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Nikki: Oh, how adorable were johnny and katie heading off for their ride?

Victor: Well, I think being at home agrees with them.

Nikki: If I didn’t have meetings in town, I would have joined them.

Victor: I got to tell you, I’m happy that victoria decided to come live with us for a while. I love hearing the kids run around, play around, have all the noise they make.

Nikki: Yeah. They do seem a little subdued, though, which is perfectly normal. No matter what we thought of ashland, he was their stepfather.

Victor: Oh, sweetheart. Having that bastard gone forever is something we shouldn’t mourn, you know?

Nikki: Now, the way you say that…

Victor: Say what?

Nikki: I don’t know. You just seem very pleased with yourself.

Victor: What, that ashland locke is gone? Makes me very happy.

Nikki: It’s actually more than that. It’s more like triumph.

Victor: I think you’re imagining things.

Nikki: Well, then why is it every time ashland’s name is brought up, you seem to be taking credit for his demise?

Victoria: Oh. Chance.

Chance: Victoria.

Victoria: How long have you been waiting outside?

Chance: I just arrived. Why do you look so upset?

Victoria: Uh…a deal that i thought I had in the bag suddenly isn’t, so I was headed out to handle it. So, if you’ll excuse me.

Chance: I’m glad I caught you, since you weren’t around yesterday. I’d like to talk to you a little bit more about ashland’s death.

Nick: What now? How many times do we have to go over this?

Chance: As many times as it takes to get to the bottom of what really happened.

Jack: Come on. Come on. Yes! Yes!

Traci: Harrison!

Jack: Way to go, buddy! Did you see him just score that goal?

Traci: I did! Oh, my gosh, he’s a natural athlete.

[ Both laugh ]

Jack: He’s pretty good at pee-wee soccer, I’ll tell you that. You know, I’ve given some thought to, uh, coaching.

Traci: Are you serious?

Jack: You think I can’t keep up?

Traci: I think you’re gonna run these children ragged.

Jack: Yeah, that’s more like it.

Traci: [ Laughs ] So, how’s that gonna work? You know, I know that you’re alone at the top now, right? You were able to take on that responsibility so that kyle could move over to marchetti. So, how’s this working, you spending more time with your grandson than behind your desk?

Jack: Are you accusing me of neglecting the family business?

Kyle: Thank you. Two coffees, please.

Summer: God. Poor harrison. Do you think that he’s beginning to understand?

Kyle: That he’ll never see father again? I think it’ll take some time to sink in.

Summer: Yeah, you’re probably right about that.

Kyle: I’m just glad my mother and dad are around. They both love spending time with him.

Summer: It is a relief to know that he’s being well taken care of when we can’t be with him ourselves, especially right now.

Kyle: Yeah. Work’s been a bit crazy.

Summer: Actually, I’ve been meaning to talk to you about a new hire.

Kyle: What job are you referring to?

Summer: The new executive position overseeing marchetti home.

Kyle: Has the headhunter come up with a candidate yet?

Summer: Not exactly.

Kyle: Hmm. Who do you have in mind?

Summer: My mom.

Phyllis: Hey.

Diane: Hi.

Phyllis: Oh, good on you, keeping your workouts in.

Diane: No. You’re right. I do need to stay fit for harrison’s sake. He’s needed extra attention from his dee dee after the shock of ashland’s death. It’s been really hard for him to process.

Phyllis: Oh, yeah.

Diane: Yeah.

Phyllis: It’s really hard for children to deal with grief. That’s why all of us as parents — we make sure that we’re there for them to prevent them from any unnecessary trauma.

Diane: Hmm.

Phyllis: Mm. But kyle and summer — they’re amazing.

Diane: Oh, yeah. They’re excellent parents. You know what? I-I better get to it. I’m on a gym break from my job at marchetti. I have to tell you, it is such an invigorating environment, and working with my son is incredible. You know what, phyllis? My new life in genoa city is better than I could have ever dreamed. Yeah.

