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Theo:You didn’t have to buy my coffee.

Chanel: Well, I owe you. I didn’t wanna be alone with big mama all the way to o’hare.

Theo: [Chuckles] You know, I didn’t mind going. Big mama’s–she’s funny. Everything she thinks comes straight out of her mouth.

Chanel: Mm-hmm, and she wants to be in everybody’s business, especially mine. I don’t think she’s ready for a fluid granddaughter.

Theo: You know, I don’t think my folks are ready for a kid on the spectrum, but I think it worked out. They got used to it.

Chanel: Thanks for saying that.

[Sighs] I got enough to worry about right now. We both do.

Theo: [Sighs] I still can’t believe that lani, at our dad’s wedding, stood up and said that she was the one who shot that guy.

Chanel: Yeah, I knew something was bothering her, but I didn’t think it was that.

Theo: How’s paulina taking it?

Chanel: [Sighs] It’s killing her that she couldn’t protect lani. That’s why I said I’d take big mama to the airport. Her and abe deserve at least one morning together. That’s probably all the honeymoon they’re gonna get.

[Both moaning]

Abe: [Chuckles]

Paulina: [Sighs] Ooh, I woke up this morning, and for a minute, I thought that our wedding was just a dream, and then I saw you beside me.

[Both laugh] Oh, I feel truly blessed, abraham.

Abe: Oh. Two dreams came true in the park yesterday.

Paulina: [Laughs] Oh, look, this is our first morning as married people, and your breakfast is already on the table!

Abe: Oh, cooked, huh?

Paulina: Uh-huh, indeed I did. My world-famous omelets.

Abe: Uh…

Paulina: Voil!

Abe: Yeah, they, uh–they look great. They look great.

Paulina: [Chuckles]

Abe: All right. Let’s see here.

Paulina: Uh-huh. [Chuckles]

Abe: The proof is in the egg.

Paulina: [Laughs]

Abe: Mmm.

Paulina: Mmm– oh, that’s terrible! Mm-mm!

[Gags] It’s all dried out! I must’ve cooked it too long.

Abe: [Chuckling]

Paulina: Oh. Ooh. Oh, no.

Abe: It’s all right. It’s all right. Your mind is on lani, and so is mine.

Paulina: Oh, abe. Oh, I worked her whole life to protect her from ray coates, and he got to her anyway! Oh, abe, what’s gonna happen to my little girl?


Julie: So tell me about lani. How is she holding up?

Eli: She’s strong.

Julie: I know that.

Eli: And she has justin for a lawyer.

Julie: And he’s the best.

Eli: Yeah, but he has to get the da to agree to a plea deal, and I’m praying that he can keep lani from doing any prison time.

Julie: Every single person at that wedding was ready to take a vow of silence about her confession. She did not have to go to the police and turn herself in.

Eli: I told her that.

Julie: Well, she should’ve listened to you.

Eli: Yeah, she should’ve, but she figured she has to go through this to get past it. My wife’s a better person than I am.

Julie: Don’t say that, sweetheart.

Eli: Justin has to cut that deal for her.

Julie: With melinda trask.

Eli: Yeah, I know, grandma. I know.

Justin: Thank you for making time for me today. I just wanna finalize lani’s plea agreement before the hearing today.

Melinda: Sit down.

Justin: Thank you. I thought we made some real progress last night on the phone. Let’s see here–one count of involuntary manslaughter, two to three years, minimum security facility. I’m pretty sure the judge will sign off on this.

Melinda: Maybe she will, but I won’T.

Justin: That’s not what you said last night.

Melinda: I know what I said. But then I gave it more thought. Lani grant shot her own father to death–an unarmed man who had done nothing to her. If you think I’m gonna let her skate, then you don’t know me that well.

[Door clicks open]

Lani: What’s up, pete?

Pete: You have a visitor.

Lani: That’s why they brought me down? Who is it?

Kristen as susan: Hey, it’s me! [Laughs] Ooh, wait, you know, I know this is a surprise, and I know you don’t know me from a bale of hay, but, detective lani price, I need to talk to you.

Lani: Why?

Kristen as susan: I had me one of my premonitions.

Lani: About me? What? What is it?

Kristen as susan: Well, something told me that you needed to see your best friend.

Lani: Kristen?

Male announcer: Like sands through the hourglass, so are the “days of our lives.”

