Days Short Recap Friday, July 1, 2022

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Lani thanked Paulina for making her deal happen. Lani said she hoped she understood why she had to confess. Paulina said she would always be grateful Lani saved them from T.R. Rafe went to see Eli. Rafe told Eli that Vivian was ready to get even with Lani when she gets to Statesville. Rafe said it wasn’t safe there. He said her only option was to go out of state. Eli had another idea for Rafe. Rafe didn’t like it, but he was willing to do something to make it happen. When Rafe left, Eli told Julie that Rafe was trying to get Lani transferred near D.C. He said he was going to move there and get a job. She said he reminded her of his father. She said she knew moving was good for the family, but it was going to hurt. He wanted to dance with her one more time. Kristen was surprised to see Brady at the prison. She said she was hoping he brought Rachel. He said he didn’t want Rachel around her. He asked if she framed him for Philip’s disappearance. She said she didn’t. She asked why he cared. She said if Philip were alive, he could come between Brady and Chloe. Kristen said she wasn’t giving up on Rachel or him. She said Chloe may have won the battle, but she would win next. He said they were done.

Brady yelled at Kristen for what she did to Sarah. He said Sarah was hallucinating. Kristen didn’t care. He yelled at her for not having empathy for the people she hurt. He wondered if it was a good idea for Rachel to be around her. He said they would talk after she was transferred. Chanel ran into Xander. She apologized for telling Sarah that they were married. He said Sarah was fine with it. Sarah yelled at Chanel. Sarah told her to get away from Xander. Sarah grabbed a knife and pointed it at Chanel. Sarah said she had to protect Xander from Kristen. He took the Knife and said Chanel wasn’t Kristen. Sarah apologized to Chanel. Chanel walked away. Sarah said she couldn’t believe this was happening. She said she would never get away from Kristen. Rafe showed up and said Kristen was arrested. Sarah said she wanted to see Kristen. Xander wanted to go with her, but Sarah wanted to go alone. She said Kristen couldn’t hurt her behind balls. Sarah went to see Kristen. Sarah yelled at her for destroying her life. Sarah was glad Kristen was in prison.

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