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Victor: My baby, with all due respect, I think that’s utter nonsense, alright? It had nothing to do with ashland locke’s demise. He’s responsible for that.

Nikki: His death would seem to be the result of a great many poor choices.

Victor: I’m glad he’s gone. So, as far as I’m concerned, he is where he should be, where i always thought he would be.

Nikki: And newman is stronger than ever thanks to the merger with ashland’s company.

Victor: Yeah. And don’t forget that bastard tried to take everything away om me, okay? Everything. Don’t forget that. He’s exactly where he belongs to be — on a cold slab in a damn morgue, waiting for a pauper’s burial.

Victoria: What makes you think there’s anything to get to the bottom of?

[ Door closes ]

Chance: Something about ashland’s death just — it didn’t sit right with me. And I believe you two feel the same way. That’s why I continue to dig. So, victoria, you — you called me that night because you thought ashland was dead on your living room floor. And now you two step outside. You clear your heads. You’re stunned to come back inside and find him gone, right? So, I’m here to just follow up on all this confusion. I mean, you were convinced that he was in no shape to get up and leave, let alone make it to his car and drive off, right?

Victoria: Look, we have been through all of this before. There’s no other conclusion, unless you’ve come up with some other evidence.

Chance: I have. Two separate eyewitnesses spotted a vehicle matching the description of ashland’s rental car at a gas station across the street from your south end of the property.

Nick: Well, that makes sense. If it was his car, it’s consistent with what we know happened.

Victoria: So, what? So, you believe you know where ashland parked his car. How does that change anything?

Chance: Well, I don’t want to get ahead of all the facts here. I just want to confirm your version of the story so I can write my final report.

Victoria: Okay. And?

Chance: Well, I just came from your house, where I walked the distance from your back door to that gas station. It’s over half a mile. Thick woods. Then you add in the intense wind that was blowing that night. I tell you, it just seems tough for someone weak from head trauma.

Victoria: After the violent encounter that we had, I’m sure he was full of adrenaline. I know that nicholas and I were.

Chance: Look… I would feel so much better if i could just put this thing to rest and prove that ashland walked to that gas station. But right now…I can’T.

Kyle: Your mother working at marchetti alongside my mother? Do you seriously think that’s a wise idea?

Summer: She made a pretty good case for it.

Kyle: You’ve been trying to keep the peace. This is like handing phyllis a grenade and pulling the pin.

Summer: Look, I know that their positions would require some overlap, but maybe that’s a good thing. Maybe working together will force them to be on their best behavior.

Kyle: Babe, as much as I love your optimism —

Summer: Just hear me out. I wasn’t sure about this at first, either, but mom really regrets turning down that marketing position that i offered her, and now she wants to join our team.

Kyle: Why would she want to do this now when she didn’t before?

Summer: Well, the last position was in milan. Now it’s in genoa city. It’s a lot different.

Kyle: Well, what about her hotel?

Summer: She says that the place practically runs itself and she’s ready for a change. Plus, she’s recently gotten a great offer to sell it.

Kyle: Really?

Summer: Yeah. Somebody looking to acquire a high-end hotel. It’s actually what got me thinking about her for this position.

Kyle: I’m not seeing the connection between consumer products and hospitality.

Summer: Babe, my mom is a talented businesswoman. She built the grand phoenix into a well-known luxury lifestyle brand. She oversaw all of the decorating. She has a great eye for design, and she has exquisite taste. I mean, she has more than proven her creative abilities with programs like escape club.

Kyle: Yeah, I hadn’t thought about it from that angle. I… I guess she’s qualified.

Summer: And best of all, this would give us an opportunity to work together in a field that we both love. Plus, it’s not like hiring my mom is an act of charity. She’s gonna work her tail off, and she brings an enormous amount to the table.

Kyle: [ Sighs ]

Summer: Look, I get it. This could be the worst idea in the world.

Kyle: Or…it could wind up being one of the best.

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Summer: Wow. So, I convinced you that we should hire my mom?

