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[ Laughs ] Wow. Who knew you were an expert with a hatchet? Right? Yeah. I don’t know if it’s my baseball skills that translate, or, uh, sam seems to think that I was a frontier explorer back in another life. What about this life? How are things with you? And, no, this is not an official inquiry. I’m just asking.

[ Laughs ] Yeah. Things are good, man. I mean, it took me a while to re-acclimate to the pressures and chaos of police work, but I’m glad to be back. The pcpd is glad to have you. Okay. And what? I understand you turned down that undercover bust in manhattan. Could’ve raised your profile. Yeah. Yeah, it could have, probably. But, you know, I-I’m a single dad, mac. I gotta stay local if I can. Your priorities are here. I get that. But it’s important to consider your future. What are you — what are you talking about, man? You want to start a side hustle or something? You need a partner? What, you want to open up a cop bar? I’m thinking chief of detectives. How you feeling about your first therapy session?

[ Sighs ] Resigned. Wow. That enthusiastic, huh? I’m sorry, I just don’t see the point. It was a slip. The drugs are out of my system now. I won’t go looking for more.

[ Sighs ] I just want to move on. And talking to a psychiatrist will help you do that. I know. Do you? Yes. You don’t have to stay here, brando. I promise I won’t make a run for it the second you’re gone. I’m not thinking that you’re gonna do that, but I don’t mind waiting for you. See, but… I mind. Any double vision? Felty: [ Sighs ] Nope. Well, it’s official. You don’t have a concussion. You couldn’t have figured that out without waking me up every hour? I’m exhausted. Better safe than sorry. You took quite the beating.

[ Groans ] Yup, I’m getting that sense. The police will want to talk to you. Looking good, boss. You got a mean right hook. We gotta get you in the ring some time. Nah, mma’s more my sport. Less padding to get in the way. What are you talking about? That’s not a sport. That’s — that’s like street fighting. Well, you’re no stranger to that, right? Just ask that paparazzi guy. I do what needs to be done. And you do it well. No one can accuse you of going soft, that’s for sure. How bad did spencer’s testimony hurt trina? Well, spencer did reinforce the fact that trina had ample time to hide the cell phone, also that she’d been drinking, and that she was angry with cameron and josslyn, but none of that is a surprise to me. A.D.A. Arden is presenting exactly the case that I expected her to present. What she did not expect is the opening that spencer just gave us, which I intend to take full advantage of. Alright. There’s no signs of you-know-who. Leave it to esme to want to make an entrance. Don’t worry. Diane’s not gonna let her get away with anything on the stand. Diane’s amazing. But we all know, when it comes to esme, you never know what you’re gonna get. Esme, what are you up to? It’s about time. Where have you been? Oh, it may shock you, but, um, I have a life, too. Trina robinson isn’t the center of the universe. We should go over your testimony. Mm, I don’t want it to sound rehearsed. Ava: Oh, don’t be silly.

[ Cellphone chimes ] Esme always makes sure her lies sound completely natural. Excuse me. I didn’t ask to be called as a witness for the prosecution, you know. Save the victim act, esme. I’m the only person here, and I’ve got your number. Really? Really. Because there are a few things that you don’t know — a few things you don’t want to know. I’ll pass. Don’t walk away from me. I could destroy your world, ava. Try it. I dare you.

I am so tired of you lookingdown on me, acting so superior. You’re lucky I tolerate you at all. One word to nikolas and you’d be out on the street. Ha! See, that’s funny, because as I recall, when I first moved in,

you were the one who got the boot. I left of my own volition. Things are different now. Nikolas and I are better than ever. So you think. What the hell does that mean? Just that maybe you don’t know your husband as well as you thought you did. Nikolas is full of surprises. Such as? Oh, well, for starters — esme. Stop. You’re too late. I am ending this right here, right now. Rory: Can I get you anything? A time machine would be nice. So that when a jerk calling himself “victor” tries to hit on me, I can walk the other way and not let spencer and esme into my life. Not be so stupid. Sorry. I’m fresh out of time machines.

