Days Short Recap Wednesday, July 27, 2022

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Steve showed Justin an article about Orpheus being free. Steve wondered if Justin planned on going after Orpheus for killing Adrienne. Orpheus showed up and wondered the same thing. He said he didn’t mean to hurt Adrienne. Justin said he ran her off the road and framed Maggie. He said Orpheus didn’t call for help. Orpheus said he was sorry for their loss. He said he had to move on with his life. He asked if he should expect retaliation from them. Justin said Orpheus’ life wasn’t worth taking him away from the people he loved. When Justin left, Steve asked how Orpheus got pardoned. Orpheus said he kept his nose clean. He said he needed a job. He said he knew he caused a lot of pain, but it was time to put it behind them. Orpheus wondered if Roman was hiring. He said he could be a cook instead of a criminal. Steve told him to start over somewhere new. Orpheus said he might go to Seattle. He said he could look at Steve’s kids. Steve told him to stay away from his children. Orpheus said he would stay in Salem if moving bothered him.Sonny wanted to know why Alex was in town. Alex said he came to see his family. Bonnie walked in the room. Alex said she was the woman who killed his mother. Bonnie was confused. Alex said she left his mother for dead after she had her heart attack. He grabbed Sonny/s tie and wondered why he shouldn’t do the same to her. Sonny got in front of her and defended her. Bonnie apologized for everything. Alex asked if he looked like the necktie killer. He said he knew his mother wasn’t innocent. He said she made his father happy. He said if Sonny could forgive her, he could too. Justin walked in and saw them together.

Alex told Justin why he was in town. Alex wanted Sonny to show him around town, but Sonny said he was busy. Sonny wanted to go to work with him. Alex was grateful to Sonny. He thought they would work well together. Jake tried to stand up to the gunman, but the gun went off. Jake was bleeding in his stomach. He fell in Ava’s arms. She felt for a pulse and screamed for help. The gunman was shocked, but pointed the gun at Ava. She took out her phone. The gunman told her it was nothing personal. He said he couldn’t have any witnesses. She tried to reason with him. He said he couldn’t let her talk to the police. Rafe and Jada showed up while the gunman was pointing his gun at Ava. Jada shot him when he wouldn’t lower the gun. Rafe said the gunman was dead. Ava said Jake had a weak pulse. Ava, Rafe and Jade went to the hospital with Jake. Kayla went with Jake to surgery. Rafe told Ava that he was there for her if she needed him. Rafe ran into Eric and Nicole at the hospital. Rafe told Nicole that the person who attacked her was dead. He said the attacker shot Jake. Eric left them alone. Jada told Ava that she was there to listen if she needed her. Ava said she thought she could hold on to someone she loved. She tried to toughen up. She said she couldn’t be weak. Jada told her she wasn’t weak. Kayla went to Ava and told her that Jake’s heart stopped on the way to surgery. Kayla said he didn’t make it.

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