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[ Dramatic music ]

Taylor: Our poor daughter. What she must be going through.

Ridge: Well, at least she’s taking care of herself. Steffy and the kids are okay.

Taylor: Ridge, I’ve been trying to call her for days.

Ridge: Me too. I just thought she was busy.

Taylor: It’s the last thing in the world that we expected, is to get a call saying she is in a treatment center.

Ridge: I just didn’t know she was struggling that much. Well, at least she– she knew that she needed help and that’s good.

Taylor: Ridge, I should have never let her go by herself.

Ridge: Don’t do that, don’t do that. Do you really think it would make a difference if it’s here or there? It’s about the void that… that finn left. And it’s gonna take a long time to fill that.

[ Heart rate monitor beeping ]

Finn: Tell me you’re lying.

Sheila: I am so sorry, son.

Finn: No. No, no, no. There’s no– there’s no way–

Sheila: I wish it weren’t true, sweetheart. I know that this has got to be devastating for you to hear.

Finn: Where is my mother? What did you do to her?

Sheila: I didn’t do anything to her. Her car was sinking in the bay, finn. There was nothing I could do for her.

Finn: You’re saying that she’s really dead? You killed my mother?

Bill: You okay? Lady! Wow. You need some help.

Ridge: I thought steffy was doing okay.

Taylor: Me too. She just doesn’t want us to worry about her, so–

Ridge: I honestly had no idea it was getting so bad.

Taylor: God, ridge. She was doing all the right things. She– she was going to therapy, she has a grief counsellor.

[ Book slamming on table ]

Ridge: The whole world’s torn apart. All because of sheila.

Sheila: I can explain.

Finn: You really did it. You got rid of my mother.

Sheila: Li may be gone, but I didn’t touch her. She lost control of her suv.

Finn: Because you were hunting her down like an animal!

Sheila: I was preventing her from going to the cops.

Finn: You were protecting yourself!

Sheila: I was protecting us! You were in a bad place, finn. She needed me to help keep you alive, but she betrayed me. She said she was going to get your medicine. And I caught her trying to call the police.

Finn: Because you escaped from prison, sheila! Sheila: What about her? Hiding you. Making everyone believe you were dead. She was no saint. If only she had let us care for you together.

Finn: Oh, stop it! I don’t wanna hear anymore excuses! My mother is dead because of you!

Bill: Are you all right? It– it’s okay. It’s okay. I’m not going to hurt you. What’s your name? I’m bill. Bill spencer. Are you injured? It’s okay. You don’t have to be scared. You need some help. Will you let me help you?

Taylor: So, it looks like the rehab steffy checked into has a good reputation. And they– they specialize in treating depression, which is good. I think she’s in good hands.

Ridge: I just wish we could see her.

Taylor: Yeah, so do I.

Ridge: Well, maybe, you know, just call them. Get her on the phone so we can hear her voice.

Taylor: I would like that. I really would. She– she knows that we’re thinking of her, ridge. She– she also knows we’d be there in a heartbeat if she needed us.

Ridge: I think she does need us, so let’s go. Let’s just get a plane and go.

Taylor: Well, ho– ho– hold on, ridge. I have to respect what the doctor said. Flavia. She said that steffy is in the best possible hands and she doesn’t want us coming out there in the middle of her treatment.

Ridge: But, let’s– okay. But let’s– let’s try to remember that she put herself in treatment, right?

Taylor: Yes. And, you know, the kids are there. The– the kids are there, the nanny is there. You know one thing, I– I bet it feels really good to steffy to have her kids nearby.

Finn: You’re obsessed with me.

Sheila: You are my son, finn, and I love you. I would move heaven and earth for you. You think I would do this for just anyone? Risk everything?

Finn: I hate you, sheila!

Sheila: No, you don’T. No, that is just frustration talking.

Finn: I mean it. You are nothing to me. You’re just some crazy lady that I wish I never met. I gotta get outta here. I gotta go see my family.

Sheila: No, don’t do that. You’re going to hurt yourself:

Finn: No, don’t touch me. Don’t touch me. You’re–

Sheila: You are too weak.

Finn: You are just some crazy psycho.

Sheila: No. You don’t talk to me like that. You do not talk to your mother that way.

Finn: You are not my mother. You gave birth to me, that’s it. Li is my real mother. She always has been and she always will be.

[ Li whimpering ]

Bill: It’s okay. It’s okay. It’s okay. What happened to you? Did you get in a fight? Did somebody hit you? I think it’s best if I call an ambulance, call 9-1-1–

Li: No, no no.

Bill: Okay. Okay. Okay. Have you eaten today? Are you hungry?

[ Li whimpering ]

Bill: Are– are you sick? Oh, so you’re– you’re clearly in bad shape. You’ve got to let me do something for you. Get you some food, get you cleaned up, uh. I know you’re afraid. I don’t blame ya. It’s a crazy world out there. I get afraid sometimes.

Li: He– he– help me please.

Bill: Yes.

Li: Help me, please.

Bill: Of– of course I– I’ll help you. You won’t let me call an ambulance, so uh. I’m gonna take you to my home. All right? I’ve got everything you need there. I know you’re frightened, but it’s gonna be okay. You can trust me. I promise.

[ Li whimpering ]

Bill: It’s okay. Here you go. It’s okay. I’ll help you. I’ll help you. What can I du with less asthma?

Ridge: I’m trying to wrap my head around this still. I knew it was gonna be a long journey, I just was hoping that–

Taylor: I know. I know. We don’t want to see our daughter in pain, and–

Ridge: No. It’s my kid. I should be able to take her pain away. It’s my job.

