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Li: Good work on the press release, lia. Please send it out asap. I’ll be in touch if there’s a follow-up. Oh, I’m sorry if I woke you. I wanted to let you sleep in, considering how late you worked last night.

Gabi: It was worth it. I managed to close on the oakdale project. Is that what the press release was about?

Li: No, gabi, there’s something you should know.

Gabi: What is it?

[Cell phone chiming] Oh, never mind, I probably got it.

Li: Before you read that, I just need to tell you something.

Gabi: “Board of directors of dimera enterprises is sad to announce the death of abigail dimera”?

Gwen: Dad. I didn’t know you were in town.

[Soft music]

Jack: It was a last-minute trip. I have some bad news about abigail.

Gwen: Yeah, someone already told me. Is it true then? My sister was murdered?

Jack: I’m sorry. I meant to tell you myself. I guess the news is getting out there.

Gwen: Well, I didn’t get all the details. Do they know who’s responsible?

Chad: Kate, how much did you tell lucas? Did you tell him that abby knew he was sami’s kidnapper? Answer me!

Kate: Please, you really have to try to calm down.

Chad: Calm down? My wife is dead! Someone stabbed her to death in our bedroom, and you want me to calm down? If you told lucas that abigail knew his secret, he could be the one.

Jennifer: My sweet girl. She was so kind. So much to live for, especially her precious children. Who would wanna hurt her, lucas? And why?

Lucas: I don’t know, jenn. I just don’t know.

Jennifer: To attack her so, so brutally in her own home. What kind of monster would do that?

Lucas: Jenn, I’m so sorry. This is all my fault.

Jennifer: Your fault? What do you mean?

Male announcer: Like sands through the hourglass, so are the “days of our lives.”

[Soft orchestration]

Jennifer: How could abigail’s death be your fault?

Lucas: I should’ve protected her. You were in boston; I was here. I should’ve kept a closer eye on her.

Jennifer: Lucas, no, no. You could not possibly know that some maniac was gonna break into her house and attack her. Oh, honey, lucas, don’t do this to yourself.

Lucas: Stop, I should be the one comforting you, not the other way around.

Jennifer: Oh, listen to me. You listen to me. You loved her.

Lucas: Yeah.

Jennifer: She knew that. You are not to blame for any of this.

Chad: Don’t you get it? If lucas thought that abigail was gonna expose his secret, then he might’ve–he might’ve wanted to kill her to shut her up, okay? He would’ve had motive.

Kate: I didn’t tell him. I didn’t tell him. He didn’t know that abigail knows the truth, chad.

Chad: You didn’t?

Kate: No, I didn’T. But it doesn’t matter. Even if he did know the truth, he would never ever hurt abigail, not in a million years.

Chad: But then who did? Who did? Who would’ve done something so horrible to my wife?

Steve: Rafe, you let me know if there’s anything I can do to help with the investigation, all right? We need to find whoever did this to abigail and bring them to justice, okay? Whatever it takes. All right, thanks, man. I’ll talk to you later.

Jake: Hey, steve? I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to eavesdrop, but did something happen to abigail?

Gabi: Is this some kind of sick joke?

Li: I’m afraid not.

Gabi: No, you’ve got this wrong. You’ve got all of this wrong. You need to retract this statement because this is obviously–this is wrong.

Li: Ej gave me the information himself.

Gabi: Ej, okay, there you go. That’s it. He gave you some false information because he wants to make us look bad, he wants to embarrass us, and you fell for it.

Li: Gabi, I double-checked with the salem pd. Abigail’s dead.

Gabi: What–no, are they sure? Because a while back, we thought abigail died in a plane crash, and it turned out that andre was just faking her death. This is probably a trick too.

Li: It’s not. I’m sorry to say this, but abigail was murdered.

Gabi: Wh… migraine hits hard, so u hit back with ubrelvy

Jake: Oh, my. Abigail was murdered?

Steve: Yeah. And chad found her.

Jake: My god.

Steve: Yeah. Someone from your family will probably contact you and fill you in on the details, right?

Jake: Not likely. Abigail was really the only dimera I got along with. Police have any leads?

Steve: Not yet. Listen, I need to get inside. Jennifer’s waiting for me.

Jake: Oh, yeah, go ahead. Of course, please give her and jack my condolences.

Steve: Yeah.

