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Leo: Guinevere, i just heard the good news about the part, and I haven’t been this excited since… they freed britney.

[Somber music]

Leo: So why are you crying?

Lucas: Where’s my lawyer?

Xander: I have no idea, but right now, the dummy at the front desk thinks I’m your lawyer.

Lucas: What do you want with me?

Xander: Why are you trying to frame my fiancée?

Lucas: I am not lying. I saw sarah at the dimera mansion.

Xander: Sarah didn’t kill abigail. She couldn’t kill anyone. Now, you tell these cops that you made it all up, or I’m gonna tear you apart with my bare hands.

Sarah: “Out doing an errand. Be back soon. Love you.” What errand?

[Knocking at door]

Sarah: Chad.

Chad: Can I come in?

Sarah: Sure. I heard about your brother. I’m really sorry.

Chad: I’m not here to talk about jake. I’m here to talk about abigail.

John: [Sighs]

Steve: Thanks for meeting me on no notice.

John: Well, you said it was an emergency. I assumed you’re talking about orpheus.

Steve: Can you believe our idiot governor put that sociopath back on the street? John, we need to deal with him, before he hurts someone we love.

Marlena: [Gasps]

[Intense music]

Marlena:Get out of my chair!

Orpheus: Ah, the good doctor is in.

Male announcer: Like sands through the hourglass, so are the “days of our lives.”

[Soft orchestration]

Gwen: Jake. He’s dead. Someone’s shot him.

Leo: He can’t be dead. I heard he just signed a deal for a new movie.

Gwen: What?

Leo: Jake gyllenhaal?

Gwen: Oh, for god’s sake. No! Not that jake. My jake.

Leo: Oh, him. Don’t scare me like that.

Gwen: Bloody hell. Honestly, you have the sensitivity of a doorknob.

Leo: What am I supposed to be sensitive about? The two of you broke up eons ago. He cheated on you with gabi hernandez, and you hate him now.

Gwen: I know, but it doesn’t mean that I wanted the poor prat dead. I just didn’t know I’d be so worked up over it. I guess I’m just remembering all the good times that we had together.

Leo: Yeah. Well, you’ll always have philly. I am sorry.

Gwen: Thank you.

Leo: Anything I can do to cheer you up?

Gwen: Like what?

Leo: We could get mimosas and have a toast, in jakey’s honor.

Gwen: Oh. NO. I’d just get drunk and morose.

Leo: You cannot be morose! You just got out of prison. Jake is your past. It’s time we think about your future.

Gwen: What future?

Leo: Oh, come now. I know you’ve got a plan to get hunky xander away from sarah hortoN.

Sarah: I guess you talked to rafe?

Chad: He said you gave a statement. I want to know what was in it.

Sarah: What do you wanna know?

Chad: Lucas… said that he saw you at the house the night that abigail was murdered. He said that he saw you running down the stairs, and you dropped something on the way out. He thinks that it might have been the knife that killed abi. So what I wanna know iS… did that really happen? Were you there that night?

Sarah: I would tell you, if I could. I just don’t know. I don’t know.

Lucas: I never said sarah killed abigail.

Xander: Right, you just put her at the scene of the crime possibly holding the murder weapon.

Lucas: Because that’s the trutH.

Xander: The hell it is! You’re just trying to put the blame on sarah, ’cause you’re trying to cover your own ass.

Lucas: If i thought that i killed abigail, I would own up to it.

Xander: These– these memories of yours, how come they only came bubbling up to the surface once your back was against the wall?

Lucas: I was under hypnosis when I remembered those things, all right? If you don’t believe me, ask marlena evans.

Xander: Hypnosis. A load of crap. You just close your eyes and say anything you want to.

Lucas: I think marlena would know if that’s what I was doing. And you know what? You should look her up. You won’t find a more respected psychiatrist than she is.

Marlena: How did you get in here?

Orpheus: The door was unlocked.

Marlena: I’m calling security.