[Soft orchestration]

Justin: If this is your idea of a joke, it’s not funny.

Melinda: I’m not known for my sparkling sense of humor.

Justin: [Chuckles] Ray coates may not have done anything directly to lani on the day that he died, but lani’s husband had just remembered that it was ray who shot him. So lani left eli’s hospital room and went directly to her mother’s apartment, where she found her father lying on the ground unconscious. For all she knew, abe was dead, and her mother was next.

Melinda: Okay, save all of this for your summation. Detective grant should’ve arrested coates and run him in. You know I’m right.

Justin: Which is why I agreed to two to three years. Look, detective grant turned herself in.

Melinda: Yeah, took her long enough.

Justin: She is a decorated police officer with a spotless record.

Melinda: Spotless? Are you kidding me?

Justin: I went over it last night!

Melinda: Some things don’t make it on the record. Things get whitewashed.

Justin: Are you talking about stefan dimera? You know damn well that lani only fired that shot because vivian alamain pulled a gun on her. Stefan took that shot for his mother. Ia ruled that it was a clean shoot.

Melinda: This isn’t about stefan dimera. I’m talking about detective grant and what she did for her friend kristen dimera.

Lani: You do realize you’re in a building full of cops, kristen?

Kristen: Yeah, but the getup fooled you, didn’t it?

Lani: It won’t fool them. You used the same getup to walk out of here. You think they don’t remember that?

Kristen: Seems to me you need to worry about yourself.

Lani: I am. I’m scared to death.

Kristen: I know you are. I heard that coates guy shot eli. There was no way I was gonna leave you in here to deal with this alone.

Lani:Ot with it alone.

Kristen: You got me out of here once, and now I’m gonna return the favor.

Lani: Wait, what?

Kristen: Mm-hmm. Everything is all set, and that is no joke. By tonight, you won’t have to worry about spending one minute behind bars.

Abe: Oh, waffles. My favorite.

Paulina: They’re frozen, and the syrup is sugar-free.

Abe: Ah, don’t worry about it. You know, I am having as hard a time getting into the spirit of the honeymoon as you are. But in every way that counts, lani is our daughter.

Paulina: Oh, abe. She is, isn’t she?

[Knocking at door] Mm, now who could that be?

Abe: Don’t know.

Paulina: [Coughs] You?

Abe: Beth? What are you doing here?

Paulina: I thought you left town.

Beth: I heard about what happened to lani. I had to come back. I had to tell her how sorry I am.

Abe: About what?

Beth: For not stopping ray coates when I could have. I have moderate to severe plaque psoriasis.

Chanel: [Sighs] You finding anything?

Theo: Bunch of stuff about lani’s arrest. Nothing about her getting a deal.

Chanel: Yeah, me too.

Theo: Maybe we just give it a little while. My dad said the hearing’s not even until this afternoon. Look, I’m worried about her too. But the press isn’t gonna have anything to report until the da signs off on a deal.

Chanel: You’re right. You’re better at these things than I am.

Theo: No, I just know salem better than you do. But I’m just as worried about her as you are. That little thing olivia did, getting everybody together down at the station to show our support for lani? It meant a lot to her.

Chanel: It did. I could tell.

Theo: And even with everything that happened, yesterday was amazing. First day that salem had ever celebrated juneteenth, and your mom and my dad were the ones who did it.

Chanel: They did.

Theo: And the wedding was great, including your catch of the bouquet.

Chanel: Uh, just because I caught that thing doesn’t mean I have to be the next person to get married.

Theo: No, but you could be. You just have to decide which twin you wanna spend your life with.

Eli: Grandma, jules is probably gonna be a handful. I’ve had trouble getting her down. Lani’s the one who had the magic touch with that.

Julie: Now, sweetheart, I want you to remember justin is as good as it gets, and I want you to be confident, and I want you to forget about blaming yourself for letting lani turn herself into the police.

Eli: It’s not only that, grandma.

Julie: What do you mean?

Eli: Look, when I remembered that it was tr that shot me, I blurted it out to lani when I should’ve kept my mouth shut and called rafe.

Julie: You had just come out of a coma, sweetheart.

Eli: Yeah, but I told her right before she went to paulina’s house and shot tr.

Julie: Well, you had no control over that.

Eli: Grandma, there’s more. I was okay letting paulina go to prison for lani.

