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Victoria: Thank you.

[ Sighs ]

Nikki: Victoria, I just saw your name plate out the door. It’s official. You’re ceo again.

Victoria: Yes, I’m — I’m eager to dive back in. I’m just reorganizing a little bit and getting settled.

Nikki: Well, it’s great to have you back here where you belong.

Victoria: It’s great to be back running the company on my own. No more lies. No more ashland. He’s gone, and he’s out of our lives for good.

Adam: Well, this must be the happiest day of your life.

Billy: It’s up there. You know, this has got to sting. Your plan to get rid of locke cost you half a billion dollars, and it didn’t work. Needed your sister to come in and clean things up for you. You must be in a world of hurt. You’ve got your back up against the wall.

Adam: That’s right, I do. But you, of all people, should know that’s when I’m most dangerous. So I probably wouldn’t push me, billy.

Chelsea: Whoa. What was that all about?

Sally: [ Sighs ]

[ Sighs ] Adam, just calling to see how you’re doing. Wondering if you made any decisions on your next move. Call me back whenever you have a chance.

Jack: Moves and countermoves. Sounds like you and adam are made for each other.

Sally: [ Sighs ] Not sure how cutting you meant that last remark to be.

Jack: No, not at all. Actually, I’m very fond of adam. He’s been very happy these days and not creating chaos lately. At least none that the public’s aware of. If your relationship is a contributing factor, I’m pleased for both of you.

Sally: Well, I am very glad to hear that, because as one friend of adam’s to another, I am just trying to figure out if I should be freaking out right now or not.

Sharon: So victoria is back and adam is out. Just like that. I mean, I know that victor put adam in charge in the hopes of luring victoria home, but I didn’t know it was going to happen this fast.

Nick: It wasn’t my dad’s move to blow up victoria and ashland. It was my sister’s play all along. She wanted to turn the tables on ashland and get him out of our lives for good.

Sharon: So the whole thing was a setup?

Nick: Yeah, she needed ashland and the rest of the family to actually believe that she was choosing ashland over the family. And she played it brilliantly. I don’t approve of her methods, but it worked.

Sharon: Well, victoria is very much her father’s daughter.

Nick: And in the same conversation, vick offered me a job.

Sharon: Are you going back to newman? And if so, where does that leave adam?

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Nick: I’m assuming vick is gonna want adam to return to newman media, if he even wants to do that. Vick didn’t have a chance to have that conversation with him.

Sharon: Why not?

Nick: Adam stormed out because adam’s adam. Everybody knew what was gonna happen. Dad was gonna reinstate victoria as the ceo.

Sharon: Right after having this big, splashy press conference announcing how adam’s gonna take over.

Nick: I get it. I understand why adam was upset. It’s no fun being a chess piece in one of dad’s mind games, but adam knew what was going on. We all did. It just happened sooner than we thought. I think adam was hoping that dad was gonna punish victoria for getting all caught up in this by keeping adam in charge.

Sharon: But instead, it sounds like victor was impressed by what she did.

Nick: Which made adam even angrier. I just wish adam would understand that being the ceo of a major media company is a tremendous opportunity. You know, I’m sure vick’s gonna want mom to step back in as co-ceo. Mom seems to think vick’s going to want me as coo.

Sharon: Wow. That’s a big responsibility. What do you think about it?

Nick: Honestly, I don’t know. I mean, we’ve talked about this, but it was all hypothetical, you know? And now it’s for real. I need to make an actual decision.

Sharon: Come on, nick.

Nick: Where are we going?

Sharon: We’re gonna go and figure this out.

Nikki: Let’s see. Yeah. Your beautiful portrait is back in its rightful place. Your father will be so happy that the painting that he commissioned for you is back on the wall.

Victoria: Well, dad and I are in a really good place right now. We had a nice, long talk. I thought he was more upset than he let on about the whole ashland situation, leaving everyone out of the loop and worrying you all, but it turns o that he was more upset that I kept him in the dark.

Nikki: Well, yes, of course he was.

Victoria: But the good news is, is that he completely supports me returning to newman enterprises. And I’m hoping that you’re gonna resume your role as my co-ceo.

