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Traci: Oh. Hey.

Ashley: Hi.

Traci: Hi. I’m so excited that we could get together.

Ashley: I know! I thought a little girl time was in order with our grand-niece.

Traci: It’s a wonderful idea. And I’m very excited that allie has decided to stay in town a little longer and maybe, who knows, she’ll decide to make this her permanent home.

Ashley: I hope so. She’s been through so much since keemo died. I mean, her whole world has been turned upside down.

Traci: Yeah, and we both know what it’s like to be estranged from your mother at an early age.

Ashley: We certainly do. I think it’s so tragic that keemo wasn’t able to reconcile with jack before he died. I would’ve loved it so much if allie’s first time in genoa city was with her father by her side.

Traci: Yeah. And I know it’s not the same thing at all, but the situation has made me remember what it was like when I was in boarding school after dina abandoned us, and I was so worried about coming home and how I was gonna fit. I mean, I was excited to come home, but I was nervous, and I’m so lucky to have had daddy there to make me feel safe. I’m just not the perfect little girl for the president of jabot cosmetics to be proud to show off.

John: Now, you listen to me. You are a very special, lovely girl. And I am very proud to introduce you to anyone at anytime.

Traci: [ Exhales sharply ] Well, I’ll tell you one thing, I’m very proud to be your daughter.

John: Oh, baby.

Traci: I miss him. I think of him every single day.

Ashley: I do, too. We were so lucky to have him for as long as we did. Daddy was always there for us, every single milestone moment, rooting us on. Always encouraging us to embrace the future.

John: You’re graduating with honors, and not a word to your father. Why?

Ashley: I wanted you to come to my graduation for me, not my grades.

John: Well, ashley, I am — I’m very proud of you.

Ashley: Didn’t think the kid had it in her, huh?

John: No, you’re wrong. I have never underestimated my oldest daughter.

Ashley: Wise man.

John: Listen, you. I think you can do anything you want to. And you don’t have to prove a thing to me, ashley.

Ashley: That’s where you’re wrong. I’ve got a lot to prove. I know that I had a couple issues concerning allie in the very beginning, but I don’t anymore, and I think it’s super important that we honor jack and especially our father by making sure that allie feels she’s been a part of this family from the very beginning.

Ashley: Wow!

Abby: I did something a little extra for today for the three of you.

Traci: It’s so pretty.

Abby: Aww, well, you are so welcome, and I spoke to the chef. We created a special menu for the occasion.

Ashley: This was so thoughtful of you. Allie’s gonna love it.

Abby: Oh, good.

Allie: Hi, you guys.

Abby: Hi!

Allie: Oh, my gosh, this is beautiful, abby.

Abby: Aww, well, this was really fun to put together. If you need anything, anything at all, please let me know. I will be back to check on you. Mwah. I love you.

Allie: Hi.

Traci: Hey.

Allie: Let me just say, it is so kind of you guys to do this, arrange this whole thing.

Traci: It’s our pleasure. We have loved getting to know you and spending the time we’ve spent so far.

Ashley: But we know we’ve been bombarding you with a lot of questions about you and your life and everything.

Traci: So we decided you needed a little time to find out about our lives, if you’re curious.

Allie: Oh, I am, for sure. You know, it’s really nice that you guys finish each other’s sentences.

Ashley: Do we do that?

Traci: I —

Ashley: We can’t help it. We’ve known each other for a long time.

Traci: [ Laughs ]

Allie: It’s obvious you guys are super close.

Traci: We’ve had our moments.

Ashley: Just a few, yeah.

Traci: But we are sisters and friends forever.

Ashley: That’s right. And you are incredibly polite, which is such a nice quality. But there’s no such thing as overstepping when it comes to family. So, please, ask anything you want. Our lives are open books. After years on the battlefield and multiple concussions,

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Traci: Thank you. No, no, literally, our life is

in a book.

Ashley: Because traci wrote a book about the abbott family history.; Got to make sure we get her a copy.