Julie: You were trying to protect your family, darling.

Eli: So was lani. She confessed because she wants the kids to be able to have a mother that they can look up to. I gotta get to the precinct.

Julie: Okay.

Eli: Grandma, thank you for watching the kids on such short notice. I know you got a lot going on.

Julie: Don’t even think about me. You go and see lani, and be sure to tell justin that he’s got to get the best deal he possibly can for her out of melinda trask.

Eli: Thank you.

[Door clicks shut]

Justin: What does kristen dimera have to do with this?

Melinda: Surely you haven’t forgotten that kristen stabbed your uncle victor and escaped custody. She didn’t do that on her own. She was aided and abetted by her friend, detective grant.

Justin: Where did you get that?

Melinda: If you really didn’t know about it, it’s because abe carver made sure the police department closed ranks around the person he believed was his daughter.

Justin: [Sighs] Where’s your proof?

Melinda: Oh, I can prove it. Trust me. Spotless record, you say. It has more spots than a freakin’ dalmatian. Detective grant has been taking the law into her own hands whenever she feels like it, and she’s been getting away with it. But that is going to stop today.

Lani: You gotta get out of here while you still can. It is not your job to save me.

Kristen: Oh, so you’re gonna let the da railroad you?

Lani: No, I’m not. I hired justin. He is trying to get the charges reduced to involuntary manslaughter with the minimum sentence.

Kristen: And one minute away from your children is one minute too many, speaking from bitter personal experience.

Lani: Kristen, I know how much you miss rachel.

Kristen: No, you don’T. No, you don’t–not yet. But if you get sent to prison, you are gonna find out the hard way.

Lani: I am at peace with my decision. Look, I know you risked everything coming here, and I love you for it. But I am asking you to go–now.

Abe: What could you have done to change what lani did?

Beth: All I had to do was speak up. Tr made me tell everybody that he was clean and sober and not violent anymore.

[Sighs] I knew better, but I did it anyway, and as usual, he had a way to make me keep my mouth shut.

Abe: And what was that?

Beth: [Sighs] A part. A lousy part in a movie, and god help me, I went for it.


Abe: What made you come by eli’s hospital room when I met you? You said you wanted to talk to lani.

Beth: I was gonna tell her about tr. But I chickened out.

[Scoffs] But seeing her sitting there just waiting for her husband’s eyes to open, I just–

[Sighs] I couldn’t get it out of my head. Tr figured out he couldn’t count on me anymore, so…

[Sighs] He beat me black and blue and told me to leave town. After that, I was too afraid to do anything.

Paulina: I know what it’s like to be and live in fear of that man. You can’t blame yourself for anything you did or didn’t do after he beat you. You were just trying to stay alive! He got me pregnant with lani, and I gave her up because I was so afraid of him.

Beth: You did the right thing.

Paulina: Well, she didn’t think so when she found out, but thank god it’s all cleared up now and I can tell the world that she’s mine.

Abe: You know, paulina’s right. You weren’t in the right frame of mind to come forward.

Beth: Everybody’s being so nice to me–you two, eli…

[Sighs] I’m telling you, I don’t deserve it.

Paulina: No, you stop. You stop saying that.

Beth: No, it’s true. I knew what tr was gonna do to you, and I didn’t warn you.

Paulina: Child, what are you talking about?

When moderate to severe

ulcerative colitis persists…

Justin: If all you have on lani is something you think happened, you’re gonna have a tough time with the judge.

Melinda: Eli grant knows lani let kristen escape. Oh, I see he kept that from you. Think about what that’ll do to his career when I make him testify under oath about his wife’s activities.

Justin: Why have you been sitting on this all these years? Doesn’t seem like your style.

Melinda: I do have a heart, counselor. I gave lani a pass because I do believe in second chances, and it did seem like she was the kind of cop that salem needs. My instinct was wrong, and now I have the chance to correct that error in judgment.

Justin: Is manslaughter off the table?

Melinda: You bet it is.

Justin: So what’s the charge going to be?

Kristen: Fine. Fine, take the da’s lousy deal and tell yourself that it won’t be long before you’re back together with your family. But do I have to remind you what happens to cops when they’re sent to prison?

Lani: You’re just trying to scare me.

Kristen: No, I want to keep you alive. Why won’t you let me help you?

[Door clicks open]

Eli: What the hell?

