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[Baby crying]

Shawn: Sorry, he’s–you know, he’s a little fussy.

Belle: Oh, no, no need to apologize, I remember when claire was that age. She was up like three or four times a night for the first year. I hope that won’t be the case with shawn christian.

Shawn: Yeah, well, we’re gonna see, I guess. I mean, last time, he only woke up once.

Belle: Oh, well, that’s good. I didn’t have a chance to tell you before, but I’m really gladyou got to bring him home.

Shawn: So am I. Look, thank you. Thank you for coming over.

Belle: Yeah, no problem. What did you want to talk about?

Shawn: I wanted to apologize.

Evan: Dad, the governor’s press conference just ended. It’s official. We’ve been granted pardons.

Orpheus: No thanks to you.

Evan: Look, I know I shouldn’t have told kristen dimera our plan, but it all turned out okay in the end, right? We’re all three getting out of here.

Orpheus: Barely, the governor was none too pleased by kristen’s special requests. That woman nearly tanked the entire deal.

Gwen: What happened to you?

Kristen: [Chuckles] I used the concrete wall as a punching bag. I don’t recommend it.

Gwen: Duly noted. Guess you’re having a bad day.

Kristen: Mm, I was, I was. But things are starting to look up.

Xander: Don’t worry, maggie. It’ll all be straightened out. Sarah will be just fine. I promise. Listen, I’ve got to go. I’ll keep you posted. Oi, commissioner! You need to let sarah out of here immediately. This is all terribly unfair.

Rafe: Oh, calm down, xander. We just need to ask her a few questions, that’s all.

Xander: Oh, and that couldn’t wait until after we finished our wedding? Your newbie detective came crashing in right in the middle of our ceremony and treated my bride like a common criminal. And my god, as if sarah would even ever say a harsh word to her cousin abigail, let alone murder her.

Rafe: Well, right now, sarah is just a person of interest. That’s all.

Xander: Whatever you want to call it, rafe, she shouldn’t be talking to the cops without a lawyer.

Rafe: Well, she insisted she didn’t need one. That decision is hers to make.

Xander: I just hope she doesn’t end up regretting that decision.

Jada: As I told you earlier, an eyewitness placed you at the scene of the dimera estate the night abigail dimera was killed.

Sarah: I know that you couldn’t tell me earlier, but now it’s just the two of us, can you tell me who the witness was?

Jada: It was lucas horton.

Sarah: I see.

Jada: But before we get into the night in question, I wanted to ask you something that you mentioned at your mother’s house.

Sarah: Yeah, sure. I’m happy to cooperate.

Jada: Great, you mentioned you’re on medication. For what?

Sarah: To help control the aftereffects of another drug that I was given.

Jada: And what are these aftereffects?

Sarah: Hallucinations.

Male announcer: Like sands through the hourglass, so are the “days of our lives.”

[Soft orchestration]

Ava: I love you too, sweetheart. And I miss you so much. You too, bye.

Jake: That your secret lover?

Ava: No, dummy, it was my son.

Jake: Uh-huh.

Ava: You know I’ve only got eyes for you.

Jake: Mmm.

Ava: Mm-hmm, how was work?

Jake: Thrilling. Let me tell you, watching gabi and shin’s love fest makes you want to gouge your eyes out.

Ava: Mmm, so things are getting pretty serious with them, huh?

Jake: Looks like it. Anyway, enough about them. How was your day?

Ava: Well, before I was talking with my secret lover, I mean, tripp…

Jake: Uh-huh.

Ava: I was watching a pretty interesting press conference.

Jake: Sounds like a contradiction of terms.

Ava: Oh, so then I take it you haven’t heard the news.

Jake: About?

Ava: The governor issued several pardons just now, including one for your sister kristen.

Jake: Huh.

Kristen: It’s funny. I was pretty much resigned to finishing out my sentence here, with the occasional escape, of course, when this amazing opportunity for a full pardon just fell right into my lap. And I was never one to look a gift horse in the mouth.

Gwen: Well, congratulations. I guess this is goodbye then.

Kristen: Actually, it isn’T. No, see, you are coming with me.