Orpheus: Marlena, by some miracle, I just got out of prison. Do you actually think I would break in here the next day?

Marlena: I wouldn’t put that past you.

Orpheus: All I need is a few minutes of your time. We can leave the door open, if it’ll make you more comfortable.

Marlena: You’d better make it a very fast few minutes.

Orpheus: I’m sure that by now you’ve heard that my son is the father of jan spears’ baby.

Marlena: YeS. I’ve heard that evan is claiming that. I imagine that shawn is a little skeptical.

Orpheus: Well, christian– that’s his birth name– is gonna prove he’s telling the truth, and that’s why i need your help.

Steve: So when orpheus said he wanted a new start I suggested he do that someplace other than the scene of most of his crimes.

John: And?

Steve: He said he’d been thinking about going out west. Maybe seattlE.

John: Where all your kids are.

Steve: That’s right. He’s planning something, john. I know it.

John: Come on, man. It’s in the blood, i mean, look at that crazy kid of his. He’s trying to take away the baby from shawn.

Steve: Yeah. I know. Kayla told me that he’s saying the kid is his, but even if he is the father, what moron judge would take a baby away from a man like shawn and hand him over to someone who murdered the mother of his first chilD.

John: What moron governor grants pardons to felons and murderers?

Steve: Right. You know, orpheus couldn’t care less about that baby. He’s got a bigger agenda in mind. Something way more personal.

Marlena: What kind of help could you need from me?

Orpheus: I think we both agree that my son is… mentally unstablE.

Marlena: People who kill people usually are.

Orpheus: Hm. Well, the last time he got into trouble, it was for doing the bidding of your granddaughteR. Allie, is it?

Marlena: She– she was possessed, at the time.

Orpheus: Oh, I see. Is that how you let the members of your family off the hook? With that line?

Marlena: You didn’t tell me what you want.

Orpheus: You’re so hostile, marlena. I can only guess that you’re still resentful of when i asked you to get christian out of bayview.

Marlena: You didn’t ask. You threatened my great-grandchild.

Orpheus: Yeah. Well, I thought I was doing my son–I thought I was doing what was best for him.

Marlena: What’s best for your son is to be in bayvieW. He should be there right now.

Orpheus: Well, he certainly needs help. Especially now that he’s gonna be raising my grandson. What I want–what I need is for him to get good counseling.

Marlena: Are you asking me to readmit him to bayview?

Orpheus: No, no. I’m asking you to be his psychiatrist.

[Elevator chimes]

Evan: It’s about time. The lab tech’s waiting for uS.

Shawn: There’s been a change of plan.

Evan: What does that mean?

Shawn: I’m not agreeing to this test, unless we do it my way.

Evan: You do remember that court order I showed you?

Shawn: I’m not gonna trust something this important to some lab tech that you paid off. My aunt kayla’s gonna oversee this test personally, so that I know the results are real. And you’ll know, too.

Evan: Fine by me.

Shawn: Just let’s get this over with.

Gwen: [Sighs] I didn’t tell xander that I knew that kristen had sarah, so I just assumed that we were a lost cause. But now, it looks like sarah might be a person of interest in abigail’s murder, so I don’t know. Maybe I have a chancE.

Leo: That’s the kind of talk you only hear in salem.

Gwen: Are you saying that I’m crazy?

Leo: Totally. It’s one of the many reasons i adore you.

Gwen: I might be driven, yes, and I might not be very nice, from time to time, but I’m not crazy. You get that straight.

Leo: Well, now, sarah, she really is bonkers, and she went all lizzie borden on abigail. And now, you have a chance with randy xandy.

Gwen: It’s still somewhat tricky. Xander pointed out that sarah’s mental state is partially due to the fact that I gave her the second dose of that drug.

Leo: So you need to be careful about using the crazy against her.

Gwen: Exactly. I did pay xander a visit yesterday.

Leo: And?

Gwen: Well, you should have seen the depths of my remorsE. You would have been quite impressed.

