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[ Dramatic music ]

Taylor: You have news about sheila?

Ridge: Did another inmate kill her? That would be perfect.

Baker: As far as I know, sheila carter still very much alive.

Taylor: As far as you know?

Ridge: What’s going on?

Baker: I’m afraid that she’s no longer in custody.

Ridge: What?

Taylor: Why not?

Baker: She escaped.

Li: Sheila? What are– how are you–

Sheila: You don’t get it, do you? Nothing and no one is going to keep me away from my son. Where is he li? Where is finn?

Quinn: It’s eric’s heart rate. The– the smart ring says that it’s spiking again.

Carter: He’s at the club, right?

Quinn: Yes. Yeah. He– he said he was going to the club. This just seems more concerning than a game of pickleball.

Eric: I should know by now to expect the unexpected with you.

Donna: Well, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

Eric: No?

Donna: Here’s looking to a lot more fun to look forward to. Hey. Wait. Wait. Wait. That wasn’t meant to pressure you or anything. I’m happy with everything just the way it is. Like here. I just want to spend as much time as possible with you. That’s all.

Carter: You know, I’m not sure that smart ring that you gave eric was such a good idea.

Quinn: Why?

Carter: If you’re going to panic every time he builds up a head of steam working out and playing pickleball, then to find out that he’s okay, you’re the one whose heart is going to need to be monitored.

Quinn: You think I’m overreacting? Here’s the problem. I’m the one who set the heart rate threshold. So, I don’t know when I’m supposed to be worried. But, do you know who would?

Carter: Who?

Quinn: Bridget, eric’s daughter. She is a doctor. She would be able to tell me when I’m supposed to be concerned. I’m going to call her. I need to make sure that eric is going to be okay.

Eric: You bring such joy to my life. Such ease and wants. I look forward to this time with you so much. And I just hate it– I hate it when I have to go.

Donna: I wish you didn’t have to leave me. You know, I go through serious withdrawal.

Eric: I’m sorry. Soon.

Donna: Soon.

Hope: Did I really just see that? You and eric.

Donna: Ah…

Taylor: What do you mean sheila escaped?

Ridge: How is that even possible?

Baker: We’re utilizing every resource we have to find her. I just wanted you to know right away.

Ridge: You have no idea where she is?

Taylor: Or where she’s headed?

Baker: At this point, sheila could be anywhere.

Li: How are you here, sheila? You’re supposed to be in prison.

Sheila: You know what? Many have tried, but they haven’t been able to keep me behind bars. This is– this is really quite a hiding place that you have burrowed into. It was a real challenge trying to find you. But I was determined. I want to know my son’s final resting place. You tell me now, where is finn? Are you one of the millions of americans

Donna: Hope, what are you doing here?

[ Hope laughs ]

Hope: That is really not the most burning question, is it?

Donna: Okay. Okay. It’s not what you’re thinking.

Hope: Oh, no. Was that not eric who just walked out of there?

Donna: Yes, that– that was eric.

Hope: And you were kissing him?

Donna: Well, I’d like to think it was mutual. What?

Hope: Please tell me that you are not having an affair with eric.

Donna: I’m not. I am. Sort of.

Hope: Sort of? Sort of? He’s– he is married to quinn.

Quinn: Eric’s heart rate has dropped. But I’m glad bridget is coming over so we can get ahead of any other problems.

Carter: Yeah. Yeah. I wonder if eric knows how lucky he is that… you said yes. How smart he was to take you back.

Quinn: I’m always going to be grateful that eric forgave me… for us.

[ Door unlatching ]

Quinn: Oh, good. You’re here.

Bridget: Yes, of course. What’s going on with my dad?

Carter: I’ll let you two talk.

Bridget: Hi.

Carter: Good to see you.

Bridget: Good to see you too. I can tell you’re really concerned about something.

Quinn: Your dad’s heart rate has been spiking.

Bridget: Okay. How do you know that?

Quinn: Because I’ve been monitoring it with a smart ring.

Bridget: Oh.

Ridge: I– I can’t believe this.

Taylor: How did she escape?

Baker: She was being transferred. It looks like she had help.

Taylor: Help?

Ridge: From the inside?

Baker: Prison guard.

Ridge: Oh, okay. So now she’s just running around L.A. No one knows where she is.

Taylor: Oh, thank god. Steffy and the kids are out of the country.

Baker: She won’t be out there for long. We will find her.

Ridge: Are you tracking her. What are you doing?

Baker: Well, we were hoping you could help.

Ridge: Us? What– what– what do we know?

Baker: Your dealings with her recently. Did she say anything about where she might want to go or– or who she might want to see?

Li: How are you here, sheila? You’re supposed to be behind bars.

Sheila: I escaped with the help of a friend. I have resources. You’d be very smart to remember that.

Li: I’m going to the police.

Sheila: Don’t even bother. You don’t think I went through all this trouble just so you could send me back to prison? No. I want to see my son. I never got to tell him goodbye.

Li: There would be no need for goodbyes if it wasn’t for you. You shot him.

Shelia: It was an accident!

Li: Is that how you sleep at night?

Sheila: Ugh. I am trying to say this as nicely as I can. Where is finn? Did you bury him? Did you spread his ashes? I want to see my son. (Dog barking) we love our pets.

Hope: This is unbelievable. You and eric. I know I’m not quinn’s biggest fan, but marriage should still be respected. And I’m going to guess that she has no idea.

Donna: No. No, she doesn’T. I’m asking you please, please don’t tell her.

Quinn: It’s a secret, okay?

Bridget: Okay.

