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[Dramatic music]

Paulina: How are you doing, baby?

Lani: I’m holding on. Justin told me how you put the screws to trask to get this plea deal. Thank you.

Paulina: No need to ever thank me. I spent 30 years pretending you weren’t my daughter. No way I’m letting trask or anybody else take my baby away from me.

Julie: Eli, it’s time. I’m gonna dress jules and carver right now.

Eli: Okay.

Julie: Sweetheart, statesville is just a short drive away, and you and I, and all the people that love her are gonna take the twins to visit lani every chance we get.

Eli: Yeah.

[Doorbell rings] Hey.

Rafe: Hey, man. Yeah, listen, I’m sorry to do this, but about lani’s deal, there’s a problem.

[Quiet dramatic music]

Kristen: [Sighs]

Guard: Dimera, you have a visitor.

Kristen: A visitor? Who is it?

[Dramatic music]

Male announcer: Like sands through the hourglass, so are the “days of our lives.”

[Soft orchestration]

Eli: Don’t tell me trask is backing out of the deal. She just signed off on it a few hours ago.

Rafe: Lani’s problem isn’t with trask or with the deal.

Eli: What’s going on?

Rafe: The problem is with the prisoner we already have in custody.

Kristen: I am surprised to see you.

Brady: Well, you used your only phone call to reach out to me, didn’t you?

Kristen: I was hoping you’d bring rachel to visit me.

Brady: Well, I didn’T.

Kristen: Yeah, I can see that.

Brady: Just trying to protect her. As she gets older, it’s getting harder and harder to keep the truth away from her.

Kristen: And what truth is that, brady?

Brady: That her mother has done horrible things and that her mother is a criminal.

[Dramatic music]

Xander: Oh, there’s my favorite ex-wife.

Chanel: Right, your ex-wife with the big mouth. Sorry about the other day. I thought for sure sarah knew we were married.

Xander: Oh, don’t worry about it. She’s fine with it.

Chanel: Really? Like, fine-fine?

Xander: Sarah has absolutely no problem with you at all.

Chanel: Oh.

Sarah: Get the hell away from him, you bitch!

[Tense electronic music]

Migraine attacks?

Chanel: I thought you said she didn’t have a problem with me.

Xander: That’s what she told me.

Sarah: I warned you. Stay away!

Chanel: What the hell?

Xander: Sarah, what the hell are you doing?

Sarah: I’m saving you from kristen dimera. I’m saving your life!

[Dramatic music]

Kristen: So you came down here to what, insult me? You didn’t think I was suffering enough, so you came down here to remind me what a terrible person I am?

Brady: No, kristen, I came here to ask you one question. Did you frame me for what happened to philip?

Kristen: How–

Brady: And do you know if he’s dead or alive?

Kristen: Oh, my gosh.

[Laughs] How many times do I have to say it, and how many different ways? I had nothing to do with philip’s disappearance, and why do you even care?

Brady: Why do I even care? Why in the hell would you even ask me that?

Kristen: Oh… [Chuckles] Right. It’s really obvious why you care, because if philip is alive, he might just come between you and chloe.

Lani: Listen, I–I know you risked everything for me, and my confessing can put you in trouble, so I will tell them that I asked you to lie.

Paulina: Oh, here we go again. Look, like I told you, I’m going to be fine.

Lani: Yeah, but trask is not gonna let this go.

Paulina: Well, I’m not afraid of her. What I’m afraid of right now is that my daughter, instead of being proud of herself for what she did–instead of making peace with her decision, she’s worrying about her mama.

Lani: How can I not worry? I mean, ugh, what you did for me–my god, I couldn’t take it anymore. Like, you understand why I confessed?

Paulina: Yes, yes.

Lani: Don’t you?

Paulina: Yes, baby. I understand, I understand. You’ve explained it all to me. We’ve been over this–

Lani: I tried to keep quiet, and the more that I stuffed it down, the more that tr kept haunting me, and everywhere I went, I saw him, and he just kept reminding me of what I did, and I knew that it would not stop unless I did something about it.

Theo: Maybe I shouldn’t leave today.

Abe: No, mm-mm. Son, you have to live your life. Your sister understands.

Theo: You know, when we found out that lani’s not really my sister, I thought things might change.

Abe: But they haven’t, have they?

Theo: If anything, we’ve grown closer because we chose it, you know? And I know it’s the same for you.

Abe: Yeah, it is. You know, I’m blessed to have two wonderful children– you and lani. I could not love you more.

Rafe: Yeah, so it’s no secret that there’s some bad blood between your wife and vivian alamain.

Eli: So what? What does that old bat have to do with lani’s plea deal?