Leo: Was xander?

Gwen: I think so. He was receptive, but then sarah turned up. Thought I was kristen and she lunged at me with a knife.

Leo: So he saw the crazy for himself? I have to congratulate you on your sense of timing. You get out of the big house, right as your romantic rival is on her way in. [Laughs]

Chad: Sarah, I need you to help me here. I don’t understand how you cannot remember being at my housE.

Sarah: I said in my statement that I remember… Going to see gwen at statesville, and then coming back here to lie down because my meds were making me feel out of it, and I must have fallen asleep, because the next thing I knew it was morning.

Chad: Which means you didn’t see abigail.

Sarah: Not necessarily. I had a conversation with marlena that day and told her that I’d had another hallucination. And she suggested that I go speak to abigail, because she got the same drug that I did.

Chad: Rolf’s drug.

Sarah: Right.

Chad: Her flashback hallucinations were scary. One time, she thought that I was ben, and i wanted to strangle her. She said it seemed completely real.

Sarah: Yeah, those are what– that’s what mine are like, too. I thought that victor was kristen coming at me with a syringe, and then yesterday, I–

Chad: What?

Sarah: I found gwen here with xander, and I thought that she had a gun, and she was pointing it at him, so I grabbed a knife, and I threatened her with it. And that’s not it. I threatened and attacked nicole, and xander’s ex-wife chanel. Sometimes, I feel like I should be locked up.

Chad: Do you think that it is possible that you… had a hallucination the night that abby died? And do you think that it is possible that you went to see her that night? And then you thought that she was kristen? And that you… might have stabbed her to death?

John: You know, for starters, we can put a 24-hour tail on orpheus, and–

Steve: No, no, no. I’m done with being careful with hiM. Why wait around for him to make the first move?

John: You know, partner, it seems to me like you already know what you wanna do.

Steve: We need to stop him dead in his tracks, and the sooner the better. There’s no other choice, johN. We need to eliminate the threaT.

John: It sounds to me like you’re talking about killing the guY.

Steve: It sounds like that for a reason.

Marlena: You’re seriously asking me to provide therapy for your son?

Orpheus: Why not? You worked wonders with the necktie killer. The word is you were going to begin seeing jan spears, so what’s wrong with adding one more reformed murderer to the roster?

Marlena: Because you despise me. Why would you want me to work with your child?

Orpheus: Because I can separate facts from feelings, and the fact is you’re a gifted psychiatrisT. Beyond that, you were an important mother figure for him when he was a child.

Marlena: You were holding me hostage.

Orpheus: But that doesn’t discount the fact that you and he formed an important bond. I think he would respond well to you. What do you think?

Marlena: I think he would do well with therapy. I will find him somebody very talented, but that will not be me.

Xander: Let’s pretend for a second that you aren’t a notorious liar. Maybe you’re just so terrified of going to prison that your psyche invented these memories of sarah at the dimera house.

Lucas: I think marlena would have known the difference.

Xander: I don’t give a damn what you think.

Lucas: Listen, I was drunk out of my mind. I was, but i was conscious, and I remember things. My memory’s becoming clearer and clearer, and I know that I saw sarah there.

Xander: You’re certain it was her?

Lucas: You think I want to incriminate maggie’s daughter? My own cousin? I have no choice because she was there!

Xander: So prove it.

Lucas: I can’t prove it! But this morning, the police came up with new evidence that backs up exactly what I said.

Sarah: I swear that i don’t remember being at your house, but I can’t rule out the possibility that I was there, in some sort of fugue state, especially if lucas says that he saw me.

Chad: Don’t you normally remember your hallucinations? Abby always did. So it seems that if you thought you had saw kristen, that you would remember it.

Sarah: Yeah. I usually do, but my dosage was off, and my brain was so hazy. I don’t know. It’s just– it’s possible that I forgot what happened.

Chad: Thank you for your honesty. I appreciate it.

