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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Gwen got a new cellmate. It turned out to be Kristen. Gwen was shocked that she let herself get caught. Kristen said she was there by choiceĀ becauseĀ of her daughter. They got into an argument. Kristen accused her of killing Abby for exposing her at her wedding. Gwen said she was in prison when it happened. Kristen brought up that Xander was keeping her daughter away from her. Gwen defended him. She was upset about Xander and Sarah living happily ever after. Kristen told her that it was only a matter of time before they broke up. She said Sarah still seemed off. She said Sarah and Xander may not be riding into the sunset after all. Nancy ran into Leo. Nancy rubbed it in that Clyde was cleared of killing Abby. She said his only crime was buying stolen jewelry. She said the person Clyde bought it from was the real killer. Leo said the police already had someone in custody for the crime. He let her see an article about Lucas. Nancy didn’t believe it. She said they were barking up the wrong tree. Marlena hypnotized Lucas. She questioned him about the night Abby was killed. He said he was drinking tequila. He said he banged on the DiMera door for Abby to answer it. He said when she didn’t answer the door, he went through the back doors and made himself a drink. He said when he was cutting a lemon, he sliced his hand. He said he heard something upstairs. He said he saw someone rush downstairs. When he was out of the trance, he was shocked.

Clyde was upset with Rafe for arresting him. A woman interrupted and threatened to expose what he did to EJ if he went after the Salem PD. Clyde wanted to know who she was. She said her name was Jada. When Clyde left, Rafe told her she was impressive. She asked if that meant she was hired. He said they had to have an interview first. He said Steve recommended her. She said he was good friends with her father Dr. Marcus Hunter. They talked about Abby’s case. Sarah went to see Maggie at the Kiriakis mansion. They talked about not believing that Lucas killed Abby. Sarah asked Maggie to marry her and Xander. Maggie said Xander was a broken man while Sarah was gone. Sarah said she was back now and they could start their lives together. Marlena met with Rafe and Jada. Marlena told them Lucas remembered something about the night she was killed. When Maggie was about to marry Sarah and Xander, Jada showed up to bring Sarah in for questioning.

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