Traci: We will, we will. But I thought it was a good idea if you heard some of the stories in person first because the written abbott family history is a lot to take in.

Allie: [ Chuckles ] Well, I am not sure where to start.

Ashley: OkaY. Well, you took a tour of the jabot lab, right? You enjoyed that. So anything else you want to know?

Allie: I loved that. I loved going to jabot and seeing the inner workings of the company. It was awesome, and I usually have a million questions, but they seem to be escaping me right now. Jabot is huge. It’s a behemoth in the industry — and for me to be personally connected to it? And then, of course, observing how the fragrances and cosmetics are made? I loved it. It’s absolutely fascinating.

Traci: Now you’re starting to sound a little bit like ashley.

[ Laughter ] Who’s always in her happy place there.

Ashley: It’s so true. I always knew what I wanted to do, ever since I was a little girl. And thankfully I had a father who supported me every step of the way.

Allie: Yeah, my dad was like that, too. He always told me how proud he was, always encouraged me to pursue my own interests, but when I told him that I was interested in getting a degree in chemical engineering — whew — he was so excited that i was following in his footsteps, just like you did with your dad. But what was most important to my father — as it seems like with yours, ashley — was that i was always pursuing my own passion.

Ashley: Yes, that’s all our father wanted for any of us.

Allie: And, traci, for you, i think it’s amazing that you were able to venture out beyond the family business and really forge your own path. I mean, did you — did you always know that you wanted to be a writer?

Traci: [ Chuckles ] Oh, no, no, no, I had no idea what i wanted to do with my life.

Ashley: Aww. That’s the burden of being born with too many gifts, see?

Traci: Oh, what a lovely way of looking at things. No, I did know that I wanted to do something creative.

Ashley: Oh, be quiet. She could have been a very successful singer.

Allie: Wait, you sing?

Ashley: Yes.

Traci: In the shower. No, every now and then with the family.

Ashley: Okay, listeN. I remember back in the day there was this very famous singer — danny romalotti.

Traci: Yeah. And we became close. In many ways, he actually saved me. At first, I was his fan club president, and then he found out I could sing, so he asked me to sing in concerts with him, and he was such a sweetheart and very cute. He still is.

[ Laughs ] Danny? Wh-why are you staring at me like that?

Danny: Oh, I’m sorry, I was, uh…I was just thinking how lucky I am that we met and had a chance to become such good friends.

Traci: [ Chuckles ] Well, I think about that every day, danny. Every day of my life. So, as exciting as my time was as a singer, I eventually found out my real passion was for writing. And it has been so meaningful to be able to experience success doing something I love.

[ Gasps ] Oh. I don’t believe it. I don’t believe it.

Tim: [ Laughs ]

Traci: It’s the book — my first copy.

Tim: Actually, it’s an advance copy. I asked the publisher to send it to me so I could give it to you in person. What do you think? Is it what you expected, trace?

Allie: Wow, you both accomplished so much. And you both seem so confident.

[ Sighs ] It makes me feel like you guys were always this way. Were you like this when you were my age?

Traci: [ Laughs ] No.

Ashley: No.

[ Both laugh ] We were nowhere near the people we are now.

Traci: Yeah. These young adult years, they’re so exhilarating and, you know, you’re finding yourself. You’re — you’re finding out what you want as you make your way. But they can also be some of the most challenging years of your life. My moderate to severe plaque psoriasis…

Traci: Actually, ashley was a lot more poised and self-confident than I was when we were younger. I was riddled with insecurities. I — I struggled with my weight, and at one point, I became addicted to diet pills. It nearly cost me my life.

[ Chuckles ] But it’s all because I was desperate to look different, to be anybody but myself, and it was a pivotal time for me. I learned that I had to love myself.

Ashley: And we just couldn’t believe that she didn’t because we loved her so much for the extraordinary person that she was. It’s very difficult to watch her suffer that way.

Allie: I’m so sorry that you went through that, traci. But I feel like you must have had a ton of people who loved you and rallied around you. I feel like everyone who meets you loves you.