Taylor: Oh, ridge. Don’t put this on yourself, okay? This is– this is steffy’s healing journey. She has to go through this.

Ridge: Yeah, it’s her healing journey, I know. But, she kept telling us she was getting better.

Taylor: Because that’s who she is. She has to be strong for everybody else. That’s what she does. But– but it’s taken a toll on her. All of this. Finn was the love of her life.

Finn: You’re a murderer.

Sheila: I didn’t kill li. She was driving too fast. She must’ve taken her eyes off the road. It was just a terrible accident.

Finn: Just like shooting me was an accident.

Sheila: Yes. Ooh. I love you, finn. All I ever wanted was to spend time with you and hayes. Why would I purposely hurt you? Think about it. Your mother, she’s a doctor. I needed li to take care of you, to bring meds for you. Yes, I– I chased her. I was trying to convince her not to turn me in, but… I never wanted to see her die. Please, you’ve got to believe me.

Finn: I will never believe a word you say again. Never.

Sheila: I won’t let you lose faith in me. I’m gonna continue to try to prove myself to you, but you just need to stay calm and patient because I don’t want to sedate you again.

Finn: Where’s steffy?

Sheila: What?

Finn: Where’s my wife?

Sheila: I already told you, she’s traveling.

Finn: So you say.

Sheila: Well, it’s true. She and the kids are out of town. I told you, they’re fine.

Finn: Are you lying to me? Did you do something to steffy?

Sheila: Steffy, do not

make that call.

[Gun firing]

Finn: Did you harm her? Answer me, sheila. Did you hurt my wife?

Bill: All right. Come on. It’s okay, come on. It’s all right. Yup. Keep going. Over to the couch. Sit down over there. There you go. It’s okay. It’s okay. Good. Good. That’s better. I’m just gonna sit here with you for a second. You okay? I know that you’re, uh, unsure about everything, but you are safe here. I– I’ve got security all over the place. There’s a staff that takes care of this entire property. No harm is gonna come to you. Certainly not from me. I just wanna provide some refuge. I wanna help you get better. And, to that end, you really need to see a doctor. Let them run some tests on you. Let me take you to the hospital. Okay?

[ Bill sighing ] Okay, okay. All right. We’ll just stay put here. Could you tell me your name? Anything about yourself? You must be hungry. Can I get you some food? At least some water? Look at me. If I could get you to trust me, just a little. Tell me who you are. Tell me what happened to you. I brought in ensure max protein

Taylor: I’ve been in denial.

Ridge: About steffy?

Taylor: Yes. I know she’s going through such a hard time knowing that– knowing that hayes will never see his father again.

Ridge: That’s the worst part. That poor little boy.

Taylor: Yeah. And steffy’s grieving, but she’s also grieving for kelly and hayes.

Ridge: Such a beautiful family they are and these beautiful kids.

Taylor: Yes, and finn, he was– he was so wonderful. He was… he brought so much to so many people’s lives.

Ridge: Especially steffy.

Taylor: The way they were together. They were so cute. The way her eyes would light up when– when she’d see him.

Ridge: Yeah. Never seen her smile so big.

[ Taylor sighing ]

Ridge: Even when he told his terrible jokes.

Taylor: Yeah, they were kind of bad sometimes, right?

Ridge: Awful. Oh, ridge, I can’t help but think what it would be like if finn was still alive. You know? For steffy, you know, the– the darkness in her heart would– would go away and her life would just light up again.

Finn: Where’s steffy?

Sheila: We’ve been over this ten times already.

Finn: No. Where is she, really? I need– I need to talk to her. She needs to see me. She needs to know that I’m alive.

[ Monitor beeping faster ]

Sheila: You need to calm down because you’re– your heart rate is going up.

Finn: You need to give me a phone.

Sheila: What?

Finn: You need to let me talk to her.

Sheila: No, not yet.

Finn: How long are you gonna make me stay here? I need to talk to– I need to talk to my family.

Sheila: No, no, no.

Finn: They need to know. Steffy is probably heartbroken.

Sheila: No, no, no. Just a few more days, that’s all, okay? Just let me nurse you back to health. Just a few more days.

Finn: This isn’t about me. This about you not going back to prison. This is about you not being behind bars. You deserve to be behind bars for the rest of your miserable life.

Sheila: No. You’re not listening to me, are you? Because I love you. I wanna make this up to you, finn.

Finn: Yes.

Sheila: I’m gonna make it up to you, baby.

Finn: I’ve got to make it out of here.

Sheila: No, don’t do that.

Finn: Make it up to me? You killed my mom.

Sheila: No, you’ve got to stay.

Finn: You killed my mom, so I can’t even–

Sheila: No. Stop.

Finn: You killed my mom.

Sheila: No, no, that’s not–

Finn: You killed my mom. You killed my mom!

Bill: Here’s some water for you. Can I? I’m just gonna put it right here. Okay. You’ve been through something very traumatic, that much I know, but if you won’t talk to me, I can’t help you. How did you end up in that alley? Is there anybody I can call? Any friends? Any family? Yes. You have some family? Brothers? Sisters? Do you have a husband? What about children?

Li: Yeah.

Bill: Yes? You– you have children? I– I have children. I have three boys. What about you? Do you have a daughter? Do you have a son?

[ Li whimpering ] You have a son? Yes, you have a son?

Li: Uh– uh– uh–

Bill: That’s good. That’s good. You’re trying to talk to me. That’s great. Go ahead.

Li: M– ma– ma

Bill: Yes, what is it? What are you trying to tell me?

Li: Uh– uh huh.

Bill: What is it?

[ Li stammering ] You have? You have? What?

[ Li stammering]

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