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Roman: [Sighs]

Kate: Hey, are those for the hortons?

Roman: They are–couple quarts of chowder and two sandwiches.

Kate: I feel so badly for them, and for chad and thomas and charlotte. There’s just been so much suffering this year.

Roman: You are right about that, which means that we really need some happy news.

Paulina: Did I hear someone say in they’re in the market for some happy news?

Kate: [Laughs] Well, you’re pretty chipper for someone who just got bailed out.

Paulina: Well, why shouldn’t I be? Today is juneteenth, and i can’t think of a better way to celebrate freedom than by marrying the man I love.

Kate: [Laughs] Well, I guess that depends on how you feel about marriage.

Roman: Wait a minute. You and abe are getting married for real?

Paulina: For real, for real this time. We are finally jumping that broom today, and we want you both to be there.

Abe: Mm, all right, check on the cake, get my clothes from the cleaners…

[Laughs] Oh, yes. They got the rings.

Allie: Well, this is perfect timing. I just finished one juneteenth wedding cake– rush order.

Abe: Aw, you are a angel, a angel, allie. Oh, thank you so much. Thank you for doing this on such short notice.

Allie: No problem. It’s not like I was up until 4 A.M. Finishing it. Okay, I was up until 4 A.M. Finishing it.

Abe: Aw, well–[Chuckles] Oh, and chanel helped, I hope.

Allie: Actually, no, but only because she was so busy helping her mom with last-minute wedding prep.

Abe: Yeah, of course, of course. Well, I can’t thank you enough, allie.

Allie: Yeah, of course. It was my pleasure, and I really loved researching all the juneteenth traditions. Um, it’s red velvet with butter cream frosting, just like the kind chanel’s big mama used to make when she was little.

Abe: Yes. I mean, you probably learned from all your research that red foods traditionally have special meaning for descendants of african slaves.

Allie: Yes, I did learn that.

[Both laugh]

Abe: So what is in the box?

Allie: Um, tea cakes. Um, another juneteenth staple, right?

Abe: Yes. My mother used to make tea cakes for me and my siblings, and they were–they were a delight.

Allie: Well, I’m just hoping that paulina and all of your guests like them.

Abe: Well, come and find out for yourself.

Allie: Oh, no, we’re having cake movers deliver everything to the wedding.

Abe: No, I mean as a guest. We would love to have you there.

Allie: Oh, I thought it was family-only.

Abe: And you are family, allie, and I know chanel would love to have you there.

Allie: Well, in that case, I’m in.

[Both laugh]

Abe: Good, all right.

[Both laugh]

Johnny: Well, I’m glad you and aunt belle are keeping the kids busy. How’s uh–how’s uncle chad holding up? Yeah. Well, let me know if there’s anything I can do to help.

[Chuckles] No, I haven’t heard from chanel.

[Door clicks open] Dad, I told you–

[Door clicks shut] Chanel asked me to– um, dad, let me call you back. Something just came up.

[Cell phone beeps] Hi.

Chanel: Hi.

[Dramatic music]

Julie: Ms. Price, I heard so many wonderful things about you.

Olivia: Thank you. Please, call me olivia, or better yet, call me big mama. After all, we’re family.

Julie: [Sighs] Yes, we are family, and our family’s expanding this very day.

Olivia: Yes!

Julie: With the wedding of your daughter–the long-awaited and anticipated wedding to abraham.

Eli: I cannot believe it is finally happening.

Julie: Thank god it is. That’s what we all need– something hopeful to look forward to.

Lani: Damn.

[Sighs] Okay.

[Exhales deeply] Get it together, girl. Get it together.

[Exhales deeply]

[Knocking] Coming.

Tr: Hello, lani.

Male announcer: Like sands through the hourglass, so are the “days of our lives.”

[Soft orchestration]

Tr: You didn’t think you could get rid of me that easily?

Lani: Okay, okay, okay. He’s not real. This is not real. This is not real, lani. There’s nobody at the door. There’s nobody at the door.

[Exhales deeply] Okay, girl. You gotta get it together.

[Exhales deeply] There’s no one at the door.

[Knocking] Go away!

Theo: Lani? It’s me.

Lani: What?

