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Interview with Jane Velez-Mitchell of UnchainedTV by Suzanne 6/28/22

This was a really informative interview. I learned a lot from Jane, who is a veteran news reporter and activist. She’s definitely the most intense and passionate person I’ve ever interviewed.¬† Enjoy the video! Make sure you visit her free streaming news site,



Jane Velez-MitchellThere’s a New Streaming Boss in Town: Jane Velez-Mitchell

Hollywood, California, June 8, 2022 РJane Velez-Mitchell, award-winning TV journalist, New York Times bestselling author and former CNN Headline News anchor, has launched a new streaming network called UnchainedTV. This network is FREE and does not require any emails, subscriptions, or disclosure of personal information to watch. How does she do this, you may ask? It is all done through her non-profit organization, here to expand your mind and transform your lifestyle. This channel offers documentaries, cooking shows, travelogues, talk shows and music videos. It is a portal to a joyous, healthier, more environmentally sustainable, and more compassionate lifestyle. UnchainedTV has just launched the first ever reality show starring a family of pigs called Pig Little Lies.

UnchainedTV Just Surpassed Its Millionth View

This network offers a radically new approach to capture the attention of consumers who do not respond to arguments or graphic footage. UnchainedTV is using a format that has been proven to engage viewers: reality TV. Let viewers connect the dots on their own.

This is a subtle strategy to help brand the plant-based movement as something fun and uplifting. Psychologists say when people reach a conclusion on their own… it sticks.

With the Millionth mark passed, Jane Velez-Mitchell is proving all her years in media have given her insights into compelling and impactful storytelling. UnchainedTV provides a free road map for viewers to transform their lives one day or one program at a time.

Check out the network by visiting its online hub:

Jane Velez-Mitchell is a television and social media journalist and author, with specialities in vegan lifestyles, animal rights, addiction and social justice. More

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Jane Velez-Mitchell with piglets

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