Sarah: Chad, I loved abigail. She was a wonderful, kind person, and in my right state of mind, I would never hurt her. It’s just that I’m not always in my right state of mind.

Chad: I have to go. If you remember anything–

Sarah: You’ll be the first to know. I promise.

Leo: So do you know if the cops are planning to charge sarah with murder anytime soon?

Gwen: No. Hopefully it will be soon now, though.

Leo: Thank god it wasn’t you who bumped abigail off.

Gwen: I can’t believe you still thought it was mE. I told you I didn’t do it. I mean, how could I have killed her from prison?

Leo: Uh, you’re forgetting the part where the guard said you were missing that one nighT.

Gwen: Uh, I was reading in the library, and I fell asleep in a corner. I told him that.

Leo: You? Reading in the library? What? “Little women,” maybe? Don’t make me laugh. And by the way, I asked the guard which night you were gone, in case it was the same night abigail got hers.

Gwen: Mm, and what did he tell you?

Leo: That he couldn’t remember.

Gwen: [Scoffs] I can’t believe you didn’t trust mE.

Leo: Gwenny, you told me to get a knife and to kill abigail. What was i supposed to think?

Gwen: I didn’t mean any of that!

[Tense music]

Evan: You headed home?

Shawn: Aunt kayla said the results will be ready in an hour. John’s asleep, so, nO. I’m not going anywhere.

Evan: Me neither.

Shawn: Why the hell are you even doing this?

Evan: Uh, because that’s my son in that stroller.

Shawn: Even if it is, you’re not exactly father of the year material.

Evan: Ask rafe how well I took care of david.

Shawn: Ask my sister how many times you tried to kill her in bed.

Evan: I’ll admit I was a little out of control when that happened, but my sole focus is to be a good father for that baby and his brother, david.

Shawn: And what if you snap again? I’m not gonna let you hurt this innocent baby.

Evan: I would never hurt my own chilD. I’m going to be a wonderful dad to that little boy.

Shawn: If he is yours.

Evan: He’s mine. You’ll see in one hour.

Gwen: Chad. I didn’t expect to see you.

Chad: Well, I would totally expect to see you two with your heads together.

Leo: I hope you weren’t eavesdropping on our private conversation, chadwick.

Chad: I don’t have the slightest interest in anything either of you have to say. I see you wormed your way out of prison.

Gwen: [Sighs] Look, I know that you hate me, but I want you to know I’m terribly sorry for what happened to abigail.

Chad: After the way you treated her?

Gwen: Come on, she was still my sister, and I’m very sorry she’s gone. Poor little charlotte and thomas. I had a really good rapport with them, so if you need help with anything, at all–

Chad: You’d be the last call I’d make. Stay the hell away from my children.

Xander: What new evidence?

Lucas: My lawyers asked the cops to do another search of the dimera mansion, specifically looking for a paring knife that I cut my hand with, and it was on the bar.

Xander: Why didn’t they find it the first time they searched the house?

Lucas: I don’t know. It must have fell into a little cranny or something, but they did lab work on the blade, and the only blood found was mine. It didn’t belong to anyone else.

Xander: And that proves that you didn’t stab abigail?

Lucas: Yes that proves that. I mean the paring knife didn’t match her wounds. They said it was something more like a steak knife.

Xander: All that proves is that you didn’t stab her with your paring knife. Maybe you found some other knife in the house.

Lucas: What? Then went downstairs and made myself another drink?

Xander: I don’t know. You rummies will do anything, won’t you?

Lucas: I remember leaving the house after I cut my hand. Just like I remember seeing sarah.

Xander: None of this proves you’re innocent or that sarah’s guilty.

Lucas: No, but it proves that my story’s starting to make sense to the police.

Sarah: I can’t live like thiS. I have to figure out if i killed abigail. But how? What the hell? It’s worth a shot.

Chad: Hey, buddy.

Thomas: Hi.

Chad: I thought grandma and grandpa were taking you and your sister to the aquarium.

