Y&R Short Recap Tuesday, July 26, 2022

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Recap written by Eva

Summer suggests that Noah consider using a space inside the Grand Phoenix for his new night club because Victor may not like the idea of turning the Top of the Tower into a night club.

Sally overhears Adam telling Sharon that he let her go, so that he wouldn’t be an albatross around her neck, so he let her fly, away. Sally once again tells Adam that she loves him and doesn’t want the job at Newman Media. Adam and Sally kiss but Adam tells Sally to stop making a fool of herself.

Victor arrives at Victoria’s house just before Chance arrives to question Victoria and Nick about Ashland’s accident. Nick and Victoria tell Chance everything that happened even the part, where Ashland’s body was gone when they returned from their walk. Chance promises to find Ashland and press charges against him for what he did to Victoria. Chance leaves and Nick wonders if Victor knows what happened to Ashland us body.

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