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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Marlena walked in on Sami reading about Lucas’ arrest in the paper. She wanted Sami to deal with her feelings. Sami told her that if she started crying, she would never stop. Marlena wanted to know where she went when she left the church. She told Marlena that she went to EJ’s place and he was having sex with Belle. Marlena was shocked by what she heard. She advised Sami not to take her anger out on Belle. She thought she would end up hurting herself. Marlena walked out of the room. Sami left the townhouse. Kate went to see Lucas at the station. He didn’t want her to see him like that. She told him that she hired the best defense lawyer in the Midwest. She knew he would beat it. He told her that he might plead guilty. She tried to talk him out of pleading guilty. He said he needed to take responsibility for what he did. Belle ran into Brady and he threw it up in her face that things didn’t work out with EJ. She told him what happened with Sami. Brady told her that Sami wouldn’t keep what she did to herself. He said that she would end up telling what happened. Belle decided that she wanted to tell Shawn herself.

Roman went to see EJ. He apologized for not believing him. EJ understood because Lucas had everyone fooled. Roman said he didn’t fool Kate. EJ told him not to take the law into his own hands. A cop came to get Lucas so he wanted Kate to go. She wanted to be there for him. EJ arrived just as Lucas was taken away. Kate tried to leave, but EJ stopped her. He yelled at her for what happened. She wanted to know what he was going to do to her. He wanted her to know that he planned on getting revenge on her. Steve and Kayla were at Shawn’s place to help him with the baby. Shawn talked to Steve about what was going on with Jan and Belle. He assured Shawn that he could work things out with Belle. Sami wore a wire as she went to Shawn’s place. She told Shawn that Belle was sleeping with EJ. Kayla wanted Sami to stop talking, but Shawn wanted to hear more about it. She continued to fill him in about what happened. She let him know that she didn’t mean to tell him about it. Belle walked in while Sami was talking. Belle yelled at Sami for enjoying the situation too much. Sami, Kayla and Steve left the house. Shawn couldn’t believe Belle went running to EJ’s bed while he was there. He yelled at her for acting as if he betrayed her. He thought she should have dealt with the fact that something horrible happened to them. She knew it wasn’t his fault, but he kept it from her. She said there was a baby involved. He threw EJ up in her face and she walked out of the room. Sami went to the DiMera mansion. She wanted to say goodbye to Johnny. He let him know that she was done letting him and Lucas destroy her.

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