Quinn: Please, please, please don’t say anything to your dad. Because I’ve been monitoring his heart out of love, right? I mean, I want him to be around for a really long time. And, you know, men, they could be at death’s door before they admit something is wrong. Much less go see a doctor.

Bridget: That’s true. And I appreciate that, quinn. I appreciate you looking after my dad.

Quinn: Just– you won’t tell him, right?

Bridget: No. I don’t see any reason for him to know.

Quinn: Okay, good, good. All right. Thank you. So, do you think there’s any reason to be concerned?

Bridget: Well, an elevated heart rate could be caused by any number of things like anxiety. Or exercise. Or… another form of… excitement.

Quinn: Oh. No. Oh. See. Well, you may know that your father and i have been through kind of a difficult time, and I was hoping we would have gotten… past it by now. But– but, yeah, that’s– that’s not going to be one of the reasons that I’m worried about, unfortunately.

Bridget: I understand that. But professionally speaking, I’m not really hearing anything that’s giving me cause for alarm. I mean, quinn, it’s perfectly normal to set goals in an exercise routine and then move past them. It actually sounds like my dad’s heart is getting stronger, not weaker.

Quinn: That’s a relief.

Bridget: But I do want you to keep me posted. And I am going to… talk to my dad. I want to find out exactly what this exercise routine is. And… I promise you, I will not mention your smart ring.

Quinn: I will keep you posted. And I thank you so much, bridget.

Bridget: You know what, quinn? Thank you for caring so much about my dad.

[ Door unlatching ]

Bridget: Dad!

Eric: Hello bridget. What ah– what’s going on here?

Ridge: I’m sorry, chief, no, deputy chief. Did you just seriously ask us if we know where sheila is?

Baker: Your personal relationship with her. Your long-term relationship. That’s an advantage the law enforcement doesn’t have.

Ridge: I’m so sorry. Sheila carter shot my daughter, almost killed her. She did kill her own son. And she was in prison. And you couldn’t hold on to her.

Taylor: Ridge has a point. Listen, chief baker. Sheila– sheila has a very hard time making friends. And the only family that she had was her potential relationship with finn.

Ridge: The only family she had was finn. And now he’s dead because of her.

Li: I mean it sheila. Get out.

Sheila: I will. Once you tell me where finn is. I never meant to kill my son.

Li: My son.

Sheila: I gave life to him! All I ever wanted was to love him and have him love me in return. A chance at a relationship with my son and my grandson. It’s all I’ve been living for. Why on earth would I deliberately ruin any chance of that ever happening? I am still haunted by the events of that night.

Li: You should be.

Sheila: I did– I didn’t even know he was there. When I finally saw him, it was just too late.

Li: My god. I can’t believe you, justifying yourself. You fired a gun at steffy. You pulled the trigger. You intended to kill her. Finn’s wife. Hayes’ mother.

Sheila: She wouldn’t stop. She kept telling me that I would never be a part of my son’s life. That I would– I would never share any time with my son or my grandson. She took brooke’s side. She defended brooke. She doesn’t even like brooke. She did all of this just to hurt me. No, this is steffy’s fault. If it weren’t for her, my son would still be alive.

Li: You’re insane.

Sheila: You have no idea what this has done to me, reliving this horror. I see finn lying on the ground, bleeding. And it just plays over and over in my mind.

Li: Good. I hope it haunts you for the rest of your worthless life. Now, leave.

Sheila: I told you, I’m not leaving until you tell me where finn is.

[ Heart rate monitor beeping ] What was that? Answer me. You tell me now. What was that sound?

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Eric: It’s not very often that I find the two of you together. What’s the occasion?

Quinn: What’s the one thing– the most important thing that bridget and I have in common?

Eric: Well, the most important thing is me.

Quinn: Right. I– I reached out to your daughter because… I was worried about you.

Eric: Why?

Quinn: Because I think you may be overdoing it at the club.

Hope: Wow.

Donna: I– I– I love him, hope. What eric and I share it’s– it’s– it’s sweet and it’s pure.

Hope: After everything that eric and quinn have been through to try to stay together and now he’s cheating on her with you?

Donna: Okay. Okay. I can see you’re really, really disappointed me and… eric. And please don’t judge us like this. I’m begging you. Please don’t say anything to quinn or brooke. I– look, I just don’t want to upset eric or– or cause more problems in his life than he already has. Can you please not say anything… for me? Please.

Ridge: This is unbelievable to me. How does this happen to me? How does someone like sheila carter, a psychopath and a murderer, just walk out of prison and be on her merry way?

Taylor: Who would– who would help a woman who– who killed her son and shot his wife? Oh, thank god steffy and the kids are far away.

Ridge: Yeah, they are far away. No one knows where they are. Not now, but they will. Baker, what is he doing? The police, what are they doing? Nothing. They got to find her and put it away before… before something else happens.

Sheila: What was that sound? Is there somebody else here? Is it jack?

Li: No. Jack and I are no longer together, thanks to you. You ruined us just like you ruin everything. You single handedly took a wrecking ball to my life. My husband, my son. No more. I won’t allow you to hurt us ever again, sheila, now get out!

Sheila: How many times do I have to tell you? I am not going anywhere until I see my son.

[ Heart rate monitor beeping ]

Li: You need to leave.

Sheila: What is that sound?

Li: You need to leave now.

Sheila: Why won’t you tell me? Get out of my way.

Li: You can’t go there. No!

[ Heart rate monitor beeping ]

Sheila: Finn, you’re alive. Finn, you’re alive. He’s– he’s alive. All this time, my son has been alive? Oh. Oh, baby.

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