GH Short Recap Friday, June 24, 2022

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Recap written by Eva

Cody decides that he will stay in Port Charles after Dante tells him more about Britt.

Brook Lynn tells Linc that she will work with him if he drops all charges against Chase, but Linc turns down the deal because he wants Chase to lose his job. Jordan tells Chase that she persuaded Linc not to press charges against him, but Linc still wants him to be fired.

Carly tells Olivia that she sold her half of the Metro Court to the Stillwater Investment Group in order to buy Aurora Media stock. Carly explains that she has thirty days to buy back her half of the hotel which she will do once the ELQ Aurora Media merger is complete. The stockholders meeting takes place at the Quartermaine Mansion. Drew votes to remove Valentin as CEO of ELQ, as well as, voting to remove Valentin on behalf of several board members who could not attend the meeting. Michael votes to remove Valentin as CEO of the company. Ned and Valentin vote to keep him as CEO of the company. Lucy has to use her tie-breaking one share to keep Valentin as CEO and Valentin immediately votes down the merger between Aurora Media and ELQ.

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