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Xander: Sarah? “Had to go out too. Be back soon.” Dear god. Where did she go?

Marlena: I’m gonna have you take another deep breath. As you exhale, let all the tension flow out of your body. Be aware of your breathing. When you feel comfortable, you can go ahead and close your eyes. You’re going to remember everything we’ve talked about here. Right now, we’re going to talk about the day that abigail died.

Kristen: Oh. Well, when we got out of statesville, I told you to lie low until I needed you, but I didn’t know it’d be this soon.

Rolf: Your father always said I must stay ready to avoid having to get ready.

Kristen: He was also fond of saying “it’s good to be back.” I just wonder if jake will share in that sentiment.

[Knocking on door]

Ava: Go away.

[Knocking continues]

Ava: I said get the hell out of here!

[Loud banging on door]

Ava: Okay. All right. You have a hell of a lot of nerve–

Jake: That any way to greet the man you love?

Male announcer: Like sands through the hourglass, so are the “days of our lives.”

[Soft orchestration]

Xander: She shouldn’t be out alone. She could have another episode.

Gwen: Hi. Are you on your way out?

Xander: What I do is none of your business, gwen. What do you want?

Gwen: When leo and i saw you just now–

Xander: Yeah, what about it?

Gwen: Well, you seemed upset that lucas had been cleared. Is that because you were afraid that sarah might be charged with abigail’s murder?

Marlena: Sarah, I ran into you at the hospital. You were looking for kayla. Do you remember what we talked about? Oh, hi sarah.

Sarah: Hi. Um, is kayla on duty?

Marlena: Um, she is. I think she might be in surgery.

Sarah: I need help. I think the antidote is wearing off. I was afraid that the antidote to the drug that kristen gave me wasn’t working anymore.

Marlena: That’s right. What else do you remember?

Sarah: I said that I– I saw kristen coming at me with the syringe, but… it was just victor with a pen.

Marlena: Do you remember the advice that I gave you? I also think you might want to talk to abigail. She’s been through all this.

Sarah: Yeah, that–that’s a great idea. Thank you so much for talking me down, marlena. You said that I should speak to abigail because she had the same experience with the drug that I was having.

Marlena: And did you take that advice? Did you go to see abigail? Sarah, it’s okay. Take your time.

Gwen: What are you doing here?

Sarah: We haven’t been properly introduced. I’m sarah horton. Oh, come on. My face has to seem a little familiar, seeing as you borrowed it to break up with xander as me. Gotta be a little strange for you, huh? It’s like looking into a mirror. I went to statesville prison to see gwen.

Marlena: Oh. What did you do there?

Sarah: I confronted her. About everything.

Marlena: What’s “everything”?

Sarah: Not telling xander that she knew where I was. Putting on a mask that looked like me and breaking up with him. Giving me a second dose of the drug that kristen gave me. All of it.

Marlena: And how did gwen react?

Sarah: She said I wouldn’t have gotten the drug at all if abigail hadn’t left a syringe full of it where kristen could find it.

Marlena: When you left the prison, did you go to the dimera house? Did you–did you find abigail?

Ava: You–you can’t be here. I saw your dead body at the hospital. Oh, I’m losing my mind again.

Jake: No. No, you’re not. My old man, they didn’t call him “the phoenix” for nothing. Turns out I take after him.

Jake: [Shouts]

Ava: [Screams]


Jake: See? You’re not getting rid of me that easily. Oh, no, no.

Ava: [Chuckles] Oh, my god. You’re really here!

Jake: Come here.

Ava: [Gasps]

[Breathing heavily]

Ava: It was a dream. It was nothing but a dream.

Kristen: Well, it is a good thing you made me go to the hospital as soon as you did.

Rolf: If we hadn’t, those imbecilic orderlies would’ve taken him away and had his remains incinerated to dust.

Kristen: Mm, we couldn’t have that, could we?

Kristen: We’ve got big plans for brother jake.