[ Chuckles ] Darn. Trusting people isn’t stupid, by the way. Maybe not. But, man, it hurts when they do let you down. You’re chief of detectives, mac. I’m not going anywhere just yet. But when I do retire, I want to make sure that my office is in good hands, and I can’t think of a more stand-up guy than you.

[ Sighs ] Hey, come on. You’re irreplaceable, mac. Who — who can replace you? That’s not true. Chief of d’s would be a good fit for you. Unless you’re not interested. Oh, no. Listen, I’m honored. I-I just — I don’t think past tomorrow. I just want my life to revolve around sam and our kids. Whoa, did I just hear my name? Oh, yeah. You did. Hi. Hi. [ Laughs ] Uh, sam, you haven’t seen felicia, have you? Oh, yeah, actually, check your texts. Because I — yeah, I think she texted you. The two of you are needed at home for babysitting duty. So I see. Well, I guess we’ll just have to reschedule our couples hatchet throwing challenge. You know he’s a ringer. Yeah, I saw that.

[ Laughs ] Was felicia able to help you with that case? Yeah, she gave me excellent advice. Thank you. Good, good. I’m sure I’ll hear all about it when I get home. And, dante, think it over. I’ll do that. Think what over? Uh, can we… can we talk? Yeah, sure. Yeah? What do you want to talk about? About our future. Wait, our future? I thought we both learned that with three kids between the two of us that planning anything is pointless. Y-yeah, well, look, I-I know — I know that, you know, rocco and danny and scout keep us busy and it’s crazy, but… I was trying to make it easier. What did you have in mind? Taking the next step. Got my blood pumping, you know, showing that photographer what happens when you mess with the corinthos family. You have to understand something — there’s a time and place for everything. You just can’t go around picking fights. No, I-I get that. I-I just meant… if you ever need something like that done, I’m your guy. I’ll keep that in mind. Do you want me to leave? No, I-it’s not that i want you to leave. I just don’t see a reason for you to hang around, especially after you’ve been holed up with me all day. Go take a walk. Go to the gym. And what about the garage? What about it? You’ve been so focused on me. I’m sure things are piling up. The garage is fine. I’m way more concerned about you. That’s why I’m here. Hey, sasha, brando. Hey. Hi, guys. How are you feeling? Uh, mortified after my meltdown on live tv, but otherwise, I’m good. You have nothing to be embarrassed about. See? See, I 100% agree.

[ Sighs ] What about you? Have you been okay since you fainted? Yeah. No more dizziness, so…

[ Laughs ] Thank goodness. We, um — we actually have some — some good news. Well, I could certainly use some of that. I-it’s okay. I won’t break. I already know you’re pregnant. Nikolas, you’re just in time to hear esme’s latest lie. Apparently, this one involves you. Oh, I am so going to enjoy this. Be quiet. Come on. It’s time. You don’t want me as an enemy. Time for what? Trust me. Have a nice chat with your wife. I don’t like the way you’re acting. Makes me think there is something I’m in the dark about. What is it? What did you decide? Will you exonerate trina?

[ Sighs ] Honestly, is she all you care about? I certainly don’t care about you. Now that I have seen you for who you really are, you are alone in this world once again. It does not have to be that way. I can give you the name of your birth mother if you get up on that stand and you tell the truth. So your precious trina just goes free? That’s right. You realize it’s a wasted effort, right? She’s found her knight in shining armor. It isn’t you. I don’t care. I’m not letting trina go down for something that she didn’t do. So you can either benefit from this or you can leave with nothing. It’s up to you.

Brando: Wait. For real? For real. We’re having a baby.

[ Both chuckle ] It really is wonderful news. Thank you. Congratulations. Oh, thanks, man. You know, to be honest, we were a little nervous about telling you after everything you’ve been through. I’m not that far gone that I can’t be happy for my friends. We should celebrate soon. Oh, yeah, we’d love that. Oh, um, will you excuse me for one second? Hey. You should get out of here, too.

[ Sighs ] Still newlyweds and my wife is sick of me already.

