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Bold & The Beautiful Transcript

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Steffy: How are they?

Finn: The kids are out cold and ridge is pinned down underneath them. Also asleep.

[ Steffy laughing ]

Steffy: Cute.

Taylor: I was in there with them earlier. So much cuteness! I almost fell asleep, but my mind was racing. And I kept thinking about everything that’s happened the past couple of days. I can’t believe you’re here, finn. And doing surprisingly well, considering…

Finn: I’m going to get checked out when I get back home. But so far, so good.

Steffy: I’ll vouch for that.

Taylor: Oh, this makes me so happy. This is– this is a milestone for our family in so many ways.

Finn: Cheers to that.

Steffy: Cheers.

Brooke: What time is it, honey?

Hope: 10 minutes from the last time you asked me what time it is. Mom, the flight is going to be landing soon from monaco. And I know you’re eager to see ridge, but…

[ Brooke laughing ]

Brooke: All I know is he must be overjoyed for steffy. Finn is alive.

Hope: Well, no thanks to sheila.

>Brooke: Kind of creeps me out that she’s out there somewhere. But you know what? I’m not going to think about that. I’m not going to let sheila consume me. I’m gonna focus on finn and steffy and the fact that they’re back together. And ridge is home too.

Hope: Speaking of, uh, did ridge ever say anything about that selfie I posted with you and dad? Because it shouldn’t be a big deal.

Quinn: This is the life.

Carter: Mm-hmm. Doesn’t get any better.

Quinn: Mmm. We need to make a pact.

Carter: I’m in.

Quinn: You don’t even know what I’m about to say.

Carter: Doesn’t matter. You want, it, you got it?

Quinn: Ooh! Yes, I am gonna hold you to that.

Carter: So what did I just agree to?

[ Quinn laughs ]

[ Carter laughs ]

Quinn: I think this should not be a one time thing. We need to make this– a tradition. At least once a month we need to play hooky from work and spend the entire day in bed.

Carter: I don’t know, quinn. You drive a hard bargain but I think I can make this sacrifice.

Quinn: Yeah?

Carter: Now, we took off today in honor of the amazing news about steffy and finn. What’s our excuse for once a month?

Quinn: Us. We need to celebrate us.

Carter: Have I ever told you how amazing you look in my bed?

Quinn: You look pretty amazing yourself.

Carter: I tried giving up on us. Told myself there was no chance this could ever happen but here you are.

Quinn: I’m so proud and excited that I get to love you out loud.

Hope: So have you and ridge spoken much?

Brooke: Only briefly. He was preoccupied and understandably so.

Hope: Hmm. Could you get a sense of his attitude about it all?

Brooke: He was rushed and I know he was trying to catch a plane. I hope that’s the only reason why.

Hope: I’m sorry, mom. I just–

Deacon: Sorry about what?

Brooke: Seriously? No, really, seriously. You just– you just walked into my home, ridge’s home after I told you you’re not allowed.

Deacon: I may have heard through the grapevine that ridge was on a plane, and I just took this chance to, you know, come see my two favorite ladies.

[ Brooke scoffs ]

[ Airplane din ]

Steffy: Hey, over there. Did I miss something? It seems like there’s something on your mind. At metro by t-mobile… you can save more…

Carter: I haven’t wanted anyone the way I wanted you.

Quinn: That’s past tense. Why am I all of a sudden pass tense?

Carter: Let me finish…

Quinn: Fine, please continue.

>Carter: It’s just you were… you were married to eric, you were fully committed. And I told myself to be grateful of the time we had together. And wish you well. Time to move on with my life knowing that being together, it was impossible.

Quinn: Well, never say never.

Carter: I still can’t believe you’re here.

Quinn: Well, believe it. Because I’m not going anywhere. Mmm.

[ Carter sighs ]

Carter: You know, it’s a toss up. I don’t know who’s happier: Me or ridge.

Quinn: What? How– how– how did ridge end up in bed with us?

Carter: I’m sorry. I’m sorry. We were talking last night and I haven’t– I haven’t heard him sound that upbeat in a long time.

Quinn: Really? Ridge?

Carter: Mm-hmm. Steffy’s the center of his universe. And he was worried when we thought finn was dead. But the fact that he’s not, the fact that steffy and finn are back together, ridge is over the moon.

Quinn: If only he could stay there. Seriously, talking about ridge, it’s kind of a buzzkill. Don’t you think? I have a much better way of passing the time.

Deacon: I feel like when I’m around you two that I’m grounded in something really good, you know? And of course, I’m attracted to that. I would never come here-if I honestly thought that he was going to be around.

[ Brooke sighs]

Brooke: It just feels like I’m sneaking around, like I’m doing something behind ridge’s back. Is it– am I overreacting?

Hope: Well, you’re probably also a little paranoid because of, you know, the photo I posted.

Brooke: Yeah.

Deacon: That’s so weird because I was going to just ask about that. I saw it and then it disappeared. So I was going to ask you what happened there? Lemme take a stab in the dark here: Um, you’re afraid of hurting his royal ridgeness’ tender sensibilities so you asked hope to pull it down. Is that– is that right? Close?

Brooke: Okay. Listen. Of course, I was worried about his feelings and how he would react. I’m not trying to be insensitive, deacon. Really, I’m not. I want to show ridge that I am dedicated to him. And when he comes home, you can’t be here.

Deacon: All right, message received.

Taylor: The pilot says we’ll be landing soon. I can’t wait to walk into our house as a family. It’s been way too long.

>Steffy: Get ready to be spoiled ’cause we’re going to celebrate you every day.

>Finn: I could live with that.

>Taylor: This is just amazing. You know, when ridge and I boarded the plane to monaco, we– we had no idea we were about to experience a miracle. We were prepared for the worst. And what we got was the best thing we could have ever hoped for.