Theo: Are–are you okay?

Lani: Okay. Theo?

Theo: Um, what’s goin’ on?

Lani: Oh, my god. Oh, my god, it’s really you. Oh, my god. Thank god. Thank god.


Olivia: Eli told me about your family’s loss. I’m so very sorry, julie.

Julie: Abigail was a wonderful woman, and…

[Sighs] She was taken far too soon.

Olivia: I’m praying for all of you.

Julie: Thank you. One thing her death has taught me is that no future is guaranteed. You just have to reach out and grab all the happiness that comes your way right now, in the present.

Paulina: Oh, we don’t want anything fancy, just some picnic food–hamburgers, hot dogs, all the fixin’S.

Roman: We can handle that.

Kate: Are you sure?

Roman: Yeah, kate, I can cater a picnic.

Kate: Yeah, oh that’s– I mean you. Are you sure about that? Do you really wanna have hot dogs at your wedding?

Paulina: Well, normally, I would not, of course. But, you know, since, you know, most of salem will already be cooking out for the town’s first annual juneteenth extravaganza, I decided, “go with the flow.”

Roman: Okay. Well then, not only am I honored to provide the food, but kate and I will be thrilled to attend.

Paulina: Oh, that will make abe so very happy.

Roman: Well, you two have been through so much to get here, you deserve a celebration.

Paulina: Amen to that. Speaking of which, you know, I still haven’t found someone to perform the ceremony.

Roman: What about marlena?

Paulina: [Grunts] Yeah, I gave that some thought, but after what happened the last time she officiated, I don’t wanna take any chances.

Roman: Understandable.

Kate: Well, who are you gonna get to marry you at such a late date?

Paulina: Mm, you know…

Eric: What?

[Upbeat music]

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Chanel: Doughnuts made fresh this morning.

Johnny: Thanks so much.

Chanel: Johnny, I am so sorry about abigail. I can’t even imagine what your family must be going through.

Johnny: [Sighs] Yeah. Yeah, it’s been really tough, especially on chad and the kids. She was a great person.

Chanel: Yeah.

Johnny: Well, hey, I heard your mom made bail. That’s excellent news.

Chanel: Thanks, and believe it or not, she’s getting married to abe today.

[Both chuckle]

Johnny: Really? Wow, that’s amazing. Tell her I say congrats. Not that she wants to hear that from me.

Chanel: Nah, she’s okay with you these days. Ah, but anyway, I should get going. I still have a ton to do if we’re gonna pull this thing off. So…

Johnny: Oh, what’s, uh– what else is on your list?

Chanel: Oh, what isn’t on my list? I have decorations, music, and mama wants the whole wedding recorded, so I have to find a videographer before I go over to help her get dressed.

Johnny: Uh, hello?

Chanel: Hello.

Johnny: No, no, I mean, what–what about me?

Chanel: You wanna help mama get dressed? Oh! [Laughs] You mean you could video the wedding?

Johnny: Yeah, I mean, “possessed: The marlena evans story” might not be making it to a streaming service near you, but I think I could probably manage to shoot a wedding. That is, if you’re okay with me being there.

Nicole: Aw, abe, I am so happy for you–for both of you.

Abe: Aw, thank you so much. Me too. So what about you?

Nicole: What about me?

Abe: I heard that you and rafe have postponed your wedding.

Nicole: We did.

Abe: Because?

Nicole: Because rafe is swamped with this investigation into abigail’s murder.

Abe: I understand. I did speak to jack and jennifer, by the way. We were wondering if– if this would be a good time to have the wedding. But they gave us their blessing, and they thought it would be– it would be a tribute to abigail’s memory.

Nicole: Yes–would be a lovely way to celebrate. I couldn’t agree more.

Abe: Good. Then that means you will join us in the celebration.

[Both laugh]

Nicole: I wouldn’t miss it.

Abe: Ooh, good, good.

Nicole: Yes.

[Both laugh]

Paulina: Who’s this handsome devil?

Roman: Oh, this is my son, eric. Eric, paulina price.

Eric: Oh, it’s nice to meet you, ms. Price.

Paulina: Oh, wait, wait. Eric? As in father eric brady, the priest?