[ Scoffs ] Never. I’ll see you after my session, okay? Okay. Is it, uh, just me, or did he really not want to leave? It’s not just you. Brando has barely left my side since the incident, which is incredibly sweet. It’s just — it’s a little over-overwhelming, right? A little. [ Laughs ] You know he’s just looking out for you, though, right? I know. And I get that. I just really want things to go back to normal. Are you here for those additional tests? I-I am. Um… but could you please do me a favor? Mm-hmm. I haven’t told michael that there could be an issue, so just please don’t say anything in front of him. I will always respect a patient’s privacy. Thank you. But as your colleague, willow — I don’t want to worry him over what might be nothing. Once I know what my baby and i are dealing with, then I will fill michael in. Here. You dropped this.

[ Laughs ] Thanks. Mm-hmm. The hell’s the matter with you? [ Sniffs ] Um… [ Laughs ] So, like, uh, you started to talk about our future, and then you got down on one knee.

[ Laughs ] Wait, did you think I was gonna propose to you? Yes! Oh. Wait, so you weren’t talking about marriage? No! Hell no. We’re not ready to get married. Right? Right. Right. I mean — yes.

[ Sighs ] Gosh. I think my heart stopped there for a second.

[ Laughs ] I’m very sorry about that. Yeah. So, um, what was it that you were talking about? Uh, us living together. Oh. “Oh.” Is that a — is that a good “oh” or a bad “oh”? Uh, surprised “oh.” Surprised. I-I just — I don’t know. I guess I really haven’t thought about us living together. Really? Oh. Why not? I have your mother’s name, current address. Hm, in portugal? You could be face to face with her tomorrow. Of course I want to know where I came from, who I came from, but I don’t need your help to do it. What? No deal, spence. Turns out I am not as alone as you think I am. I’ll find my birth mother a different way. I’m beginning to feel very foolish. Why? Because I was so confident that esme was bluffing, spewing her regular dose of lies and nonsense. But then you came… tearing in the way you did, and… it’s obvious there is a secret. I’m so…sorry. I-I-I should have gone with my first instinct, which was to tell you right away. Tell me now. I love you… …so much.

[ Voice breaking ] But I made a huge mistake. What — and when I say that — what kind of mistake, nikolas? I thought we were… over, and I, uh… I slept with esme.

Mm-hmm. And our kids get along great together. I know they do. So you’re telling me the thought’s never crossed your mind? I mean, yeah, I guess so. You guess so? Yes, the thought has crossed my mind. Okay, so you have thought about it. Fleetingly. Guess that’s still thinking about it. I mean, our life is really, really good — great together, don’t you think? Mm-hmm. Okay, so why change it? I don’t know. Maybe we can make it even greater. I gotta go. Are you kidding me? No, no. You can’t just throw that on me and leave. What? Yeah. It’s — I didn’t mean to have a huge conversation about it. What are you talking about? It’s a huge conversation. It’s the logical next step, no? I mean, I’m not opposed to it. That’s a ringing endorsement, detective. Don’t — don’t be mad at me. I’m — I’m just — okay, I will… start thinking about it more frequently and less fleetingly, okay? Okay. Okay. I love our life together. I do, too. Good. Brando. Boss? Yeah, you can go. Something up? How you doing? It’s good to see you out. Yeah, um, wasn’t exactly my choice. Sasha practically forced me to leave the hospital. Hospital? Yeah. She’s got her first therapy session today. That’s a good thing, right? H-how is she doing otherwise? Better. Yeah. She’s getting back to her old self. You seem worried. I am. Arden: You were at the cabin on the night in question, is that correct? Yes, ma’am. And in your opinion, how was the defendant acting? Trina was drinking. I-I mean, we all were, and I was worried about her, but trina was definitely the most affected. Then she got very upset with josslyn and cameron. Upset about what? Well, trina admitted that she felt shut out and betrayed when joss and cam got together. And then what happened? She stormed off to her room — or “stumbled” is probably a more accurate description. She was the one saying those things. She put those words in my mouth. Don’t react. We will get our chance, and when we do, watch out. I’ll see you later? Sounds good, uh… take care of yourself, okay? I will.