Nikki: Oh, my god. Absolutely. Yes. I mean, I’m here to support you in any way I can. And this is a very important transition for our family. It will give us the chance to all be together, working side-by-side in the company your father built. And I’m willing to do whatever it takes to help you make that happen.

Victoria: Well, dad did mention that he thinks nicholas might be closer to coming back to newman than we think. Do you have any idea why he might believe that?

Nikki: Well, nicholas is at a crossroads again. I think your father’s aware of that. Nicholas is, of course, very protective of the family and of the company. He always has been. But I do think this situation with ashland has forced him to realize that he’s not as effective at a distance.

Victoria: Well, I am glad to hear that he’s primed to accept my offer, but it is a big decision, walking back into this environment.

Nikki: Oh, he’s definitely in a different mindset these days.

Victoria: You know, nicholas supported me throughout that entire ordeal, even though he didn’t understand or agree with my decisions. I need people like that around me with unquestionable loyalty. Now, I’ve decided I am — I’m not gonna push him. I’m gonna give him all the time and space that he needs to make the right decision for himself. But, mother, wouldn’t it be wonderful if we were all working together with dad as our advisor? I mean, just imagine what we could accomplish.

Nikki: All kinds of great things. But we have to be mindful that in the middle of all of this is a dangerous wild card who could blow everything up.

Ashland: Oh. Hello, adam.

Adam: [ Clears throat ] What are you doing here, locke? You know, you have some nerve showing your face in genoa city again.

Ashland: [ Chuckles ] Well, no one’s ever accused me of being timid.

Adam: Uh-huh. Well, there’s no love lost between us. So why are you chatting me up?

Ashland: You know, i understand how you newmans always expect me to turn around and flee whenever I run into one of you. But honestly, I just — I don’t want to give you any of you that kind of satisfaction, so…

Adam: So you came back to town to irritate us?

Ashland: No, no. I actually hava lee timate reason for being here.

Adam: Surely you can’t still be chasing after victoria. I heard about how she worked you over. You really must be a glutton for punishment.

Ashland: No, no, no. If you must know, I — I left behind some personal belongings when victoria and i took off for new york city, and I thought I’d stop by the house to pick them up.

Adam: Ah. Well, she may have already given them to charity.

Ashland: Hmm.

Adam: Or put them out on the curb for the trash collector. Or, hey, maybe she already had a good old fashioned bonfire.

Ashland: I’m sure that’s exactly what’s happened. But speaking of being kicked to the curb, you must feel exactly like that now that victoria has returned to reclaim her rightful place on the throne. Ughh!

Sally: As I’m sure you’re aware, there was a huge media blitz putting adam back in charge of newman, and now with victoria’s return, it’s thrown everything up in the air.

Jack: So let me guess. That relegates adam to returning to newman media so that victoria can take the ceo spot.

Sally: I’m assuming. Which is so unfair because adam hasn’t even had a chance to get his feet wet.

Jack: Yeah, victor has a long history of manipulating his children. His cavalier approach to adam has always been reprehensible.

Sally: Yeah, well, compared to the newmans, the abbotts are downright wholesome.

Jack: [ Scoffs ] I don’t know about that. So I’m assuming you’re as worried about how all this is going to affect you as you are about adam?

Sally: Yeah. I want things to work out for both of us.

Ashland: See, I can just imagine victor welcoming his precious daughter back into the fold with open arms, proud as a peacock about how she has pulled off yet another remarkable coup.

Adam: I’m not sure why you’re rhapsodizing about a woman who scammed the hell out of you.

Ashland: Well, because I have to admire the way she played the game. I mean, she managed to convince me again that she was willing to walk away from her controlling family and start a whole new life together. And the way — the way she so cleverly tricked me into just signing away all the rest of the money I had left over from the deal with your father, which, by the way, was your master plan, if I’m not mistaken. I’m sure she emphasized that with him when she talked to him later. But really, it was the skill with which she lied. I mean, it was just a stroke of genius on her part. It was the kind of deal that victor himself might have thought of, you know? A point I’m sure she also emphasized.

Adam: Well, my sister is certainly unpredictable, but it’s not like you didn’t have it coming.

Ashland: We all have it coming, right? But here we are, you and me. Similar situation. Victoria played us both to get exactly what she wanted.

