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[Door opens]

Belle: How’s chad doing?

Ej: He’s not here. He, uh, probably took the kids to be with jack and jennifer.

[Gulps] Makes sense. I wouldn’t be surprised if none of them step foot in this mausoleum again. Sorry, drink?

Belle: No, thank you.

Ej: God, that was brutal.

Belle: Yeah. Yeah, it really was. All that pain in one room and just… looking at those babies knowing that she’s never coming back.

Ej: [Exhales deeply]

Belle: Are you okay?

Ej: Yes. Why wouldn’t I be?

Belle: Because you just lost someone you love.

Ej: No. Chad lost someone he loved. I, uh…

Belle: What? What is it?

Ej: This damned house. This damned family. Look what we do to people.

Chad: There was a break in the case?

Rafe: You recognize this?

Chad: That’s abby’S. Where did you get that?

Rafe: Nancy wesley was wearing it.

Chad: How would she get it?

Rafe: Clyde weston gave it to her.

[Tense music]

Clyde: Here’s your cut.

Leo: Wow. I can’t believe you sold all that jewelry so quickly.

Clyde: Every last piece. Though I did keep a bracelet for my girl.

Leo: I don’t suppose you’re gonna pay me for it.

Clyde: No.

Leo: Fine. I’m just grateful you came through. I was running dangerously low on funds. Your boyfriend was arrested? I thought he was imaginary.

Nancy: Could you just shut up, you little worm? Clyde is real, and he just really got arrested.

Leo: Are you sure he’s not just telling you that to get away from you?

Evan: Damn it, jan, what’s taking so long? I need to see my son. You better not be pulling a fast one.

Jan: You have to be quiet, shawn christian. We have to get out of here. And then you, me, and daddy are finally gonna be a family.

[Dramatic music]

Male announcer: Like sands through the hourglass, so are the “days of our lives.”

[Soft orchestration]

Evan: Screw this, jan, and screw you. You’re gonna find out that you can’t double-cross me and get away with it.

Shawn: Jan, are you in here? Oh, my god. She took the baby.

[Elevator dings]

[Dramatic music]

[Cell phone rings] Statesville? Hello? Yes, yeah, I’ll accept the call. Detective brady. Who is this?

Evan: Detective brady, it’s evan frears.

Shawn: Listen, I don’t have time, okay? Call security. Jan spears kidnapped my son.

Evan: She did it.

Belle: You think that what happened to abigail was your family’s fault?

Ej: We’re a bloody family with a bloody history. It would’ve been better if chad never found out he was a part of it. We’re not a family, we’re a pack of animals.

Belle: Ej, you were all at the funeral. You’ve done everything you could to help chad through this.

Ej: I came back here as though I was lazarus. I proceeded to take over his company, move into his house, bring in all my baggage.

Belle: It’s the family house.

Ej: Right. So I had to stake my claim to my share like a dog making its mark.

[Sighs] I should have just left them alone, especially since…

Belle: Since you and abigail had an affair.

Ej: At the funeral, since it happened, sonny, will, hell, even jj, they’re more like a brother to him than I am. God, what have I done?

Nancy: I saw him get arrested with my own eyes, smart aleck.

Leo: And what was the charge? Scamming pathetic widows and divorcées out of their money?

Nancy: Could you just shut up–shut up and just go away someplace?

Leo: Oh, wait, at least tell me why he was arrested.

Nancy: He was arrested because he did something nice. He gave me this, um– this beautiful bracelet, and I loved it, but they say it was stolen property.

Leo: I can’t believe you sold all that jewelry so quickly.

Clyde: Every last piece. Though I did keep a bracelet for my girl.

Leo: Oh, my god. That was clyde?

[Suspenseful music]

Rafe: Chad. Chad!

Chad: Did you kill my wife, you son of a bitch? Huh? Did you kill my wife? You son of a bitch! Fishing helps ease my mind.

Clyde: Get him off me!

Rafe: Don’t do this, chad.

Chad: You’re a dead man. You’re dead!