Gwen: What?

Kristen: Yes, what, did you think I’m gonna leave you behind? No, hon–ouch. I got you a full pardon too.

Shawn: I spoke to chloe earlier. And she really helped me understand just how unfair that I’ve been to you since the moment that little shawn was conceived.

Belle: I don’t want to go back there.

Shawn: Belle, please, I just–let me just say this. I was wrong. I was wrong to let you believe that jan and I never had sex. I should have told you. I should have told you the moment that it happened so that you wouldn’t have gotten blindsided by her all those months later with her telling you that she’s pregnant. And I’m sorry. I’m sorry about the decisions that I made that affected the both of us. Letting jan move in, and telling you to keep your distance from her? Look, all I was trying to do was protect my unborn son. But you are my wife, belle. You’re my wife, and I should have involved you in every decision that was made. And I should have made it clear to you and to jan that you and I–that we’re a team.

Belle: Well, I didn’t really make that easy for you. The idea of jan having your baby just drove me crazy, and I shut down, and I shut you down.

Shawn: But I should not have let you. I should have worked with you. I should have worked harder to find a solution, a different solution. Like, to have jan–to have her live someplace else. Okay, but no, I didn’T. I put you in an impossible position. And for that, belle, I am so sorry.

Evan: Governor mitchell didn’t mention kristen’s two other demands when he started his announcement. I was worried he was going to renege on that part of the deal. But he managed to sneak them in at the end.

Orpheus: He was probably embarrassed by what kristen made him do. I can’t say that I blame him. I don’t know what that woman was thinking.

Rolf: I just heard the wonderful news! Ah! Thank you for securing me a pardon from the governor. I am so honored that you would even think of me. Of course, I did help you escape that one time. But you’ve been a little standoffish since they brought you back. I was starting to think you didn’t like me.

Orpheus: I don’T.

Evan: Dr. Rolf, your release was kirsten dimera’s idea, not my dad’S.

Rolf: Ah. I should have known the dimeras would once again come to my rescue.

Evan: I don’t get it. Why are you so loyal to that family?

Rolf: Stefano was the first person to acknowledge and encourage my scientific genius. Apparently, his daughter shares his wisdom and values my considerable talents as well. Ah, that kristen always was the shrewd one.

Gwen: Okay, let me get this straight. So you had evan tell his father that he need to secure a pardon not just for you, but also for dr. Rolf and for me?

Kristen: Yeah, I mean, I have a certain loyalty to dr. Rolf as well. Better yet, he may come in handy for me.

Gwen: Well, I get that, but why for me? Why would you ask for a pardon for me?

Kristen: Oh, silly, I’m a good and loyal friend.

Gwen: I didn’t realize we were friends.

Kristen: Of course we are. I mean, do you think I’ve forgotten how you helped me escape police custody?

Gwen: Because you blackmailed me.

Kristen: Okay, granted, our friendship didn’t exactly start on a level playing field. But you and ava, you know, you came through for me. And I felt I owed you one.

Gwen: I see. Well, this is incredible.

Kristen: Isn’t it? This must be how oprah feels. You get a pardon. You get a pardon. Everybody gets a pardon.

Gwen: Yeah, well, not everybody.

Jake: So my sister kristen’s a free woman now, huh?

Ava: Yep. Along with orpheus and evan.

Jake: Did the governor mention why he issued these pardons?

Ava: Yeah, I don’t know. Tripp called during the middle of the conference; I didn’t get all the juicy details.

Jake: You wouldn’t have anything to do with this, would you?

Ava: With kristen getting pardoned? Why would you even ask me that?

Jake: Because I would imagine that you still have a certain amount of influence over your old mob ties, right? You and kristen were friends. You helped her escape police custody, what, twice?

Ava: I had nothing to do with the governor’s pardon. Although, I kind of like that you think I got that kind of power, that I could pull off something like that.

Jake: Well, I think there’s no limit as to what you could pull off, ava vitali, what with your charm and your brains. You are a woman of many talents.

Ava: Yeah. And don’t you forget it.