Rafe: Well, I just got word from one of our prison informants that vivian knows that lani is set to enter statesville.

Eli: Oh, my god.

Rafe: Yeah, and she has made it clear that lani is on her hit list. Now, vivian’s been thrown into solitary, but she’s a–you know, she’s got some dangerous allies on the inside, people who would not hesitate to hurt lani. It’s not safe for her there.

Eli: What’s the alternative?

Rafe: Well, the alternative is that she serve out her sentence at another facility.

Eli: Where?

Rafe: Right.

Eli: Rafe, these are all out of state.

Rafe: I know.

Eli: Then how are we supposed to visit? I mean, lani will go crazy if she’s not close to the kids.

Rafe: Yeah, I, uh– I don’t know man, I just– I don’t see any other way.

[Uneasy music]

Eli: Wait a minute. I think I have an idea how this will work. Time. It’s life’s most precious commodity,

Xander: Sarah…

Sarah: What are you doing?

Xander: That–that is not kristen dimera.

Sarah: What?

Xander: It’s chanel.

Chanel: What is going on?

Sarah: Oh, my god. Chanel, I’m so sorry.

Chanel: Uh, yeah, no worries. I got someplace I need to be.

Sarah: What did I do?

Xander: Hey, it’s okay. Nobody got hurt.

Sarah: Why do I keep– I can’t believe that this is still happening. Oh, my god, xander.

[Sniffles] I can’t get away from her. I can’t get away from kristen dimera.

[Dramatic music]

Kristen: So you and chloe are together, aren’t you?

Brady: How did you know that?

Kristen: Oh, I make it my business to know what or who the father of my child is doing. What, are you gonna stand there and deny it?

Brady: No, I won’t deny it. We are a couple. We are together despite your best efforts to try to keep us apart.

Kristen: Well, it turns out I was right, wasn’t I? All that time you claimed to be in love with me, you were just angling to be with her. Here’s something you need to know, brady. I’m not giving up, not on our daughter, and not on you. Chloe may have won this battle, but I will definitely win the next.

Brady: No, no, no, this is not a war. This is not a battle, kristen. This is my life. How many people do you wanna make collateral damage by trying to insert yourself into my life and rachel’s? It’s never gonna happen. It will never happen.

[Intriguing music]

Theo: Mom’s side of the family is far from traditional. But I saw how my nonno loved kristen and peter just as much as his biological children.

Abe: Well, there’s not much I agree with stefano dimera on, but in this, he was right. Family is what you make of it.

Theo: Oh, we better get to the station so we can see lani.

Abe: Right, yeah, and uh, we need to make one stop along the way.

Lani: I watched you and dad, so happy and hopeful about your future, and I realized that I couldn’t live with this lie any longer.

Paulina: Oh, poor baby, it must’ve been eating you up.

Lani: Do you understand why I had to take responsibility for my father’s murder?

Paulina: Oh, I understand better than anyone. I know all too well what it’s like having that man haunt you.

Lani: Of course you do.

Paulina: But because of you, lani, he won’t be able to hurt anybody anymore. You saved us, and I will forever be grateful. Come on, honey. Oh… you know I’m gonna be the first in line every day when they allow visitors and on some of those days that they don’T.

Lani: [Laughs] So what, are you gonna just talk your way into the state penitentiary?

Paulina: Girl, girl, have you met me?

Lani: [Laughs]

Paulina: [Sighs]

Eli: So what do you think of my idea?

Rafe: I, um, think I hate it.

[Chuckles] But I’ll make some calls and see if I can make it happen.

Eli: Thank you.

Rafe: Yeah, buddy. You hang in there, pal, all right?

Eli: Yeah.

Rafe: It’s all gonna work out.

Eli: I hope so.

Rafe: Yeah. Talk to you soon.

Eli: Okay.

Julie: Eli, was that rafe?

Eli: Yeah, yeah, that was rafe. I was just talking to him about some stuff– just about today. Grandma, I need to talk to you. Why don’t you have a seat?

Julie: What’s wrong? Is lani okay?

Eli: Yeah, lani’s fine. Please, have a seat, grandma. So it looks like lani’s gonna have to spend her time a bit further away from home than we expected.

Julie: Oh, no, that’s terrible. Well, my heart would break in two if you and the twins had to move far away.

Eli: Well, I hope you don’t mean that, because the twins and I–we can’t be far away from lani. We may have to leave salem. And tonight’s winning numbers are 18,

Kristen: What is this collateral damage you’re talking about?

Brady: [Scoffs] You want me to run down a list of the people that have gotten hurt in your cross fire? Wanna start with sarah?