Kyle: You’re right. Phyllis could be an asset. Her experience is legit, and she does have talent. But there would have to be a condition to any offer we make.

Summer: Go on.

Kyle: We want to keep phyllis from becoming a liability. That’s why I like your plan. If phyllis is working side by side with us, we can keep an eye on her, see if her real agenda is to cause trouble with my mom. Any problems, she’s out the door.

Summer: I don’t want to hire her under false pretenses, though, offer her a job just to spy on her, especially not in a role as important as this one.

Kyle: No, we won’t mislead her. We’ll tell her the truth — that we don’t trust her when it comes to my mom. That way, she’ll be on notice right from the get-go and she gets what she claims to want — to work with you. But she will have to agree to stay away from my mom unless they need to collaborate.

Summer: So, what about if, when you tell diane that my mom’s coming on board, you give her the exact same message, let her know that, effective immediately, we have a zero-tolerance policy for incivility at marchetti. That way, if she tries to beat my mom or make her look bad, out she goes. And we can let them both know that we’ve given them each identical warnings.

Kyle: Hmm. Deal.

Traci: [ Laughs ] No, I’m not suggesting that you’re slacking off. I’m just wondering how that’s gonna work, you know, spending all of this time with your grandson.

Jack: My executive team knows they can get a hold of me by cell any time they want. And, yes, I have made harrison a priority.

Traci: Yes! That’s it!

Jack: Oh, no.

Traci: Two! Two for our boy!

Jack: Did I miss a goal?

Traci: Harrison, great job, buddy!

[ Laughs ] I think we have a future professional soccer player in the family.

Jack: I tell you, that little boy is gonna have the opportunity to do or be anything he wants. Kyle and summer are gonna see to it.

Traci: They are. Yeah. It’s too bad that diane had to work today and couldn’t be here watching him play, right? I think she’s doing kind of a remarkable job with him, don’t you?

Jack: What is it you are really asking now?

Traci: [ Scoffs ]

Phyllis: Well, it seems like everything is going great for you now.

Diane: It is. Toodles.

[ Cellphone chimes ] Hmm. Oh. Looks like I’m going to have to postpone my workout. Kyle wants to meet. It’s probably something about marchetti or harrison. You know, I’m so sorry to leave you all alone at your post, just watching the world pass by.

Phyllis: Ah. You know, it’s funny because, from my vantage point, it seems like anything is possible. I’m starting to feel like the world is my oyster. Do you know what I mean? Like something is about to change that’s gonna be spectacular.

Diane: [ Scoffs ]

[ Cellphone chimes ]

Phyllis: Oh, it’s summer. How funny. Oh, she has a proposition for me. I need to talk to her. Toodles.

Nick: So, what would it take for you to be satisfied that ashland was able to leave victoria’s house without any help?

Chance: Physical evidence would be nice. And then there’s another problem.

Victoria: Like what?

Chance: Security cam at the gas station. Turns out it’s blank right when ashland would have been there. So we got no footage of him getting back to his car and driving off.

Nick: It’s a lack of proof. It’s not evidence of anything.

Chance: I agree. So that’s why we decided to check all the other cameras that we have access to in the immediate vicinity. And we did find some footage of ashland’s vehicle en route to where the accident happened.

Victoria: Well, that proves that he got to his car.

Chance: It’s unclear because it looks like there could be more than one person in the car.

Victoria: [ Scoffs ] “Looks like”?

Chance: The video’s grainy, so it’s hard to be certain. So we decided to scour the area where his car was parked at the gas station. And we did, in fact, find indications of more than one person. Looked like somebody tried to brush over some footprints. We also retrieved a cigarette butt, freshly smoked, buried in the dirt.

Victoria: Well, that could be from anyone. Another customer.

Chance: True.

Nick: Well, I wish you’d get to the point, chance. What is it you don’t believe about our account of what went down?

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Phyllis: When do I start?

Summer: [ Chuckling ] Oh. You’re being awfully presumptuous. Okay, fine. How would you like to oversee the launch of marchetti home, our new home decor and furnishings line?

