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[ Finn gasping ]

Finn: It won’t take sheila long to grab those meds. You have to get home to steffy. Do this.

[ Heart rate monitor beeping ]

[ Finn panting ]

[ Brooke moaning ]

Brooke: Oh, I’d could really get used to this.

Ridge: Get used to what? Me taking care of you hand and foot and ankle?

Brooke: Well, that too, but kissing you again.

Ridge: Hm.

Brooke: Hm. It’s good to have you home.

Ridge: I have to be here. Gotta take care of you. Protect you.

Brooke: What?

Ridge: I have to make sure that taylor’s protected too.

Brooke: Of course, and you are. You hired all that extra security, made sure thomas was staying with her.

Ridge: You’re right.

Brooke: And that’s why I adore you so much, ’cause you care. I know you’re still worried about taylor.

Ridge: Still worried about her. And I will be as long as sheila’s out there.

Deacon: All right, doctor, maybe you can explain this to a layman such as myself. If brooke and ridge are each other’s destiny, why is it such a struggle for those two to stay together?

Taylor: Oh, this is an excellent question. It’s not about them staying together, it’s about them getting back together because they break up and get back together and break up and get back together and what is that called?

Deacon: Mm, uh, a hamster wheel?

Taylor: True love?

Deacon: A vicious cycle. Insanity.

Taylor: Yeah. You know what? We were caught up in it too. You know, I– I have to ask you, how you feel about all of it, really, you know? Brooke breaking her ankle and ridge moving back in and them living in the moment. How do you feel?

Deacon: You ask like you actually care.

Taylor: Because I actually do.

Ridge: It seems to me that sheila had taylor on her radar from the very beginning. You know, steffy and finn were married, they had this beautiful family and… I guess sheila thought that she was part of it, that she was part of that family in some way. I don’t know.

Brooke: And it was just so disturbing the way she would just show up at taylor’s office–

Ridge: I know.

Brooke: Whenever she felt like it.

Ridge: Plus, there was that whole incident on the roof, right? That’s how that all started. When they saved each other’s lives. All of a sudden, taylor would let her guard down.

Brooke: Always a mistake when it comes to sheila, for sure.

Ridge: Absolutely, yes. But that’s taylor, right? She’s trusting. Even with sheila, a psychopath like that, she’S… she’s a trusting person and I’m concerned about that. Concerned that maybe… maybe she’s too trusting.

Deacon: I do appreciate your concern.

Taylor: Yeah, of course. You know, I can tell that you wanted a future with brooke, and– and deacon, that– that, that night didn’t happen just because she was drunk. Just saying, you know? Then, ridge left her because she defended you. That meant something. You know, I– I think you probably thought that slow and steady wins the race.

Deacon: All right, get out of my head already, geez.

Taylor: I’m only saying that because I’m living my own version of that philosophy, so.

Deacon: Look, yeah, it sucks hearing that ridge went back to brooke, but it’s one step closer to the two of them being recommitted. What’s that psychology term? It is what it is.

[ Finn panting ]

Sheila: What are you– what are you doing? Announcer: Type 2 diabetes?

Taylor: What?

Deacon: I was just… thinking that it’s nice talking to you.

Taylor: Yeah.

Deacon: I mean, we never really talked before. Not that we ran in the same social circles. I’m guessing you probably weren’t a fan.

Taylor: Aw. I– you have fans?

Deacon: My daughter likes me, but you know then– then again, she’s invested in thinking I’m a decent person, but you… have an objective eye and a psychiatry degree so I’m thinking all you see are flaws.

Taylor: I didn’t say that. Did I say that?

Deacon: No, hey.

Taylor: No.

Deacon: No. You wouldn’t either, you know? You’re too classy.

Taylor: I’m basically a saint.

Deacon: Ah, the saint and the sinner.

Taylor: But then someone like sheila comes along and proves me wrong. But I– I don’t put you in the same category.

Deacon: No, no you don’t put me in the same category with sheila? Thank you, that’s really… gosh.

Taylor: You’re fun, deacon.

Deacon:Ack b ya.

Taylor: Yeah. You’re still dangerous, so.

Deacon: Proceed with caution.

Taylor: Yh.

Deacon: Look, I– I really do wanna thank you though for– just for listening to me, you know? About how I felt about ridge going back to brooke’S. I appreciate it.

Taylor: You know, I don’t think you ever answered the question.

Deacon: What was the question?

Taylor: Well, how you felt. How do you feel about it?