Traci: [ Laughs ] Well, I don’t know about that. Certainly not lauren fenmore. She [Chuckles] Was the worst.

Allie: Wait, wait, wait. Lauren fenmore? Like fenmore’s department stores?

Traci: That’s the one. That lauren, she could turn on the charm like nobody’s business, but I don’t know, there was something about me — I don’t know, she just didn’t like me, and there were times when I found ways to fight back. Wait, excuse me, miss. I didn’t order this.

Oh, I know, hon. Your girlfriend over there ordered it for you.

Night after night my heartbeat shows the fear

Traci: Excuse me.

Ghosts appear and fade away

Lauren: Hey, traci, that’s some dessert you got there. Need any help eating it?

Traci: No, thanks, lauren. This one’s on you.

Lauren: [ Gasps ]

[ Laughter ]

Oh, my god!

[ Laughter ]

Traci: I suppose we shouldn’t laugh.

[ Laughter ]

Ashley: Of course we should.

Traci: Lauren was a thorn in my side for years.

[ Sighs ] But you just find ways to deal with it. And you know what? Shockingly, decades later, she and I became good friends. This might be the most pleasant conversation you and I have ever had.

Lauren: I deserve that.

Traci: Oh, no, I did not mean that you —

Lauren: No, no, traci. Look, you’ve never done or said anything wrong in your entire life. Unfortunately, I cannot say the same thing. But when I saw you here, i didn’t want to pass up the opportunity to tell you how truly sorry I am. You know, I’d like to think that I’m a better person now.

[ Chuckles ] But until I looked you in the eye and really apologized, i knew that wasn’t gonna be true.

Traci: [ Chuckles ] Just goes to show you, you just never know how things are gonna turn out with a person, if you can give them enough time.

Allie: Yeah. Yeah, I’m beginning to learn that. Ashley, what about you? Anyone like that in your past? A nemesis?

Ashley: Oh, good question. I think the only opponents were maybe because I thought they spelled trouble for the people that I really cared about. As far as romantic rivals, well, nikki newman and I have certainly had our fair share of issues over the years.

Traci: [ Laughs ]

Allie: Nikki newman?

Traci: Nikki, that’s your friend noah’s grandmother. And I would say you had issues for decades.

[ Chuckles ] It went both ways, though. Nikki felt that ashley was a threat to her family and to her happiness.

Ashley: Why are you here? We both know it’s not for professional reasons.

Nikki: Oh, ashley, you don’t fool me. You know exactly why I’m here, and I know exactly what you’re up to, too. You try to play this little innocent routine. You are not innocent at all. And I just came here to tell you that it’s not going to work. Because I know what you want, and you aren’t going to have him. You are not going to get my husband.

Ashley: Oh. I mean, it’s not like I set out to make nikki my enemy.

[ Chuckles ] It’s just that victor and I had a very strong connection from the first time we met, and, um…I’m gonna spare you the details on that, but I’ll just say that our early relationship came at a very painful cost.

Victor: How can you talk to me about being fair right now?

Ashley: You’re living in some fantasy world with you, me, and the baby in a perfect setting. Isolated from the real world. It would never be that way for us.

Victor: I thought you and i loved each other!

Ashley: God, victor. When this child was conceived, i loved you desperately. But things changed. Your whole life changed drastically, and so did mine.

Victor: Don’t you understand that I would have helped you?

Ashley: How? By betraying your commitment to nikki?

Victor: You didn’t even give me a chance to tell you.

Ashley: No, I didn’T. And you want to know why? God, I thought for days and days of an alternative. Something that would work for me and would work for you and would work for everybody else. But there is none! If you came to me now, it would throw your life into chaos, victor. And what about my life? What about my — my family? What about my career? That’s all I have left now. Somehow, victor and I made it through the dark days, and we ended up getting married.

Traci: [ Laughs ] More than once.

Ashley: Hey.

Allie: Wait, what?

Ashley: Come on.

Traci: [ Laughs ]

Ashley: That’s what I call an epic romance, thank you. You’re always so full of surprises. Victor.