Kristen: Oh, what about her?

Brady: What about her? You stole her life, kristen. She’s an innocent victim in one of your damn schemes.

Kristen: Oh, whatever, brady. I heard that she and xander are back together again, so no harm, no foul, right?

Brady: Wrong. Even from in here, you are still torturing her.

Sarah: I’ve been on the adjusted dose for two weeks, and I just thought that this was going to stop.

Xander: Um, well, they had said it might take some time. Just take a breath. I’d hate for you to, you know, do something you might later regret.

Sarah: Ugh, you mean, like, murder your ex-wife?

Xander: Yeah, like that.

Sarah: [Sighs] No, you’re right. Ugh, kristen’s probably, like, a million miles away from salem right now anyway.

Rafe: Well, I’m afraid that’s not true. Kristen is currently down at the station.

Xander: Wait, she’s in custody?

Rafe: Yes, she is, till they transfer her back to statesville, where they will hopefully lock her up and throw away the key.

Eli: So if rafe can make it happen, there’s a minimum security facility in maryland. It’s about a 30-minute drive from my mother’s house in D.C.

Julie: What about your job?

Eli: Well, a good cop can always find work. You remember my old fbi mentor, billy?

Julie: Uh, yes, of course I do.

Eli: Well, he’s always asking me to rejoin the bureau. I’m sure he can find me a job in a office in D.C.

Julie: Sounds like a plan.

Eli: I hope so.

Julie: Yeah. Yeah, I hope it all works out. Well, I’ll get jules and carver–

Eli: Oh, grandma…

Julie: It just–I knew I was going to be saying goodbye to lani today. I… I didn’t expect I’d be losing you and the twins too.

Paulina: Mm.

Abe: Oh.

Paulina: [Chuckles]

Abe: Can I get in on this?

Paulina: Oh, abraham! Oh, no, no–abraham, now, uh-uh. Don’t you start crying now. We’ve already finished with that part already.

Lani: And, dad, I am not going that far, and it’s not forever. So save your tears.

Abe: What if I told you these were happy tears?

Lani: [Laughs]

Abe: Well, before you go, could I get you to sign these papers for me?

Lani: What is it?

[Dramatic music]

Oh, my god.

Paulina: What? Wh–what? What is this all about?

Lani: Dad, are you serious?

Paulina: Abe?

Lani: You wanna adopt me?

Paulina: Oh!

[Both chuckle]

Abe: You’re my daughter in every way that counts. I just– I just wanna make it legal.

When moderate to severe

ulcerative colitis persists…

Brady: Thanks to the drug that you injected sarah with– not to mention the extra dose that your friend gwen gave her– she’s having hallucinations still. You know, she had an episode the other day where she attacked victor.

Kristen: Well, you don’t have to be hallucinating to wanna do that.

Brady: This is not a joke.

Kristen: [Sighs] I am just saying that your grandfather has always had a way of bringing out violent impulses.

Brady: [Sighs] You just don’t get it, do you? You can’t take responsibility for your actions.

Kristen: Well, I’m in here, aren’t I?

Brady: But you have zero empathy for the people that you hurt, and I have to think long and hard as to whether it’s even a good idea for you to see rachel ever again.

Kristen: You don’t get to decide that. I am her mother, brady.

Brady: [Sighs]

Kristen: What is this?

Brady: This is a valentine that your daughter made for her mother.

Kristen: [Sighs] You–you’re about 4 1/2 months late, brady.

Brady: I didn’t know where to send it. I held onto it so I could get it to you.

[Tender music]

Kristen: [Laughs] “Will you be my valentine, mommy? I love you, and I miss you.”

Brady: After they transfer you to statesville, we’ll talk again.

Xander: Oh, no, where are you going?

Sarah: To see kristen.

Xander: Oh, I don’t think that’s a very good idea.

Sarah: She and gwen are the reason I’m like this.

Xander: At least let me come with you.

Sarah: No. I need to do this alone.

Xander: You know how dangerous she can be.

Sarah: She’s locked up. There are guards and iron bars between us. There’s nothing she can do to hurt me anymore.

Xander: But what about what you can do to her?

Julie: You know, even now, when I look at you, I see traits of your father. You have–you have david’s slow, wonderful smile, and–and the way you love, eli–so fiercely and so true.

Eli: He must’ve got that from you.

Julie: My son, david, was so young when his life was cut short. But then– then you came to salem. What a gift. What a wonderful gift for me.

Eli: For me too.

Julie: [Chuckles] Almost like having another son. Of course, I didn’t raise you, and valerie did this terrific job because you’re an extraordinary fella, and we really bonded, didn’t we?

Eli: Yeah.

