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Here you go. Hi. Hi. You look like you could use a little…help. Ooh. Thought you’d have left for the office already. Now that I’m chairman of the board, my office is everywhere I am. Well, I can see that you’re busy. I’ll let you get to it. Gotta hit the shower. Brook lynn. Wait, wait. What? Please. It might help if you talk about it. What’s there to talk about? You made your choice by siding with valentin. End of story. I wasn’t referring to elq. I thought there might be something else that’s upsetting you. Like what? Like your friend chase. Thanks for the offer, but I’ve already got a towel on my chair. Ah. You’re spoken for. Gotcha. Well, in case you change your mind and want a fresh one… I’ll be right over there. Hey. Was that very attractive young lady hitting on you? What? No. She just asked me if I wanted a towel. What do you think, doctor?

[ Chuckles ] I think there’s only one possible diagnosis. My little brother’s got it bad. Dad, would you tell my big brother there is currently no one in my life who I have it “bad” for? What happened in brook lynn? It’s a nonstarter. Since when? Since she decided to make me a pop star.

[ Indistinct conversations ] Good morning, elizabeth. How you feeling today? I’m making good progress on this puzzle. Well, I’m sorry for the interruption, but you have a visitor. Thought I made it clear I don’t want to see finn. And if it’s laura, I know she means well, but just…not today. Well, it’s not finn or laura, but it’s someone I think you’re gonna want to see. Jake: Mom! Jake! I’m gonna pretend that this is champagne and I’m gonna toast you for successfully fighting the recall campaign. To our once and future mayor. Yes. Oh, thank you. Hear, hear. Yeah, come on. Clink, clink. Thank you. Thank you, both of you. And thank you to the invader for, uh, the editorial support.

The invader wasn’t the only voice of support for you. Once the people of port charles found out what was at stake, they were bending over backwards to — to defeat that recall. Absolutely. I’m so grateful to everyone who stood up for me. And now it’s just time for more action. Just keep going, make port charles an even kinder, safer, better place for everyone to live. Why do I have a feeling you have that planned already? I do. I do. I’m going to start by eliminating a clear and present danger. Does your heart good, doesn’t it? Think of the wonderful future that lies ahead for these happy, carefree children? Never pegged you as the optimist type. We cassadines were put on this earth to shape a better future — not just for ourselves, but for all mankind. You believe that, do you? I won’t always be here to lead the family. I need to know that when the time comes, there’s someone worthy that I can pass the torch to. I know you’ve been having a crisis of conscience recently, which is why you got rid of the family ring. So I… I want you to consider this… its replacement. Thank you, dad. I have something to give you, too.

Since my future as a detective is so uncertain, brook lynn pitched me on starting a new career… as a professional singer.

[ Laughs ] I mean, it’s totally absurd, right? In her mind, it’s — it’s goodbye, pcpd, hello, “american idol.” Oh, and I pretty much buried the lede. Brook lynn wants to be my manager. Yes! Yeah, yeah. That’s the reaction that I had. She wants to pull the strings while I dance. Wait. You dance now, too?

[ Sighs ] That’s — that’s — stop. Okay. The point is, I told brook lynn that I am not interested. Well, I’ll admit that moving from detective to singing, dancing pop star isn’t the most logical career progression, but brook lynn has written songs before. You’re not even willing to consider her idea? You don’t get it. T-that’s not what’s happening here. You know what, dad? Your first impression of brook lynn… that was the right one. Wait. I’m — I’m confused. The other day when I was so hard on her, you convinced me I was wrong. What’s changed? Look, dad, I know you and chase have had your issues in the past, but you don’t need to worry about that anymore. Why is that? Because when it comes to chase and me, there’s nothing there. Really? Now, the way I heard it, detective chase has been suspended for a second time. And just like the first time, he landed in the commissioner’s doghouse for defending your honor. Now, if it happened just once, eh, you could chalk that up as an accident. But twice? Who asked him to defend my honor? Okay? Not me. Do you think I enjoy being the reason that chase keeps losing his badge? Because I hate it! Even if it proves chase still cares about you? I am admitting I am wrong. How is that so hard to understand? Well, as a general rule, the guys in our family don’t usually admit when they’re wrong. Well, there’s a first time for everything. Because now I actually agree with dad’s original assessment of brook lynn. She just keeps getting herself in these difficult situations. First it’s valentin, and now linc. And I’m the one who plunges in to rescue her, and then I wind up paying the price! Some people would call that heroic. Then, again, doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result is also the very definition of crazy. Now, is it possible you’re crazy about her? Okay, if you have such keen insights on what makes people tick, why don’t you just save them for someone who needs them? Are you referring to elizabeth? How did you get here? It was kevin’s idea. Guilty as charged. I realized how badly jake wanted to see you, and I figured you’d want to see him. So I drove him over. And I’ll drive him home. Kevin can drive us both, mom. Please, all you have to do is pack your stuff and come home. Would you care to elaborate on the danger? No, no. Not at this time. But, uh, when I am ready,

