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Brooke: Finn is alive?

Thomas: Wait, how?

Liam: We– we know. It’s a shock.

Eric: You’re absolutely certain of this? It’s not some kind of a hoax or something?

Hope: No, no, no, it’s– it’s not a hoax. But what it is, is a miracle.

Eric: Well, of course it is. But– but, I mean–

Liam: You have a million questions, right? Trust me. So did hope and I.

Hope: Yeah, we– we still don’t know all of the details, but–

Thomas: I– I– I don’t understand.

Liam: Well, it’s– it’s like hope said, it– it really is a miracle. I mean, finn did not die in that alley. Has he been through hell? Yes.

Hope: But he is very much alive.

Bill: Finn, you’ve been through a horrific ordeal. I think it’d be a good idea if you try to get some shut-eye.

Finn: Too excited. The closer we get to monaco, I just… steffy and the kids, they were all that kept me going all those days and nights in that room. Sheila refusing to even let me call steffy and tell her I was alive.

Bill: Must have been torture.

Finn: I just wanted to hear her voice, you know? And for her to hear mine. So she knew that I was doing everything that I could to get back to her and hayes and kelly. And it won’t be long now.

Flavia sofia: It’s an honor to meet you.

Taylor: Yes. You, too.

Ridge: Dr. Chevalier. Thanks for being here.

Flavia: Please call me flavia.

Ridge: Oh, okay. Um, well, as you can imagine, we’re very anxious to see steffy.

Taylor: Yes. Uh, we thought that she would be with you. Uh, is there a reason she’s not?

Flavia: Uh, first and foremost, I want to assure you that your daughter is receiving the best care possible.

Ridge: That’s great. And no one’s questioning that. We just, uh– we would like to spend some time with her.

Taylor: Yeah.

Ridge: We came a long way.

Taylor: Yeah. Is– is she okay? Uh, has she had another setback?

Flavia: No, no, no. No– no– nothing like that.

Ridge: So, where’s steffy?

Flavia: Unfortunately, mr. Forrester, I do not know where your daughter is.

Eric: Well, uh, does steffy know? Has she been told?

Hope: Uh, no one’s been able to get in touch with her so far.

Thomas: Yeah, what about my mom and dad? I mean, they should be in monaco by now. Do they have any idea what happened?

Liam: Can’t get a hold of them either.

Brooke: My god. When everybody finally does find out…

Thomas: It’s just– it’s so crazy. Finn’s really alive.

Brooke: Oh!

Taylor: So, you don’t know where our daughter is?

Flavia: No, not at this right moment. But don’t be alarmed. Uh, steffy’s still struggling with the death of her husband and her own shooting, but she is making quite some progress.

Ridge: And that’s fantastic. And of course, we want to believe that, but in the same breath you’re telling us that she’s missing.

Flavia: Maybe I give you the wrong impression. Steffy sometimes, uh, takes time for herself to help with her healing. Uh, so at this very moment, mr. Forrester, I don’t know where your daughter is. I’m sorry.

Finn: I left several messages for steffy. She hasn’t called back. I’m not even sure if they’re going through.

Bill: Here. Try again.

Finn: Uh, hey, steffy, honey, it’s– it’s finn. Um, I– I– I know that it’s shocking, but it’s– it’s– it’s true, honey, I’m alive. Um, I’m– I’m not sure if you got my earlier messages, but I’m– I’m coming to be with you, babe. I’m on a plane right now headed to monaco. And, um, we’re going to be together soon. I promise. Uh, I– I– just– I love you so much. We hit the bike trails every weekend

Liam: And, uh, yeah, that’s, um– I think that’s pretty much everything we know at this point. Finn and li are both relatively okay.

Brooke: Thanks to your father. If he hadn’t found li in that alley and brought her back to his place, this would have ended so differently.

Thomas: So, he’s– he’s flying to monaco right now?

Liam: Yeah. To– to reunite finn with steffy and the kids.

Eric: Can you imagine what that’s going to be like for her? I mean, look what– how it affected us. And the babies, oh, my god! I mean, that little boy is going to have his father back. And– and kelly.

Liam: Oh, you’re not kidding about kelly. I mean, my– finn is so special to my daughter. She’s– she’s going to flip out because I know how much she missed him.

Thomas: The kids are going to be stoked, but steff… the reaction when she sees him for the first– well, wow. I mean, that’s just– oh, it’ll be priceless.