Kate: Well…

Paulina: Oh, this is perfect! Talk about a sign from the good lord above.

Eric: Am I missing something here, dad?

Paulina: Oh, father brady, father brady, I need you to marry me and abe!

Eric: [Laughs]

Julie: I have to tell you, ms. Price. Your daughter paulina has been an inspiration to me– well, that she’s going forward with this wedding after everything she was put through with lani by that awful tr coates.

Eli: Grandma, please, let’s– let’s not talk about him today, all right? Today is a good day. It’s a good day.

Julie: Agreed, agreed. And I hope paulina doesn’t lose a second of sleep over that monster.

Olivia: I just wish I had done something sooner to get her out of that situation.

Julie: I’m sure you did the best you could.

Olivia: I just wish paulina would’ve let the police handle ray. Then my baby wouldn’t be facing a prison sentence for murder.

[Dramatic music]

Lani: I can’t believe you got here so quickly.

Theo: Um, gabi sent the dimera jet to johannesburg for me and jj.

Lani: Oh, that was–that was good of her.

Theo: So are we gonna talk about what just happened?

Lani: What do you mean?

Theo: You seemed really freaked out when I knocked on the door. Who’d you think it was?

Tr: Go ahead, lani.

[Echoes] Tell him.

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Chanel: Oh, I don’t know if it’s such a good idea for you to film the wedding.

Johnny: Why?

Chanel: You know why, johnny.

Johnny: Look, chanel, I promise this is not about me trying to get you back, okay? I just–I wanna help you and your mom out. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry. I won’t even charge you.

Chanel: This video better be ava duvernay level good.

Johnny: You won’t be sorry.

Chanel: All right, johnny. See you at the wedding.

[Dramatic music]

Eli: Big mama, what were you telling us on the way over here about how you and your family used to celebrate juneteenth back in texas?

Julie: Oh, I’d like to know more about that. I’m afraid that’s a holiday that I’m not as familiar with as I would like to be. Uh, for starters, why is it called “juneteenth?”

Olivia: Well, honey, in june 19, 1865, a union general gave the order to free the slaves in texas.

Eli: Yeah, almost two and a half years after abraham lincoln had issued the emancipation proclamation.

Olivia: Texas slaves were in bondage that whole time, and that’s why for us, juneteenth is as important as the fourth of july.

Eli: It started in texas, but eventually, the descendants of slaves started celebrating everywhere.

Olivia: And my mama made sure to carry on the tradition when we left texas for miami.

Julie: What are some of the traditions?

Olivia: Well, there’s rodeos, cookouts, church services, and honey, let me tell you, the food…

Julie: Sounds like I’ve been missing out.

Olivia: Oh, you have.

Eli: Yes, it’s a good time, grandma.

Olivia: It is. But we’re always mindful of what our ancestors endured and how much more we have to overcome.

Paulina: So they defrocked you for saving your mom and your niece’s mortal souls?

Eric: Mm, pretty much.

Paulina: Oh, under the heading of “no good deed going unpunished.” Oh, I guess I’ll just have to find someone else.

Kate: Hey, eric, you performed this ceremony for rex and sarah, didn’t you? And you weren’t a priest then, right?

Eric: I–I did.

Roman: Well, that means you’re still licensed.

Eric: Well, in the eyes of the state.

Paulina: Oh, well, that’s good enough for me! So can you do it? Can you do it? Can you–can you marry abe and me today?

Eric: Today? Uh, yeah, you know, abe’s like an uncle to me. I’d be honored to.

Paulina: Oh, well! [Laughs] Ooh. Priest or not, you’re a lifesaver.

Eric: My pleasure.

Paulina: [Laughs] And not bad on the eyes either.

Roman: Easy, easy.

Kate: Hey, hey, hey, don’t you think you have a wedding to get ready for?

Paulina: Oh! Oh, yeah, oh, yeah, oh, yeah. Right, right, right, okay. I’ll see you guys later at the park, okay?


Lani: Um, when you were– you were at the door, I–I thought you were my downstairs neighbor who is always complaining about the twins making too much noise.

Tr: I don’t think he believes you.

Theo: How’s paulina holding up?

Lani: I mean, she’s– she’s getting married today.

