GH Short Recap Thursday, July 7, 2022

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Recap written by Eva

Anna follows Laura’s advice to trust but verify and she decides to call the hospital where Valentin was recovering to try and figure out why he has changed so much once he returned to Port Charles.

Valentin tells Victor he doesn’t want to help him anymore, but Victor tells him Charlotte will be very disappointed in him. Valentin tells Victor that if he hurts Charlotte he will cut his throat. Valentin tells Victor he will help him make sure that Laura isn’t the mayor anymore.

Laura thanks Alexis and Anna for their help in fighting off the recall. Valentin tells Victor that Laura is planning to have him deported for moral turpitude.

Kevin brings Jake to see Elizabeth and Jake tells her she should come home but she tells him she has to get better. Jake wonders why her parents can’t help out, but Elizabeth makes Jake promise not to tell her parents she is in the hospital. Kevin asks Elizabeth about her parents and she gets very angry. Kevin thinks Elizabeth feels rejected by her parents and that may be the source of her problems.

Ned makes Brook Lynn realize that she should have included Chase in the decision to become a singer. Ned also shows Brook Lynn how many likes the video Leo posted of Chase singing the song she wrote has gotten. Ned advises Brook Lynn to talk to Chase and see if they can make peace.

Gregory and Finn make Chase see that Brook Lynn was trying to help him and she meant to do something good for both of them. Finn and Gregory advise Chase to talk to Brook Lynn and straighten things out between them. Finn takes Chase’s advice and goes to talk to Elizabeth, but Kevin tells him Elizabeth has left Shady Brook.

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