Chelsea: So what had adam so upset? He stormed out here without even noticing me.

Billy: Adam is having a bad day. I happened to be conveniently in the line of fire.

Chelsea: Aw, and I’m sure that’s all it was. Because it’s not like you tend to give as good as you get.

Billy: Adam is the last person I want to talk about. I would rather hear how you’re doing. Specifically, how are things between you and chloe? Because the last time we talked, they were strained.

Chelsea: Well, my argument with her was a real turning point for me. It forced me to do some real soul searching, and I realized chloe’s and my friendship was in jeopardy. I had to dig deep to figure out why. I’m not gonna wreck my friendship with her. She’s too important to me. I mean, chloe has been there through ick and thin.

Billy: Well, that’s good. Sounds like digging deep helped you figure some things out.

Chelsea: Yeah, and I actually made a really big decision.

Billy: Yeah?

Chelsea: I’m taking a step back from fashion, taking a much-needed break.

Billy: Wow. That’s huge.

Chelsea: And i have you to thank partially.

Billy: Uh-oh, me? Why?

Chelsea: Well, that very mature conversation we had earlier? It gave me a lot of clarity. You said things that forced me to face the reality of things I’d been avoiding. It’s a good thing. You know, I’ve been saying yes to everything out of fear of letting anybody down, especially chloe.

Billy: I know that feeling. Trust me, I get it.

Chelsea: It’s strange, the idea of walking away from something that’s been such a huge part of my life’s work. But I know it’s the right choice. What I was doing before, it wasn’t sustainable, and I have you to thank for it. So in return, I was hoping I could do something for you. Are you tired of clean clothes that just don’t smell clean?

Billy: You don’t have to do anything for me. You don’t owe me anything.

Chelsea: Why don’t you hear me out before you turn me down? Because you might just be interested in what I have to say.

Billy: Okay, fine. I’m listening. Go ahead.

Chelsea: Okay, I know you were surprised when you heard my honest feedback about your podcast.

Billy: When you told me that I wallow in self-recrimination and past pain and that I am dour?

Chelsea: I believe it was lily that used the word “dour.”

Billy: Yeah, well, it probably was, because after you brought it up, there are many people in my life that have now confirmed that my podcast is a downer.

Chelsea: Okay, I also said that you are one of the funniest people I’ve ever met.

Billy: Mm.

Chelsea: I have seen every facet of billy abbott, okay? You need somebody like me to push the podcast along creatively, and I’d be willing to help you out.

Billy: You’d be willing to help me out? How?

Chelsea: You know, set the tone of the podcast, push it along the way it needs to, be a sounding board. I can be a fresh set of eyes and ears, to be honest about what’s working and what’s not. So… what do you think?

Sally: From what I can tell, adam is constantly being mistreated by his family, and now he’s being kicked out of the top spot unceremoniously. Yes, I get that he’s done some messed up things in the past, but haven’t we all? Haven’t they? However, he’s the one that’s always being kept on the outside. He can never do enough, be enough in their eyes, and it is just ridiculous, it’s frustrating.

Jack: There are complicated dynamics at play that began decades before you ever came to genoa city.

Sally: I know. But adam has done so much to prove himself and earn their respect. He’s brilliant and funny and sharp. Not to mention how supportive he’s been of me. I mean, no one has ever treated me with this level of respect and appreciation personally and professionally.

[ Sighs ] Okay, look, I’m sorry. It’s not that you weren’t great until I gave in to my worst impulses, which phyllis was more than happy to reveal to you and to everyone else, but I have fought really hard to overcome my self-defeating behavior. Things I am certainly not proud of, and I’ve accepted the consequences and went about the business of just rebuilding my credibility.

Jack: From where I see things, you’ve made real progress.

Sally: I’ve done everything i could to establish myself in this town as someone to be taken seriously. By showing up, doing the work, and learning everything I could, and it has paid off in ways that I couldn’t have even imagined.

Jack: Oh, I’m not sure I buy that. You have always been a big dreamer from the day I met you.

Sally: Yeah. No, you’re right. I-I…did imagine it. So when the opportunity came, I was ready. And I am really proud of everything I accomplished. I had big plans and dreams. And now that might all be taken away. And I just don’t know what to do or how to feel. But the one thing I am sure about is adam. He truly gets me. He believes in me. And he trusts me.