Deacon: I– probably the same as you do. Like loser.

Taylor: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Hold on a second. I didn’t– no, no, no. I’m not gonna let you say that. We– we are not losers, deacon, okay? Say it with me. We are not losers.

Deacon: I’m not gonna say it with you.

Taylor: Say it with me. Say it with me!

Deacon: Is this what you get paid $500 an hour for?

Taylor: Yes. Say it.

Both: We are not losers.

Taylor: That’s better.

Brooke: I know taylor wanted to believe there was something redeemable about sheila at first, but I’m sure she knows now that there isn’T. Besides ridge, look. You’ve got us well protected.

Ridge: No, I know, but why are we having this conversation at all? Why are we talking about you guys being protected? You shouldn’t need to be protected. This– she got caught, she was in jail, that should’ve been the end of it. Why is she out? How did she– how did she escape? How?

Brooke: I know. I mean, who would help her? A guard, no less? I need an update.

[ Phone dialing ]

[ Phone ringing ]

Baker: Ridge forrester. Everything all right?

Ridge: I don’t know, you tell me. It’s gonna be all right if you tell me that you caught sheila and she’s in her cell again.

Baker: Wish I could.

Ridge: How hard is it really to find one woman?

Sheila: What are you doing?

Finn: She can’t know yet,

we’re trying to escape.

Sheila: What are you doing?

Finn: I was just… testing. Just trying to move, but I– I can’T.

[ Finn sighing ]

Sheila: Okay, you know what? Let’s just lay down a few ground rules here. Not that you’re going to be alone atthften, but if and when you are, you do not move.

[ Finn coughing ] Honey, it’s not safe and I’m not going to risk your health, that’s not what we want. We want you whole again. Just let me take care of you. I’m your mother.

Finn: You’re a sick,

twisted, evil monster. Did you get medicine?

Sheila: No, it was– it was too risky. I’m a wanted fugitive out there.

Finn: I need meds.

Sheila: I know you do. I know you do. I called a friend and he’s going to get them.

[ Knocking on door ]

[Indistinct], Right on time.

Mike: You wanted to see me?

Sheila: I’ve got a job for you and my son’s future depends on it, mike. Want your clothes to smell freshly

Deacon: Hey, don’t be so quick to dismiss it. You know, being a loser, it definitely has its advantages.

Taylor: I don’t– I don’t know about that, but– but, please, please, tell me more.

Deacon: All right. Look, I mean everything has two sides, right?

Taylor: Uh-huh.

Deacon: Being a loser, low expectations, you know?

Taylor: Okay.

Deacon: People, uh… you know, they don’t expect a lot from you, you know? You can do whatever it takes, the least amount of effort, nobody thinks twice about you.

Taylor: Okay, so you– you like to set the bar low.

Deacon: Hey, I’m just saying it’s a school of thought, right? You know, I’ve had a lot of time trying to justify my status as a loser.

Taylor: Okay, I’m not going to let you do that. I’m not going to let you put yourself down. Not even in your disarmingly charming self-deprecating way, okay? Okay. So, here’s the deal. Brooke and ridge are together, right? Big whoop.

Deacon: Big whoop, really?

Taylor: Big whoop!

Deacon: Fiddlesticks. Poppycock. Balderdash.

Taylor: I am just saying that– that… I’m just saying that, you know, like you said, it is what it is, right? We can’t do anything about it. It’s their life. We still have our lives to live. We can do this.

Deacon: I can see why you’re good at what you do.

Taylor: Why is that?

Deacon: I mean it. You make it seem like anything’s possible.

Taylor: Well, impossible has the word “I’m” in it.

Deacon: See, why’d you have to do that? Sounds like a bumper sticker. You had me and now you’re back to– okay, big whoop.

Taylor: If this– if this time has taught me anything, it’s not to take anything for granted. The way that we lost finn so tragically, life is short.

Mike: That desperation in your eyes tells me I’m gonna be sorry I picked up the phone.

Sheila: I– I have no one else to turn to. I need your help, mike.

Mike: Do me a favor. Between now and the next time you land in the slammer, make some new friends.

Sheila: You think that’s cute? Funny? Joking when I tell you that my son’s life is at stake?

Mike: And why is that always the case when you’re around? What do you want, sheila?

Sheila: I need medicine.

Mike: Go to a pharmacy.

Sheila: Oh, brilliant. I’m a wanted fugitive and you want me to walk into a pharmacy to place an order? Think, mike, would you just think?