Thomas: I said I didn’t wanna go. They let me stay here with aunt julie and uncle doug.

Chad: Are they upstairs? Why didn’t you wanna go? You love penguins and baby sharks.

Thomas: Mommy was supposed to take me. I don’t wanna go without her.

Leo: You’re very quieT.

Gwen: Next time you accuse me of being a murderer, how about make sure that the victim’s husband isn’t within earshot!

Leo: How was I supposed to know he was lurking around?

Gwen: [Sighs] Well, I just don’t want him to get any ideas, okay? He already hates me so much, as it is. If he thinks that I killed abigail, he– look, I didn’t do it, okay? So just keep your bloody mouth shut!

Leo: I’m sorrY. Let me make it up to you. Forget the mimosas. I’m gonna pop for that champagne brunch.

Gwen: Where’d you get that kind of money?

Leo: I’m good for it. That’s all you need to knoW.

Gwen: Since when are you good for anything? You don’t have a job.

Leo: Oh, please, please still be here. Ah. Yes. I’d have preferred an alamainian emerald. But you will do just fine.

Gwen: Leo? What are you not telling me?

Leo: NothinG. Nothing. And you know me. I always find a way to make a buck.

Steve: I know what I’m talking about is extreme. I mean, just yesterday I was warning justin not to take the law into his own hands, but then orpheus threatened my children. Do you wanna live like this, knowing that he could come after marlena, or brady, or rachel at any time?

John: No. But we can’t kill the guY.

Steve: I don’t see why not.

John: Come on, man. Who are you, anyway? What have you done with my buddy steve johnson?

Steve: John, when we were with the isa, they told us to take out threats before they could do any harm.

John: We’re not with the isa anymore.

Steve: That’s not the point.

John: Listen, man, I wanna neutralize orpheus just as much as you do, but we’ve gotta come up with another option.

Steve: If there’s another option, I’d love to hear it.

John: Oh, come on, maN. You and I–we can come up with stuff on orpheus the government doesn’t even know about. We can put him away foreveR.

Steve: And while we’re doing research, orpheus is two steps ahead. If we don’t take him out now, I think something very bad is gonna happeN.

Orpheus: I thought it was your job to help people.

Marlena: I can’t help everybody who is in need. My schedule’s pretty full, and evan needs the kind of attention that I can’t really give him. And I think you like playing mind games, and that’s what i think you’re doing right now.

Orpheus: Mind games? We’re talking about my son’s sanity.

Marlena: I’m sorry. I can’t treat your son, but I can find him somebody very capable that can help him.

Sarah: Marlena, I was just– I’m so sorry. The door was open. I thought you were alone.

Marlena: This gentleman was just leaving.

Orpheus: You’re dr. Sarah horton, aren’t you?

Sarah: YeS.

Orpheus: We haven’t met yet, but–

Sarah: No. I know exactly who you are. You’re the reason that my child is dead.

You’re referring to the accident you were in–

Sarah: There was no damn accident. You and your pervert son kidnapped my mother. And one of you was driving so fast that you swerved in front of adrienne kiriakis, and you killed her! And you killed my baby. You’re a monster.

Orpheus: I’m so sorry for your loss, but if I’m a monster, what are you?

Marlena: Get out of here.

Orpheus: Oh, I’m going, but according to the news, I’m not the only one who took a life, dear. As i understand it, poor abigail dimera is dead. Stabbed to death by her own cousin. I do hope you can help her find a way to live with herself, marlena.

Marlena: I’m so sorry about that. He’s a vile man. He’s got no sense of caring. He’s got no hearT. He’s got no empathY.

Sarah: He said it like it was a fact. Abigail dimera stabbed by her own cousiN.

Marlena: He’s trying to provoke you.

Sarah: What if it’s true? My god. What if it is true?

Orpheus: How’s it going?

Evan: Shawn brady got kayla johnson to run the paternity test. He went to go find out when she’ll have the results.