the invader will be the first to know. Okay. Right now, kevin and i have our hands full trying to wrangle all of elizabeth’s sons. I mean, don’t get me wrong. I am not complaining. Not at all. My house is very crowded. But it has never been so full of life. I mean, even cameron is — is coming up with excuses to stay over. Aww. I guess because he’s the oldest he feels kind of responsible for jake and aiden, right? Yeah. Yeah. He does. He does. He’s a very conscientious young man. Yeah. I’m very proud of all my grandchildren. I hope elizabeth comes back soon. For both her sons’ sake and — and finn, you know? Yeah. That’s what we’re all praying for. But in the meantime, I’m very, very grateful that I have kevin to help me to navigate the madness.

[ Laughs ] Gosh. You’re so lucky to have a partner to help with all that. The work and — and the fun. I hear what you’re not saying. Look. It’s okay. Like, a lot of people aren’t sold on having a partner. A lot of people don’t have a prince like kevin. For some of us, it’s mostly frogs. And sometimes someone that’s a little of both. Huh. What’s wrong? Does it need to be fitted for you? No. It fits. You were born to wear this ring. It represents everything our family has meant through the ages and will continue to mean in the days to come. So, you — you had something for me. Laura’s working on having you deported.

If chase really cared for me, he wouldn’t have accused me of using him to get back at linc. Linc? I thought that jerk was out of the picture for good. Yeah, unfortunately, he’s a lot like acne — just when you think he’s gone, his back. But this time, dad, I had a plan to really stick it to him. Chase got upset because I didn’t discuss it with him first. Oh. I guess that runs in the family. Olivia read me the riot act about my vote to keep valentin as ceo. She claimed I only voted that way to punish michael and drew. Well, didn’t you? My big mistake was cutting olivia out of the decision. See, I should have, you know, trusted her with my thought process and we should have made the decision together. Instead, I acted alone, unilaterally, and she felt completely blindsided. Maybe that’s what happened between you and chase. I’m sorry, finn. That was a cheap shot. That’s okay. I’d, um — and I’d be happy to share my insights with elizabeth, but she’s made it pretty clear she doesn’t want to hear them. Again, I apologize. You know what? I should probably just take my foul mood and leave before I say something even more thoughtless and hurtful. No, no, no. Sit back down. You’re not getting off this easy, alright? Dad? No, you two spent years avoiding each other. But that’s mostly on me. I did most of the avoiding. Not just of you, but of you, as well. Think of all those family dinners we missed where we didn’t get to experience what other families do. Yeah, say a blessing and then criticize each other until dessert. So if we’re making up for lost time, harrison, please explain what’s wrong with brook lynn making you a pop star. I wish it were that simple, but I came here to figure out what’s troubling me. And until I do, I… jake, you remember what we talked about on the ride over. You want your mother to get better, right? Yeah, of course I do. Why can’t you do that at home? It helps me knowing that you’re there with aiden… and cameron is supporting both of you. And even though he’s away at college, he needs you just as much as you need him. And the same goes for grandma laura and grandpa kevin. We all just need to stick together. Even your mom and dad? What about them? Well, they’re family, too, right? So maybe they could pitch in and help? Thanks. Thank you. So, when the conversation goes to relationships, that’s when I go to the pool. Oh. Okay. Oh, wait. Let me guess. You’re doing a follow-up on that society setups debacle. Why is it so hard for everyone to believe that I actually take breaks? I’m going to the roof, I’m gonna get a little vitamin d, a little sun, an iced tea, and I’m gonna read my book for 20 minutes. So, farewell, ladies. It’s been fun. Congratulations. Thank you. So…what’s going on with you? What do you mean?