Bill: Pilot says we’ll be landing soon. I’ll try ridge again, give him the good news about you. Hopefully I’ll get through this time.

Taylor: Yes. Thank you. And if you hear from steffy, please let us know. We’re very anxious to speak with her.

Flavia: Of course. Bye.

Ridge: Thank you, doctor. Not how I thought this was going to go.

Taylor: No!

Ridge: So, we’re just going to wait for steffy? That’s it?

Taylor: I– I don’t know.

[ Phone ringing ]

Ridge: What does he want?

Taylor: Who?


Taylor: Oh, answer it or don’T.

Ridge: Yes. What do you want?

Bill: Finally. I’ve been trying to reach you.

Ridge: What, what’s going on?

Bill: Taylor there with you?

Ridge: Yes.

Bill: Put me on speaker.

Ridge: Dude, I don’t have time for your games right now. Please. What do you want?

Bill: Just do it, forrester.

Taylor: Huh? Me?

Ridge: Okay.

Taylor: Bill. What? What is it? Why are you calling?

Bill: I want you both to brace yourselves.

I have some unbelievable news.

Best news ever.

Ridge: What is it? I’m on my way to monaco. I’m on the jet. I have a very special passenger with me. Your son-in-law.

Finn is alive.


Ridge: What are you– what are you saying?

Bill: Mother of all shocks, I know. I’ll let him tell you for himself.

Finn: Ridge, taylor.

It’s me, I’m alive.

Taylor: Finn? Finn…

Finn: Uh, it’s a really long story. My mother, li, she– she kept me alive and she nursed me back to health. Uh, but sheila got involved, and it’s– I’ll just– I can explain it all later, but I’m– I’m desperate to get a hold of steffy.

Ridge, are you there?

Ridge: Uh, yeah. I’m–

Taylor: We just can’t believe we’re talking to you!

Finn: Have you seen steffy?

Taylor: We– call her–

Ridge: We’ve been trying to call her, we just got here– yeah. Uh– yeah, so have I. I just keep getting her voicemail.

Ridge: When, um– when are you landing?

Finn: Soon.

Ridge: Okay, I’ll– I’ll– I’ll text you where the hotel is, where we’re staying and– and we’ll see you then.

Finn: What about kelly and hayes?

Ridge: I will get them here.

Taylor: Oh, finn, hayes and kelly are going to be so happy to see you. We all are. This is a miracle! You’re alive!

Finn: See you soon.

Bill: Steffy’s obviously not with them.

Finn: No. But that’s not going to stop me. I’ll find steffy and we’ll be together soon.

Steffy: Why, finn? Why? You said that you would shave your eyebrow off

Liam: So my dad’s plane should have landed in monaco by now.

Hope: Oh, looks like there might be a happy ending to the story after all.

Eric: It never occurred to me that there would be. You know, I– I– I knew that my granddaughter would power through all this, that she would get on with her life. But I knew there’d be a hole in her heart that would never get filled. And then…

Thomas: It’s amazing how quickly things can change. You know, steffy’s world’s about to be wonderful again.

Brooke: And I can just imagine how ridge and taylor are going to feel about this. After they watched their daughter suffer so terribly.

Taylor: Okay, I’m still trying to process all of this. Okay. I– I know that we just heard finn’s voice and– and he is on his way–

Ridge: How is even possible?

Taylor: I don’t know. I don’t know! My god, this is the last thing that we expected. You know what I expect– I’m not going to say what I expect, but–

Ridge: Okay.

Taylor: Finn is on his way here, he’s alive.

Ridge: I know. I know.

Taylor: He’s coming to get steffy!

[ Knocking on door ] Ridge.

Finn: Hey.

Ridge: Come here. Oh.

Taylor: It’s really you!

Finn: Yeah, it’s, uh– it’s me.

Taylor: Finn…

Finn: Hi.

Taylor: Finn…

Finn: Hey.

Taylor: Oh, my…

Finn: Hi.

Taylor: Oh, thank god. God is so good.

Finn: Yeah. I’m going to leave you all alone to celebrate. Oh, bill, hey, bill, wait a second. Um… uh, thanks for, uh, everything.

Bill: No thanks necessary.

Ridge: Thank you, bill. I’m in your debt.

Bill: Well, I guess you– no, ridge. I’m just glad I could help.