[Monitor beeping]

[Sinister music]

Rolf: I admit to being pleasantly surprised that you got on board so quickly with my latest lazarus project.

Kristen: I barely knew jake. But still, he’s my father’s son and that means a lot to me.

Rolf: Stefano would be very proud to hear you say that.

Kristen: I hope so. Well, what are we waiting for? Let’s give jake here a new lease on life.

[Knocking on door]

Gabi: Hi, we need to talk.

Ava: Oh, by all means, come on in.

Gabi: You were great at the hospital yesterday.

Ava: Thanks.

Gabi: We can’t stop there.

Ava: What does that mean?

Gabi: Did you see ej’s face when you flashed the wedding ring?

Ava: Yeah, he bought it. So did kayla.

Gabi: Yeah, but he hates it and he’s gonna do anything he can to freeze you out. We need to lock down the claim, your claim on jake’s estate, before ej and tony figure out this whole thing’s a scam.

Tony: So ava’s claiming that she married jake just before he was killed?

Ej: Mm-hmm. Convenient, don’t you think?

Tony: Do you think there’s a possibility that she engineered the marriage and then put a hit out on her new husband?

Ej: I don’t think so. The gunman tried to kill ava as well. The police are treating it like a robbery/homicide.

Tony: Oh. What did the gunman say?

Ej: Not much. He was shot and killed by a policewoman.

Tony: Oh, I see. So your only concern here is ava’s possible claim on jake’s shares.

Ej: What else would I be concerned about? As should you. I mean, it’s bad enough that father’s company is being run into the ground by a former waitress.

Tony: Oh, come on. Gabi hasn’t been doing that for a long time.

Ej: She’s also the current mistress of young mr. Shin. If she and ava have formed some kind of an alliance, shin could back them and you and i could end up out in the cold.

Xander: [Scoffs] You used to be better at playing the game.

Gwen: What game?

Xander: Come on. You love the thought of sarah going to prison for abigail’s murder. It’s written all over your face.

Gwen: The last thing I want is for sarah to be found guilty.

Xander: And why is that?

Gwen: Because I feel terrible for what happened to her. I mean, I’m partly to blame for her being the way she is now.

Xander: If you feel bad it’s only because your plan didn’t work out the way you wanted it to.

Gwen: Look, you don’t believe me, but I did come here to help you.

Xander: You’re right, I don’t believe you.

Gwen: Why don’t I come up with an alibi for sarah? I’m quite good at doing things like that.

Xander: What sort of alibi?

Gwen: Why don’t you say that she was with you?

Xander: Because she wasn’t and the cops know it. I was in new york and sarah doesn’t remember what she was doing that night. Lucas horton swears he saw her running down the stairs and I don’t know a single person that can prove he’s lying. Now, are you happy now?

Marlena: Sarah, when you left the prison, you know where you went next?

Sarah: Seeing gwen was so–

[Sighs] She didn’t care what she did to me. I was so angry.

Marlena: I understand. That’s why I want to know what you did next.

Sarah: I went back to xander’s room at the inn.

Marlena: Was he there?

Sarah: No. He was in new york. He had a job interview.

Marlena: So you were alone. Can you tell me what you did?

Sarah: I just wanted to sleep and forget the whole day, so I took a sleeping pill, then I got into bed.

Marlena: Were you able to sleep?

Sarah: For a while, but…

Sarah: I had a bad dream and it woke me up. I decided that I had to see abigail right then and there. It was supposed to rain so I grabbed my raincoat.

Marlena: Lucas mentioned a raincoat.

Sarah: What’d you say?

Marlena: Nothing, I’m just making a note to myself. Please, I’m sorry, go on.

Sarah: Uh… I was about to go to the door when– before I could leave, somebody knocked.

[Knocking on door]

Sarah: What are you doing here?

Marlena: Sarah, this is very important. Can you tell me who was at the door? I have moderate to severe plaque psoriasis.