Theo: But she’s still facing murder charges.

Lani: Paulina–she did what she did to protect me and dad, and she is confident that justin is gonna get her off.

Tr: But you aren’t, are you? Because you know the truth. Why not tell your fake brother?

Lani: Listen, do you mind hanging here and watching the twins until the babysitter comes? I need to head over to paulina’s and help her get ready.

Theo: Of course. I’ll see you at the park?

Lani: Thank you. I–I…


Paulina: So, ladies, how am I looking?

Chanel: Well, I think that your personal glam squad did a mighty fine job.

Paulina: Mm-hmm, and I am so grateful.

[Laughs] Oh, lani, chanel, my sweet angels, you can’t know what it means to me to have you both here with me.

Chanel: Uh, listen, mama, I know I gave you a lot of grief last time about lani being your matron of honor. But I want you to know that this time, I’m totally cool with it.

Paulina: Oh, well I’m glad to hear that, chanel. But I’ve decided that a wedding this fabulous needs to have both a matron and a maid of honor.

Chanel: Really?

Paulina: Oh, yes!

[Laughs] I want you both to stand up for me when abraham and I are joined in holy matrimony.

Lani: Are you sure?

Paulina: Mm-hmm, mm-hmm, if you’re willing to share.

Chanel: Well, of course I am. I love it. Lani?

Lani: [Chuckles] Sounds great.


Paulina: Well, yay. Well, group hug.

[Laughter] Aw… mm…mm.

Eli: Well, I’ll be damned. Kid’s in town for a few hours, and he’s already raiding the fridge.

Theo: Busted.

[Both laugh]

Eli: It’s good to see you, man. Here, bring it in.

Theo: Hey, you too.

[Both sigh]

Eli: How you been?

Theo: Uh, well, my dad’s getting married, so no complaints. Oh, um, the babysitter just got here. She’s giving the kids a bath.

Eli: Oh, good. Where’s lani?

Theo: She went over to paulina’s to help her get ready.

Eli: Oh, yeah, that’s right.

Theo: Hey, is she okay?

Eli: What do you mean?

Theo: Well, when I first got here, she was acting really weird.

Eli: Weird, how?

Theo: Like, scared? She said that she’s been hassled by some nosy neighbors, but I don’t know. It felt bigger than that.

Eli: Well, yeah, you know how your sister is. She’s always got the weight of the world on her shoulders. I’m sure she’ll be back to herself soon.

Theo: I hope so.

Eli: Look, I’m gonna go say bye to the twins, and then we’ll be off to get your pops married.

[Dramatic music]

Chanel: And just a little gloss to finish off your makeup.

Paulina: [Laughs] Well, thank you, darling. Do me a favor, would you? Grab me a sparkling water.

Chanel: Uh, be right back.

Paulina: Mm-hmm.

Well, how are you feelin’, baby? Be honest with me.

Lani: Honestly, I’m–I’m having a really hard time being cheery when I know that you’re taking the heat for a crime that I committed. You and dad should be planning your future together instead–

Paulina: Lani, lani, listen to me. This is my wedding day, and the only thing I want for my daughter and matron of honor is for her to keep her mouth shut.

Abe: Well–oh, eric.

Eric: Hey, there he is.

Abe: Thank you for doing this.

Eric: Of course. Yeah, you kidding me? It’s an honor.

Kate: Oh, my gosh. Well, anyway, I’m going to check out and see how roman’s doing with the grill.

Abe: Ah, all right, all right. Um, well, have you met paulina yet?

Eric: She’s a force of nature, that one.

[Both laugh]

Abe: She is. Well, I am going to take my pre-wedding tea cakes, and I will see you at the altar.

Eric: All right, I’ll see you then.

Abe: Thanks a lot.

Eric: Hey there, nephew.

Johnny: Eric, I didn’t know you were invited.

Eric: Actually, I’m officiating today’s proceedings.

Johnny: Oh, well, then I will be sure to frame you well.

Eric: Frame?

Johnny: I’m also here to do a job.

[Both giggling]

Nicole: [Clears throat]

All: What are you doing here? We hit the bike trails every weekend

Johnny: Chanel needed a videographer, so I offered my services.

