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[Bells ringing]

Steffy: Finn.

Finn: I’ve missed you so much.

Steffy: You’re alive. You’re alive! You’re alive. Oh, my god. Oh, my god.

Ridge: Come on in. I thought for sure you were going to find her.

Taylor: Yeah. Well, a mother’s intuition doesn’t work like G.P.S.

Ridge: Well, neither is running around all over monaco, right? I just– I want my daughter to stop grieving.

Taylor: Finn will find her. And when he does-

Ridge: This nightmare will be over.

[Taylor sighs happily]

[Banging on door]

Chief deputy baker: Sharpe. This is deputy chief baker, I need to talk to you about sheila carter.

Deacon: You brought the cops here?

[Banging on door]

Baker: Sharpe! Open up.

Sheila: Please! Please, please don’t hurt me. Please.

Deacon: You said you weren’t going to drag me into this.

Sheila: They don’t know I’m here. Just make them leave.

[Banging on door]

Baker: Sharpe.

Deacon: [Whispers] Go. Go!

Deacon: [Sighs] Hi. Hey chief, I’m sorry. Just getting ready for work.

Baker: I just need a couple of minutes. Can I come in?

Deacon: Man, I’m really late. What do you want?

Baker: Have you heard from sheila carter?

Deacon: No. No, nothing. I’m sorry. I wish I could help you.

Baker: If you see or hear anything from her, you get in touch with me immediately. The woman is dangerous, especially when she has nothing to lose.

Deacon: You don’t have to tell me.

[Distant police sirens]

Sheila: Thank you.

Zende: This is insane. Finn is actually alive and on his way to see steffy?

Hope: Mm-hmm! And bill flew him to monaco.

Brooke: I keep waiting to hear from ridge. I just want to know if steffy and finn have seen each other yet.

Taylor: Nothing from finn?

Ridge: Nope. But that doesn’t mean he didn’t find her.

Taylor: You’re right. You’re right. You’re right. No news is good news. Could be great news, really.

Taylor: It’s so surreal. Finn is alive.

Ridge: Just imagine what steffy is gonna do when she sees him.

[Church bells ring]

Steffy: How? Finn, how? I– I was there. I saw it.

Finn: I know, I know. And I’m going to explain everything. But right now, I just want to look int those eyes. And give you… this kiss.

Steffy: Oh, my god.

Steffy: Oh, my god.

[Crying] How is this happening? At metro by t-mobile… you can save more…

Hope: Thank you.

Zende: Yeah, of course. So, do you know if finn is all right? Has he recovered from his injuries?

Brooke: I have to believe that being with steffy and the kids will be the best medicine for him.

Zende: Definitely gonna have that effect on my cousin.

Hope: Can you just imagine how amazing that moment is going to be? Like all the pain, all of the loss that steffy and the kids have been feeling just… instantly gone, the moment they see finn.

Brooke: I think we all feel that way. And to know that sheila can’t harm our families anymore. I just hope that the authorities can put sheila away for good, this time.

Sheila: I can’t thank you enough.

Deacon: Don’t thank me. I don’t even know what I just did.

Sheila: You just saved me from going back to prison.

Deacon: Which is where you belong.

Sheila: I am not a murderer, deacon. I didn’t kill anybody.

Deacon: Well, you gave it a pretty damn good shot.

Sheila: I’m sorry. I put you on the spot.

Deacon: Sheila I’m on probation. If those cops were to come in here, they would have busted me for harboring a criminal. I’m not going back inside for you. I’m not going back inside for anybody. This place, it’s a dump. But you know what? It’s mine now. I’m trying to build myself a better life, and I’m not going to let you screw it up.

Sheila: Okay. Where would you life be right now if I hadn’t taken you in when you needed someplace to go?

Deacon: I wasn’t running from the law.

Sheila: I was a friend to you… when you didn’t have anyone.

Deacon: Sheila, you used me. You’re trying to use me again now.

Sheila: No. No. No. No, I’m not. What is– is that what you want me to do? Do you want me to beg for your help?

Deacon: Please don’T.

Sheila: I didn’t mean for any of this to happen. I just wanted to see my son. Have a chance to know him.

Deacon: You almost killed him.