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Xander: Well, can you at least tell me the name of this supposed eyewitness? Who’s claiming they saw sarah at the dimera estate the night abigail was murdered?

Rafe: Not at liberty to say.

Xander: Was it lucas? Heard some cops talking about some hypnosis session he had with marlena? Sounds totally bogus to me.

Rafe: I just told you I am not revealing the identity of the witness.

Xander: Of course it was lucas; who else could it be? He’s your main suspect, right? And what, he just happens to recall seeing sarah. Come on, it must be painfully obvious even to you that he’s just trying to point the finger at someone else.

Rafe: Okay. Let’s say you’re right. Let’s say it was lucas. Why would he implicate sarah, of all people?

Xander: I don’t know. Maybe it was the first name that popped into his wee head. But we’re talking about sarah, rafe. She’s a doctor. She took an oath to do no harm. Not to mention she’s the kindest person on earth. She would certainly never murder anyone, especially her own cousin.

Jada: Can you tell me some more about the drug that causes these hallucinations?

Sarah: It doesn’t have a name. It’s experimental.

Jada: Is it recreational?

Sarah: I didn’t take it willingly, if that’s what you’re asking. A woman named kristen dimera injected me with it.

Jada: Why would she do that?

Sarah: She was keeping me hostage in the dimera tunnels. I found the syringe on the floor, and I was planning on using it against her to try to escape. She overpowered me and used it on me instead.

Jada: Do you know how a drug-filled syringe would just happen to be on the floor?

Sarah: I did not know it then, but I have since learned that abigail left it behind.

Jada: Abigail dimera?

Sarah: Yes.

Jada: So, in a way, abigail was responsible for your hallucinations. I’m sure that made you very angry with her.

Sarah: No, no, of course not. This is all kristen’s fault. She’s the one that I’m angry with, and I am more than angry. She is a vile human being. She’s a sadistic bitch, and I hate her for what she did to me.

Kristen: What do you mean? I mean, who else was I supposed to get a pardon for? One of those lamebrains we see in the exercise yard every day?

Gwen: How about your bff lani?

Kristen: Yeah. Well, believe me, I would if I could have. But the governor doesn’t have jurisdiction now that she’s serving her sentence out of state.

Gwen: Well, that’s too bad. For her. But you and me, I mean, we’re really going home tonight.

Kristen: Yes, yes, we are!

Gwen: Really?

Kristen: Yes!

Gwen: Oh, my–ah! Oh, my god. Thank you.

Rolf: Well, I must go and gather my things if we are to leave this vile penitentiary tonight. What a delightful turn of events, huzzah!

Orpheus: What a freak show.

Evan: He’s excited. That’s all. He’s got his life back, and so do I, and as soon as I’m out of this hellhole, I’m going straight to shawn brady’s, and I’m gonna claim my child.

Orpheus: Well, if that’s your plan, you’re gonna need this. It’s the original results from jan’s paternity test. It proves that shawn brady is not the father of her baby.

Evan: Thanks. Although, I wish you’d told me the truth a lot sooner.

Orpheus: Right. Because you’re so discreet.

Evan: I get that I let you down. And I’m sorry.

Orpheus: It’s fine. Just go get my grandson. He belongs with us, not with marlena’s dimwitted son-in-law.

Belle: In the beginning, I wanted to lay all the blame on you, but I realize now that I can’T. I made some mistakes as well. I pretty much did what I always do when things are rough between us, and I sought comfort and assurance from someone else, when I should have been trying to work things out with you. Every time we fought, I turned to ej, even though I knew how much it bothered you. And I guess, on some level, that’s probably why I did it.

Shawn: Look, I know that part of you ran to ej to hurt me. But is that all that it was? Like, in the end, did– in the end, did you fall in love with him?

Belle: What–no, no. Ej was there for me, but it was never love. And I want you to know i didn’t file for separation so I could be with ej. I really did feel like we needed that space. But I do admit that having those separation papers helped me rationalize that it was okay to be with him. I told myself that I wasn’t betraying our vows because we were legally separated. But I do know that it was a betrayal. And I am deeply sorry I hurt you.