Allie: How convenient.

Johnny: I’m just trying to do a nice thing here. What about you? What, she invite you?

Allie: I baked the wedding cake.

Johnny: You just thought you’d put on that fancy dress and come drop it off?

Allie: Actually, abe invited me as a guest.

Johnny: Ah, now that is convenient.

Allie: Excuse me, abe is like family to me.

Johnny: And I suppose you’ll be sitting next to chanel?

Allie: Make sure you get a lot of close-ups.

Johnny: Mm.

Nicole: Um, I didn’t expect to see you here.

Eric: I was a–I was a last-minute addition. Paulina wasn’t too keen on my mother performing the ceremonies.

Nicole: Oh, well, that was nice of you.

Eric: Is this gonna be too hard?

Nicole: Why would it be too hard?

Eric: Well, I mean, with you and rafe, you know, canceling your wedding.

Nicole: We didn’t cancel it. We just postponed it. I told you that.

Eric: Oh, right, that’s what I meant.

Abe: Excuse me, the ladies have arrived, so we’ll be starting the ceremony very soon.

Nicole: Okay.

Eric: Okay, showtime. Um, I’ll see you after the ceremony?

Nicole: Sure.

[Elegant music]

Johnny: Nice dress.

Chanel: Thank you. Hey.

Allie: Hi. You look amazing.

Chanel: You too. You came to drop off the cake?

Allie: Abe invited me to be a guest.

Chanel: Oh, he did?

Allie: Is that a problem?

Chanel: No, no, of course not. Um, I know how close you guys are. Thanks for making the cake. It means a lot to my family.

Allie: Yeah. You know, it’s my pleasure.

Lani: Oh, hi, brother.

Theo: Look at you.

Lani: You look so handsome.

Theo: Thank you.

Lani: [Laughs]

Eli: You look great.

Lani: Aw, you don’t look so bad yourself.

Eli: How you doin’?

Lani: I’m fine.

Eli: You’re sure?

Lani: Yes, why?

Eli: Theo mentioned that you seemed a bit jumpy. You said something about a nosy neighbor?

Lani: Oh, baby, you don’t– you don’t need to worry about that right now.

Eli: Well, I am worried. I mean, I know how guilty you’ve been feeling, and now to be here at paulina’s wedding?

Lani: She made it very clear that she wants me to keep it a secret.

Eli: And you agreed?

Tr: [Echoes] I just love a good wedding. Don’t you?

Olivia: [Laughs]

Paulina: Oh, I’m glad you’re here, mama.

Olivia: I’m so happy for you. Now stop talking and go get married.


Abe: How you take my breath away.

Paulina: Right back at you, mayor carver.

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Eric: Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to celebrate the union of abraham carver and paulina price. It’s been brought to my attention that this day was not chosen randomly, for today is not just any day. Today is june 19, 2022. On this day, back in 1865, in galveston, texas, the last of the confederacy’s slaves were proclaimed free. On this meaningful day, abe and paulina tell me that they wanna share a message of faith and freedom and abiding love. I understand that you two wrote your own vows. Abe, would you like to start?

Abe: Yes, I’d love to. Paulina, from the moment you sashayed into my life, I knew nothing was ever going to be the same again, but our road was not an easy one, was it? There was always love, the sacrificial love of a mother for her daughter, the daughter’s love for a family that she had come to know, and there was– there was our love, paulina, a love that simply could not be denied… and we know that because a good friend gave me a swift kick in the behind when–when I almost let it slip away.

Julie: You’re welcome.


Abe: Paulina price, by the time I met you, I had–I had thought that I had experienced the last great love of my life. But every day, every day you prove that love is not in my past. It’s in my present. And most importantly, it’s in my future. And so I hope to share that love to our children and our grandchildren as long as god blesses me to be by your side.

Eric: Beautifully said, abe. Paulina?

Paulina: What? You expect me to top that?

[Laughter] I mean, the man is a politician. So I won’t even try. I haven’t written some big speech or some fancy speech, but instead, I wanna speak from my heart.

Abe: Well, I would expect nothing less.

Paulina: And what I wanna say is that abraham carver, you were a problem for me.

Abe: A problem?