Rafe: If I got to call for backup, you’re gonna end up in a holding cell. Don’t you make me call for back up.

Clyde: Son–

Chad: Do not call me son.

Clyde: I swear to you, I did not harm your wife.

Chad: Yeah, your word’s your bond, right?

Clyde: I would never do a thing like that.

Chad: Then how did you get her bracelet?

Clyde: I told you, I bought it off a guy.

Rafe: Well, you’re gonna have to do a hell of a lot better than that, weston.

Clyde: Hey, hey. Average looking guy, average height, average weight–

Rafe: How about a name?

Clyde: I can’t tell you what I don’t know.

Chad: Better start telling us what you do know, or I’m gonna kill you.

Clyde: Hey, you better be careful, commissioner. This is the kind of interrogation that can get a whole investigation thrown out the window.

Rafe: Maybe. But facing a judge might, uh, be healthier than facing the dimeras. Prison might be the safest place for you. Come on. Let’s give mr. Weston time to think.

[Dramatic music]

Nancy: What did you just say?

Leo: [Spluttering] This clyde of yours sounds like a real charmer. What does he look like?

Nancy: Oh, he’s very handsome, and he kind of has hazel eyes and–

Leo: And then the bracelet he gave you, what does that look like?

Nancy: It was beautiful. I mean, I loved it, it’s just that I didn’t know that it had blood on it.

Leo: Blood?

Nancy: They say that it was abigail dimera’s, and that she was murdered for it.

Belle: Ej, are you sure that’s a good idea?

Ej: [Chuckles] I’m sure it’s not.

Belle: Listen, I think that you just need to let chad be for a little while. You know, down the road and some time, he is going to need his family. He’ll need you.

Ej: [Laughs] I can’t ever see that happening.

[Cell phone rings]

[Sighs] What? He is?

Belle: What?

Ej: They just arrested clyde weston. He had some of abigail’s jewelry.

[Tense music]

Jan: That’s it, shawn christian. That’s our new home. Where we’ll all be together forever. You, me, and daddy. We’re all gonna live happily ever after. This is the sound of better breathing.

Orpheus: I’m pretty sure I’ve told you how irritating that is.

Evan: Then go somewhere else.

Orpheus: What are you sulking about? Everything’s coming up roses. That password the demented jan spears stole for us is gonna be our ticket out of here. And when that day comes, you’ll be with your son.

Evan: [Scoffs] I’m going to see him sooner than that.

Orpheus: No. No, no, no, no, no. Tell me you haven’t tried to help, that you didn’t act on your own.

Evan: You think you get to call all the shots? Did you forget that I’m holding the trump card?

Orpheus: What have you done?

Evan: I told her to bring my baby to me tonight.

Orpheus: Even she is smart enough to know that that would be a moronic thing to do.

Evan: She didn’t have a choice. I told her if she didn’t bring the baby to me tonight, I’d tell shawn brady I was the father.

Orpheus: God, give me strength.

Shawn: I need an apb on jan spears. She kidnapped my son. Look, he’s premature, she’s not capable of taking care of him, and she needs to be considered armed and dangerous. Hospital security, they did a full search, and they can’t find any sign of her or the boy.

[Cell phone rings] Jan?

Jan: That’s right. You surprised to hear from me?

Shawn: No. No, no, no. I thought that you’d call. Listen, jan–jan, the baby is–

Jan: Oh, he’s right here. You don’t have to worry about him.

Shawn: No, we do. Jan, it’s too soon for him to leave the hospital.

Jan: I am his mother, and I know what’s best for him. He doesn’t need tubes and lights and strangers. He needs me, his mom, and his father.

Shawn: Okay, okay, yes. Maybe you’re right. Just tell me where you are right now and I’m gonna be there as soon as possible.

Jan: That’s wonderful. We’ll be waiting right here.

Shawn: So where are you?

Jan: As long as you come alone. No police, no social services. You come alone, or you’ll never see your son again.

Belle: Ej, no. You have to think about this.

Ej: No, I don’t; I need to get to the station house.