Phyllis: Are you kidding me? Oh, my goodness. My mind is blown. I’m gonna kill this. Summer! This is incredible! I mean, you know that I oversaw every aspect of decor in this hotel. I mean, that’s one of the reasons it’s so successful. This was all my idea. Alright, alright, tell me everything. When do you want me to start?

Summer: Okay, before we talk terms, I need to lay out a few ground rules.

Phyllis: Sure.

Summer: Actually, there’s just one. Play nice with diane. Mom, this role is really important, so there’s definitely gonna be some overlap with publicity.

Phyllis: Oh, definitely. I mean, when I launch the new line, it’s gonna be the hottest thing in lifestyle journalism. Diane will be fielding offers for me.

Summer: Okay, this — this is exactly what kyle and I do not want, this constant competitive in-fighting and just general bitchiness between you and diane.

Phyllis: Okay, no general bitchiness. No specific bitchiness, either.

Summer: Will you please listen to me? My first instinct was to not bring you in ’cause I knew that it could create a volatile situation.

Phyllis: These are just jokes, summer. I’m just joking.

Summer: Mom, sometimes your jokes aren’t that funny.

Phyllis: Oh. Alright. Um… well, I won’t provoke diane. I mean, if you don’t believe me, you can put it in the contract. I’ll sign it.

Summer: Okay. Look, I’m being serious with this warning. Don’t start trouble. Do not create a hostile work environment because kyle and i are going to be keeping our eyes on you, on both of our mothers, for any hint of conflict. The only reason kyle agreed to let you come on board is so that we could keep a closer watch on you. Because, to be completely honest, mom, neither of us fully trust that you cannot stir the pot with diane.

Diane: Kyle. Hey. Thanks for waiting for me. So, you wanted to talk to me about phyllis? What has she done this time?

Kyle: It’s about what she’s going to do. Phyllis is coming to work with us at marchetti.

Diane: [ Coughing ] Oh, that’s — [ Coughs ] That’s, um, very generous of

[Coughs] You and summer. You know, I — well, I saw phyllis today. She seems — she seems really lonely. That’s — that’s very nice of you.

Kyle: Can we get real? You couldn’t care less about phyllis’ well-being.

Diane: [ Scoffs ]

Kyle: I want you to be open and honest with me about how this makes you feel, whether it will affect your job performance.

Diane: Will we be working together?

Kyle: Sometimes, yes. Phyllis will be in charge of our new marchetti home start-up. Naturally, we’ll be devoting considerable resources to promoting it both before and after it launches.

Diane: [ Scoffs ] Oh, god. You do realize that she’s just doing this to try to sabotage me.

Nikki: As relieved as I am that we don’t have to deal with ashland anymore, I am not quite ready to dance on his grave.

Victor: Well, I understand, but you will come around, baby, okay?

Nikki: There was a time when we trusted him with victoria’s entire future. We welcomed him into this family with open arms, and he was deceiving us the whole time.

Victor: Well, let me just say that he’s not the only one good at deception, okay? I knew the moment I met him that he and I would be involved in a high-stakes chess game.

Nikki: And that you would win.

Victor: As a matter of fact, we took him down together. And the company is stronger than it ever was. We almost united as a family.

Nikki: By “almost,” I assume you are referring to adam. Darling, don’t you think it’s time for you to accept the fact that there is no family unity if he is included? I mean, how many times have we gone through that scenario?

Victor: I know. But the idea of giving up on him breaks my heart.

Nikki: I know it does. And I’m sorry. But at a certain point, just for your own sanity, you have to put that dream behind you.

Chance: Before I respond to that question, I just want to make one thing very clear. I’m on your side. I mean, if you two were trying to cover up killing ashland, victoria, you wouldn’t have called me. And, nick, if you wouldn’t have brought that ring to my attention, which is another thing that’s just gnawing at me. I mean, how the hell did that ring fall out of his pocket? You can’t answer that because you two were not in the room when he vanished. Therefore, you don’t know firsthand what happened.