Shawn: We’ve established that you and I are both sorry. So where does that leave us now?

Jada: Do you still suffer from these hallucinations?

Sarah: I have them less often now that my medicine has been adjusted.

Jada: Can you give me an example of how these hallucinations manifest themselves?

Sarah: I imagined my stepfather was kristen, and she was holding a syringe, but it was just him with a pen.

Jada: I see. Any other incidents?

Sarah: I mistook a woman named nicole walker for kristen. And I attacked her.

Jada: Attacked her how?

Sarah: I grabbed her by the arm to try to get her away from eric brady. Xander stepped in and helped me realize that I was hallucinating, made me snap out of it. Nicole was fine. She wasn’t hurt at all.

Jada: Have you hallucinated that anybody else was kristen dimera?

Sarah: Xander’s ex-wife, chanel dupree.

Jada: And did you attack her the same way you did nicole walker?

Sarah: Sort of.

Jada: Sort of, can you please elaborate on that?

Sarah: I threatened her with a knife.

Xander: Sarah and I should be celebrating our wedding night right now. This very minute, we should be enjoying champagne, and cake, and lots and lots of newlywed sex.

Rafe: Yeah, well, I really don’t need to hear about your honeymoon plans.

Xander: Once again, all our plans have gone to hell. We were kept apart for so long by kristen and then gwen. I really thought this was our chance, finally, our big moment, our happily ever after.

Rafe: Okay, listen. Believe it or not, I am not completely unsympathetic to your feelings, all right, so if you could just put your frustration aside and have a little objectivity, okay? So if it turns out that sarah was at the dimeras the night abigail was murdered…

Xander: Which she wasn’T.

Rafe: Then we need to know everything that happened, right? And if it turns out that sarah is innocent…

Xander: Which she is!

Rafe: She might be able to shed some light on the investigation.

[Phone rings] Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to take this. Hey, abe, what’s up? No, I did not see the press conference. You’ve gotta be kidding me.

Shawn: I guess there isn’t an easy answer.

Belle: No, there isn’T.

[Cell phone beeps]

Shawn: I have to check this. It might be work, okay? What the hell?

Belle: What, what’s wrong?

Shawn: Governor mitchell pardoned five people. And you are not gonna believe who they are.

Ava: So did you figure out why the governor pardoned your sister?

Jake: No, it’s pretty vague about why he was letting her go. But I did come across a related piece of news you might be interested to hear.

Ava: Yeah, what’s that?

Jake: Well, toward the end of the press conference, governor mitchell announced that he was issuing two more pardons, one for dr. Wilhelm rolf, and the other for your own pal, gwen.

Ava: You’re kidding. So the governor pardoned orpheus, kristen dimera, evan frears, gwen rizczech, and dr. Wilhelm rolf. Talk about a rogues’ gallery. And as of tonight, they are all free to do whatever the hell they please. Research shows that people remember ads with young people

Jada: You said at your mother’s house on the night in question that you were planning on visiting abigail dimera.

Sarah: Yeah, dr. Evans suggested that I go speak to my cousin because abigail had had a similar reaction to the same drug.

Jada: So what happened when you went to visit her?

Sarah: I didn’t go, it turns out. I went to statesville to see abigail’s sister gwen rizczech.

Jada: And after your visit to statesville?

Sarah: I went to the salem inn. I needed to lie down. I was just–I was feeling off because my meds hadn’t been adjusted yet.

Jada: So you’re saying that you never went to the dimera estate that night.

Sarah: That’s what I’m saying.

Jada: Well, lucas said he saw you there.

Sarah: That’s impossible. So lucas is lying, or he’s mistaken. I don’t know.

Jada: I’m just telling you what he said he saw. He said he saw you fleeing down the stairs. You had an object in your hand. You dropped it.

Sarah: I couldn’t drop something if I wasn’t there.

Jada: I’m just telling you what lucas said. Even though he didn’t know what you had in your hand, allegedly, I think it was the knife, the same one that killed abigail dimera.

Rolf: Ms. Dimera, please accept my heartfelt thanks for securing my freedom. You have no idea how hard it has been for me to coexist with all those neanderthals in there.