[ Gasps ] You had that “I know something you don’t know” look on your face a little bit ago. Oh, come on, now. Tell me. How are things going between you and valentin? Did laura herself tell you these plans that she has for me? No. Martin grey, her brother. Told me laura’s working with contacts in D.C. To have you deported on grounds of moral turpitude. Marty says it’s only a matter of time. Well, no doubt you told marty to advise laura to back off. There’s no point, victor. Laura’s determined, and she has resources. I’d say it’s time for you to find a new base of operations. Oh, I couldn’t possibly consider leaving. Laura’s not giving you any choice. Look, if I didn’t know any better, I’d think you wanted me to go. Since when do you care what I want? I thought we had worked through all this. Certain measures had to be taken for certain people — obstacles — to be removed. And that meant certain other people had to be implicated. Now, all that was achieved thanks to a dashing young french naval captain. You made your expectations very clear. At the time, my compliance was the only option. But things change. Oh. Do they? And why’s that? What the hell’s been going on with you? I’ve had a lot on my plate. Charlotte and elq. I don’t know. It seems like it was more than that. I promise you, it’s got nothing to do with you. What else did felicia say? She asked my intentions… whether I was serious about you. Are you? Very. I could tell you, but you’re not gonna like it any more. Suffice to say, I’ve done everything I can for you. Well, that’s a pity. Not just for myself. Your daughter will be

very disappointed.

Hang on a minute. Okay? My problems with chase are nothing like yours and olivia’S. Dad, first of all, we’re not married. We’re not even a couple. Point taken. But you and I… really aren’t that different from one another. We’re both willful and ambitious. Okay. I’ll give you that. We both wear our hearts on our sleeves, which translates easily into getting hurt… which then can make us lash out and hurt other people, even people who matter the most to us. Well, you and I have another thing in common — our love of music, which was stolen from me first when nelle attacked me and then again by my lying, scheming manager. So you are going to use chase to get back at linc? I thought that chase and i could help each other. I could bring out his talent until some big producer came along, and then chase’s career would be off and running. Mm-hmm, and then the linc would be out of the picture for good. Something like that. But then you know what chase said to me?

[ Gasps ] I can guess. It probably sounded a lot like what olivia told me. “This is all about you.” The whole thing is about brook lynn and her need to get back at her sleazy ex-producer. And in the process, she could also help you. Depends how you define “help.” She wants to turn me into a pop star. And even if there was a slight chance of that happening, it was never on my list of prospective careers. In fact, it’s pretty much opposite everything that interests me. I’m not so sure that’s true. What? Now I don’t know what interests me? I’m simply pointing out that you couldn’t be as good at performing as you’ve proven yourself to be at the nurses’ ball if some part of you didn’t enjoy it. Talk some sense into your brother. Me? Ms. Davis. Looking for a headline? We don’t do headlines at the invader, mr. Chase. We cover the news. Where’s your granddaughter? Too bad she’s not here. She brings out the best in you. Then you haven’t seen my best yet. Look, on one hand, it’s — it’s weird. It’s very weird. But, you know, what’s so wrong with brook lynn believing in you, believing in your talent and — and — and wanting something for herself? Because despite dad’s little pep talk, I’m not a singer. I’m a cop. That’s what I do. It’s — finn, it’s who I am. What brook lynn is doing is for her own needs. She’s doing exactly what she wants for her own reasons. And, what, I’m supposed to just go along with it, no questions asked? What would you do if this happened to you? I can’t believe my parents went behind my back again. So, jake, what did you tell them? Do they even know I’m here? No, I-I didn’t tell them anything, I-I promise. I didn’t answer their e-mail. I know how you feel about them, and I wouldn’t do anything to upset you.

[ Sighs ] You don’t — you don’t upset me. Just promise me if they try to contact you again you’ll let me handle it, okay? Yeah, I-I promise. Jake, before we go, I’d like to talk to your mother alone for a minute. Would you mind waiting in the car? Uh, no, t-that’s fine. Alright. I’ll walk him down, and I’ll be right back. You’re not mad at me?

[ Sighs ] No, baby. Never. Then come home. Soon. Yeah. I’ll see you soon. Tell your brothers I miss them, okay? I will. Bye, mom. Bye. You know, it’s no secret that valentin and I, we have a history. And, uh, I feel as if I have known him forever. But the thing is, he’s still a bit of a mystery to me. Hm. And that should give you a certain amount of trepidation. You’d think it should, but it hasn’t, at all. And — and I think that that is because we’ve both been burned so much in the past. But wouldn’t that make you

more cautious? Perhaps. You know, the only thing that I would say is that since valentin was in the clinic, he’s changed somewhat. For the better or the worse? Isn’t there an alarm going off in your head right about now? You think you can buy my loyalty with a ring? Oh, it is so much more. You’re keeping my daughter from me. Oh, I — you’re holding charlotte hostage. She just doesn’t realize it. She’s adjusting to life in a boarding school you put her in, only you can take her out of. I can text her, I can talk to her by phone, but you will not allow any physical contact, and you expect me to bond with you? So let’s get one thing very clear, dad. I’ve done everything I have for you to keep charlotte safe. But if you threaten her again, not only will you not get what you want… I will cut your throat.