Kristen as susan: Ah, shoot! Detective grant! I–oh, my goodness! Thank the lord you are here, because I had a dream about your poor wife–

Eli: Just shut up, kristen! I know it’s you!

Kristen as susan: [Stammers]

[Baby crying]

[Doorbell rings]

Julie: It’s okay, jules. Grammy will be right back. Who could that be at the door now?


Paulina: I–I can’t believe this!


Beth: I am so sorry.

Paulina: Oh.

Abe: Paulina. Look, sweetheart, you need to– you need to take a breath. So do I.

[Cell phone rings] Oh, excuse me. Oh, bill from the da’s office.

[Cell phone beeps] Bill, look, I am sorry, but I’m right in the middle of something.

Paulina: Something’s wrong. What–abe, what is it?

Abe: All right. Yes, okay. Well, thank you, bill. Thanks. Thanks for letting me know.

Paulina: Know? Know what?

[Cell phone beeps]

Abe: Da trask is on the war path. Lani’s deal went south.

Paulina: Yeah, but justin said–oh, no. Let’s go.

Beth: Go where?

Paulina: Well, we gotta make this right.

Kristen as susan: Detective eli grant, whatever do you mean? I’m susan banks. Let me just tell you ’bout my dream!

Eli: Do I need to snatch that damn wig off your head to end this?

Kristen: [Sighs] Fine. Fine. Yeah, it’s me.

Lani: Eli, I had no idea.

Kristen: Yeah, I know. Best friends don’t abandon friends in a situation like your wife is in. Listen, I’m ready to help you. I don’t care what happens to me.

Eli: Yeah, well, you better care, ’cause you’re a fugitive. Turn around. Put your hands behind your back.

[Dramatic music]

Lani: Eli. Eli, wait.

Eli: I don’t have a choice. You know how bad it’ll be for you if I let her go?

Justin: Susan banks? What are you doing here?

Kristen as susan: [Gasps] I just had a powerful vision. Yeah, and–and I came here because I had it in the night, and they won’t listen to me. But will you listen to me?

Justin: I’m sure I’ll regret this, but go ahead.

Kristen as susan: Okay, okay. Well, today is gonna be a very, very good day for detective lani grant.

Lani: Justin, what happened?

Justin: I need to speak with my client alone.

Lani: No, no, it’s fine. Just say what you’re gonna say.

Justin: I thought I had a deal with the da last night, but this morning, she did a complete 180.

Eli: What? What’s the charge?

Justin: Murder one, life without parole.

Julie: Well, I’m surprised to see you here. I thought you said you were gonna spend time at home today because of jack and jennifer.

Doug: Yeah.

Julie: Because of abigail. Oh, this is so bad.

Doug: It’s as bad as it gets. But jack and jennifer needed some time alone this morning.

Julie: You sure?

Doug: Yeah.

Julie: I always think when something like this happens, you should let people know that you’re there, so they can lean on you.

Doug: That’s why I’m here.

Julie: Oh, darling, eli’s already left.

Doug: Not eli, honey. I’m here for you.

Abe: I just heard a rumor that you rejected the plea deal that justin proposed.

Melinda: [Chuckles] You have a spy in this office?

Paulina: So is the rumor true?

Melinda: Yes, it is. I intend to ask for a verdict of murder in the first.

Paulina: Murder in the fir– no damn way!

Melinda: All I’m interested in is justice for tr coates.

Abe: Murder one requires that you prove premeditation. You can’t do that.

Melinda: Watch me. This is my decision, not yours.

Paulina: Well, look at her. Well, she’s just lovin’ this. Well, let me tell you something. Both sides can play hardball.

Melinda: What’s that supposed to be, some kind of threat?

Paulina: You think I’m just gonna stand by and watch you railroad my daughter?

Melinda: Yeah, and what exactly are you gonna do to stop me? Wha–what’s this? Who is she?

Paulina: [Chuckles] Madam district attorney, I want you to meet the ace up my sleeve. I was taking my antidepressant daily,

Doug: I know how much you love eli, honey, and he’s never had to face anything like this before.

Julie: No, he hasn’t, and he doesn’t deserve it, and lani doesn’t deserve it, and those babies… oh, god, doug, why do good people have to deal with so much suffering?

Doug: I do not know. But when they do, they’re lucky if they have someone to lean on as strong as you are.