Victoria: It sounds like you’re suggesting that he was dead, like nicholas and i thought, and somebody moved the body. But who would do that and why?

Chance: Your father. To protect you both. There are times, I wonder…

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will continue. She’s feeling the power of listerine.

Nick: That is one hell of a supposition.

Chance: Is it? I mean, everyone knows what victor is capable of, how protective he is of his family, up to and including acting illegally when he deems it necessary.

Nick: If you’re so suspicious of our father, maybe you should be interrogating him.

Chance: Well, the ranch is my next stop. I wanted to come here and give you guys an opportunity to come clean first. If you’re aware of anything covert that victor might have set into motion after ashland died, better now than later, when you become accessories after the fact.

Victoria: You know, you’re accusing our father with no proof at all. As nicolas just said, this is all speculation.

Chance: Look, victoria, I am sincerely sorry for what ashland has put you through, and not just the other night — the past few months. I don’t know everything, although I’d like to, but I have learned enough to know that ashland locke is an evil man. I get it.

Victoria: And now he’s gone, and I’m grateful for that, if nothing else. But how he died and the fact that he died at all — it weighs on nick and me.

Chance: I believe you, victoria. I do. And that is why I am here giving you this opportunity to tell me right now if there is anything else I need to know.

Nick: I have nothing to add. I told you everything that i knew that night.

Chance: [ Sighs ] Interesting turn of phrase.

[ Door slams ]

Phyllis: Wow. Thanks for the rousing vote of no confidence.

Summer: Mom, we have every confidence in the world that you are going to excel at this job. That’s not what this is about. But in case you’re wondering, kyle is giving this exact same warning to his mother as we speak.

Phyllis: I mean, the only thing I could vow to you and kyle is that… I’m realizing my dream of working with my daughter.

Summer: [ Chuckles ]

Phyllis: That means a lot to me. Your worries are unfounded.

Summer: They’re not unfounded, and you know it. Look at the way that you’ve reacted to diane coming to live closer to her son. You let it ruin your relationship with jack.

Phyllis: Okay, listen, that’s in the past. Please. I’m really excited about this. I mean, it’s like a new chapter in my life.

Summer: Okay, well, I am really looking forward to it… as long as you are on the level. Because if you’re not, mom, I’m gonna know.

[ Cellphone chimes ]

Phyllis: [ Sighs ] Listen, I’m sorry about my jokes earlier, which apparently aren’t always funny.

[ Both laugh ] Hey, I don’t believe that you and kyle really think I’m gonna act unprofessionally, or you would never entrust me with such a high-level job. But I want you to know… that I will not let you down. I’m doing this for you. For us. Okay? I have your back. Which is why I accept your offer.

Summer: [ Laughs ]

Traci: Jack, I’m just complimenting diane on her grandparenting skills.

Jack: Uh-huh.

Traci: Okay, come on. If you’re reading something into this, then maybe there’s something on your mind.

Jack: Well, you are just full of sisterly concern today, aren’t you?

Traci: Today and every day.

Jack: If you’re asking me if I am happy that diane has made a connection with harrison, yes, I am. Harrison deserves it, and she’s been a real source of support for kyle, as well.

Traci: So, I guess the question is, do you feel that she’s a different person than the one who left here years ago?

Jack: Well, the jury’s still out there. She is able to be reasonable and calm and levelheaded and still have that spark in her.

Traci: Hmm. I guess some people can change.

Jack: And some people just can’t, which I guess makes those who can all the more impressive.

Kyle: You and phyllis are like a match and gasoline.

Diane: [ Scoffs ]

Kyle: But just how this was important for me to give you this opportunity, it’s important to summer that her and her mother get the chance to work together. So we need to find a way to co-exist.

Diane: [ Scoffs ] Will I be reporting to her? D-does she have the power to fire me?

Kyle: Absolutely not. You will be in separate divisions.

Diane: Oh, thank god.