[Chuckles] Yeah, pretty much.

Julie: [Laughs] Pretty much. And we’re so completely different, but we’re kindred spirits, and even if we disagree about things–important things–I know that you know we’re always on each other’s team.

Eli: Like right now.

Julie: Like right now. All I wanna do is lock you in a box and keep you in salem forever.

Eli: [Laughs]

Julie: I’m not gonna do it… ’cause you leaving is right. It’s what’s right for your family.

[Dramatic music]

[Crying] It’s gonna hurt like hell to let you go.


Chanel: Hey, you.

Theo: Hey, chanel.

Chanel: Hey. What’s going on in there?

Theo: Um, my dad brought a surprise for lani: Adoption papers.

Chanel: Really?

Theo: Yeah, he wants to make it official. He’s gonna ask your sister to be his lawful daughter, which means that she’s gonna be my sister again too.

Chanel: She was always your sister.

Theo: Yeah.

Chanel: So what does that make us?

Theo: [Chuckles] Uh, family.

Chanel: Family.

Theo: [Chuckles]

Lani: I–I had no idea you were doing this.

Abe: Well, it was kind of a last-minute thing, and–

Lani: [Laughs]

Abe: So, um…

[Sniffles] If you would just sign this, and I will file it with the county clerk, and we’ll be good to go.

Lani: [Chuckles] It’s already a done deal in my heart, dad.

Abe: [Chuckles]

Lani: Let the record show that I am your daughter.

[Both laugh]

Paulina: Amen!

Lani: [Laughing] Um… there’s one other thing that needs to be made right before I go. I have made it a point to always let you know that tamara would always be my mother, and that you would just be my auntie P. But now I’ve seen all that you have done for me and all the sacrifices that you have made for me, and I can say for sure now that you are my mother too.


Julie: Okay, no more maudlin moments.

Eli: [Chuckles]

Julie: Time to get you and the twins ready to go to the police station to be with lani.


Eli: Uh, grandma, I’m not ready yet.

Julie: Oh, why not?

Eli: I’d like to spend a few more moments with a woman I love and admire–my hero.

Julie: [Chuckles]

[Record scratches]

[Old blues music plays]

Eli: Grandma? One last dance before I go?

[Both laugh]

Julie: Why, of course, sir. Glad you picked a slow one.

[Both laugh] I think this is one of david’s favorites.

Eli: I picked it out of the collection you gave me when I first came to salem.

Julie: Perfect. I’m gonna miss you… a lot.

Eli: I’m gonna miss you too. But hey, I’ll be back before you know it, and you and doug better visit.

Julie: [Laughs] Visit? Visit–my gosh. We’re gonna be the houseguests from hell–never leave.

[Both laugh]

Eli: Well, I’m looking forward to it, because I want you to be a part of jules and carver’s lives.

Julie: Don’t say another thing. I’ll start crying again.

Eli: You and me both, grandma. I love you.

Julie: I love you so…

Singer: Come home, yeah!

You got to come home, home

come home announcer: Type 2 diabetes?

Paulina: You made a couple of slips and called me mama, but this isn’t that, is it? This is–this is for real? You really think of me as your mama?

Lani: Since the day I was born, you have tried to protect me and keep me safe even when I didn’t know it, and that is what a mother does. You sacrificed your own happiness for mine. You fought for me, and I am so thankful to have you in my life. I love you, mama.

Paulina: I love you too, baby.

Lani: [Chuckles]


Paulina: Oh, baby.

Lani: [Sniffling]

[Dramatic music]

Sarah: Looks like somebody finally has a heart.

Chanel: [Sighs]

Lani: Thank you for being here. I love you two so much.

Chanel: I love you, too, and I hear congratulations are in order–for all of you.

Abe: Oh, thank you. Thank you, chanel.

Lani: Turns out this day isn’t all that bad.

Eli: Did I miss some good news?

Lani: Uh, dad surprised me. Um, he’s adopting me.

Julie: No kidding?


Abe: Yeah, it’s–she’s already my daughter, and we’re gonna make it official–again.

Lani: Pretty great, huh? And how lucky am I?

Julie: Oh, I think it’s clear that abe has gotten the good end of the deal.


Abe: Oh, yeah, you don’t have to tell me.

Eli: That’s–that’s good news. Nah, I’m sorry, that’s great news. But I have some news as well.

Trelegy for copd.

Paulina: Just give me five minutes alone in a room with this vivian alamain, and we’ll see–we’ll see if she still wants to mess with our daughter.

Eli: As entertaining as that sounds, I’m afraid lani going to statesville is not an option.

Lani: Wait, what? Then where am I going?