Finn: Me, too. Okay, I’m going to go wake up the kids and the big one, too.

Steffy: You still never answered my question.

>Taylor: What was the question?

Steffy: You seem distracted by something other than finn and me.

Taylor: No, I’m not. I mean, I’ll sit, but I’m not– I’m just– I’m just thinking about–

Steffy: Mm-hmm.

Taylor: I’m thinking about the most important thing. The– the most important thing right now, which is that finn is here and that your family is whole again. It’s the best feeling in the world. Hi, I’m denise.

Quinn: Mm. This makes me so happy: Being in your arms, being able to kiss you and touch you whenever I want to.

Carter: We had to hide our feelings for a long time.

Quinn: Yeah. Not just from everyone but from each other.

Carter: When I think of how close you came to ruining your life– I mean, I don’t know what you were thinking. Marrying paris? But I know. I know. We don’t have to dwell. I’m just– I’m just glad that I was able to get to that crazy wedding in time to save you from yourself.

Carter: Wow.

Quinn: Wow.

Carter: Thank you for saving me–

Quinn: You’re welcome. You– you’re so, oh– oh. You’re so welcome.

Hope: Are you okay?

Deacon: Yeah, sure. Why? I don’t look okay?

Hope: Uh, frankly, no. You seem a little sad.

Deacon: Shows, huh?

Hope: Yeah. Dad, look, I know you care about mom and I get it. It stings when you’re rejected.

Deacon: I get that it’s not my place to approve or disapprove of what her choices are. At the end of the day, I just want her to be happy. I care about her. But if I’m being really honest, I don’t know that she’s ever going to find true happiness with ridge.

Ridge: Hey.

Brooke: Oh, hey! Ridge, you’re home. Oh. Taylor.

Taylor: Hello– look, I know we probably should have texted you. We didn’t even think about–

Ridge: We wanted finn, steffy and the kids to kind of have a homecoming.

Taylor: Yeah, you know. It seemed like a good idea at the time.

Brooke: Okay, I understand. Um. So, well? How was it? How was monaco?

Both: Incredible–

Ridge: It was incredible. Hi.

Brooke: Yeah, hi. I– could only imagine how excited steffy must have been to see finn alive after all this time.

Taylor: Yeah, it was. It was amazing. We were in awe. Uh, it was the most beautiful thing we’ve ever seen.

Brooke: Well, that’s wonderful. Steffy’s back with her family. And as a parent, I can only imagine how you two are feeling right now.

Kelly: Yay, we’re home!

Steffy: Wow, we certainly are. You okay?

Finn: Yeah, just, uh… alittle overwhelmed. So many times, I imagined getting back to this place, being with you guys. Just, uh… seemed distant and faraway sometimes.

Steffy: Well, you’re here. Where you belong.

Finn: Yeah. I mean, it looks exactly the same. Except this. This is new, huh? Who’s the brilliant artist?

Kelly: Me! I drew it to make you come home.

[ Laughing ]

Finn: You’re manifesting already. That’s impressive.

Kelly: Mana-wha?

[ Finn laughing ]

Finn: It’s okay. I’ll– I’ll explain it to you later. You just keep doing it.

Kelly: I missed you, finn.

Finn: Oh. Missed you too. Oh, this feels good.

Steffy: Welcome home. We really had our hands full with our two-year-old.

Hope: Let’s be real. Ridge will never be good enough for mom in your eyes.

Deacon: I can’t argue with that because I’m right. He isn’T.

Hope: Hmm. Well, I wonder who would be.

Deacon: Okay, I get it. You know, maybe it’s me. Maybe I’m projecting but from where I stand, if there aren’t any residual feelings for taylor then why hasn’t he fully recommitted to your mom?

Taylor: Yeah. The whole thing was, uh– it was– it was incredibly romantic.

Brooke: I’ll bet. And with monaco as the backdrop. I just kept thinking how relieved and how happy you were for steffy.

Ridge: We– we were so worried about it. We just didn’t know what we were going to find in monaco.

Taylor: Yeah. And then– and then finn showed up and it’s amazing.

Brooke: And how is he? I mean, besides being thrilled to be back with his family.

Ridge: Yeah– physically, he’s– he’s not quite there yet, right? I mean, he’s not.

Taylor: Yeah. Yeah, I mean– I mean, he’s getting there, right? But emotionally.

Ridge: It was great to see steffy smile again.

Brooke: I’m sure it was. I’m just glad that you’re all back home. Especially you, ridge. I missed you so much.

Ridge: Did you?

Brooke: Yeah.

[ Kelly laughing ]

Finn: It’s the most beautiful sound in the world.

Steffy: Yeah, I didn’t really hear it. When you were gone, this house was so sad. And I tried to make it normal for the kids. But every night kelly would ask, “when is finn coming home?” And, after a while, I just couldn’t explain it anymore. But I’m glad I didn’t have to because you’re here now. Our miracle is– is here.

Finn: That’s all I thought about. I’d just… close my eyes and picture myself here with you, hayes and kelly. But do you have… do you have any idea how much I love you?

Steffy: I love you so much.

Kelly: Mom! Mom?

[ Finn laughs ]

Steffy: Ah, I better get in there.

Finn: Hey. Let me.

Finn: What’s all the commotion in here? Ah! Help me. I’m being attacked. Hayes wants his mama.

Steffy: Baby, honey, come here.

[ Finn laughing ]

Steffy: Oh, baby.

Finn: Ah,! No, they’re pulling me back! Pulling me back! Come over here! I got– I got her now! I got her now! I got her now. Oh, big man. Big man.

[ Hayes chortling ]

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