Belle: No, that is a bad idea on a lot of levels, okay, and as your attorney, I have to advise against it.

Ej: So you’ve advised against it; you’ve done your duty.

Belle: Ej, you don’t even know what the charges are or how he got the jewelry.

Ej: Isn’t it obvious?

Belle: Ej, you didn’t tell anyone but me about clyde trying to kill you. He has no reason to want to pay you back.

Ej: Not only did my source tell me about clyde being arrested, he also said that commissioner hernandez was taking the case personally. Okay, and the first thing the commissioner did was tell chad about the arrest. Belle, it’s hit the fan. It’s time for me to pay the piper. Now don’t wait up. I don’t know how long I’ll be.

Chloe: Hi. Where’s he going?

Belle: He’s going to the police station. They just arrested clyde weston.

Chloe: What? Oh, my god, I think my mom was gonna see him tonight.

Belle: Well, you should probably call her. They found him with some of abigail’s jewelry.

Chloe: Ugh, why am i not surprised?

Belle: I hope your mom’s okay.

Chloe: Well, maybe this is the wake-up call that she needs. Um, so belle, the reason I came over here is because I need to talk to you about something.

Belle: Okay.

Chloe: Well, um, last night, brady had a long talk with shawn at the hospital.

Belle: Well, I guess they weren’t talking about the cubs.

Chloe: Well, first he was furious with shawn, but then after they had the talk, he just–he did a complete 180.

Belle: What, he’s furious with me?

Chloe: He’s worried about you. I mean, come on, belle, you’re living here. And you know how he feels about ej. I could barely talk him out of coming over here last night, but he’s not gonna let this go.

Belle: Well, it’s a good thing you did talk him out of coming over here, because he would have found me in bed with ej.

Leo: So they think he killed abigail because of the bracelet?

Nancy: He did not kill abigail. It was that man.

Leo: What man?

Nancy: The man that sold him abigail’s jewelry.

Leo: Did he say who the man was?

Nancy: He didn’t have a name. He didn’t know him.

[Chuckles] But whoever that man is, he is an idiot. The only thing clyde has to do now is he can give a description to the police, and then they will have all those sketches all over salem, and then he’ll pay for what he did to abigail.

Rafe: Chad, sit down. I need you to listen to me. All right? Now first, I think it sucks, you having to come down here tonight, but I wanted you here as soon as possible. I need clyde weston scared out of his mind. I need him to know what he’s facing, and I’m not just talking about the law. I’m talking about the dimeras. Didn’t surprise me when you went off on him earlier.

Chad: You set me up?

Rafe: [Spluttering] Listen. I channeled your energy. Clyde weston has been through this a million times. He’s garbage, but he’s old-school garbage. He’s not just gonna give me anything, okay? So I need everything that I can get to break him down.

Chad: Do you really think that he’s gonna confess to killing abby, that he’s just gonna admit to it?

Rafe: No. No, chad, I don’T. But I’m hoping he’s gonna tell me who passed him that jewelry.

Chad: Nobody passed him the jewelry. He’s lying; there’s no mystery man out there. He–he stole it after he–

Rafe: Chad, I think that clyde weston is scum of the earth, but I don’t think that he killed abigail. Am I saying I don’t think it’s possible he would kill someone? No, but I don’t think that he killed her, and certainly not for a small bag of jewelry. Listen, the fact is, the motive just isn’t there.

Ej: Maybe I can help you with that. I have moderate to severe plaque psoriasis.

Chloe: So you slept with ej?

Belle: Oh, I don’t think with your history, you’re in any place to judge me.

Chloe: I am not judging. No, I–I think it’s–it’s great. I mean, just this morning, I was thinking, belle’s life is not complicated enough; what else could she do about that?

Belle: Okay, again, with your history…

Chloe: Belle, what if sami finds out?

Belle: Sami has moved on.

Chloe: Sami never moves on. Honey, look, I know that the last few months have been hell for you, and lord knows you need some sort of comfort, but this could really blow up in your face.

