Y&R Short Recap Tuesday, July 5, 2022

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Recap written by Eva

Chance takes Abby for a picnic but it is cut short when Chance gets a lead on one of Rey’s cases, and has to go to work.

Amanda is in tears as she tells Devon it was hard to see her mother so sick and unable to move or speak. Amanda worries about being alone again but Devon assures her that she will never be alone.

Nate wants Imani to set up a meeting with Sally Spectra so he can talk to her about allowing Elena to get out of her contract with Newman Media. Imani lies to Nate and tells him she made a lunch reservation so they could both talk to Sally but the truth is, she never spoke to Sally at all. What Imani actually did was make a reservation for two so she and Nate could have lunch together.

Ashland charters a jet so he can leave for Chicago today after he calls the bank and they tell him he can’t get his money back because it has already been transferred to Victoria’s account. Victoria gets ready to tell her family how she got Ashland out of her life.

Lily tells Abby, Amanda, and Imani that she is thinking of building a big state of the art hotel to compete with the Grand Phoenix since Devon sold the Athletic club.

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