Taylor: Finn, finn, are– are– are you okay physically? Are you–

Finn: Oh, yeah, no, I’m– I’m really good. I’m– I’m fine–

Ridge: We have so many questions. You–

Finn: No, I know, I know. And, uh, I will answer them all. I swear. I– I promise. I just– I– I need to see steffy, kelly and hayes.

Taylor: Of course. Of course.

Finn: Yeah.

Taylor: We’re trying to get in touch with her. She’s not answering her phone and we’re– we’re texting her. I– I don’t know where she is.

Finn: Okay, what about the kids? Are they–

Taylor: They– they’re around, they’re around. They’re going to be so happy to see you.

Finn: No, I mean, I can’t wait. I just– they’re all I’ve been thinking about, you know–

[ Knocking on door ] Every moment, just like–

Ridge: I’ll get it.

Finn: Thought of them. Give them a hug and–

Taylor: Yes.

Finn: See them again or–

Taylor: And you’re going to, finn. Finn, after everything– after everything, you’re here and you’re alive. Look at you.

Ridge: Guess who’s here.

Taylor: Look! I’m steve.

Finn: I just can’t believe how big you’ve gotten, honey. Look at you. And I love–

Taylor: Aw, hayes was so tired. He really needed a nap.

Finn: Oh, god, yeah. Thank you.

Taylor: Yeah, of course.

Finn: Oh, my gosh, come here. I have missed you, bug. Like crazy.

Kelly: We missed you, too,

this much.

Finn: Yeah.

Kelly: Don’t ever go away again. Okay?

Finn: I won’T.

Kelly: Promise?

Finn: Yes, I promise.

Kelly: Does mommy know you’re here? She’s been so sad without you.

Taylor: Oh, kelly, we have all been sad without your daddy here.

Ridge: But not anymore. Only happy faces, especially for your mom.

Kelly: Why isn’t mommy here with us?

Finn: Oh, sweetie, um, she will be soon. Okay? As– as soon as I go get her.

Kelly: You’re leaving? You promised.

Taylor: Oh, kelly, it’s okay. He’s just going to go get mommy and come right back.

Finn: Yeah, and we’ll all be together again as a family. Does that sound good?

Ridge: Oh, I think that’s a yes.

Finn: Oh, my god. Um, okay, I’m– I’m– I’m going to go find her. Uh, but I– I don’t– I don’t have a phone. Can I borrow your phone?

Taylor: Well, of course you can, but do you think that’s a good idea? I mean, steffy could be anywhere.

Finn: I remember her mentioning a favorite spot. I’ll check it out. Just– I just can’t stay here. I’m going to be back real soon, okay? Okay.

Finn: I’m going to go find her. Gonna go find your mom.

Hope: Can you imagine when the word finally gets out how thrilled everyone is going to be? I mean, here at forrester, at the hospital?

Thomas: Especially at the hospital. I mean, all of his colleagues, they’re going to see this friend that they thought that they lost, but also this– this wonderful colleague that saves lives. And they’re gonna realize that he’s actually not gone.

Eric: He’s going to want to get back to work, too.

Thomas: Yeah.

Eric: He’s going to want to get back to a normal life, but, uh, he’s going to need some time. He needs to take time with his– his wife and his kids they deserve that.

Liam: Mm, yeah, they do. And steffy’s going to insist on it, trust me.

Brooke: I mean, this is just so amazing. Steffy has her husband back and their family can be together again. I mean, this is such an unbelievably beautiful blessing. It really is in so many ways.

Thomas: Yeah.

Taylor: Okay, I just updated flavia. She knows everything that’s going on. Oh, my goodness. What are we doing here?

Kelly: We’re drawing pictures, grandma.

Ridge: Yeah, grandma, what do you think we’re drawing?

Taylor: Let’s see. You know what? Let’s see, I see a mommy and I see a daddy, and I see two beautiful little kids.

Ridge: Hmm.

Taylor: Hmm.

Ridge: And whose family do you think this is?

Taylor: Hmm. I bet it’s yours and your little brother’S.

Ridge: I told you she’s smart. We’ve got a winner.

Taylor: Everybody looks so happy.

Kelly: We are happy, grandma.

Ridge: And you know why they’re happy, grandma? Because they’re gonna be a family again. Soon as mommy and daddy find each other. Steffy.

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