Victor: Do you like it?

Ashley: It is the most breathtaking and elegant watch I have ever seen. You should not have done this.

Victor: And why not?

Ashley: Because you just gave me that gorgeous diamond pendant.

Victor: There’s so much more that I want to give you. I want to make your life a fantasy.

Ashley: You already have. And victor and I still have a bond, albeit a much different one today.

Abby: And part of that bond is standing right here. I’m part abbott, part newman, and part carlton in my heart, too.

Allie: Wait, carlton?

Traci: Brad carlton. He’s no longer with us, but from the moment he came through the front door of the abbott house, he changed all of our lives forever. I’m steve, I lost 138 pounds in nine months on golo

Traci: Okay, maybe I’d better start at the beginning. So if you were to internet search brad, you would find that he had been a successful executive at both newman and at jabot, but he came from pretty modest roots. When our family first met him, he had been hired as our groundskeeper and our pool man.

Abby: [ Chuckles ]

Traci: And I couldn’t keep my eyes off him.

[ Laughs ] And he knew it!

[ Chuckles ] I need a little time to put this stuff into perspective, ’cause i don’t think anything else is gonna help.

Brad: Well, that may be true, but tonight, what you need is not to dwell on this.

Traci: Well, that’s a little bit easier said than done.

Brad: Of course it is, especially if you sit around a dark room, brooding. But you’re not gonna get a chance to do that.

Traci: I’m not?

Brad: Nope. I’m gonna take you out.

Traci: Well, thank you, brad, but I really don’t feel like going out.

Brad: I know you don’t feel like it, and that’s why we’re gonna go. There’s a great movie playing in town and I’ve been wanting to see it anyway. And it just so happens that it’s probably the best thing for you. Especially tonight.

Traci: Look, I appreciate what you’re trying to do, brad, but I really don’t feel like going to the movies.

Brad: Traci, I am not gonna leave this house without you. I will not take no for an answer.

Traci: Why are you doing this to yourself? I’m miserable. I am going to be miserable and I’m gonna ruin the movie for you.

Brad: Well, there’s something wrong with my hearing here. Must be some water in there or something. Gosh, I’m gonna change my shirt, and then we’re gonna go. Oh.

[ Chuckles ]

Traci: I’ll help you. Here.

Brad: Hey.

Traci: There. And here. Got it?

Brad: Thank you. Give it a chance, traci. If you’re not real careful, you just might enjoy yourself.

Ashley: He was quite a charmer.

Traci: [ Chuckles ] And I fell for him hard. I can’t believe that you are doing this.

Brad: Well, what kind of honeymoon would it be if i didn’t cryary bride across the threshold?

Traci: [ Chuckles ] Thank you. You’re incredible, you know that?

Brad: Yeah, well…

Traci: [ Laughs ] But as much as we loved each other — and we did — we just couldn’t seem to keep things together. We’re together and then apart and the back together, and then done. But there is one beautiful thing that came out of the love that brad and I shared — our daughter colleen.

Traci: Brad, she’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.

[ Inhales sharply ]

[ Chuckles ] Look, baby, it’s your daddy. He brought you into this world.

Brad: Well, actually, I think your mom and I kind of did this together.

Traci: [ Chuckles ] Brad, I don’t know what i would’ve done without you.

Allie: Traci, I didn’t know you had a daughter.

Traci: She passed away when she was a young woman, about the age you are now.

Allie: Oh, my god, I am so sorry, traci.

Traci: Oh, she was smart and she was spirited and artistic and determined and self-confident. Oh, I wish you could’ve known her.

Allie: I wish I could have, too. How did you — sorry, never mind.

Traci: No, honey, it’s okay. How did I manage to get through? For a while, I wasn’t sure I was going to. I can tell you, losing colleen was the most difficult thing i have ever had to face.

[ Sighs ] But I had this one and this one and the rest of my amazing family to help me get back on my feet. Now, I bet you’re wondering

[Chuckles] How abby and ashley kind of factor into this story of brad.