Orpheus: Well, we both know what the result will be.

Evan: Well, I’m still nervous. Bradys like to stick together, and shawn’s still got my son.

Orpheus: Just try to relax. Don’t draw attention to yourselF.

Evan: What are you doing here?

Orpheus: I tried to convince marlena evans to take you on, as a patient. I was unsuccessful.

Evan: I don’t need a shrink.

Orpheus: I beg to differ.

Evan: If that’s what you think, why’d you pull me out of bayview?

Orpheus: I see now that was a mistake.

Evan: I told you I’m fine. Or i will be, once I have my son.

Gwen: To jake. He was always so good with his hands, and not just in the body shoP. Xander?

Xander: What do you want, gwen?

Gwen: Um– I can’t stop thinking about yesterday.

Xander: What about it?

Gwen: You know, sarah attacking me.

Xander: That wasn’t her fault.

Gwen: Yes. I know, and I just wanted to say I’m sorry. Don’t give up hope. I mean, her hallucinations don’t mean that she necessarily killed my sister, so I still think it was lucas horton.

Xander: Well, actually it’s looking more and more like lucas is innocent.

Chad: I’m really sorry, buddy. I know how much you miss your mom.

Thomas: Everybody calls me names since mom died.

Chad: What do you mean?

Thomas: Buddy. Champ. Kiddo.

Chad: Well, sometimes people will make up names for people that they like.

Thomas: Well, I hate it. Where were you?

Chad: I had to go see someone.

Thomas: Who?

Chad: Someone you don’t know.

Thomas: It’s all you do now is you go and see people.

Chad: Well, i’m here now. So what do you say we… Go into the backyard, and we kick the soccer ball around?

Thomas: I don’t want to.

Chad: Well, it’s a nice day. We can go to the park, and we can fly that new–

Thomas: I said no!

Chad: Well, you can’t sit cooped up all day playing video games. It’s not good for you.

Thomas: I don’t care! I don’t like it here! I wanna go home!

Chad: Well, that’s not an option, so what do we say we go outside, and we can play a game of horse, and then you can do whatever you want?

Thomas: I don’t wanna play horse with you. You always let me win. I just want mom back!

Chad: Hey, you don’t think I wouldn’t do anything to bring her back? I can’t! She’s gone, and there’s nothing that we can do about it!

Chad: Thomas, I’m sorry. I’m sorrY. Look, I didn’t mean to get angry with you. Thomas. Thomas? Thomas! I’m sorry.


Gwen: So lucas’s story checks out?

Xander: Seems to. The police say that the paring knife isn’t the knife that killed abigail.

Leo: How do they know?

Xander: The depth of her wounds.

Leo: Eww.

Gwen: Have the police found the knife yet?

Xander: No, but they know what they’re looking for. It’s a steak knife or something that looks like one.

[Tense guitar music]

Shawn: The results are in.

Evan: And?

Shawn: I haven’t opened ’em yet.

Evan: What are you waiting for?

[Tense music]


Shawn: [Sighs]

Evan: [Laughs] I told you sO.

John: Can’t help you on this one, partner. You’re on your own.

Orpheus: What a coincidence. I was just chatting with your lovely wife.

John: About what?

Orpheus: Oh, I’m sure marlena’ll fill you in later. Have a good day, gentlemen.

Steve: You still wanna play by the book?

Marlena: Sarah, do you remember anything, anything at all, about the night that abigail was killed?

Sarah: Just that I had it in my mind to go and see her.

Marlena: Right, I think I suggested that to you.

Sarah: You know, abigail told me once that she felt guilty. That she was a reason that kristen got a hold of that drug that she gave me, and… what if I did go see abigail and hallucinated that she was kristen?

Marlena: How can I help you?

Sarah: I wanted to know if you would hypnotize me the way that you did lucas.

Marlena: I can, if that’s what you wanT.

Sarah: I have to know the truth, marlena, even if the truth is that I killed abigail.

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