Days Short Recap Monday, July 25, 2022

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Kristen told Jake and Ava that she planned on collecting on her favor to Gabi. Jake wanted to know what she wanted with Gabi. Kristen said his girlfriend would be happy to see her and help her get back on her feet. Ava said Gabi was his ex-girlfriend. When Kristen left, Jake wondered if he should warn Gabi. Ava thought Gabi might already know. Ava told Jake that she was trying not to be jealous, but she was falling for him. She said she didn’t want to set herself up for disappointment if he was still in love with Gabi. She said she wouldn’t be a second choice again. He said he was a second choice for Gabi. He said they loved each other, but they weren’t the loves of each other’s lives. He said he was over Gabi. He told her he was falling for her. He said he counted down the minutes until he could see her. She said she felt like a teenage girl waiting for her ring. He said the way she looked at him made him feel as if he won the lottery. They kissed each other. Gabi heard Li tell someone he loved them on the phone. She wanted to know who he was talking to. He said his mother. She realized there was still things she needed to know about him. She said she was an open book. He asked her about Jake. She said Jake was with Ava. Li asked if that bothered her. She wanted to show him how it didn’t bother her.

Steve and Kayla were worried about Orpheus being out of prison. Jada showed up. Steve introduced Jada to Kayla. Kayla said Marcus was a great man. She said she was sorry to hear about his passing. Steve said he helped her get a job at Salem PD. Jada said she was working on Abby’s case. Jada said she needed to talk to Kayla about Sarah’s medical history. Kayla said she couldn’t hand over medical records. Jada said there were exceptions for law enforcement.Steve said they should talk. Gabi and LI went to the office and found Kristen there. Gabi was surprised to see her. Li said Kristen was pardoned. Kristen reminded Gabi that she helped put her in the CEO seat and had the power to vote her back out. Kristen said she was happy with Gabi in charge. Kristen said she wanted to cash in on the favor. Gabi wanted to know what she wanted.

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