Belle: Well, I don’t care. I have dealt with sami my entire life, and she can deal with me now. Oh, don’t look at me like that. I feel guilty enough as it is.

Ej: There’s something that I didn’t tell you. There’s a lot I didn’t tell you.

Chad: What do you–what– what could you possibly know about clyde weston’s motive?

Rafe: Well, maybe he and weston got tight in prison. Prison sentences do make strange bedfellows.

Ej: Do you think you could possibly keep your mouth shut until I’m done? You really do want to hear what I have to say.

Rafe: The floor’s yours.

Ej: [Sighs] He’s right. This has to do with statesville. Seeing weston every day, having all that time, it all started coming back to me.

Chad: “It?”

Ej: I remembered the where, how, and why I was shot.

Chad: It was weston?

Ej: He…was responsible.

Chad: And you didn’t tell the cops? He shot you, and you just let him slide?

Ej: He didn’t shoot me.

Chad: Ej, what are you trying to say? All right, this hasn’t exactly been the best day of my life, and the man who possibly stabbed my wife to death is sitting in the other room. So will you please stop splitting hairs and tell me why you didn’t report him?

Ej: I confronted him at first.

Chad: What are you trying to say?

Ej: I didn’t report him… because he threatened to hurt my family if I did.

Belle: At the funeral, I just kept looking at chad and thomas and charlotte and just thinking, this is forever. You know, she’s never coming back, and… I just felt this longing for shawn and for claire.

Chloe: And what about ej?

Belle: I don’t know. I don’t know.

Chloe: Hey, listen, I’m– I’m sorry that I have to go. I really–I have to tell my mom about clyde in person.

Belle: Yeah, no, no, no. Of course, yes. I just should probably be alone. I need some time to think, something I’m not really doing a lot of these days.

Chloe: All right.

Belle: Yeah.

Chloe: Take care.

[Cell phone beeps]

Belle: Shawn.

Shawn: Belle, I don’t have much time, and I’m going into a situation that could, uh– I just want you to know that I’ll always love you, and nothing means more to me than you and claire do.

Belle: What? What kind of situation? Oh, my god, shawn. What are you doing at the docks?

Orpheus: So you thought it was a fine idea for her to bring the baby here? What a good, well-thought-out plan that is. Christian, she’s in custody herself. She’s wearing an ankle monitor.

Evan: Well, she figured something out. I was just talking to shawn brady, and he was telling somebody to call security because jan spears stole his kid. See? She’s on her way here now.

Orpheus: Right, so she kidnapped a kid and is now headed to a prison? I am dazed at the enormity of your stupidity.

Jan: It’s about time you got here.

Shawn: I came straight here.

Jan: And you came alone. You didn’t tell anyone?

Shawn: No, I did not tell anyone. Okay, jan, what is going on? Why are we here?

Jan: We’re going on an adventure, the three of us. We’re gonna sail away from salem just like you did with your parents all those years ago.

Shawn: No. No, no. Jan, no, we–no. We can’t do that. No. The baby needs to stay at the hospital. He’s not strong enough yet. Okay? Listen, just– just hand him to me, okay?

Jan: Okay, fine. Take him.

Chad: Clyde weston threatened your family? Our family?

Ej: Yes.

Chad: And did you take that as an idle threat?

Ej: No.

Chad: Yeah, ’cause I would have taken that pretty seriously considering he had sonny stabbed to pay victor back. Do you remember that? Huh, do you remember when sonny was stabbed? Do you?

Ej: Yes.

Chad: Like when abby was stabbed? But you remember that, right? You were in the house. You saw her. Lying in bed, all that blood.

Ej: Chad–

Chad: Do you remember what I asked you to do for me that night?

Ej: To find your children.

Chad: Because they were still in the house. See, rafe, my children, they’re little, and they get excited, and when they have something they want to tell us, they will run into the room without knocking sometimes. Right, thank god they did not do that when their mother was bleeding to death from a stab wound–from a knife, like sonny was stabbed, like when clyde weston threatened your family. My family! And you, in your arrogance, decided I didn’t need to know that! Damn you. Damn you to hell, ej.