[ Chuckles ] Well said, valentin. Spoken like a true cassadine. But don’t you worry. Charlotte’s life is almost as precious to me as it is to you. No, it isn’T. Or you wouldn’t be treating her like a bargaining chip. That’s all she is to you. And don’t think I don’t know that. Now, are we done here? No, no. Not quite. See, while I’m very grateful to you for letting me know what laura has in mind for me, I now am counting on you to help me spoil those plans. One way or another, our beloved mayor is gonna leave office. Now, if you want to be the son I can trust and a loving father to charlotte, you’ll help me by doing exactly what I say. Laura: Do I have to remind you how valentin fought lulu tooth and nail over custody of charlotte? I mean, really, he has been a threat to my family ever since he showed up in port charles. And now he’s embraced his father, even though he knows full well what victor is capable of. I know. You’re right on every count. You are. Maybe it’s because I know who and what he is. It’s what makes me feel oddly comfortable with him. I don’t want to see you walk into a trap, anna. No, I understand. I do. And robert’s warned me, too. And yet?

[ Chuckles ] I don’t know. I just feel comfortable with him.

[ Sighs ] I don’t know. What is — what does that tell you? It tells me that things are worse than I thought. Okay. I see your point. I probably should have included chase in the process instead of going to him with a finished idea like everything was already decided. That would have been a good start, yes.

[ Sighs ] It just felt like such a win-win, dad. You know, I wrote some really good material when I was under contract with linc. Personal songs that have a lot of meaning for me. Sometimes I even dream in music, and then I wake up the next morning with a tune stuck in my head, and I realize that’s one of the songs that linc owns. He can sell it, he can rework it, he can do whatever he wants to it, and there’s absolutely nothing I can do! What am I supposed to do? Just give up? I’m not saying that. Far from it. Just look what leo posted on his social media. Leo? Yeah. Someone recorded chase singing your song at leo’s birthday and posted it. Leo got the ball rolling by liking it and linking it on his social media. And now…thousands and thousands of likes. That’s how good your song is! That’s how good chase was singing it. Look at this. Let me see this.

[ Laughs ] You’re not kidding! This post has over 50,000 likes. And people just keep reposting it. Yeah! Damn! I’m talented! What I meant to say was chase and I are talented. I’m disappointed, professor. I was hoping that you would take up my challenge to write that op-ed piece in the invader. About that… oh. No worries at all. Just to be clear, no pressure. I just thought it would be fun to read about your perspective rather than hear about it. I see you’re with your two boys over there, so I don’t want to keep you. Big fan of both of ’em. Yeah, so I hear. In fact, if memory serves, you had a hand in bringing them together. Am I right? I did what I could. Well, then consider this a sincere, if tardy, thank-you. Hm. I’m sorry if it sounded like I was comparing our situations. Obviously, what elizabeth is dealing with is so far beyond my bickering with brook lynn. It’s alright. Are there any updates? Elizabeth’s pretty convinced that the only way she can find the answers she needs is to do it on her own. She’s been pushing me away, and, uh… I’m starting to think I’m part of the problem. Jake’s in the car. How is he? At the moment, engrossed in his phone, but overall I’d say he’s a bit confused. He’s not the only one. Ever since franco died, it’s been nonstop confusion and — and chaos. Everything changed. I just loved him so much. I know. I know that franco loved you, too. But I think he would want you to move on with your life and find some happiness. That’s the thing. I-I feel like maybe I moved on too quickly. I understand. Be that as it may, I couldn’t help but notice the reaction when jake mentioned your parents. What about them? Well, clearly, they’re a trigger for you. If you say so. You are the professional.

[ Chuckles ] Yes, I am. But jake saw it, too. What do you want me to say? Where have my parents been my entire life? Absent, missing, focused on more important things. They weren’t here when I graduated from nursing school or when I got married or when I had their grandkids. Did they offer you any support when franco died? They sent flowers, which is more than I expected or wanted. What do you want from your parents? I want them to respect my wishes and stay away from my kids. Cameron’s older, but jake and aiden are at very impressionable ages. Especially jake. He’s — he’s just — he’s alone and vulnerable. Elizabeth? Elizabeth. Is that how you felt when you were his age? Alone? And vulnerable? What are you implying? I’m not implying anything. You said it yourself. The thought of franco fills your heart with love, but the mere mention of your parents creates a different reaction entirely. Is it anger? Is it fear? Forget my parents! They’re nothing to me! Nothing!