Julie: Oh…

Doug: But you need someone to lean on too, and baby, that is specifically why I’m here.

Julie: Just when I thought there was no way I could love you anymore…ooh.

Doug: [Chuckles]

Julie: [Inhales deeply]

[Sighs] Well, lani doesn’t just have me and eli. She has justin too.

Doug: Yes, thank god for that.

Julie: Yeah, thank god for that, and if he can’t get her off, I’m sure he’ll be able to get her back to her family as soon as possible.


Eli: Murder one? How’d this happen?

Justin: Remember when I asked you if there was anything in your past that I should know about?

Lani: Yeah.

Justin: You left something out, and trask knows what it is.

Kristen as susan: Oh, I don’t like the energy in this room.

Justin: Trask is planning to tell a jury that whenever it works to your advantage, that you are willing to take the law into your own hands.

Lani: Oh, my god.

Justin: Lani, lani, I am not giving up. I’m gonna do everything I can to help you. But I am starting from square one. I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

Lani: [Sighs]

Eli: You know what he’s talking about? That time that lani helped you escape!

Kristen: Okay, instead of screaming at me, why don’t you let me help your wife?

Eli: Let you help my wife? Just what do you have in mind?

Kristen: You know, I didn’t come here to risk going back to prison just for moral support. I came here to break her out.

Eli: [Scoffs] Oh, my god.

Kristen: All right, I need you to hear me out. I need you to hear me out. This is how it’s gonna go. Kay, no, listen. Trask is gonna ask to get you remanded immediately to statesville, and the judge is gonna grant it.

Lani: Oh, I cannot believe you are talking like this–

Kristen: Okay, but I need you to listen to me. I’m gonna finish this.

Lani: [Sighs]

Kristen: Then they’re gonna– they’re gonna order a van, and you are gonna get on that van, and I am gonna take it from there, and you, you are gonna stay out of my way.

Eli: You’re not gonna tell me what the hell I’m gonna do.

Kristen: Do you want your wife back or not?

Lani: Oh, my god, kristen. Kristen, you need to–you need to stop. Do you hear me? Stop. Please.

Kristen: Hey. Please, I just need you to think this through, honey, please. You know what? You gave tr coates what he had coming to him. Why should that cost you the rest of your life?

Beth: Tr told lani he was a changed man, and she believed him. Everybody did. But I knew he hadn’t changed one bit.

Melinda: I am sorry for what you’ve been through, but your experience changes nothing. We have a saying in the police department. “You don’t get to pick your vic,” and tr coates may have been a reprehensible man, but he is still the victim here, and it is my duty to prosecute his killer.

Paulina: Okay, well, if you will just let us just finish, then, you know, see how you feel about the rest of that pretty little speech. Go ahead. Tell her the rest.

Beth: Tr was getting desperate. He was running out of money, and he said he could still make paulina do anything he wanted. So he was going to romance her, marry her, and then take her somewhere and kill her so he can inherit all her money.

Melinda: [Stammers] How do you know all of this?

Beth: He told me.

Abe: Sounds like premeditated murder.

Melinda: Okay, a crime that mr. Coates did not live to commit. Again, legally, my hands are tied here.

Abe: We are not here to parse the letter of the law, ms. Trask.

Melinda: And why not?

Abe: Do you like your job? Because you are on the fast track to throwing it away. Feeling sluggish or weighed down?

Melinda: It sounds like you’re threatening me, mayor carver. If I don’t let lani grant off with a slap on the wrist, then you’re gonna take away my job?

Paulina: Let me spell it out for you. First, there’s a court of law, and then there’s a court of public opinion.

Abe: Ms. Trask, when the good people of salem realize that you had a chance to stand up for abused women but chose a violent drug addict who beat those women, a man who shot a police officer in cold blood, you know the city council will insist that I demand your immediate resignation.

Melinda: We only have the word of this young woman for most of it. I mean, how am I supposed to– how am I supposed to know she’s reliable?

Beth: I still have the selfies that I took after he beat me. You wanna see them? I warn you, you might lose your breakfast.

Paulina: Those pictures could cause quite a stir if they wind up on page one.

Abe: Well, then, it’s all up to you, ms. Trask. It’s in your hands.

[Baby cooing]

Julie: So, little jules, what do you say? It’s a better place for a nap? You know your daddy wants you to have a nap even though you don’t want to have a nap. You just want a little heart-to-heart.