Leo: We were very close, aunt eloise and I, and as much as it pains me to part with her prized belongings, it’s what she wanted. She told me. She said that when the time came, I had to set sentimentality aside and focus on finding quality people who were willing to pay a fair price.

Clyde: So you’re liquidating her assets?

Leo: Specifically, some jewelry. Do you like jewelry?

Clyde: I’d have to see it.

Leo: Not here. The park, ten minutes?

Clyde: Sounds like a plan.

[Tense music]

Leo: Right on time, mister– I didn’t catch your name. Okay, well, for starters, we– somebody’s a little grabby. That’s okay. I don’t mind a man who’s eager. You see anything you like?

Clyde: This stuff is hot, isn’t it?

Nancy: Are you okay? You look funny.

Leo: I’m very sensitive. Just thinking about that murder upsets me.

Nancy: [Chuckles] Well, you’re sure asking a lot of questions about something that upsets you.

Chloe: Mom. I’ve been looking for you. Is he bothering you?

Nancy: No, he’s just, uh, giving me the third degree.

Leo: I’m very sorry. I won’t take up any more of your time.

Nancy: Well, that’s the best news I’ve had all day.

Chloe: Mom, I have to tell you something about clyde.

Nancy: I know he was arrested. I was there, chloe.

Chloe: Do you know why? He had some of abigail’s jewelry.

Nancy: He did not kill her.

Chloe: You don’t know that. You don’t even really know him. Mom, I’m telling you, you’ve got to end this now.

Orpheus: Even jan spears is smarter than you are. She knows that nurses keep track of the number of babies in a nursery and that they notice if one of them goes missing. She knows that coming here in the middle of the night with a baby might, you know, draw attention to herself.

Evan: You’ve made your point. Could you give it a rest?

Orpheus: I must be a very indulgent father, because if my old man ever heard me talk that way to him, consequences would’ve been dire.

Evan: I’m not gonna let her double-cross me like this.

Orpheus: Well, there doesn’t seem to be a hell of a lot you can do about it, incarcerated as you are.

Evan: I can still pay her back. If she doesn’t bring me my baby, I will tell shawn brady that I am the father.

Orpheus: No, you won’T.

Jan: [Laughing] You should see the look on your face. Don’t you know I would never put our son at risk?

Shawn: Where is he?

Jan: He’s already on board. He’s all safe and warm.

Shawn: I’m taking him back to the hospital.

Jan: Shawn. No. No, you’re not. I’m afraid you’re being shanghaied, my love. You can wake up in the morning next to me, and you can watch as I nurse our son, as we sail farther and farther away from this hellhole, away from that bitch you married. And when it’s just the three of us, when we can finally be a family, you’re gonna thank me for this.

Belle: Oh, my god. What the hell did you do to him? My a1c stayed here,

Belle: You get away from him.

Jan: Not gonna happen. Oh, no, you don’T.

Belle: [Shrieks]

Both: [Struggling]

[Water splashes]

Belle: [Panting]

Shawn: [Groans]

Belle: Shawn. Are you okay? Are you okay? You’re fine? Okay, I’m gonna go call 911.

Shawn: The baby, the baby.

Belle: What about him?

Shawn: He’s on the boat.

Belle: What? Okay, I’ll go get him. You stay here. He’ll be fine.

Chloe: Oh, my god, mom, this is a no-brainer. The man was just arrested for murder.

Nancy: No, he wasn’T. He was arrested for having stolen property.

Chloe: That he stole from the woman he murdered.

Nancy: Oh, innocent until proven guilty. Chloe, I know my clyde. He is not a murderer, and that’s that.

Rafe: That is a real interesting story, ej. A man shoots you– has you shot and leaves you for dead, and then when you remember who it was and why and the details, you go to him first. And then, well, when he threatens you– your family, you cave.

Ej: I made a deal with him.

Rafe: Oh.