Sheila: No, I didn’T. I saved his life. My son needed me, and I was there for him. I nursed finn back to health, so that he could be reunited with his family, which is probably what he’s doing right now.

Ridge: We should just keep looking for steffy, right?

Taylor: I don’t know. Kind of feel like maybe we should stay here?

>>Ridge: Stay here, why?

Taylor: If he comes back– woah–

>>Finn: Hey.

Taylor: Oh, my god.

Ridge: Oh, boy.

Finn: Look who I found.

Taylor: Hi.

Steffy: How-how is this happening?

Taylor: This is happening. It’s really happening.

Steffy: Where are the kids? Are they– are they here? Where are they?

Taylor: I believe the kids are with amelia. I should text her. Oh, finn, my phone.

Finn: Oh, yes.

Ridge: So good to see you guys together.

Taylor: How does she know this happened?

Ridge: I don’t know. Let’s give them some time. Can we do that? Let’s just–

Taylor: Oh. Yeah we can. But first, let me– let me– let me get a picture.

Ridge: Now? You want to do this, you wanna take–

Taylor: I wanna take a picture. I’m gonna capture–

Ridge: Lot of people wanna see this at home.

Taylor: They will. Yes. Oh, my god.

Finn: Can you ah- can you send it to my mom? And my dad.

Ridge: Enough pictures. Let’s go.

Taylor: Okay. I love you. I love you!

Steffy: This doesn’t– doesn’t feel real.

Finn: I wanted to get back to you sooner. I tried.

>>Steffy: What? I– I– no. I need to understand. I need to understand you– you were in my arms. You were– you were pronounced dead.

Finn: It was my mother. She said that at the hospital, she– she found a trace of life in me and smuggled me out of there. Set up life support and she– she just– she never gave up. Until sheila showed up. She took over and tried to act like she saved me. I despise her for what she’s done to us.

Steffy: It doesn’t matter now. It doesn’t matter. All that matters that you’re here. Now we’re together. I had dreams of this. I swear, I had dreams of this. Of you coming towards me from a crowd or… coming home after work. This doesn’t feel real.

Finn: It’s real. I’m here.

Steffy: Say it again.

Finn: I’m here. And you’re in my arms again. Thank god.

Steffy: Oh, my god. Oh, my god.

If you have this…

Deacon: You shouldn’t have come here.

Sheila: I have nowhere to go.

Deacon: I’m sorry. I can’t help you.

Sheila: Deacon-

Deacon: Do you wanna land both of us back in prison?

Sheila: All I need to do is rest. Okay, get my thoughts together and come up with a plan.

Deacon: Here’s a plan: Go. Somewhere else, now.

Sheila: No, I can’T. Baker and his men might still be out there.

Deacon: You know what then? I’m gonna go. You’re right. I told them I was gonna go. He might be waiting out there.

Sheila: Does that mean I can stay?

Deacon: Absolutely, not. No. After I go, you leave the other way.

Sheila: Go where?

Deacon: I don’t know. I don’t want to know, sheila. This is it. Do you get it? I want you gone. I want you out of my place. And I want you out of my life.

Sheila: How could you say all that after everything I’d done for you?

Deacon: No, what you’ve done is you have ruined people’s lives. You have broken the hearts of little innocent kids. No, don’t you twist this. This has nothing to do with me. This one’s on you. You’re going to pay for it.

Sheila: I already am. If you could’ve heard the horrible–

Deacon: Just stop. Just stop, stop, stop. I don’t care. I don’t care. We’re done. Do not come back here again. Do you understand me?

[Door clicks shut]

[Door clicks]


Ridge: Boy.

Taylor: Look on their faces.

Ridge: I know. It’s finn, I’ve never seen him happier.

Taylor: I know. Who should we call first? I mean, I want to send the picture to jack and li. We got to call thomas.

[Phone ringing]

Ridge: Of course, yeah. Hang on. Okay. It’s brooke. I got to take this. Logan, hey. You will never guess what happened.

Brooke: Liam told us. Finn is alive! This is incredible.

Ridge: Yes, it is incredible. And you know what’s more incredible? He’s seen steffy and the kids.

Brooke: Oh, so finn has seen steffy. Oh, this is a miracle. Ridge, you must be so relieved.

Ridge: Beyond relief. We– we’re still in shock. We’re trying to figure out exactly what happened.