[Tense music]

Kate: I wish that I could give you the answers that you need, but I can’T. I can’T. I just wish I could. I have no idea why anyone would do this to abigail, but I do know that my heart is broken for you and for your children.

Chad: I’m just grasp–I’m grasping at straws right now, so I’m not thinking straight. I’m so–I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to lash out at you.

Kate: Don’t apologize, okay? Don’t do that. I’m sorry–I’m sorry that I can’t be of more comfort to you.

Chad: Nobody–nobody can be. And nothing…

Kate: I know, I know. Maybe you should get some rest.

Chad: I can’t rest. I can’t rest. Every time I close my eyes, I just–I see her laying there. Covered in blood. I just keep remembering the last thing that she said to me.

Kate: She talked to you? Did she give you any clue of what happened?

Chad: She just said that they had a knife.

Kate: I see.

Chad: I keep racking my brain trying to think about who would do this to my wife. What kind of sick and sadistic person would do something like this? And the only person I can think of is gwen. But she’s in prison, obviously, so she couldn’t have done it.

Jack: The police don’t have any suspects at the moment.

Gwen: Is that why you came here, to ask me if I had something to do with it?

Jack: Of course not. My god, why would you even think that?

Gwen: I mean, it crossed my mind, that’s all, especially because of everything that happened between abigail and I in the past. I just really wish that the last time that I saw her hadn’t ended the way that it did.

Jack: When was the last time that you saw her?

Gwen: Yesterday. She came to visit me.

Jack: She did? Why?

Gwen: I guess you could say that our last encounter sealed both of our fates forever. Are you one of the millions of americans

Ava: So you’re gonna spend the summer with joey and stephanie?

Tripp: You know, it’ll be a little while before my ankle heals and I can get back to work, so I figured I might as well enjoy a little change of scenery until then.

Ava: But you’re coming back, right?

Tripp: Yes. At least I think so. I gotta clear my head, you know? Process everything that’s happened.

Ava: You’re talking about what happened with allie?

Tripp: That among other things, like almost dying, being possessed by the devil. I mean, you can understand why I might need to get away, can’t you?

Ava: Of course I can. What am I gonna do without you, hm?

Jack: I don’t understand. How did abigail’s visit here seal your fates?

Gwen: Well, I just meant that because of how things ended so badly between us, and now that she’s gone… I won’t ever have a chance to reconcile with her. Although, maybe that never would’ve happened anyway.

Jack: I would like to think that you would have eventually, that you both would’ve gotten past the anger and the resentment.

Gwen: Well, I guess now we’ll never know.

Gabi: You probably don’t know this, but abigail and i used to be best friends.

Li: I didn’t know that, no.

Gabi: She was my ride or die. Even after everything blew up, we had this connection. It’s like she could see the real me. She could see what I was hiding, see through my defenses. It was kind of annoying sometimes, but it was also very comforting.

Li: It’s a shame you two had a falling out.

Gabi: Yeah, yes, it is. And we spent a lot of time battling each other, tearing each other down, but every once in a while, we’d find some common ground, like we did with gwen rizczech.

Li: Hm, the infamous nanny?

Gabi: Yeah, abigail and I, we teamed up to bring her down. It didn’t go as planned, but it felt nice to be on the same side again. It’s funny, that was one of the few times that I had to stop abigail from making things worse. Usually, it was the other way around.

Li: It sounds like she was the yin to your yang, as my father would say, complete opposites who balanced each other out. You know, they say, “the shadow cannot exist without the light.”

Gabi: Yeah. Now that light is gone. What are we gonna do without her?

Kate: I know that you want justice for abigail. I do, but you have to let the police find out who did it, okay? You really need to focus on yourself and your children now.

[Soft music]

Chad: Ugh, I haven’t told them yet. I don’t know–i don’t know how I’m going to.

Kate: Charlotte and thomas, they’re strong, okay? And they’re resilient.

Chad: Just like their mom.

Kate: Where are they right now?

Chad: Ej and belle took them to marlena’s last night.

Kate: Okay, that’s good. You know it’s really–it’s a good thing that they have people who love them–so many people who love them and are gonna be there for them.

Chad: Yeah.

Kate: Is there anything that I can do right now for you, for the kids?

Chad: No, not at the moment.

Kate: Okay. You’ll let me know, right?

Chad: Yeah, I will. Thank you.

Kate: I love you.

Chad: Okay, I love you too.

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Kate: Jake, this isn’t a good time.