For you I wish many things… to see all the world can be. But most of all… I wish you’ll never stop wishing. Kevin, I am so sorry. No. No, no, no. I’ve been waiting for you to do something like that. What? Embarrass myself? No. Look inside yourself. Not to those comfortable places where we usually exist, but those dark, winding ones that make us uncomfortable. What do you know about dark and winding? Well, my twin

is ryan chamberlain. I know a thing or two. Elizabeth, clearly, your relationship with your parents is a source of tur– there is no relationship. I’ve already told you. They handed me and my sister over to my gram when I was a teenager. And when I didn’t turn out to be what they expected or wanted, they washed their hands clean of me. Other than my gram, I have been on my own ever since and never looked back. But have you really left that behind? Or has it followed you everywhere you went? Buried deep? Does that still haunt you? And I don’t mean franco’s ghost. I mean something much, much scarier. Like what? I’m afraid only you can answer that question. But I will do everything I can to help you find the answer. If you really want to help me… mm-hmm. …I’ll tell you how. Look, I know you don’t like when I give you advice, but I’m going to. You need to turn your situation with elizabeth around. Meaning? Just be direct. Ask her what the problem is and see if she can articulate what’s troubling her. For once, that’s not actually completely terrible.

[ Chuckles ] That’s pretty good. Hey, look, uh — tell dad I’m gonna catch up with him later. You mind if I say something before I go? Don’t worry so much about what brook lynn wants. I think you should ask yourself, what do you want? See you around, bro. I remember it was like pulling teeth trying to get those two to talk to each other. Wonder where they got their stubborn streak from. Excuse me. Are you implying I can be stubborn? There’s nothing wrong with being opinionated.

[ Chuckles ] I can’t believe you’re still upset by my critique of the invader. I’m not upset. Do I seem upset? I was just wondering why you chickened out of writing that op-ed piece, that’s all. As I started to say earlier…

[ Cellphone chimes ] I’m getting a text. Oh, looky here! It’s a text from my op-ed editor. Just in time. Nobody makes it alone, honey. You wrote that beautiful song. Chase performed it really well. But it was your little brother’s initiative that turned it into an internet sensation. Now, doesn’t that tell you something? Yeah, it tells me that leo should probably be chase’s manager and producer.

[ Laughs ] Maybe one day, after he becomes the next jacques cousteau or saves the world… yeah. …Whichever comes first. Kid’s got some big plans.

[ Laughs ] In the meantime… I think you have some fences to mend, don’t you? What if it’s too late? Would that really stop you? Okay. I got to go take a shower and change my clothes before I try to make things right with chase. And you need to double leo’s allowance.

[ Laughs ] Thank you. Um, I have to say that, um, I really appreciate your concern, laura, I do. And — and I can promise you this, that whatever happens with valentin, I do have my eyes wide open, okay? Okay. I’m sorry. I-I have to go. No. Please. My treat. And listen. Just to clarify, I am not trying to tell you how to live your life. I am reminding you that you said that valentin was different when he came back from the clinic, but you didn’t tell me if it was for better or for worse. It’s kind of a little of both, you know? Um, when he shows up, when he’s present, he’s very attentive. And more committed to his father. Anna. Love can be intoxicating. Don’t let it rob you of your better sense. Trust. You know? Trust. But verify. Okay. Okay. I love you. I love you, too.

[ Cellphone rings ] Hello, you. Please don’t hang up. I think we need to talk. No time like the present. Hey. I need to see her, kevin. Oh, I’m sorry. Listen, the last thing I want to do is force myself into this situation, but I’m not just some guy that cares about elizabeth. Alright? I’m a doctor. And before you go, “wrong specialty,” just remember that denial can be infectious, too. So just, please, please take me to her, alright? I just want to help. I’m sorry, finn, but elizabeth’s gone. Were you texted something interesting? The latest submission to the op-ed page. I tried to tell you earlier, but I’m guessing you were the star of your high-school debate team. You didn’t really give me a chance. No need to explain. Turns out you’ve accepted my challenge after all.

[ Clears throat ] Yes. Hello? Um, hi. I’m calling regarding a former patient of yours. His name’s valentin cassadine. Hello, laura. Glad I found you. Can I join you?

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