Ava: Jake died yesterday. I could’ve died along with him and yet here you are, again, scheming to get your grubby little hands on his dimera stock.

Gabi: I thought you were on board with our plan. What happened?

Ava: Oh, my god.

Gabi: Are you having second thoughts, ava? Because right now is not the time to grow a conscience.

Ava: Okay, you were involved with jake for a very long time. You said that you loved him.

Gabi: Yes, I was crazy about him.

Ava: Okay. So why are you behaving like it doesn’t matter that he is dead?

Gabi: We really have to go through with this again? Without your claim on jake’s estate, you have nothing. You don’t even have your name on this dump.

Ava: Okay, it’s not like I’m walking away from a sure thing here. We lied to ej about jake and I being married. You don’t think that he’s out right now hiring a pi?

Gabi: Should go for it because he’s not gonna find anything suspicious.

Ava: Yeah, you don’t know that.

Gabi: Oh, but I do.

Ava: What’s that?

Gabi: The answer to our prayers, otherwise known as your marriage license, mrs. Dimera.

Tony: Yes, I agree that ms. Vitali is a threat that must be dealt with.

Ej: Finally.

Tony: So how do we do it?

Ej: When I learned about jake’s death, I went directly to the hospital. Gabi hernandez was already there and she knew all about the marriage.

Tony: I think she was there because she was visiting a friend who’d lost her husband.

Ej: Mm-mm-mm. I checked. They barely spoke until poor jake’s untimely death. Gabi undoubtedly followed the ambulance to the hospital so she could propose this plan to ava. And then she saw to it that ava was listed as jake’s legal next of kin by the hospital.

Tony: But– but isn’t jake’s dear old mum the logical next of kin?

Ej: You want to drag vivian alamain into this?

Tony: Well, she’s in it whether we like it or not. She’s gonna find out that she lost yet another son. You don’t think she’s going to be upset about all of this?

Ej: I hadn’t thought of that.

Tony: Well, you should think about it now. And I think we should go and visit father’s ex-paramour as soon as possible.

[Monitor beeping]

Kristen: Uh, shouldn’t he be opening his eyes or something?

Rolf: I don’t know what to expect. I’m usually able to administer the drug much closer to the time of death.

Kristen: Okay, then, what are you saying? That this might not work?

Rolf: For the serum to be effective, the individual must have some latent spark of life for it to work on. Jake’s body was left alone for hours after he was shot.

Kristen: So there’s no hope?

Rolf: I’m afraid that may be the case. I seem to have been too late to help him.

Kristen: [Scoffs]

Marlena: Sarah, is something keeping you from telling me who was at the door?

Sarah: I just– I can’t remember.

Marlena: All right. You’re doing fine. Just take another deep breath. And as you exhale, let those memories come back to you.

Sarah: It was–

Marlena: No, don’t rush it. Just let it come to you.

Sarah: Rex? What on earth are you doing here? My asthma felt anything but normal.

Marlena: Rex brady was at the door?

Sarah: Yes. I was so surprised.

Rex: I’m sorry that I didn’t call first. I just had to see you.

Marlena: Sarah, you’re doing just great. Try to remember what rex was doing there. Why did he say that he had to see you?

Sarah: He told me that he hadn’t been able to get me out of his mind.

Rex: I’ve been wanting to see you ever since my mom told me that you’d been rescued. But I–I wanted to make sure you had some time to deal with what kristen did to you. Good lord, she kept you prisoner for a year? She must be insane.

Sarah: Yeah. Um…I heard that she put on a mask that made her look like me and told you that I wanted us to get back together.

Rex: Yeah, and she was still wearing the mask when she dumped me about a minute later.

Sarah: Rex, I am so sorry that she put you through that.

Rex: Are you kidding me? You should not be apologizing. This is all my fault. I should’ve realized that something was off about you.

Sarah: Oh, my gosh. No, no, no, please– please do not blame yourself. Kristen had everyone fooled.

