Days Short Recap Thursday, July 28, 2022

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Chad didn’t understand how Sarah was brought in for questioning and still walking free. He wanted Rafe to arrest someone for Abby’s murder. EJ walked in the room and wanted to know if he was going to be arrested too or give him the shares of DiMera stock. He said Kate surrendered her shares. Chad was upset, but he told him that he would hand the shares over to him. EJ wanted him to move out too. Tony walked in and heard his brothers arguing. EJ filled Tony in on what’s happened. Tony didn’t think now was the time for retribution. He reminded EJ that Chad lost his wife. EJ said that he lost his wife too. Chad didn’t think that EJ could compare his loss to his. EJ said what happened to Abby was tragic, but it didn’t have anything to do with him. He told Chad that what happened to him had everything to do with him. EJ said the kids were always allowed there, but Chad would never leave them there. Chad walked away from him. Tony told EJ that Chad was hurting. He reminded him that Stefano wanted them to think of family first. Chad came back in the room and slammed the certificate on the table. EJ told him that he didn’t want him to go. Chad said it wasn’t his home anymore without Abby. He was going to have Harold pack his things.

Kate went to see Gabi at the office. She warned her that EJ was after her job. Gabi wasn’t worried about EJ. She tried to brush off Kate, but Rafe called. Gabi hung up the phone and told her that Jake was dead. Kate apologized for her loss. Gabi knew he was important to her too. They hugged each other. Kayla brought Ava to see Jake’s body. She sat with him and felt a hand touch her face. She turned around and saw Jake. She slapped him. He said he loved her and wouldn’t leave her. She started to cry and said she was alone again because he wouldn’t back down from the mugger. He didn’t want the mugger to ruin their moment. She said she could have replaced the right, but she couldn’t replace him. Gabi stormed into the hospital and wanted to know what Ava did to Jake. Ava showed Gabi the ring that someone tried to take. Gabi apologized and told her about the DiMera shares. Ava was shocked. Gabi said EJ was coming for her job so she had to focus on her job. She said that Ej wouldn’t get Jake’s shares if they went to his widow.

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