Kyle: However, there will be times when you need to interact. And for the record, everything I’m saying to you, summer intends to say to phyllis. That way, you’ll start out on the same footing. You don’t have to like each other, but you do have to be civil. And if you can’t bring yourself to do that, there will be consequences.

Diane: Kyle, think about this. Why would phyllis give up her cushy job as owner of the grand phoenix?

Kyle: I can’t speak for phyllis, although summer said that she was interested in selling the hotel and starting something new.

Diane: Again, why? Why? Summer already offered her a job, and phyllis turned it down. Don’t you think this timing is a bit suspect? Now that I’m here, what, phyllis is suddenly encouraged to come on board?

Kyle: I think marchetti’s move to genoa city made it more appealing.

Diane: Oh, god! I hope you can at least see that phyllis is being the aggressor here. She would not give up a business she owns to take a position where she has to answer to her daughter and her son-in-law unless she had ulterior motives.

Kyle: Okay, even if that is true — and I’m not saying it is — she can only mess things up for you if you let her.

Diane: Oh, oh. So, if she attacks me, do I at least have the permission to defend myself?

Meet ron.

Victor: Sweetheart, perhaps we should leave the subject of adam for another day, alright?

Nikki: Yeah. Works for me.

[ Cellphone ringing ]

Victor: Yes? Send him up to the main house. Well, it’s chance. I guess he wants to… talk about official business.

Nikki: Now?

Victor: Yeah.

Nikki: What does he want with you?

Victor: No idea. I assume talk about the night that ashland locke died. He already talked to my security team.

Nikki: Really? Well, isn’t he thorough?

Victor: Just routine, you know. Nothing to worry about.

Nikki: I’ll take your word for it. In the meantime, I’m late for an appointment, so, uh, I’ll leave you to handle things.

Victor: Sweetheart, this will all be over soon.

Nikki: And that’s when I’ll celebrate.

Kyle: The short answer is no, mother. No fighting, no instigating, no escalation if provoked. We’ll be keeping an eye on both of you, and we’re not going to stand for any trouble.

Diane: Tell me something honestly. Is this a test to see how i handle myself under the worst possible conditions? And — and — and what if i fail? What if the job becomes untenable because of phyllis? Am I the casualty?

Kyle: Mom —

Diane: Am I the one out of a job?

Kyle: Mom, take a breath, please. I understand why you’re concerned about this. I do. But you have faced much worse. You’re strong, determined. You can do this. I believe in you.

Diane: I appreciate your faith in me.

Kyle: It’s why I let you back into my life, why I hired you at marchetti, why I told harrison you were his grandmother. What deeper vote of confidence could you ask for?

Diane: You don’t, uh, have to give me anything else. You’ve, um — you’ve done enough already.

Kyle: What’s more, I think a peaceful coexistence with phyllis would prove to everyone that you’ve changed. Convince all the doubters that you’re healthier and stronger than you used to be. And if it helps, thinking of this as a test, make up your mind you will pass.

Phyllis: Alright. Thank you. Thank you.

Nikki: Hey, I’m sorry for being late. What’s the latest on “operation diana jenkins”?

Phyllis: I’m happy to report I got the job at marchetti. I’m in.

Nikki: That’s great! Congratulations. Let’s call ashley and tell her —

Phyllis: Yeah. Yeah. Not so fast. This is gonna be tricky. Summer made it clear that she and kyle will be watching my every move. She made it part of our agreement that I wouldn’t cause trouble with diane. The minute I do, I’m out on my butt.

Nikki: So, what does that mean? Are you having second thoughts about our plan?

Kyle: Mm. How’d it go with phyllis?

Summer: Well, she was thrilled about the job offer, not so thrilled to learn that she’ll be on probation right out of the gate.

Kyle: At least everything’s been spelled out.

Summer: What about diane? How’d she take it?

Kyle: She was a lot more upset than I thought she’d be. Accused me of creating a test she’s bound to fail.

Summer: I mean, I guess I can see why she might feel that way.