Rex: [Sighs] It still bothers me that– that I wanted to believe what kristen told me. I wanted to believe that you had come to your senses and realized that you wanted me and not xander, because– oh, hell. Um… because I still love you, sarah. I’ve never stopped loving you. And I’ve never stopped hoping that there was a chance for us.

Sarah: Oh, rex. Honey, I’m so sorry. Xander and I are back together and we’ve never been more in love.

Rex: Right. Um, I–I under–I understand.

Rex: You’re wearing your coat, so you were obviously going somewhere when– when I arrived, so–

Sarah: Yeah, I was.

Rex: Yeah, so, um…I won’t keep you any longer. [Chuckles]

Sarah: Okay.

Rex: Whoa! Sarah? You’re not feeling well?

Sarah: No, I’m okay, I’m just–

Rex: Okay, okay. Come here, come on.

Sarah: I almost passed out.

Marlena: I’m guessing it was the combination of the sleep medication and the other drugs in your system.

Rex: Okay. The only place you’re going is right here, to bed.

Sarah: Mm.

Xander: Don’t do that.

Gwen: Sorry. Comforting you is still an instinct for me.

Xander: I don’t want comfort from you, gwen. I have sarah for that.

Gwen: Of course. And who knows? I mean, maybe with the right solicitor, she might get off.

Xander: What are you talking about?

Gwen: What? I’m just saying that even if she doesn’t have an alibi and god forbid she did it, well, she wasn’t in her right mind, was she? Isn’t there something called “temporary insanity”? What are you doing?

Xander: You are leaving.

Gwen: No, all I’m saying is that bayview is a far better option than statesville.

Xander: She’s not going to either place if I have anything to say about it, gwen.

Gwen: You don’t, do you? Look, even if she does go to statesville, governor’s quite free about giving pardons out these days.

Xander: Yeah, how’d you pull that off anyway?

Gwen: Um… kristen vouched for me.

Xander: Kristen. [Scoffs] Should’ve known you two would get along. You’re both out our minds. Kristen lent you the sarah mask, right? The one that fooled everyone, including me. Scares me to think of you two back out on the street. God only knows what she’s up to now.

Kristen: Rolf, there has to be something you can do. I mean, you’re a genius for god’s sake.

Rolf: I appreciate your confidence in me, but I doubt whether even my best efforts will yield the results we want. I fear this young man is too far gone.

Kristen: Don’t tell me that. Don’t you dare tell me that. Not after you got my hopes up! No, you keep working on him until you bring him back and I’m not leaving this creepy, god-forsaken lab until I can take my brother with me.

Gabi: Ava, I would love for jake to walk in through that door and straight into your arms, but unfortunately, that’s just not gonna happen. But if you sign this marriage license, you’re gonna stop ej from grabbing jake’s stock and telling you to get lost.

Ava: Okay. So what if I do sign that? What happens next?

Gabi: I’ll take it from there. You just trust me.

Ava: Oh, gabi. That was the wrong thing to say.

Ej: You think vivian alamain is the answer to the problem? That’s like throwing kerosene on a brush fire.

Tony: Why, do you have a better idea?

Ej: Better than going into business with a woman who has a habit of burying her enemies alive? Yes, I think I do.

Tony: Well, I’d love to hear it.

Ej: The first thing–

[Phone beeps]

Tony: What? Is it another problem?

Ej: [Chuckles] To borrow from the bard, it seems that our fretting over jake’s merry widow may turn out to be much ado about nothing. Moderate to severe eczema still disrupts my skin.

Marlena: When I count to three, you’re gonna be wide awake. You’ll feel refreshed, relaxed. You’ll remember everything we talked about. One…two…three. Open your eyes.

Sarah: Rex was there that night, in xander’s room. He helped put me to bed. He said that I was too out of it to go anywhere.

Marlena: He was right.

