GH Short Recap Tuesday, July 5, 2022

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Recap written by Eva

Cody continues to extort Spinelli but Spindly invites Sonny for drinks and makes it clear to Cody that Sonny the “coffee importer” is his friend. Sonny is a little upset that Spinelli used his name and doesn’t want to tell him why he is in trouble and what Cody has to do with it. Spinelli persuades Britt to go on one more Society Setups date and assures her that the date will be a good one

Cody takes the job working as a horse trainer for the Quartermaine because he has decided to stay in Port Charles for a while.

Drew tells Nina he will sell her Crimson magazine but she turns down the offer when she figures out that he wants to give Carly the money to buy back her share of the Metro Court from the investment group. Carly decides not to tell Sonny she needs money, but Nina tells him Carly’s problem when he sees her later in the day.

Brook Lynn tells Chase that he should be a singer and she will be his manager but he figures out Brook Lynn is trying to get Linc to offer him a contract and then tell Linc that he won’t sign the contact unless he gives her back the rights to her songs.

Spencer and Cameron get samples from Carly and Jocelyn by provoking an argument between Esme, Josslyn and Trina where all three young women end up in the Metro Court pool. Carly bans Spencer and Esme from the hotel because she is tired of the scenes they cause at the hotel.

Sasha takes more drugs when she gets to the Home and Heart Channel because she feels nervous and she freezes for a few, seconds when she is on camera with Haven de Havilland and (Morgan Fairchild), but once Gladys calls pretending to be a customer, Sasha relaxes and does a good presentation until one of the Home and Heart hosts gives her a baby papoose as a gift.

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