[ Elevator bell dings ] I hope you weren’t too stressed out about telling me you’re pregnant. How did you find out? I overheard the nurses talking the day you fainted. It wasn’t too hard to put two and two together. Oh, so you’ve known almost as long as I have. Which means you knew before going on “home & heart.” Hello, hello, and what brings you lovely ladies to general hospital today? Oh, let’s see. Um, what do we call that? None of your business. Right. None of your business. Okay, well, you’re looking pretty cozy over there. Does that mean you’ve forgiven ms. Gilmore for mowing down your mother? You had sex with esme. Yes. And I regretted it immediately. I have no other excuse, other than I was weak. Oh, so weak that you cheated on your wife with your son’s girlfriend. No, esme manipulated me. Oh, so there are more excuses. And you were having serious doubts about us. Oh, and more! Nikolas: I-I felt like I lost — stop talking! How long? How long have you been slithering into esme’s room? On the regular, as they say? It was only one time. How noble and restrained of you. Listen, ava — when? Where? Did you take esme into our bed? I would never.

[Laughing] You’d never what? Betray me that way? I thought we were over. I couldn’t believe when you showed up, wanting to give us another chance. It w– and I found you in the sitting room. And the door was closed and locked. Oh, god. You said it was the wind,

[Crying] And I believed you. And you said that you had fallen asleep, and that’s why you were so disheveled. Was she there? Who? Esme? She was on the turret.

[ Sobs ] Oh. Oh, of course she was. And so the two of you have, what? You’ve been making fun of me all this time? It wasn’t like that. Then tell me, please, tell me, what was it like?! It was a moment of madness. Things were so cold between us, and you — you were talking about walking away. I thought I lost you. I was devastated. Mm-hmm. And esme kissed you and made it all better? She saw her chance, and she took it. You know how that girl is. Poor you. Seduced by a high school graduate. I know I’m responsible for my actions. And I said I — I was weak. You’re stupid. Just try to — oh, no. Oh, no. Never again. You have touched me for the last time. Spencer cassadine testified that you left the room after you argued with josslyn and cameron. Is that true? I might have. I don’t really remember. If you had, it would have given you ample time to plant that cell phone, wouldn’t it? It would. Just like everyone else. Whose idea was this ski trip? Mine. I wanted spence to have one last fun trip before he went to spring ridge. Nice trip with his friends. Yes. But not your friends. I don’t understand? Well, trina, cameron, josslyn — they’re not your friends. I tried to befriend them. Did you? You didn’t include them in the planning. I mean, the trip, the drinks, the drinking game — that was all your idea. In fact, the entire evening, you orchestrated all of it. And you’re jealous of spencer’s friends, especially his friendship with trina. Objection. Is there a question in here, or is the defense simply going to tell the witness how she feels? The A.D.A.’S own witness testified that esme would never hurt trina because she knew he and the defendant were so close, and in doing so, he opened the door to the question of motive. I’ll allow it. Must have been intimidating, joining that foursome — a group of friends that had been so close for so long. I held my own. Did you think they welcomed you with open arms?

[ Laughs ] Oh. You find that funny? No, I would not say that. What would you say? That I was met with hostility and resentment, and no matter how hard I tried, they never gave me a chance. That must have been frustrating. It was. So frustrating that you intended to teach them a lesson. A.D.A. Arden: Objection! Withdrawn. No further questions. Ms. Prince, when you and spencer left the cabin, where were josslyn and cameron? The living room. And trina? I assume that she was in her bedroom, but I didn’t see her, so I can’t confirm. Hmm. Thank you. No more questions, your honor. You may step down.