Finn: Mike? Who are you?

What’s your connection

to sheila?

Mike: I risked my career to help you escape and that’s not enough?

Ridge: Please tell me you have some new information.

Baker: Well, I was in the neighborhood, I figured rather than have you berate me over the phone, I’d come and take it in person.

Ridge: I– I don’t, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to berate you. No disrespect. I– sheila has been a danger to our family for a very long time. We thought we had her locked up, except she’s not. We don’t know where she is.

Brooke: You have to understand how incredibly frustrating this is.

Baker: Well, absolutely, for you and me both. But understand, every resource at my disposal is on this case. Cross agency support, warrants granted to track her wherever she may be. No, finding sheila carter is my number one priority.

Ridge: Oh, it’s your number one priority, that’s good to know. Thank you. Did you– when you walked up here, did you seall the security in the yard? Did you see that? You think I want that for my family? You think I want my grandkids picking flowers out there, her grandkids picking flowers out there with guns? We don’t want that. I’ve got my wife in here with a broken foot and we’re just trying to figure this out, trying to stay safe. Trying to figure out what happened here.

Baker: According to guthrie, the lead guard on duty that day, we’re looking at an inside job.

Brooke: Wait, did you say guthrie?

Taylor: You know, sheila has done so many horrific things, you know. Finn– finn is gone because of her. My daughter’s husband.

Deacon: You know, I know sheila– I mean, a little. At least I thought I did. Maybe I was naive. For the first time in my life. I knew she was ruthless. I swear though, never in a million years would’ve thought that she’d be able to kill her own son or shoot steffy, for that matter.

Taylor: Yeah, well don’t be too hard on yourself, you know, I’m a world renowned psychiatrist and she… she pulled the wool over my eyes for sure. She had me fooled. Like I actually believed she was changing. I– I thought that something good was going to come out of her if I just showed her a little bit of love. Boy, was I wrong.

Deacon: Hey, come on. We both were. It’s something else we have in common.

Taylor: But according to you, we’re both easily duped losers.

Deacon: All right. Okay, look. You may have a little impact over there, you and your bumper sticker. Admittedly, I do tend to fall on the negative side of things and I definitely could use a dose of positivity to balance me out.

Taylor: Good, okay, well, fingers crossed you find it. And on that note, I’m gonna go.

Deacon: It seems like you just got here.

Taylor: Yeah, time flies. So, if you hear anything from sheila–

Deacon: You don’t have to say anything. I will call the cops.

Taylor: And after you do that, please call me. Sheila needs to be found. She really does. She needs to be back behind bars where she belongs.

Ridge: All right, you said from the very beginning that sheila had some inside help.

Baker: Mm.

Ridge: So, are you investigating that? This inside help thing?

Baker: Of course.

Ridge: You say of course like something is happening. What do you mean, of course? Sheila is out there running around and we don’t– we don’t know how she escaped.

Baker: It’s under investigation.

Ridge: It’s under investigation. You know, maybe I am berating you. Maybe that’s what I’m doing because sheila’s out there, she’s a dangerous criminal and you know what she’s gonna do? She’s gonna come after my family, so can we try and do something to maybe keep her from shooting somebody else? Is that a possibility?

Brooke: Chief, this head guard, you said his name is guthrie?

Baker: Yeah, what about him?

Mike: Maybe it was a mistake springing you from the pokey.

Sheila: Did you forget about the last time you tried to cross me?

[ Dog growling ]

Sorry, mike. It’s gonna be

your blood that spills.

[ Dog barking ]

Welcome to forrester

creations, mike.

Glad to have you aboard.

[ Mike yelling ]

Mike: No, help!

No, no, no, no! By the time that elevator came down, that dog was eating out of my hand. Nice and tame. Same way I’ve been trying to tame you all these years.

Sheila: I don’t have the time or the desire for any of this. My son is behind this door and he needs his medication. I saved his life.

Mike: Least you could do after almost killing him.

Sheila: It was an accident. How many times do I have to say it was an accident? I am not going to lose him again, so go get his medicine now.

Mike: Do you really think that’s smart, sheila?

Sheila: I don’t have a choice. The entire police department is out there looking for me. You’re in the clear, mike. No one would ever suspect you of anything.

Brooke: Chief, you said the head guard’s name is guthrie?

Baker: Yeah, what about him?

Ridge: What’s going on, logan?

Brooke: I don’t know. Just why does that name sound so familiar?

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