Eli: There’s a minimum security facility in maryland. Rafe’s trying to work out a transfer.

Abe: Maryland?

Eli: It’s a short drive from my mother’s house. Baby, if rafe can make this happen, the twins and I are going with you.

Lani: You’re gonna–you’re gonna move to D.C.?

Paulina: With the twins?

Lani: Honey, should– shouldn’t we talk about this before you decide on it?

Rafe: It’s done.

Eli: You got the approval?

Rafe: I did, yeah. Lani can serve out her sentence at the facility in maryland, and well, as far as prisons go, it’s a nice, safe place.

Lani: I can’t believe you are doing this for me.

Eli: Lani, everything that I do is for you.

Lani: [Sighs]

Rafe: Hey, I’m glad it worked out for you.

[Indistinct] It’s a drag to be losing two of my best cops, though… and my best friends.

Lani: Thank you, boss.

Rafe: Yeah. Hey, you take care of yourself, all right?

Lani: Mm-hmm.


Eli: I’m gonna miss you.

Rafe: Yeah, man. Same here. Go ahead.

Sarah: Thanks to you and your partner in crime, I’ve been seeing your face all over town.

Kristen: Mm, I heard about your hallucinations.

Sarah: You destroyed my life, kristen. I’m doing everything I can to get it back.

Kristen: Good luck with that.

Sarah: [Chuckles] Well, at least I know that the real you is in here, and you can’t hurt anyone else. I hope they never let you out.

[Door clicks shut]

Rafe: Well, I will let you all say your goodbyes, and I’ll ask detective grant to take you to transport, all right?

Eli: Thank you.

Rafe: Yeah.

Lani: Thank you.

Rafe: All right.

Julie: You’re the last person in the world that even needs to hear this– but you must be strong for your husband, for your babies.

Lani: I will do my best, and if I start to wear down, I’ll just ask myself, “what would julie do?”


Julie: What a great notion. Do you suppose we could make that a rule for everybody to follow?

[Laughter] I love you so.

Lani: I love you.


Chanel: I just got used to having a big sister around.

Theo: I know what you mean.

Lani: [Sniffles]

[Sighs] You’ll still have a big sister, and don’t think that I’m not gonna be calling you both and giving you grief and asking you all the annoying questions about your love life.


Chanel: Oh, girl, don’t even.

[Both siffling]

Lani: Make me proud, you two, okay? Come here. I know we just made it official–

[Chuckles] But I–I really don’t know what I would’ve done if I didn’t have you these past few years.

[Both laugh]

Abe: Oh… you know, I, um… I suspect–I know that you would’ve done all right. You’re a wonder. You’re a wonder, lani, and uh, my world is a better place because you’re in it, and I love you.

[Sniffles] I love you forever… and a day.

Lani: [Sniffles] I love you, too, dad. I love you so much.

Abe: Oh…

Lani: [Sniffles]

Abe: I know I don’t have to tell you this, but take care of my little girl, all right?

Eli: There’s nothing more I’d rather do.

Paulina: And if you don’t, you’re gonna have to answer to me too.

Eli: [Chuckles] Yeah, I’ve been listening to you ever since you came to salem, paulina.

Paulina: [Laughs] A man who knows his place– he’s a keeper.


Lani: Don’t I know it?

Paulina: [Laughs]

Paulina: Lani, I–

[Both sigh]

Lani: There’s something new– paulina price, speechless.

Paulina: Ooh, I got plenty of words, little girl.

Lani: [Laughs]

Paulina: It’s just that none of them change the fact that this all ends in us saying goodbye.

Lani: Yeah.

Paulina: Could you just– could you say it–say it for me one more time? Just, you know, say it slow, but I know you mean it.

Lani: Mom.

Paulina: Yeah, could you say it louder?

Lani: Mom, mom, mom.


Paulina: Oh…

Lani: I love you, mom.

Paulina: Oh, I love you too. Oh, I love you so much, lani, and I’m just–I’m so–I’m so proud of you every second of every day! And just know that I promise– I promise I’m gonna see you. I’m gonna see you. I’m gonna see you soon.

Abe: You know, we’ll all– we’ll all get through this together.

Lani: [Sniffling] Yeah.

[Sighs] Oh, my sweet carver and jules. Ah, look at you two. My babies, mama’s going on a little trip, okay? But daddy promises to bring you to see me as soon as he can, okay? And I will never, ever stop thinking of you, and even when we’re apart, we’re gonna be together, okay? Right here. Right here. I love you, my angels. Mama loves you so much. I love you. Okay, okay. I love you. I love you.

Paulina: Hello.

[Baby talk]

Eli: Ready?

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