[ Sighs ] Diane did it. I mean, she cracked esme’s mask. Let’s just pray it’s enough. Hey, boss. D-d-don’t call me that. We shouldn’t even be meeting right now, but I need a progress report. How are things going with sonny? I have your father right where you want him. And tonight’s winning number, 43 yes! Noooo… quick, the quicker picker upper! Bounty picks up messes quicker and is 2x more absorbent, so you can use less. Bounty, the quicker picker upper. Ice cream is like whooping cough, it’s not just for kids. Whooping cough is highly contagious for people of any age. And it can cause violent uncontrollable coughing fits. Ask your doctor or pharmacist about whooping cough vaccination because it’s not just for kids. My mother’s death was a tragic accident. And if you want any further comment, you can contact my attorney, diane miller, or you can always speak to michael. You know, I’ll be sure to tell him you’ve been asking. Oh, are you implying he might punch me again? No. Why would he do that when it’s so much easier to sue you for libel? Okay. And what about you? Huh? Did you have guilt over killing your friend’s mom contribute to your “televised breakdown” of yours? I am getting security. Yeah. You are nothing but a disgusting vulture. Go feed on someone else’s unhappiness. I’m fresh out. Yeah, I’m just giving the public what it wants, sweetie. And that is my cue. That man might be the literal worst. You had no problem handling him. Michael gave me a tutorial. When in doubt, invoke my lawyer.

[ Chuckles ] I’ll make sure to remember that. Are you sure you’re all right? I’m fine. Hey, we will sic diane on him if he writes even one word of that garbage. Let’s be real, willow — nothing he said was a lie. The court will take a brief recess. We’ll resume in 20 minutes.

[ Gavel bangs ]

[ Indistinct conversations ] Well, I think that went pretty well, don’t you? I hope so. Are we still planning to do the same defense strategy? I intend to call one witness and one witness only — trina. I — I still don’t think that’s a great idea. Trust me. This case comes down to character. Whether or not the jury thinks that trina is so jealous of her friends that she would actually set out to humiliate them. We then call character witnesses to — to speak on her behalf. Josslyn and cameron did that when they testified. Josslyn was especially adamant in her defense of trina. Oh, yes. Hostile witness here. The jury knows that you think that trina is a friend worth defending. Now, this is her chance to show them why — who she is and who she is not. I want to do it. Are you sure? It’s like diane said — it’s not enough for people to talk about me. I need to show the jury the kind of person I am. The best kind. It’s a lot of pressure. This is my future on the line, dad. I should be the one to defend it.

[ Door opens ] Hey. I’m, uh, detective falconeri. You remember me? Yeah, I remember you. Good. Whoa. You, uh — you really got worked over, huh? What happened? I got mugged. But you still got your phone and your wallet, I hear.

[ Chuckles ] Not a very successful mugging, huh? Guess I got lucky. Alright. You know, I get it’s your job to get all up in people’s faces and snap photos, and then sell it for money… it’s a living.

[ Chuckles ] Are you sure you don’t know who your attacker was?

[ Laughs ] Like I would tell you, of all people, if I did.

[ Laughs ]

[ Monitor beeping ] Why not? What’s so special about me? I just visited felty, made sure he wouldn’t talk. Sonny sent you? I volunteered. It was another chance to show initiative. Another chance? There was a complication when we went after the photographer. Your sister, josslyn, recorded the beat down on her phone. Hey, hold on, wait, w-what was my sister, josslyn, doing there? She was out for a run, I guess. She confronted sonny and threatened to take the recording to the cops. Sonny tried talking her down, but josslyn wasn’t having it. When he couldn’t make any progress with her, he took off, left me standing in an alley with the unconscious photographer. I-I threw myself on josslyn’s mercy, told her that even if sonny didn’t go to prison over this, I definitely would. She said sonny has trashed enough lives, and she wasn’t going to add mine to the list, then she erased the video. Listen, just stay away from my sister, do you understand me? I’ll keep my distance. Okay, the point is, sonny was grateful. I think I can build off that gratitude, maybe offer to be his personal bodyguard. Alright, don’t — don’t — don’t appear too eager. Sonny is a lot of things, but stupid is not one of them. Yeah, how do I get someone like sonny to trust me? You be what he wants you to be — something that he lost. What’s that? His son. I pray things go well with the psychiatrist today. Sasha needs someone to confide in. It must be difficult that that someone isn’t you. I mean, I’m her husband. Mm-hmm. I’m supposed to be there for her. And you will be. She’s not making it easy. And every time I try to reach out to her, sasha just shuts me down. I know I tell you this all the time, but you really gotta show you’re not going anywhere, no matter what. No matter what. Look at me. You disgust me. I am so sorry. I-I know I keep saying that — my god, to cheat on me with esme, of all people — a woman I can’t sta– a girl I can’t stand. Hardly a woman, young enough to be your daughter. Don’t say it like that. Like what? Like I’m the one that took advantage. It was esme. I swear, she planned the whole thing. And right after it happened, I was gonna confess, but esme talked me out of it. I’m sure that must’ve been very difficult. You have always been a coward, scurrying away from your problems instead of facing them. That’s not true. I came here today because I was gonna tell you everything. Oh, how convenient. When he’s caught in a trap, like a rat, he confesses mere moments before esme could throw it in my face. I suppose you want me to thank you. I know that you’re angry. Oh, you’re right about that. I thought I married a man. You are no man. You are a spineless weakling. And I am gonna burn you to the ground.