Kristen: You are very welcome, rolf. I know father wouldn’t have wanted me to leave you languishing behind bars. And now you can continue his work.

Rolf: Indeed. And am I correct in thinking you may require my services in the future?

Kristen: Oh, you know me too well. I will get in touch soon. But until then, lie low and stay out of trouble.

Rolf: Understood. I shall await your instructions.

Gwen: So what services of dr. Rolf will you be requiring, ms. Dimera? What exactly do you have planned?

Belle: Well, please be safe. Okay, I love you too. Okay. My mom heard about orpheus, so they’re on the alert.

Shawn: That’s good. That’s good. Did you get ahold of brady?

Belle: Yeah, he knows about kristen.

Shawn: I left word for ben and ciara. Thank god they’re halfway across the world, where evan can’t get to them.

Belle: That’s a relief. All right, so everyone we love is safe.

Shawn: Yeah, and they’re gonna stay that way.

Evan: Sorry to interrupt. Door was open.

Shawn: What the hell are you doing here? If you’re looking for my sister, then–

Evan: I’m not. I’m here to get my son.

Shawn: Your son?

Evan: The one you call shawn christian. I’m sorry to tell you–actually, no, I’m not. I’m proud to say it. He’s not your son. He’s mine. After trying lots of things to manage her

Sarah: Look, abigail was my cousin, and I loved her. She rescued me from kristen. I’m profoundly grateful to her. Why in god’s name would I ever hurt her?

Jada: You obviously wouldn’t in your normal state of mind, but, dr. Horton, you’ve admitted that you’re subject to hallucinations. Isn’t it possible that you thought abigail was kristen dimera and felt that she was a threat? I mean, you’ve admitted to brandishing a knife against ms. Dupree. You could have done the same thing to abigail, except this time, I don’t think that anybody was there to protect her, to stop you from taking your revenge.

Sarah: Am I under arrest?

Jada: No.

Sarah: Then I’d like to leave.

Kristen: Oh, you know me, I always have a plan. But I’m not ready to share the details. Let’s just say I intend to get back everything I lost. And I assume you’ll do the same?

Gwen: Well, I might be able to repair my relationship with my father, but xander and I, we’re a lost cause, especially after what I did to sarah. I don’t think he’ll ever speak to me again, let alone take me back.

Kristen: Hey, you never know. At least you have a fighting chance.

Gwen: Good to know one of us thinks so.

Kristen: Oh, honey, I know so. You are beautiful, and smart, and definitely more interesting than that ditzy sarah horton. I can’t stand that moron xander. I never could. But for some reason, you love him. And we both have been given a second chance at freedom, and I think you and I need to go after what we want and not let anyone stand in our way.

Xander: What’s taking so long? Oh, you okay–what happened?

Sarah: Will you please take me home?

Xander: Of course.

Evan: Is that him? Shawn christian?

Shawn: You take another step towards my son, and I will kill you.

Evan: Look, I didn’t come here to fight with you.

Shawn: Okay, well do yourself a favor, turn around, and get the hell out of my house now.

Evan: I understand why you might not believe me.

Belle: Yeah, maybe because you’re a psychotic murderer.

Evan: But I swear I’m telling the truth. I’m the father of that baby, of jan spears’ baby.

Shawn: How do you even know jan?

Evan: She and I hooked up when she first came to statesville. We met in the infirmary. It got pretty hot pretty fast. I didn’t know at the time, but she wanted me to get her pregnant so she could pass the baby off as yours. I guess it worked out fine.

Shawn: Look, I have a paternity test that proves that I am that baby’s father.

Evan: Yeah, a test that my father helped jan alter.

Shawn: Orpheus? Why would he do that?

Evan: He had his reasons.

Belle: This doesn’t make any sense.

Evan: Look, I have the real results of the paternity test right here. It says that you’re not the father, as you can see.

Shawn: How do we know that that isn’t the fake, huh?

Belle: Yeah, even if these results are real, they don’t prove that you’re the father.

Evan: She named the baby after me. Christian is my birth name.