[Chuckles] Loves to chat. Wonder where she gets that.

Doug: [Chuckles]

Julie: Well, sweetheart, what if we put this nice blankey on you, and you stretched out, and you can just go off to dream land.

[Baby cooing] No. What on earth have I got to do to get you to go to sleep?

Doug: I know.

Skeeters am a hummin’

on a honeysuckle vine

sleep, kentucky babe

Both: Sandman am a comin’

to this little babe of mine

sleep, kentucky babe

silvery moon am shinin’

in the heavens up above

bobolink am pinin’ for his

little lady love

you is mighty lucky

babe of old kentucky

close your eyes and sleep

fly away, la-la-la-la

Chanel: I mean it. I’m not leaning either way.

Theo: Maybe because if you actually picked one, you wouldn’t be the center of attention anymore.

Chanel: That’s mean. This is hard.

Theo: Hard is when the woman you love leaves you at the altar–literally. You have a choice.

Chanel: Yeah, a complicated one. It’s not like if I choose one of them, that the other one’s just gonna go away. They’re twins. They are going to be in each other’s lives no matter what– and mine.

Theo: And you don’t think maybe you’re making this bigger than it is?

Chanel: Theo, I have been in a lot of relationships, but this is different. I have to hurt somebody that I really care about and then keep on seeing them forever.

Theo: [Sighs] You know, I bet there’s one solution to this that you haven’t thought of.

Chanel: Yeah? What?

Theo: Dump ’em both. Get back together with me.

Kristen: If we work together, we could pull this off.

Lani: I want this over.

Kristen: So are you in?

Lani: And if I go on the run, kristen, it will never be over. I will drag eli, our two little kids through hell. The four of us will always be looking over our shoulders thinking that maybe this is the day that they finally catch up with me. I won’t do that to them. Even if my life really is done, I’m not gonna end theirs too. Let me ask something, kristen. Are you really happy with your life right now? Are you really free?

Eli: Hey, something’s going on. Hey, we gotta get out there. We gotta get out there. You stay your ass right there. Consider yourself under arrest.

Lani: Justin…

Eli: Who were you talking to on the phone?

Lani: Did something happen?

Justin: I don’t get it. Trask is backing off. The deal I negotiated with her last night is back on– involuntary manslaughter, minimum time.

Lani: Oh, god.

Justin: You can breathe again.

[Both laugh]

Lani: [Sobbing] Like pulsing, electric shocks,

Both: [Verbalizing guitar]

Close your eyes

in sleep

[Soft music]

Chanel: Theo, that’s– that’s sweet, but–

Theo: I’m kidding. Chanel, I’m kidding. No, I’m with claire.

[Both laugh] Things are really good.

Chanel: Oh, I’m glad.

Theo: No, no, me and claire were together before ciara, and claire’s grown up a lot now.

Chanel: Must be nice to know you’re with the right person. I would give anything if my life wasn’t so complicated.

[Cell phone beeps] It’s johnny and allie. They both want to know if I saw their text.

[Sighs] You know what? I’m gonna take you up on your offer. Let ’em have it.

Abe: You did the right thing, ms. Trask.

Melinda: You both are blackmailers. I won’t forget that.

Paulina: Oh, are you kidding? We just saved you from yourself. So do yourself a favor: Don’t ever mess with my family again or I’ll be right back in your face. Let’s go.

[Chuckles] Ugh.

[Door clicks shut]

Melinda: [Sighs]

Lani: [Sighs]

Eli: It’s gonna be hard for a while, okay? But we’re gonna put this behind us. It’s gonna be over, baby. Justin, thank you. Thank you so much.

Justin: I don’t think I should take the credit.

Lani: I do. I have some really hard goodbyes ahead of me, but I still have a future, and we have something to look forward to.

Justin: I have to prepare for the hearing, but I’ll call you as soon as everything’s official.

Lani: Thank you.

Eli: I got some unfinished business in there.

Lani: I know. I’ll be right here. I’m sorry it has to be this way.

Eli: But we both know it does. I was expecting a fight.

Kristen: What, you think I’d make a run for it? See, then I’d have to walk right past you.

Eli: Well, if anyone could pull that off, it’s you.

Kristen: I heard what lani said before, and she’s right. I am so tired of running. So…put on the cuffs. I’m ready to face the music.

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