[ Chuckles ] Well, as it turns out, both of the abbott sisters had a soft spot for him.

[ Chuckles ]

Ashley: W– just to keep things straight here…

[ Laughter ] …Traci and brad were over long before brad and I got together.

>>Raci: Yes, and I have no resentment for that anymore, as you know. And, um…you know, you cared about each other for a very long time, and he had deep feelings for you. It just was your momenT.

Ashley: Yeah. So I’ve been married several times.

Traci: Several times.

Ashley: Several times. More than you could count on one hand, allie. More than you can count on one hand. And there’s not enough hours in the day to talk about them.

[ Laughter ] So we’ll just talk about brad, okay? So here’s the short version. I decided I wanted to have a child and I was gonna raise that child on my own. But apparently, brad carlton had different ideas, and — what can I say? — He courted me, and, mm, we fell in love. And I ended up giving birth to this one on our wedding day.

[ Laughs ]

Abby: I know how to make an entrance.

Ashley: Yes, you do. Yes, you do. And looking into this girl’s face for the very first time was the most magical moment of my life. Even if that day didn’t go exactly as I thought it would.

[ Laughter ] Victor, would you please give her to me? Please? I’m moving on with my life. Would you please?

Victor: Why are you talking like this?

Ashley: Victor, give me my baby, please.

Victor: Baby’s perfectly fine. Don’t get upset.

Ashley: Give me my baby right now. Give her to me. And then that lovely man, brad, he adopted abby. We had a very sweet, wonderful family for quite a while.

Allie: So you are victor’s daughter, and that must mean…

Abby: Nobody knew that victor was my father for years, but, you know, the way I look at it is that I had two incredible dads growing up… and the most amazing mom and aunt that anyone could ever ask for. You know, these two women, they are amazing role models filled with so much wisdom and love to share. Go with simparica trio it’s triple protection made simple!

“The young and the restless”

will continue.

Ashley: Hello, boys.

Billy: Hi.

Allie: Hi, guys.

Traci: Hey! We have all of the abbott siblings under one roof. I don’t think that that has happened since the day that allie arrived.

Jack: I was just telling billy you’d be home soon.

Billy: Yeah, I just wanted to come by, check up on everyone. Looks like you’re having a good, old time.

Ashley: Having a great time.

Jack: So how was the meal?

Traci: It was delicious, and the company was even better.

Ashley: What about the conversation?

Allie: Oh, it was quite interesting.

[ Chuckles ]

Ashley: Right. We’ve been dishing about the abbotts, and I think you’ve gotten a better window into our history. Right, allie? Although there’s only so much ground we can cover over one small meal.

Allie: You guys were both so kind and open, and I’ve loved hearing everything about your lives.

Billy: I’m sure you can tell now, my two sisters are very different women, but they have a few things in common — bright minds, big hearts, and phenomenal resilience. And whether you like it or not, they’re gonna tell you exactly what they think.

Jack: Oh, boy, are they.

Billy: In my case, “or not” has been quite prevalent at times.

[ Laughter ] But I will say that they have always wanted what was best for me. As they do for you.

Allie: I can feel that already.

Billy: Of course, if you want another version of the abbott family story, I will be more than happy to sit down with you and vent — I mean chat.

Allie: Oh. Well, I would actually love that. So maybe we do dinner sometime.

Billy: Absolutely, let’s do that.

Ashley: Um, um, excuse me.

[ Chuckles ] What are you gonna say? I’m a little afraid.

Billy: Oh, yeah, you want a preview? It would go something like this. Everybody in this room here has been through hell and back, and there’s been times where we have challenged each other and we’ve gone at it a little bit. But one thing has always been true — we’ve always had each other’s backs, no matter what. And that is never gonna change. Without my brother here or my sisters, I really don’t know where I would be.

Traci: Well, I have told allie already about my darkest hours and how grateful I am to have my family to have helped me find my way.

