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Finn: Help me, he–

Sheila: Stop. Stop! What are you doing? Just stop.

Finn: I need to see steffy and I’ve to go. I have to go.

Sheila: No. You’re going to see steffy. You will see her. You just can’t go right now. You’ve got to calm down.

Finn: I shouldn’t even be– I should be in a hospital. Why am I here?

Sheila: I’m taking care of you.

Finn: No. No. Everyone thinks I’m dead. My mother and my father. I want to see my wife.

Taylor: Right. Right. I mean, we– we both know that there’s no way to rush the grieving process, but… is she– is she doing better?

[ Sighing ] Okay. Well, I’m– I’m glad that she has you there, dr. Russo. You’re welcome. Okay. I will. Merci.

[ Phone beeping ]

[ Knocks on door ]

Taylor: Who is it? Deacon.

Deacon: Your, uh, assistant wasn’t at her desk.

Donna: Can I help you with something?

Quinn: Oh, now you’re being considerate. Ah, you weren’t being so considerate when you were having naked pillow fights with my husband.

Donna: Okay, quinn, let’s not go there. Just–

Quinn: Whoa, whoa, whoa. What is this?

Donna: It’s just a present.

Quinn: From eric?

Donna: Oh, no, from pam and charlie. You know how silly they can be. It’s funny that I’m actually running into you because I– I was just telling eric how, um, understanding you’ve been, about everything.

Quinn: Oh, understanding. Understanding about you stealing my husband.

Quinn: If you think I’m cool with you sleeping with the man I’m married to, think again.

Donna: Okay. I can understand why you’d be upset. But from what I’ve heard, you’re back again with carter.

Quinn: And you think that makes it okay? You do, don’t you? You– you actually think that makes it okay?

Donna: No. No, but carter is an amazing guy, and he’s got everything going for himself. You should be celebrating. It all worked out in the end, right? I mean, it’s not like you’re alone, quinn, in fact, this– this whole building is full of people. And I’m pretty sure if I yelled really loud right now, someone would come running.

Charlie: Oh, my god. Alert the media. Are you two about to kiss and make up?

Deacon: Taylor, I really like what you’ve done with this place. I got to say this is beautifully appointed.

Taylor: Thank you, deacon. But I– I have an appointment with a new patient now. You can’t–

Deacon: Oh, yeah? What’s his name?

Taylor: Oh come on. I can’T. I can’t tell you her name.

Deacon: Come on. I– just the first name. I mean, what are the chances that I– I know who this is? The city’s endless.

Taylor: Ima.

Deacon: Im– ima?

Taylor: Mm hm. Wait a minute, ima losar?

Taylor: You know ima losar?

Deacon: I am a loser.

Taylor: Oh, you.

Deacon: Come on, don’t be mad, alright? Oh, I just you know, after you wandered into the restaurant yesterday, I thought I’d come by and say hi. Cause I haven’t been able to stop thinking about you.

Sheila: No, no.

Finn: Why? Why do they think I’m dead? Why do they– why lie? Why lie? They must be so hurt.

Sheila: I am doing this to protect you.

Finn: I can’t believe I’m here, alive.

Sheila: Because of me, finn. Because of me. The doctors, they gave up on you, honey. They left you for dead. Look. Look. Your death certificate. You see, I gave you life, just like the day you were born. You’re here because of me, finn. Because of your mother. What’s the #1 retinol brand

Charlie: I am so teasing you guys. I know you want to pull each other’s teeth out. I’m just here to keep the peace.

Donna: I– I don’t have a problem with anyone.

Quinn: Oh, that’s just because you’re so perfect. Aren’t you, donna?

Charlie: Oh, come on, quinn. Pammy and I know all the dirt. Everybody does. Look, true love just finally won out.

Quinn: Hell is that supposed to mean?

Charlie: Well, donna’s back with eric. You’re with the hunky coo. Huh? All good. No harm, no foul.

Donna: Thank you, charlie. I was just telling quinn the same thing. She should be thrilled about carter.

Quinn: I think you both need to shut up.

Charlie: What did I do?

Donna: Carter. Good. You’re here. Maybe you could talk some sense into this one.

Charlie: Yeah. Good luck there, partner.

Donna: Let’s go.

Carter: What did I just walk in on?