Ej: I wouldn’t tell anyone what he had done if he left my family alone. I thought it was best. The best way to– best way to protect everyone.

Chad: See, I think that you were doing it to protect your own ass. Even tonight, you seem to remember the why and the how and the where, but you don’t want to share any details. See, I think clyde weston shot you–had you shot not for no reason, but because you were up to your neck in something dirty.N’t hang out with clyde weston for companionship. He knew something about you, something that you don’t want anyone else to know, something that you still don’t want anyone else to know. So you let him get away with attempted murder, not because you were thinking about protecting your family, but you were thinking about the only thing you.

Ej: I can certainly understand how you would see it thaha I do see it that way, ’cause you didn’t want to share this information when abby was murdered. No, you waited till after you found out clyde weston had been arrested. So this wasn’t about doing the right thing. This was about…damage control.

Ej: I am sorry.

Chad: [Seethes]

Rafe: I think your brother’s probably heard enough for one night.

Chad: For a lifetime.

Rafe: Ej, you’re free to go. But be prepared, there will be follow-up questions, you know, about the details you didn’t get into.

[Dramatic music]

Belle: I’ve got him. He’s breathing. I think he’s gonna be okay. We just need to get him to the hospital and they’ll take good care of him.

Shawn: Okay, where’s jan?

Belle: She’s in the water.

Shawn: What?

Belle: She came at me with a oar, and we fought, and she went in.

Shawn: Oh, god. Oh, god.

Belle: No, shawn, no. You could have a concussion. Shawn, no! Like pulsing, electric shocks,

Ej: Belle, are you here?


[Tense music]

Chad: Damn you. Damn you to hell, ej.

Ej: Did you hear that, father? Chad wants me to join you.

Rafe: Well, we’re almost done for the night. You’ll be arraigned and transferred to a holding cell.

Clyde: Arraigned on what charges?

Rafe: Mm. Yeah. You know, the stolen property thing…for now.

Clyde: What’s that supposed to mean?

Rafe: Oh, well, it means that ej dimera dropped by. Boy, did he have a story to tell. Sleep well, clyde. You got a big day tomorrow.

[Door slams] Well, show’s over for tonight. Why don’t you go on home?

Chad: You have clyde weston, dead to rights. You already had the evidence. Now ej gave you the motive.

Rafe: Chad. Chad. Go home. Go see your kids, man. Go see them, all right? And be there for them when they wake up in the morning.

Chad: Would you tell him something for me?

Rafe: Yeah.

Chad: That even if ej gives him a fancy lawyer or he gets away with this legally, he’s gonna pay. One way or another, clyde weston is facing the death sentence.

[Dramatic music]

Chloe: You know what? It doesn’t matter, mom. You can put your fingers in your ears and go “la, la, la, la” all you want. The point is, clyde weston is out on parole, and it doesn’t even matter if he’s charged with this murder. The stolen goods are enough to send him back to statesville.

Nancy: I wouldn’t be too sure of that, ms. Moral police.

Chloe: Oh, come on, mom.

Nancy: Chloe, think about it. Clyde has seen, talked to, and dealt with the man who stole the jewelry, the man who killed abigail. Now, can you say “plea deal?” All clyde has to do is trade the information he knows for a walk. And then the real killer will spend the rest of his life in jail.

[Fireworks hiss and pop]

Evan: He’s my son.

Orpheus: And he’s my grandson, so you can be sure that I care about him too, but right now, he is our ticket out of here, and once we’re out of here, he will be yours. Don’t you get that? Do you want him to visit you here for ten minutes every other week in this miserable place? Or do you want to raise him yourself. Hm? With– with grandpa sitting by the fire in a rocking chair, bouncing the little tyke on his knee, huh? Come on, son. The situation requires that you delay your gratification. Understood?

Evan: Understood.

Orpheus: Good. Good. Good man. Now let this be the last fourth of july we spend in this hole.

Shawn: [Panting] I couldn’t find her. There’s no sign of her anywhere.

[Baby crying]

[Dramatic music]

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