Kyle: It didn’t help hearing phyllis would be joining the company at a much higher level. She thinks that phyllis will use her position to somehow get her fired. I thought my mother was past all this petty competition, but the news triggered something in her.

Summer: Are we making a big mistake?

Kyle: Maybe this is what our mothers need to get past their history — behave like responsible adults.

Summer: Mm, you are so cute when you’re dreaming.

[ Laughs ]

Kyle: Who knows? Maybe we’ll get lucky and this will force them to get along.

Summer: I love your optimism. You always see the best in people.

Kyle: Mm. I try, anyway.

Summer: Well, it’s rubbed off on me. Maybe that will extend to our mothers, too.

Kyle: [ Chuckles ] Come here. My moderate to severe plaque psoriasis…

Jack: No hello?

Diane: Oh. Sorry, jack. I-I-I didn’t see you.

Jack: Uh-oh, something’s wrong. What is it?

Diane: Summer has brought phyllis on at marchetti. We’re going to be co-workers. I have no doubt this is part of a calculated plot by phyllis against me.

Jack: Possibly. So what? Do the work. Steer clear of her.

Diane: No, I just wish kyle could see this for what it is — a well-timed conspiracy to destroy everything that I have worked so hard to rebuild.

Jack: I know that look, diane. You’re feeling cornered, and you’re thinking of a preemptive strike.

Diane: Well, if I do, I’ll lose my job.

Jack: Yes, and all of the goodwill you’ve developed with kyle and the rest of the abbotts. Whatever’s swimming around in that head of yours, just knock it off. Do not give in to your insecurities. It’s only gonna hurt yourself.

Diane: [ Sighs ] I promise I won’t let that happen.

Phyllis: I am 100% committed to burying diane. That hasn’t changed. And you should know I wasn’t just hired to have a job at marchetti. It’s a very, very high-level job. I will be heading the home fashion division at marchetti.

Nikki: Ooh, that’s very impressive.

Phyllis: Yes. Yes. And while I’m there every day calling the shots, diane will be twiddling at her junior publicist position, and I’ll be in my executive suite.

[ Clears throat ] I’m gonna milk that, that’s for sure.

Nikki: I don’t think you’re gonna have to do that. I think just the thought of it will be enough to send her into orbit. I mean, she’ll self-destruct whether you lift a finger or not.

Phyllis: Oh, I’m gonna lift 10 fingers — clandestinely, of course. We’re gonna get this bitch out of town.

Nick: I hate it that dad put us in this position.

Victoria: Well, you’re the one who forced his hand.

Nick: How so?

Victoria: He would have taken what he’d done to his grave. But you had to confront him, didn’t you? You just couldn’t resist. And now you don’t even have plausible deniability, and neither do I because you’ve told me.

Nick: I didn’t think you wanted to be left in the dark. Look, I hate what dad did, not that he told me.

Victoria: Well, I’m upset about both.

Nick: As usual, his micromanaging is coming back to bite him. Dad has this obsessive need to control everything. He doesn’t trust anyone but himself.

Victoria: I don’t think you’re being very fair to dad.

Nick: How do you not get this? I’m worried about dad. Chance knows there is something not right about this, and he’s never gonna leave it alone.

Victoria: He’s married to abby. Despite all of the questions that he just asked us, I doubt that he’s gonna go after our family.

Nick: This guy puts honor and duty before anything else. When dad moved ashland’s dead body, he broke the law. Now, whether he thought he was protecting us or not, he put himself at risk — and us. Trust me, there are going to be major legal implications for all of us. Do you really think chance is just gonna turn a blind eye?

Victor: Chance. Sit down, my boy.

Chance: Thank you, sir.

Victor: What brings you by?

Chance: Well, I just spoke with victoria and nick, as well as walked the grounds that ashland would have traversed, if, in fact, he did leave on his own that night.

Victor: Uh-huh. So, something tells me you don’t think that’s the case?

Chance: No, victor, I don’T.

Victor: Mm-hmm.

Chance: I am certain you know more than you’re telling. And now is the time to be straight with me.

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