Days Short Recap Tuesday, June 21, 2022

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Olivia went to see Julie and Eli. Olivia offered her condolences over Abby. Julie brought up TR and called him a monster. Eli tried to change the conversation, but Olivia said she didn’t do anything about Paulina and TR’s relationship before it ended in murder. Eli changed the subject and brought up Juneteenth. Olivia explained it to Julie. Lani was struggling to keep it together when TR knocked on the door. She closed the door in his face. She told herself that he wasn’t real. She panicked when she heard another knock on the door. It was Theo. He wondered what was wrong. She said she thought he was her neighbor. TR said Theo didn’t believe her when he asked her about Paulina’s murder charges. She ran off. Eli showed up. Theo wondered what was going on with Lani. Eli said it was the weight of the world. Chanel and Lani helped Paulina get ready for the wedding. Paulina was happy to have both daughters help her get ready. Paulina said she needed a matron and maid of honor. Paulina sent Chanel out of the room. Paulina asked Lani how she was doing. Lani said she felt terrible letting her take the heat for her crime. Paulina said it was her wedding day and she wanted her daughter to be happy.

The ceremony got started. Lani looked at a bloody TR standing behind Abe. Abe and Paulina said their vows to each other. Abe said their love would never end. He said he wanted to spend their lives together. Paulina wasn’t sure how she could top his speech. Paulina said her vows. She said he was someone she didn’t see coming. She said she hadn’t planned on revealing her secret about Lani. She said she fell in love with Abe and all her secrets came out. Eric concluded the wedding. Abe and Paulina jumped the broom. TR continued to taunt Lani. She ignored him. She made a toast to Abe and Paulina. She said she couldn’t let Paulina protect her anymore. She said her parents deserved a life together. Eli and Paulina tried to stop her. She said she was the one who shot TR. Everyone at the wedding was shocked.

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