Jack: I can hear the love in your voice. And I’m happy you and adam have found each other. It makes sense somehow. The two of you have always wanted to prove yourself to the world. It’s good to see you. Nice to catch up. One last thing. Adam is his most unpredictable when he feels emotionally wounded. He tends to overreact. His reactions have been outsized and dangerous. You know, “you hurt me, I’ll hurt you even more.” He rarely considers the collateral damage. You take care of yourself.

Victoria: I assume that the wild card you’re referring to is adam?

Nikki: Yes, of course. And I’m certainly not lobbying for him to have a seat at the newman enterprises table, but he was pushed out rather abruptly, and he needs to feel valued. We’re just gonna have to handle that situation very carefully.

Victoria: You’re right, mom. You are right, and I have factored all of that into my plan. When adam is done licking his wounds, assuming that dad convinces him to come and work for me, I would happily welcome him back as ceo of newman media.

Nikki: And who says he’ll want to even take it? He might view it as an insulting demotion.

Victoria: Well, if he refuses, that’s his choice. But if he stays, it will satisfy dad’s desire to have us all working together while keeping adam in a position where he cannot affect the decision-making for the rest of the company.

Nikki: Well, if he does decide to stay, I worry about what that will be like. I mean, he will just be a disgruntled, miserable presence, constantly giving you grief and trying to undermine you at every turn.

Victoria: Hmm, well, I’m used to it. Adam is just white noise to me now. I know he’s a menace, but nothing to lose sleep over.

Ashland: Boy, you barely had a chance to sit behind that big giant desk and pretend to be ceo before victoria came back and just — just took the title away from you. Oh. Oh. I can see by your expression, it’s already happened. That’s got to be tough. Well, your father couldn’t possibly make it more clear, could he? He never had any intention of taking you seriously in that role. He just saw you as a convenient placeholder. So both of us have been scammed in the same way. Both of us lied to by someone close to us, someone we thought we could trust.

Adam: At least I didn’t get fleeced for $250 million.

Ashland: Yeah, but your dad took something away from you that has so much more value than cash. He took away your power and respect.

Adam: What are you really doing here, locke? You have to know victoria will never take you back. Especially after what she just pulled.

Ashland: I don’t understand why you continue to think I’m interested in reconciling with a woman who just conned me.

Adam: Okay, well, then, if you’re not trying to get back together with victoria, what else does genoa city have to offer you? I mean, surely you can’t be trying to mount a legal battle to reclaim the money that the newmans received. And you have to know that’s a losing proposition, especially after the whole lying about cancer thing.

Ashland: Ah, I’m not really interested in a prolonged court case now, and if I wanted to file suit, I would do so in new york, not here.

Adam: Okay, well, then there’s only one other option. Are you simply out for revenge?

Ashland: Are you gonna sit there and tell me you’re not? After everything your family has done to you? Really something, isn’t it? Here we are in a situation where we both want the same thing. Have a nice day. – Hey honey. – Hey dad.

“The young and the restless”

will continue.

Sharon: I think getting a little fresh air will help you work through this decision without any distractions. Why don’t we just talk about the pros and cons?

Nick: Okay. I guess first, let’s talk about how a move like this will affect christian. You know? My hours will be far less flexible, which means I’ll have a lot less time to spend with him.

Sharon: On the other hand, when you worked for newman before, we had young kids. You managed to balance work and parenting just fine. You found a way to prioritize the kids.

Nick: Yeah. But what about new hope, you know? I go back to work at newman, I’ll be stepping away from something that I put a lot of work and energy into, something that — it fulfills me. It’s work that I really enjoy.

Sharon: Improving people’s lives by building affordable housing is exactly who you are.

Nick: As opposed to rejoining corporate america, newman-style, and all the chaos that goes along with that.

Sharon: But you said yourself you’d be able to mitigate a lot of that and influence decisions, manage the family infighting, maybe even prevent something like what victoria just lived through from even happening. And protecting the family and the family business, that’ll be fulfilling in a different way. And if you do go back to newman, it’s not like all the work that you’ve put into new hope will end. Noah’s been with the company for a while now. He’ll be able to step in and fill in the gaps, right?

