kill abigail. But yes, I had motive, and if the cops find out that I had opportunity, that’s not–that’s not gonna look good for either one of us.

Ava: Oh, are you threatening me? After I went out of my way to do you a favor.

Gwen: I’m just pointing out that it would be in our mutual interest for both of us to keep our mouths shut.

Ava: Well, don’t worry. Your secret is safe with me.

Xander: So it sounds like ava could be the key.

Sarah: Yeah, she has to be. If we can figure out how ava got gwen out of prison, then we can prove that gwen is the one that killed abigail.

Kristen: Rolf, it’s me. How’s stefan? Any change? Yes, I know you said it would take some time, but as you are well aware, I am not a very patient person. I need this done. Stefan dimera is not staying on ice forever.

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