Sarah: What if I never left the inn? What if I never went to the dimera mansion? What if– what if I was nowhere near abigail when she was killed?

Marlena: That would be a great relief. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

Sarah: No, you’re right. I can’t trust my mind. Maybe rex was just a hallucination.

Marlena: Let’s find out.

Sarah: Who are you calling?

Marlena: I’m calling rex, of course.

[Line ringing]

Rolf: There is one more thing I can try.

Kristen: Do it.

Rolf: It’s very risky.

Kristen: What does he have to lose? Look at him.

Rolf: I’ve been tinkering with my formula. I developed a prototype for a much stronger serum.

Kristen: Perfect. Use it.

Rolf: You don’t understand. It’s untested.

Kristen: Oh, okay. So when does a mad scientist wait for fda approval? No, no! Use that drug on my brother! Go! [Groans]

[Monitor beeping]

Gabi: What–what is it now?

Ava: You keep saying that we both have a lot riding on getting jake’s stock in dimera. But I’m the one who’s taking all the risk.

Gabi: Excuse me? I am helping you defraud the dimera family and that crazy little bat vivian alamain. You don’t think I’m taking any risk?

Ava: Okay. Let’s say that this blows up in our faces. Yep, you’re gonna lose your gig as ceo, but you still have your late husband’s shares in dimera, right? Mm-hmm. Yes, along with that little clothing company of yours. Not to mention a few bucks in the bank. I gave up my family money for my son. And as you say, I don’t have a dime to my name. And you know what? I’ll probably end up in jail. So you know what I’m gonna need? I’m gonna need more than a promise from you of some dividend checks.

Gabi: You want more. Like what?

Ava: Oh, I’m so glad you asked. I want an executive position at dimera enterprises, one that comes with a nice, six-figure salary and a seat on the board.

Gabi: Yeah, no problem. Yeah, I’ll talk to shin, the dimera brothers, tell them all about your business resume. I’m sure they’ll be super excited to have you on board.

Ava: I used to run my own company. Plus, I know how to prove myself. I’m not stupid.

Gabi: You’re a mafia princess!

Ava: Oh, please. Like the dimeras’ hands are squeaky clean? Listen, if you want to keep your position as ceo, you better find a way to get the necessary players involved. Announcer: Type 2 diabetes?

Marlena: Hold on, rex. I’m gonna–I’m gonna put you on speaker. Okay. Can you hear me?

Rex: I can hear you just fine.

Marlena: Okay, I’m– I’m with sarah right now.

Sarah: Hi, rex. I really need your help.

Rex: Okay.

Sarah: Um, can you tell me if you came and saw me at xander’s room in the salem inn?

Marlena: That would be on june 10th.

Rex: [Sighs] I was kind of hoping you’d forgotten about that. It would’ve saved me a lot of embarrassment.

Sarah: So you were there? You really were?

Rex: I really was.

Marlena: Would you give us your version of what happened at that point?

Rex: I decided on a whim to see sarah so that I could tell her that I still loved her. Just hoping there was still a chance for her and me. And she turned me down flat. And she was walking me to the door and she felt woozy so I led her over to the bed and I monitored her pulse and her respiration. They were both stable, so I knew I didn’t have to take her to the emergency room. And then she fell asleep. And I watched her sleep for a bit, you know, just to make sure she was gonna be okay. When I determined that she was, I left.

Marlena: How long were you there?

Rex: Couple hours maybe. I do know that I did not leave until after 10:00.

Sarah: Thank you, rex. You have no idea how much you’ve just helped me.

Rex: I’d like to know. What’s going on?

Sarah: I’ll call you later and I’ll explain everything, but thank you so much.

Rex: Sure. Bye.

Sarah: Do you know what this means?

Marlena: I do. It means you have an alibi for the time abigail was killed.

Gabi: You’re blackmailing me.

Ava: Blackmail? This isn’t a police procedural, honey, this is real life. And what I’m doing is negotiating. Ej thinks that I’m the one who is married to jake, so I hold all the cards here.