Paulina: Yes, you were. You were a complication that I didn’t need or didn’t even see coming. I came to salem to sneak some time with my–my niece and her babies. I was so desperate to keep my true relationship to lani a secret, and I would have. I would have if I hadn’t fallen in love with you. But fall, I did. And before I knew it, all my secrets were laid bare, and that’s what I want us to be–honest, raw, real, and in love. From this day on, and for all the days of our lives.

Eric: If there is anyone who has just cause that these two should not wed, speak now or forever hold your peace.

[Suspenseful music]

Olivia: Uh, preacher man, hurry ups, yeah? Before the devil decides to make a return appearance.

Eric: All right, you make a good point, ms. Price.

Olivia: Big mama, please.

Eric: Okay, big mama. All right, here we go. Do you, abraham carver, take this woman to be your lawfully wedded wife, to love and cherish in sickness and health, till death do you part?

Abe: I do.

Eric: And do you, paulina price, do you take this man to be your lawfully wedded husband, to love and cherish in sickness and health, till death do you part?

Paulina: I do.

Eric: Can I have the rings, please? All right, give you a hand. This is yours. There you go. This would be yours. Mm-hmm, okay. Repeat after me: With this ring…

Abe: With this ring…

Eric: I thee wed.

Abe: I thee wed.

[Dramatic music]

Paulina: With this ring, I thee wed.

Eric: Here comes the best part. By the power vested in me, I now pronounce you man and wife. Abe, you can kiss your wife.

Abe: Ooh.

Paulina: [Squeals]

[Cheers and applause]

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[Laughter and applause]

Eli: Here you go, big mama.

Olivia: Thank you. And I would like everyone to know that this broom has been in our family line since the 1800s. May it bring abe and paulina as much wedded bliss as it has all our loved ones.


Paulina: All right, all you single ladies, line it up!

Roman: All right, you better fight like hell for that thing. Fight like hell.


Olivia: Well, you all had better watch out, because I have sharp elbows, and I just might be looking for a sexy senior here in salem. All: Ooh!

Paulina: Okay, you see where I get it from? You see?


Olivia: Just throw the damn bouquet, okay?


Paulina: Okay, okay.

Roman: All right.

Kate: Here you go.

Paulina: One, two, three!

[All scream]

All: Oh!


Johnny: So it looks like you’re the next one to get married. Now, all you need is a groom.

Allie: Or a bride.

Paulina: Mmm…mmm…


Abe: We’ll put that one over here.

Tr: Yeah, let them eat cake now. It won’t be long till paulina’s eating stale bread in prison.

[Dramatic music]

Lani: She’s not going to prison.

Tr: [Laughs] All of y’all are kiddin’ yourselves. You know that, right? They don’t have a future. It’s a mirage, and you know that as well as I do–

Lani: I would like to make a toast to the bride and groom. Um, my father and mother.

Paulina: Oh, thank you, sweetheart.

Lani: I wanna say something about my father, abe carver, the best person I’ve ever known. You came into my life when I was already grown, but I have never received a greater gift. I love you so much, dad.

Abe: I love you so much, sweetheart.

Lani: And to paulina, my mother…

[Sighs] You made so many sacrifices for me, just– just to protect me, and I love you. I love you, mom.

Paulina: I love you too, baby.

Lani: But I–I can’t let you protect me anymore.

Eli: Lani, why don’t we toast to the happy couple–

Lani: No, I’m sorry, I cannot. I can’t go on like this. You and dad–you deserve to have a future together. You deserve to have your lives together.

Paulina: No, no, no, we’ll be fine. Everything’s gonna be wonderful.

Lani: No, it is not– not unless I do something.

Eli: Lani. Lani. Don’t do this.

Abe: What’s–what’s–what’s going on here?

Eli: Lani’s just feeling emotional right now.

Lani: No, eli, please. Please, okay? Just let me do this. I need to–

Eli: Baby, please, can we–

Lani: I need to–

Eli: We need to talk.

Olivia: Let the child speak, eli.

Lani: Big mama, I’m so sorry.

Olivia: About what, baby?

Lani: Paulina didn’t do it. She didn’t–she didn’t shoot tr. I did. [Sighs]

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