Days Short Recap Monday, July 18, 2022

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

JJ wanted to know if Lucas killed Abby. Lucas said he didn’t know. JJ wanted to know why he looked so guilty if he didn’t know. Lucas said he felt ashamed of himself and hated himself for what he has done. JJ said he was going to beat the truth out of him. Jennifer came in and told JJ to stop. JJ let him go. Jennifer promised JJ that they would get answers on what happened to Abby. JJ left them alone. Lucas wanted Jennifer to yell at him. He told her to hit him. She said she wouldn’t hit him. She said she loved him. He said he deserved everything he had coming to him. She said she knew he loved Abby. She said she knew he didn’t kill Abby. She said she wished he could have told her what was going on. He said he could barely tell himself that he was responsible for Abby’s death. Marlena yelled at Kate for not saying anything about Lucas kidnapping Sami and letting EJ take the blame for it, Kate said EJ wasn’t innocent. She said Sami wasn’t a victim. She said Lucas messed up, but he didn’t deserve to be in prison. Marlena wanted to know why Kate was there. Kate said she wanted her to help Lucas. She said if she didn’t do it for Lucas, then she could do it to help Abby.

Marlena went to see Lucas so she could hypnotize him. She said she wasn’t doing it for him. She said nothing he said would appear in court, but they needed to know the truth. He said he needed to know if he did this.Chad apologized to EJ for blaming him for killing Abby. EJ apologized for not telling him about Clyde. EJ said he would help him get justice. EJ brought up Kate and her schemes. Chad confessed to knowing that EJ was innocent. He said he knew it was wrong, but he was angry at him. He said he was going to come clean until he thought he was coming on to Abby. He said he wanted to punish EJ. Chad hoped he could find a way to forgive him. EJ said he had to think about it since Chad’s betrayal cost him Sami. He said Chad keeping quiet about Lucas’ crimes may have cost him Abby. Kate went to see Chad. EJ went back to see Kate and Chad together. EJ told Kate and Chad that the only way they could make up for what they did is to hand over their shares to him. JJ ran into Sarah at the town square. She said she was sorry about Abby. He asked how she was doing after being stabbed with the same injection as Abby. She said she was better, but said she was hallucinating about killing Kristen. She said Marlena told her to talk to Abby about being drugged. She said she might have been able to stop the killer. He said she could have been killed too.

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