Gabi: All right.

Ava: All right, what?

Gabi: All right. I will talk to shin, I will talk to the board about getting what you want. Now, will you please just sign this marriage license so I can take it to city hall and get it filed?

Ava: All you had to do was ask nicely.

Gabi: Just–just–

Ava: You forget something?

Gabi: Did you really love jake?

Ava: I really did. I think he was pretty much what I was searching for all of my life.

Gabi: I feel very sorry for you. Yeah, I cared about jake a lot. But I was really only with him because he reminded me so much of his brother. Stefan was the love of my life. And a love like that only happens once.

[Monitor beeping]

Rolf: I’m sorry. The new serum was no more successful than the other.

Kristen: But his heart is beating again.

Rolf: Yes, it is, but there’s no brain activity. Jake is dead.

Kristen: Damn. Really thought I was getting brother back today.

[Sinister music]

Kristen: Rolf? What are you thinking?

Rolf: That you may still get your wish.

When moderate to severe

ulcerative colitis persists…

Xander: Where have you been? I was so worried!

Sarah: Honey, I have the best news.

Xander: What? Tell me.

Sarah: Okay. I went to go see marlena and she hypnotized me and then I remembered something.

Xander: What?

Sarah: Rex was here.

Xander: He was? When?

Sarah: When you went to new york, but I forgot about it.

Xander: Rex was here? He came here to this room? When I wasn’t here? You didn’t tell me?

Sarah: Well, honey, I didn’t remember.

Xander: What made him show up?

Sarah: He wanted us to try again.

Xander: Cheeky bugger! Who does he think he is?

Sarah: You don’t understand. I told him that I love you, okay? But as he was leaving, I started to feel funny.

Xander: Funny how?

Sarah: Like I was gonna faint, so he helped me over to the bed and then he stayed here for like two hours.

Xander: The nerve of that bastard! I–

Sarah: Will you please stop with the jealousy thing, honey? Just listen to me! This was on the night of the murder.

Xander: Oh, well, you didn’t mention that part. Does–wait, does this mean?

Sarah: I couldn’t have killed abigail. Rex is gonna tell the police that he was here with me when she died.

Xander: Then you have an alibi.

Sarah: Mm-hmm. I didn’t do it, baby. I didn’t kill abigail.

Xander: Oh, sarah! This is the most wonderful news. God bless rex brady!

[Both sigh]

Sarah: Wait, what is it? What are you thinking?

Xander: Not what…who. Lucas bloody horton. Son of a bitch swore he saw you at the dimera house the night of the murder. I knew he was lying.

[Dramatic music]

[Knocking on door]

Ava: Oh, for god’s sake, just leave me alone.

[Knocking continues]

Ava: Oh, my god. If that is gabi again, so help me god. Ej, what do you want?

Ej: I came by to advise you to give up the scheme. I know you were never married to jake.

Ava: When jake died, he and I were husband and wife and you got a lot of nerve talking to me like this, especially right now.

Ej: I checked with city hall, love. There’s no record of any marriage between jake dimera and ava vitali.

Ava: His death certificate probably isn’t there yet either. Doesn’t mean he’s not dead.

Ej: You’re making this up so you can get a hold on my brother’s estate.

Ava: Okay, will you just do me a favor? When you get home, call the city clerk’s office again and ask about the marriage license. I’m sure it’ll be there.

Ej: How can you be so sure?

Ava: If you’ll excuse me, I didn’t get much sleep last night.

Ej: Oh, I have a better idea. Why don’t I call the city clerk right now?

Kristen: Rolf, don’t you play with me. What are you talking about? You just said that you couldn’t bring jake back.

Rolf: That is correct. This young man’s life has been tragically cut short. He won’t be rising from the ashes today, or any other day. His twin brother, stefan, however, is an entirely different story.

Kristen: [Gasps softly]

[Dramatic music]

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