Days Short Recap Wednesday, June 22, 2022

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Lani confessed to killing Ray. Eli and Paulina tried to stop her from confessing. Lani told everyone that Ray needed to be stopped, but not by her. Abe thought she did it in self-defense. Lani said it didn’t happen that way. She explained what happened when she shot Ray. Lani apologized to Eli for confessing. Julie tried to talk Lani out of confessing to what she did. She wanted everyone to keep quiet about what she did to protect her children. Everyone at the wedding agreed to keep what she did quiet. Lani was grateful to everyone for wanting to keep quiet, but she wanted to confess to what she did. She asked Eli to drive her to the station. Paulina wanted to go with them. Abe told her there was nothing she could do.

Olivia told Paulina that she was proud of her for what she did for Lani. Paulina was surprised by that. She talked to Olivia and Abe that she promised not to lie. She felt bad for leaving him in the dark. He said he wasn’t exactly in the dark. Eli wanted to tear up Lani’s confession. She didn’t want him to tear it up. She didn’t think her lie could stay hidden for long. She said there was no turning back. She wanted to face the truth and suffer the consequences. Abe explained how he knew that Lani possibly killed Ray. Eli told Lani how long she could be locked up. Lani realized she should have arrested Ray. She shouldn’t have shot to kill. Eli tried to make her feel better about what she did, but she didn’t hear him. Eli assured her that he would be by her side the entire time. He told her they would get through it together.

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