Ashley: And I, um… oh, boy, I have definitely felt lost several times over the years, and probably the most frightening was when I was literally fighting for my life because I am…

[ Exhales sharply ] I’m a breast cancer survivor. I fought very hard and i certainly gained strength from our father. Always daddy, right? And absolutely from the people in this room.

Jack: You mentioned stress a little earlier.

Ashley: My being sick, jack.

Jack: I’m sure that brings with it its own share of tensions.

Ashley: Yeah. Brad’s doing a great job, you know? He takes good care of me. He worries about me, and so he loses sleep. It’s not that. You take these marriage vows — “in sickness and in health” — but I don’t think any couple can really understand what that means unless they experience something like this themselves.

Jack: So lean on us. Let us help you.

Ashley: [ Clears throat ] Instead of victor?

Jack: Hey, those are your words, not mine. Hey, the way I see it, it could only add to the stress.

Ashley: It’s a whole constellation of things, jackie.

Jack: Be easy on yourself. You will get through this. And once you do, your life will be normal again, I promise.

Allie: Your stories, they have touched my heart. This family, my family, is something very special.

Jack: Well, I am glad to hear you talk about yourself as one of us.

Traci: [ Chuckles ]

Jack: Because you are. And any strength this family has started at the top with your great-grandfather, john abbott.

Allie: Right, from what I’ve heard, he was an exceptional man.

Jack: He was, indeed. We feel his presence in this house to this day. Especially at the breakfast table.

Traci: [ Laughs ]

Jack: Something about that table had the power to bring these girls back, no matter how far away they lived. I would like to propose a toast. To dad — never far from our thoughts, never far from our hearts.

Traci: To dad. Hear, hear.

[ Chuckles ]

Jack: And to my two beautiful sisters. You have no idea how many times I’ve dreamed of just this — the three of us sitting at this table together.

Traci: Fighting over who’s gonna get the last cinnamon roll.

Ashley: Yeah.

Jack: We’ll share it three ways.

Traci: [ Chuckles ]

Ashley: Yep, the abbott family breakfasts — probably the most important tradition we have.

Traci: Definitely the most important.

[ Laughter ] And we are all so very happy to have a seat at that table for you.

[ Chuckles ] When tired, achy feet make your whole body want to stop,

Ashley: So, allie, are you still enjoying yourself or are you on abbott overload?

[ Laughter ]

Allie: I’m good, I’m good. But listen, I don’t want you guys to stay and feel like you have to entertain me or tell me more stories. It’s not like I’m going anywhere anytime soon.

Billy: [ Chuckles ]

[ Cellphone chimes ]

Allie: Okay, wait, I take that back. Maybe I am actually going somewhere. Noah just asked me to hang out.

Ashley: Aww.

Allie: But I don’t want to be rude. You guys have been so awesome and open with me.

Traci: Please, go, go, go. You have to go.

Billy: Yeah, I’ll walk out with you because once they all start talking, you’ll never get another chance to escape.

[ Laughter ]

Allie: Alright. Well, thank you both for everything today.

Billy: Bye, love.

Ashley: Bye.

Traci: Bye.

Jack: Bye. Mm.

Traci: [ Chuckles ]

Jack: Thank you so much for including her. I think that meant the world to her.

Traci: Oh. The more I’m around allie, the more I like her.

Ashley: Me too. Jack, she’s such a lovely addition to this family.

Jack: I am glad to hear you say that because I think she could really use a professional mentor. In fact, I think she would benefit from having both of you in her life, especially since her mother practically cut ties with her.

Ashley: Yeah. Well, we know what that’s like, right? I will step up and do whatever i can for her.

Traci: And of course, you know I will.

Jack: So in these conversations about the abbotts, did you mention dina at all?

Ashley: Mnh-mnh.

Traci: No, you know, we decided not to go down that path. We didn’t want allie to feel like we were pressuring her to talk about her own mother. She’ll open up when she gets more comfortable with us.

Jack: Yeah, I think that’s the right call. Her last encounter with her mother was especially painful, and I don’t know when or if they’re gonna see each other again.