Brooke: Well, how is finn? I know he’s been with sheila this whole time. Is he all right?

Ridge: No, he’s fine. I think the only emotion he’s feeling right now is pure joy. He gets to see his wife and his kids again. But there is something you should be aware of. Baker told us that sheila has escaped again.

Brooke: What? No!

Ridge: She was gone by the time police got there.

Brooke: How?

Ridge: Guthrie. He was with sheila, and they arrested him. You’re right about him.

Brooke: Oh. No. No!

Ridge: So just do me a favor: Stay vigilant. Don’t let your guard down. And I wish we could just… forget about sheila and focus on our kids and focus steffy and finn. But we can’T. Not yet.

Steffy: And you’re really okay?

Finn: Yeah. I mean, I’m not 100%. But being with you…

Steffy: And you said that your mom saved you.

Finn: Yeah. She– she kept me alive and as safe as she could.

Steffy: Until sheila found you.

Finn: I don’t want to talk about her. She– she’s not a part of our lives. And she never should have been. But it was my mother. My real mother that brought me back to life and brought me back to you and our children.

Steffy: That’s why li didn’t want to talk about a funeral. I thought she didn’t want to talk about it. She didn’t want to talk about your death. She said she– she said she planned everything, and it all makes– it makes sense now. Well, why didn’t she tell me? Why did she hide you from me? I’m your wife. I deserved to know that you were alive.

Finn: I can’t explain all of that. But just know that I’m here because she refused to give up on me. I’m–I’m sorry that she didn’t tell you. And… I hated knowing that you were feeling that way. Mourning me and believing that I was dead. Your… your parents told me that you’ve been struggling. Depressed.

Steffy: Yeah. Of course. It was terrible. So, I came to europe with the kids. I thought I could get away. I thought I could– I thought I could find some relief, but I– I couldn’T. I never stopped missing you. Not once. And there you were, you just– you just showed up. Like all darkness that has been crushing me, has finally lifted. And everything I prayed for came true.

Finn: It was those prayers. And the thought of you that willed my heart to take another beat, and my lungs to take another breath. The truth is, steffy… you saved my life. And it was all you.

[Steffy sighs] (Denise) my husband has lung cancer

Hope: Guthrie? Again? I mean, the police were finally going to put sheila away for good.

Brooke: I know. I know this is crazy. But it’s only a matter of time, hope. Really. We just– we have to stay vigilant, okay? We have to be alert, and we’re fine because we have the security. And steffy and finn and the kids, they are safe in europe.

Hope: Okay, but we should let everyone know that sheila is back on the loose again.

Brooke: Yes, and we will. But let’s not let that overshadow the joy of this moment.

Hope: [Sighs] Okay. Fine. Yes. How did ridge sound?

Brooke: He was so happy. I mean, he did say they’re still in shock.

Hope: Oh, I’m sure they are, and probably will be for a while.

Brooke: I can only imagine how taylor and ridge feel. They’re steffy’s parents.

Taylor: Okay. Amelia is on her way up with the kids.

Ridge: Great. I’ll get them to steffy and finn right away.

Taylor: Ridge, it keeps hitting me in waves. Finn is alive. He and steffy are together.

Ridge: I know. I just– I want to protect them. I want to make sure they never get separated again.

Taylor: Bet they feel the same way.

Ridge: And you know what? No more business trips for steffy. That’s it. No more traveling.

Taylor: You know what? I bet neither one of us are gonna be able to get them outta the house or off the beach any time soon.

Ridge: I’m okay with that. 100%. As long as we’re invited. As long as I’m invited.

Taylor: Me too.

[Knock on the door]

Taylor: Oh. Kelly and hayes.

Ridge: You ready for this?

Steffy: I can’t stop staring at you. You’re really here?

Finn: Yeah, I am. And I’m not going anywhere. I am never going to be apart from you again.

Steffy: Never. I don’t know if I should laugh or if I should cry.

Finn: I just want you. I’ll never let you go. I just want to get close as I can to you.

Steffy: I know we have so much to talk about. I know we do. There’s so much I– there’s so much that I don’t– I don’t know what you’ve been through. I–

Finn: That can wait. That can wait, okay? Let’s just be together.

[Knock on the door]

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