Nick: Absolutely. You know, it’d make me very comfortable knowing my son will be there to continue this mission that I started. He knows the place inside and out. He’s a very fast learner.

Sharon: You know, it could be a really good opportunity for our son.

Nick: Yeah, he could take on a much bigger role.

Sharon: You just have to let the vendors and donors and supporters know that the vision of this nonprofit is not changing and that the leadership is going to be in stable hands. Remind them that their relationships are all very important and then gradually allow noah to establish himself with them.

Nick: Well, the way you’re talking, it sure sounds like you think I should go back to work at newman.

Billy: You know, chels, that’s very, very nice of you. It’s a very generous offer.

Chelsea: But?

Billy: But the truth is, I work alone in my room in the middle of the night, delving into my psyche and digging deep on whatever catches fire.

Chelsea: Did you ever consider that maybe that’s part of the problem?

Billy: Hmm.

Chelsea: You know, scratch that. Just forget I said anything.

Billy: No, I’m not gonna forget you said anything because the last time you gave me a critique, you were right on the money, so I would be a fool not to hear you out.

Chelsea: I just think I could help point out places you could have a different tone, you know? Go broader on a topic, get all meta with your listeners.

Billy: Without depressing them.

Chelsea: But listen, it’s your podcast and people are responding to it, so…

Billy: Well, the latest research is telling me that my audience is plateauing, so maybe I could use a little help.

Chelsea: Yeah?

Billy: Yeah.

Chelsea: Cool.

Billy: Let me get back to you. Let me think about a little bit. Victoria and I just have a few things to discuss about the kids.

Chelsea: Of course. Totally understand.

Billy: I will reach out to you soon.

Chelsea: That sounds great. I think this would be a lot of fun.

Billy: Yeah, definitely.

Chelsea: See you.

Billy: See you.

Chelsea: Hi, victoria. Welcome back.

Victoria: Oh, thanks. It’s good to be home.

[ Knock on door ]

Adam: I’m sorry that I haven’t returned your calls.

Sally: It’s okay. I know you’ve been dealing with a lot.

Adam: Yeah, in addition to the whiplash of being in and out of the newman ceo seat at record speed, I had a run-in with billy.

Sally: He’s probably the last person you wanted to see right now.

Billy: Yeah, he’s been rubbing my face in victoria’s sudden and triumphant return.

Sally: Bet that left a bad taste in your mouth.

Adam: And then, if you can believe this, I ran into ashland himself.

Sally: He’s back in genoa city?

Adam: Mm-hmm. Supposedly to pick up his belongings from victoria’s place. But I think there is much more to it than that. I think there’s other, less benign intentions. And tonight’s winning numbers are 18,

Jack: Nik.

Nikki: Jack.

Jack: I really don’t want to get into it with you again about diane. It’s her decision whether she stays in town. It’s kyle’s decision whether he accept his mother back into his life again.

Nikki: And you are determined to be mr. Neutral.

Jack: I know that drives you crazy.

Nikki: Yeah, it does. I hate the fact that she is walking around town here without a care in the world. After everything she has done to people, she’s not suffering any consequences. And now, to add insult to injury, the abbott family is standing behind her, or at least not getting in her way. But right now, I have other things on my mind. Like my family.

Nick: Is that what you’re saying, that I should go back to work at newman? Because I got to say, I’m surprised. After our previous conversations, I did not expect this.

Sharon: I know, it’s kind of shocking. I’ve always been a big supporter of your decision to strike out on your own and get away from the madness of the newman family business.

Nick: So what’s different? What changed?

Sharon: You changed. You’re stronger now. You’re more centered and the blinders are off. You’re able to see your family for exactly who and what they are, and you’re able to accept them. Maybe it’s because you’re older and wiser now.

[ Both laugh ]

Nick: Well, if that’s why you think I should do this, maybe you need to rethink that.

Sharon: No, seriously, though. In the past, when you worked in that environment, it changed you and you became someone you didn’t want to be. But this time, I think you’ll be the one to change that environment because you’re in a position to add some reason and sanity to that chaos.

Nick: You really think that’s possible?