Quinn: Donna actually thinks she’s done nothing wrong because you and i are back together. Wow. Wow.

Carter: Wow. Okay, well, we’re not letting them get to us. We have too much to be happy about. Forget about them.

Taylor: We are going to retire the word ‘loser’ from your vocabulary.

Deacon: All right, but I’m going to miss ima. That sad sack’s starting to grow on me.

>>Taylor: You are so much more than a sad sack, deacon. You know, even though ridge moved back in with brooke, doesn’t make either one of us a loser. Of course we’re sad. Of course. You know what we do? We– we wish them well. And we move on, for once and freakin’ all. Okay?

>>Deacon: You just make it sound so easy. You know, I– I should have sought out therapy years ago for my infatuation with brooke.

Taylor: Well, you wouldn’t be the first person that needed counseling because of brooke logan. Yeah, I like to call it loganlogic.

Deacon: I think maybe you could benefit from a few minutes on the couch yourself there.

Taylor: You’re probably right. You’re probably right. But honestly, deacon, all I care about right now is, is being there for steffy, helping her move forward.

Finn: This is crazy. What is this?

Sheila: It doesn’t even matter because you’re not dead. You’re very much alive.

Finn: Then let me go. Steffy, she– she’s gotta know. She needs to know.

Sheila: And she’s going to know, baby. It’s just– you’re not– you’re not well enough. You’re not strong enough yet.

Finn: No, I need to– she needs to know now!

Sheila: Listen to me! You have your whole life ahead of you. Steffy is going to get to be with you every day for the rest of your life. I only– I only have this moment. Because I’m probably going back to prison. So if you would just please, let me savor this moment with my precious boy. Let– let me mommy make you well again, sweetheart. Please, would just trust me? Just be patient. I’m gonna– I am going to give you everything you want. Everything you deserve. I promise.

Finn: No. No, sheila. I want to see steffy now.

Sheila: Stop it. Stop it.

Finn: I need to see steffy now, sheila.

Sheila: Relax, you have to relax. This isn’t good for you.

Finn: All I want is she. Sheila– that’s all I need.

Sheila: No, all you need is me, I’m a nurse! I know what I’m doing.

Finn: No, sheila, I need my wife, sheila. My wife!

[ Heart monitor beeping fast ]

Finn: What are you doing?

Sheila: There. There’s your wife.

Finn: Oh, my wife. Oh, steffy.

[ Finn sobbing ] I’m jonathan lawson

Quinn: You arrived at just the right time.

Carter: Looked like you and donna are about to come to blows.

Quinn: Oh. She is just infuriating. I– how can eric choose her? Donna is so basic, and she has this weird obsession with honey. That bag she took away, it was full of bottles of honey.

Carter: Okay. I’ve– I’ve heard rumors. I’ve heard some rumors..

Quinn: Who does that? Seriously. And, like, I just– why would he choose her? I– I am a successful, self-made jewelry designer with a global brand. Donna barely understands how to send an email.

Carter: Quinn, you are a very– you’re an accomplished, successful woman. No one can compete with that. I even get intimidated sometimes.

Quinn: Really?

Carter: Yes.

Quinn: My coo with a law degree and a six pack? I don’t know why am I letting her get to me?

Carter: That’s a very good question.

Quinn: That is the wrong answer. It’s because she always acts so innocent. “Oh. Oh. Was that me, who was rolling around in the hay with your husband? Oh, I didn’t know. Oopsie!”

Carter: Why is your donna impression so good?

Quinn: Oh, it shouldn’t be. Ugh.

Carter: I know I shouldn’t say that you’re cute and sexy when you get mad, but you’re cute and sexy when you get mad.

Quinn: Really?

Carter: Yeah.

Quinn: I was thinking maybe I was too intense.

Carter: Oh, no, no. I call it passion.

Quinn: Ooh. Carter walton, you are the perfect man for me. What would I do without you? You know just how to take the edge off.

Taylor: So, deacon, right before you came in, I was on the phone with steffy’s grief counselor, and I–

Deacon: I’m sorry, taylor– how’s steffy doing?

Taylor: Um, she’s– she’s hanging in there, you know, um. She’s trying to push through everything, but she’s feeling all of the painful memories and all the painful feelings. It’s a lot. I admire her strength.