Belle: She also named the baby after shawn.

Shawn: She named my son after me.

Evan: Look, I’ll take a paternity test if you want to. In fact, bring it on. See, the sooner that we get this all sorted out, the sooner I can be with my son.

Jake: All right, so you remember the dimera board meeting a little while ago. Kristen attended virtually.

Ava: Mm-hmm, yeah, ’cause she was on the run, as usual.

Jake: Right, well, she voted against my brothers, which kept gabi in charge of the company, and in turn kind of saved my job too.

Ava: So in other words, she did you a major favor.

Jake: Right, and she called me afterwards and basically said that in exchange for that major favor, that maybe the two of us could collaborate, that we would do great things together.

Ava: Yeah, like what exactly?

Jake: I don’t really know. To be honest with you, I kind of forgot about it after she got arrested, but now that she’s free, changes everything.

[Knock at door]

Kristen: Hey, jake, open up. It’s your sister. It’s kristen.

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Sarah: I can’t believe our wedding was ruined again.

Xander: I’m so sorry, sarah. But it’s all gonna work out.

Sarah: Xander.

Xander: I promise you.

Sarah: How can you say it’s gonna work out? I’m a murder suspect.

Xander: Let’s just–let’s not talk about that right now.

Sarah: How can we not talk talk about it? This could change our whole life. I’m sitting here, and I’m worried about me when my cousin abigail was just… how could this happen? How could someone take her life?

Xander: It’s gonna be all right, okay? It’s gonna be okay.

Sarah: How could this day get any worse?

Gwen: Hello, xander, sarah.

Xander: Gwen? What the hell?

Gwen: Guess you haven’t heard. Yeah, the governor set me free. Full pardon. So I’m free as a bird. Isn’t that just the best news ever? Right, well, see you around.

Rolf: It’s good to see you again, stefano. As I’m sure you’re aware, my experiments were on hold for quite some time. But, thanks to kristen, I can finally get back to my important work. I hope I continue to make you proud.

[Dramatic music]

Jake: Ah, hello, kristen.

Kristen: Evening, jake. Hey, ava. Well, since your jaws aren’t hanging on the floor in shock, I presume you heard my wonderful news.

Ava: Yeah, we were just talking about your release. Congratulations. You must be so relieved.

Kristen: You have no idea.

Jake: So, kristen, I was actually just telling ava that you could be knocking at my door any minute ’cause i sort of owe you a favor.

Kristen: Oh, there’s no “sort of” about it. Matter of fact, since I saved your job, in my calculations, you owe my multiple favors.

Jake: How many is multiple?

Kristen: Well, as my lawyer would say, it depends. In any case, I’m here to call on my first one.

Ava: Which is…

Kristen: Which is, I need a place to stay. Yeah, and though it does fall a bit short of my personal standards, I think this little pied–terre of yours will do me just fine. Thank you.


Evan: Should we all head over to the hospital now, get the ball rolling on the paternity test?

Shawn: Look, my son is not going anywhere.

Evan: Look, I understand you’re upset. Jan lied to us both. But I am telling the truth, and deep down you know that.

Shawn: What I know is that you need to get the hell out of my sight before I rip you to shreds.

Evan: I’ll go, for now. But I’m coming back with that court order for that paternity test.

Belle: Which we will fight.

Evan: Goodnight, shawn christian. Daddy will be back soon.

Jada: You really don’t need to buy me a beer.

Rafe: What–no, you had a great first day. You earned it. Plus, it’ll give me the chance to get you up to speed on the five felons that the governor pardoned today.

Jada: I read about that announcement.

Rafe: Yeah.

Jada: Why would the governor set so many dangerous criminals free?

Rafe: I–well, what do you know? Here comes one of them now.

Orpheus: Evening, commissioner.

Rafe: Yeah. Listen, I don’t know how you managed to pull this off, but you should know that I’ve got my eye on you. So if you came here looking to cause trouble–

Orpheus: Oh, no, no. Wouldn’t dream of it, no. No, from here on in, I’m gonna be a model citizen.

Rafe: Yeah.

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