why would you feel you couldn’t talk to me in particular? You’re a cop, so… are we through here? Yeah, man. Yeah. Take it easy. You too.

[ Door closes ]

[ Door opens ] My little paparazzo. You said you have something for me? I’m so glad you care so much. Well, if it bleeds, it leads. So who’d you cross? I think I have a bigger story in mind. Ask for his advice. Sonny loves to, uh, pass on his wisdom. So let him mentor me. Yeah, but don’t fall for his act, okay? The only person that sonny cares about is himself. He’s vulnerable now without jason, and he knows it. Morgan — his right-hand man. Yeah. Jason actually started working for sonny when he was younger than you. Sonny taught him everything about the business. Eventually, jason was running everything. He even knew where the bodies were buried. And jason would have died before he flipped on sonny, and if he did, sonny would be doing life without parole. You want me to follow in jason’s footsteps? Just be in the right place with the right attitude when he starts to repeat the pattern. Look, sonny needs someone to look up to him, so be that someone. Where’s your girlfriend? Esme is not my girlfriend anymore. Oh, you finally realized what a crazy person she is? I’ve actually known that for a while now. Mm, sure didn’t act like it. Well, I was trying to — you know what? Never mind. It doesn’t matter. It didn’t work. What didn’t work? I have to go. Okay. How you feeling?

[ Sighs ] Nervous, but I’m glad I get to tell my side of the story. Just make sure that you tell them everything. I have an alibi for when the sex tape was posted. I was with someone.

[ Sighs ] Why didn’t you say anything before? Who were you with? Spencer. I’m ready. Ms. Miller. Not now, spencer. It’s important. Spencer, we’re in the middle of a trial, in case you hadn’t noticed. That’s why you need to listen to me. I can fix this.

I’m tired of sonny taking whatever he wants. It’s time he faced some consequences.

[ Door opens ] What are you doing here? Sasha. Sasha, you need to hear me. You were not responsible for harmony’s death. I was driving too fast. Even if you had been going the speed limit, my mother must have come out of nowhere — so focused on getting away, she ran into the road without looking. Who could possibly be prepared for that? It was an accident. I know that. And I really hope you do, too. What you got, huh?

[ Groans ] It’s huge. Well, I’ll be the judge of that. What if sasha gilmore, the face of deception, was on drugs the night she ran over harmony miller? Spencer, I need you to understand, this does not guarantee that a jury will find trina not guilty, and it could put you in jeopardy. I know, but it’ll help, right? It will help. Then I want to do it. I have to. Court is back in session.

[ Door closes ] Slight change in plans. Counselor, you may call your first witness. Thank you, your honor. The defense calls spencer cassadine.

[ Sniffles ]

[ Sighs ] No. I am not losing her without a fight. I’ve got to get the hell out of here.

[ Sighs ] Yes.

[ Door opens ] You conniving little whore. –

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