Deacon: It’s just such a senseless loss. I– I didn’t know finn very well. But he really seemed like a great guy.

Taylor: He was wonderful to steffy in so many ways, you know? I mean, the fact that steffy even needs a grief counselor right now just breaks my heart. Her and finn were newlyweds. They– they just had a baby and an adorable family. Steffy should be living her best life.

Deacon: She’s very lucky to have you. She’s got all the support in the world.

Taylor: Yeah. Except for the– the one person she wished was here. She’ll never see her husband again.

Deacon: It’s got to be hard having her over in europe.

Taylor: I miss her, and the kids tremendously.

Deacon: Look, I mean, you know, the one good thing is sheila can’t find her over there.

Taylor: Yeah, that’s true. You know, as a– as a mental health professional, I know what steffy is up against. I know she’s going to have to really dig deep to try to find peace to get through all of this. And I support her on that. But as a mother, I’m not even thinking of peace. I want to find sheila. I want to find her, I want to track her down. And I wanna– I want to make her pay for what she’s done.

Finn: Hayes. My little boy, I wanna see– I want to see my little boy.

Sheila: All in good time. I gave you my word. Why don’t we, uh, why don’t we take a little rest, okay?

Finn: Now! Now. Now.

Sheila: You can’t see them now. Don’t you remember? Baby, I told you, steffy and the kids, they’re away. But they’re fine.

Finn: Fine? They think I’m dead.

Sheila: Only for a little while. Un– until you’re better.

Finn: No.

Sheila: They’re going to be so happy to see you when you’re all in one piece. Well, let’s just take a deep breath. All right? You need to listen to me. You’ve got to stop doing this. You– honey, you’ve got to stop running around like this. It’s not safe.-You’re not stable.

Finn: Today! Today! Today!

Sheila: You have a spinal injury and if you keep hurting yourself, you’re never getting out of this bed.

Finn: I want to see steffy and hayes today. I have moderate to severe ulcerative colitis.

Quinn: I’m sorry. I’m not exactly putting my best foot forward.

Carter: I think you are. You’re dealing with a lot of conflicted emotions. You loved eric, and your life together. It’s normal to be mourning the loss of your marriage.

Quinn: Yeah, that’s true. And I mean, eric and i parting, it’s the best for us. I mean, it’s really the best for all of us.

Carter: Everything happened for a reason. Everything we sacrificed.

Quinn: Look at who I get to spend the rest of my life with, this extraordinary man standing right in front of me. I guess charlie was right. True love does win out in the end. But don’t ever tell charlie that I said he was right about anything.

Carter: Your secret’s safe with me.

Deacon: You have every reason in the world to despise sheila.

Taylor: I do. I do. But I can’t let myself get consumed with how much I hate her.

Deacon: Hey taylor, it’s me. I– I know you don’t know me that well, but I’ll never judge you.

Taylor: Thank you. It’s maddening that sheila keeps doing terrible things and getting away with it. How is she out there? How is she out there again? Free to hurt whoever she wants.

Finn: Get off of me. Get off of me. I need steffy. All I need is steffy.

Sheila: Stop it! No! You’re wrong. All you need is me. All you need is your mother.

Finn: No, I need steffy. I need a phone, I need to talk to her and tell her that I’m alive.

Sheila: Would you just listen to me? You need to listen to your mother. You’re a doctor, for god’s sakes. You know better than to behave like this.

Finn: You’re crazy.

Sheila: What did you say?

Finn: You’re crazy!

Sheila: Oh no. You don’t get to behave like that, young man. I love you. And I have been nothing but nice to you.

Finn: Help! Help! Som– help! Help me! Help! Help! Somebody! Help– I– I need help! Help! Help me! What is that? What are you doing?

Sheila: You give me no choice here. You can’t control yourself.

Finn: What do you do? Sheila? No. What is that? Don’t do– what are you doing? Don’t do that. No, no.

Sheila: This is going to hurt me more than it hurts you.

Finn: Sheila, no, no. Sheila, don’t do anything you’re not supposed to. Sheila, don’t do anything. Sheila, don’T. Don’t! Sheila! Steffy… steffy– steffy.

[ Heart monitor beeping ]

[ Finn sobbing ]

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