Sharon: I do. This time around, I don’t think that working for newman is gonna take anything from you. In fact, I think it’ll be the opposite. It’s gonna enhance your life. Making this decision for the sake of your family could be the most fulfilling thing you’ve ever done.

Nick: Sounds amazing when you put it like that.

Sharon: Well, I know you, nick, and I know that you’ve already made your decision. You’re going back.

Adam: It’s obvious that ashland is planning something, and whatever it is, it could turn things back in our favor.

Sally: Why would you think that?

Adam: Well, ashland kept implying that he and i are after the same thing.

Sally: And that would be?

Adam: Stripping victoria of everything that she has. Like she’s done to us. So maybe things aren’t quite over after all.

Sally: [ Exhales ]

Adam: Okay, victoria didn’t just take everything from ashland. She lorded it over him. She humiliated him. A feeling that I am unfortunately very familiar with. And ashland, no doubt, he wants to make her pay and he wants to make her life a living hell in the process.

Sally: And that works for us how?

Adam: Well, if victoria finds herself under attack, being pushed into a corner, she will be distracted. She could make mistakes, costly ones that could be capitalized on. So maybe I could help move things along.

Sally: Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t the ultimate goal to create an opening so you can get back into the top at newman enterprises?

Adam: No. My days of trying to prove to my father that I am worthy are over.

Billy: You know, I’m really glad that I ran into you because I was starting to question whether all of this was real.

Victoria: Which part were you questioning?

Billy: The part where you finally saw locke for who he was and cut him loose.

Victoria: Well, that actually really happened. And it wasn’t easy, you know? I had to be very convincing. People had to believe that I still loved ashland and i was willing to walk away from everything to be with him.

Billy: I have no idea how you stomached that.

Victoria: It was difficult, billy. It was, especially knowing how tough it was on everyone that I loved. That’s the part I regretted the most.

Billy: I’m assuming you’re talking about your parents. Well, they are tough as nails. I know where you get it from. So now what?

Victoria: That’s what i wanted to talk to you about. There’s a favor that I want you to do for me. Ughh!

Nick: You know, I think you’re right. I have been heading this direction for a while of putting myself back in the mix.

Sharon: I know, because, like I said, I know you so well.

Nick: Well, I needed to hear your advice and know that I wasn’t crazy for actually even considering this.

Sharon: Well, I’m not saying that.

[ Laughs ]

Nick: Well, thank you. I think you’re right. I think I’m making the right decision.

Jack: I am aware your family is going through a lot right now. I heard victoria came back without ashland, though. That’s huge, and you must be very relieved, among other things.

Nikki: We are very happy to have her home and out of the clutches of that horrible man.

Jack: Well, I’m sure with the support of you and your family, victoria will finally put that whole ashland nightmare behind her.

Nikki: And that’s certainly the hope.

Billy: You know that you can count on me for anything, but what kind of favor are we talking about here?

Victoria: I want you to use “the grinning soul” podcast to reveal the ugly truth about ashland’s cancer scam. I just want the truth to be out there about how he fabricated everything to win favor and to gain entry into newman enterprises.

Billy: Are you serious? Because you were just joking about how you did not want your secrets exposed.

Victoria: I am very serious. I mean every word that I’m saying. And after all, it will be coming from an anonymous podcaster who is not expressing the views of his employer, but he just wants to get the truth out there for everyone to hear.

Billy: But that would also mean that inevitably that would include revealing what he did to you.

Victoria: Well, it’ll be worth itf it closes all the doors on ashland, and it will ensure that he can’t do to someone else what he’s done to me.

Ashland: [ Sighs ]

[ Sighs ]

Adam: Victor has insulted me and used me again and again. And my sister’s loved every minute of it. She’s confident her place is secure, no matter how much I have tried to prove myself.

Sally: So what are you saying?

Adam: That I’m done trying. I just want to see my dear little sister crash and burn. And even more, I want to see my father go down with her. I mean, who would’ve guessed it? Ashland was right. We you want the same thing?

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“the young and the restless”…

Nick: I’m ready to rejoin the team, and maybe this time it sticks for good.

Victoria: Yes!

Amanda: Are we really back to this?

Imani: Back to what?

Amanda: Back to you finding every excuse to spend time with nate, especially when elena is out of town.

Ashland: Ahhhh!

[ Groaning ] Gah!

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