Traci: Wow. I know the first I saw dina years later, after she abandoned us, oh, it was really hard. Mother, back when I was growing up…

Dina: Yes.

Traci: …Even before you left…

[ Sighs ] …I always felt like I was in your way.

Dina: Traci —

Traci: I always felt like i was someone that you didn’t really want to have around, and I want to know, mother… did you ever really want me?

Dina: You want me to tell you the truth? Very well. I won’t deny I was quite surprised when I found myself pregnant for you. It certainly wasn’t something i had planned or anticipated. But when you did arrive, traci, I was very happy to have another little girl.

Traci: Then why, mother? Why didn’t you ever show me?

Dina: Traci. If I don’t see you again… I think you’re very beautiful.

Traci: Goodbye, mother. There was a lot of healing to do. Both for me and for ashley.

Ashley: Yeah, I had no idea what was in store for me when mother came back and…

[ Sighs ] …Told me that brent davis was my biological father. That was so painful. Right? I mean, I literally — I couldn’t remember who I was or where I came from. I think that it was just so difficult for me to accept the fact that I — I wasn’t john abbott’s daughter.

John: You have brought more joy to my life than any father could ever ask. Please, please, dig down deep, try — try to remember. God, does any of it — any of it sound familiar?

Ashley: No.

John: Ashley, I’m your daddy, your father, and I love you so. I just want to help you. I just — just want to bring you home…where you belong. We all do. Please, baby…

Ashley: [ Sobs ] I’m sorry. I’m really sorry.

Traci: Thank god you found your way back.

Ashley: Yeah. And thank god daddy never learned the truth.

Traci: Ashley, the truth is that you are his daughter. You always were and you always will be.

Ashley: Oh, boy. I — I honestly never thought i could ever forgive mother for all of her lies and all of her deceit, and I never thought I’d be able to move past that combative relationship I had with her. But, you know, the last few months that she was with us, she really showed me that she…she tried so hard to make up for those transgressions. When you were looking out for me back then, when you had daddy drop those documents that leave me the rights to the patents of all the formulas that I created.

Dina: I-I just don’t remember, dear.

Ashley: I know. It doesn’t matter because you did it. You made sure that my paternity couldn’t be used against me to cut me out of my share of daddy’s legacy. I mean, you — you put that in writing for me.

Dina: Oh, sweetheart, you’re — you’re crying.

Ashley: They’re happy tears.

Dina: Oh, I’m glad.

Ashley: You know, for so long, I doubted that you loved me, and I see that I was wrong. She did love me. I have moderate to severe ulcerative colitis.

Ashley: You know, the only thing that I’m left with is I’m so grateful that we had that time with her before she passed. So many of those old wounds were healed, and, jack, don’t you feel like you were able to reconcile your past with her? And, traci, don’t you feel like she finally accepted you and appreciated you for who you are?

Traci: I’m just…grateful and I will cherish that I found what she wrote about all of us before she was too far into her illness.

Ashley: And with her last breaths, she was able to give us the one thing that we needed, the one thing that we wanted to hear more than anything else. That she loved us.

Traci: And I will carry that forever. Oh, why am I so tired?

Ashley: Because it’s exhausting being so emotional and sentimental.

Traci: [ Laughs ]

Jack: We’ve been through a lot together. Good and bad. I probably don’t say this enough, but I am very proud to call you my sisters, very proud to be part of this family.

Traci: What has happened? It seems like yesterday we were kids. We were running around this house, and now there are grandchildren. Ahh! Grand-nieces and grand-nephews coming to us for advice and guidance — what?

Ashley: You know, when i think about the generation that comes after us and the one after that, I am so filled with hope. They’re gonna know all of our stories. All of the horrible mistakes that we’ve made. All of the triumphs that we’ve celebrated. All of the sorrow, all of the joy. And you know what? They’re gonna learn from it. I hope they’re gonna learn from it, and they’re gonna move forward, carrying the best qualities of everyone that’s come before us.

Traci: And they will understand how very lucky they are to be an abbott.

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