Jake: I know. I heard. That’s why I’m here. I came to offer my condolences.

Kate: I’ll see you later.

Chad: I wasn’t expecting to see you here.

Jake: Yeah. Can I come in?

[Soft music]

Gabi: You probably think I’m the world’s biggest hypocrite. I’ve done so many awful things to abigail; I don’t have the right to cry over her like this.

Li: It’s like you said, she may have been your enemy, but she was also your friend. I honestly doubt abigail would begrudge you your tears.

Gabi: Thank you. This is more than you bargained for when you hooked up with me.

Li: Gabi, I thought I was clear. I’m all in. Through the good, the bad–

Gabi: Don’t say “the ugly.” Don’T.

Li: You? Never. You’re the most beautiful woman I’ve ever laid eyes on.

Jack: So why did abigail come to visit you?

Gwen: I asked her to. See, I’d made you a gift, and I wanted her to deliver it to you. Flying to boston to surprise you for your birthday.

Jack: I didn’t know that. Well, obviously, I can’t ask chad to go through her things, not right now. For your gift.

Gwen: No, don’t bother. You won’t find it.

Jack: Why not?


Gwen: I dropped it. And it shattered to pieces.

Jack: That’s too bad. You couldn’t fix it?

Gwen: No. Much like my relationship with my sister, it was broken beyond repair.

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doesn’t have to be hard.

Jake: I’m not sure if you remember, but back when I first found out that I was a dimera, abigail had just come home from florida, right? And I fixed her car.

Chad: I remember.

Jake: Anyway, she had this book in the back seat by some writer, something ishiguro.

Chad: Kazuo.

Jake: That’s the one. “Never let me go.” Abigail, she asked me if i wanted to borrow it, and I said, “I’m not much of a reader.” But she insisted. And I ended up liking it. Anyway, the thing is, abigail barely knew me when she insisted that I borrow that book. And I always saw that as her reaching out to me, you know, sharing a part of herself. And that meant a lot. She made a real effort to welcome me into this family.

Chad: Unlike me.

Jake: I didn’t say that.

Chad: You didn’t have to. I don’t know if i ever made this clear. I hate that I made assumptions about your friendship with abby. I was an idiot to fall for gwen’s lies and to betray abby in the worst way possible. I hurt her badly. And I thought I had… I thought I had lost her for good. But we worked things out. We were happy. We were planning to have another baby.

Jake: Hey.

[Soft music]

Tripp: Well, I should probably get going.

Ava: Oh.

Tripp: Dad’s taking me to a farewell lunch before I go to the airport.

Ava: All right. You two have a good time.

Tripp: I’ll admit, I do feel a little guilty leaving right now; I mean, the timing isn’t ideal.

Ava: Why is that?

Tripp: I guess you haven’t heard. My cousin abigail, she died last night.

Ava: What–what happened?

Tripp: Someone broke into her house and stabbed her. Her husband, chad, found her lying there, and he got her to the hospital, but it was too late. It’s such a terrible tragedy. I mean, she’s got two little kids. She was such a wonderful person. I still can’t believe it.

Ava: That’s just horrible for her family. Do they have any suspects?

Tripp: No, not yet.

Gwen: So you and jennifer had to go and view abigail’s body? I mean, that seems rather cruel to make you do that. Couldn’t they have had chad do the necessary identifications?

Jack: Nobody made us do it. We wanted to do it. I wanted to see her. I wanted to tell her so many things that I’d wanted to say before she… anyway, her mother and me, as hard as it is, it’s nothing compared to what’s happening with thomas and charlotte, our grandbabies. They’re gonna grow up without their mother.


Gwen: Dad. Dad, listen, abigail knew how much you loved her. She did, she knew. And she knew how lucky she was to have a father as wonderful and caring as you, as am I.

Jack: Thank you. Thank you for saying that.

Gwen: It’s the truth, it is. It’s the truth. I’m so sorry. I’m sorry you’re going through this. I’m so, so sorry.

Jennifer: Okay. That’s the best I can do.

Steve: Well, in that case, why don’t you let me take you home now?

Jennifer: Okay. That’d be great.

[Soft music]

Goodbye, lucas.

Lucas: Bye. I promise I’ll check on you later, okay?

Steve: Here you go.

Kate: Jennifer.

Jennifer: Hello, kate.

Kate: I’m so sorry about abigail. She was a beautiful person. I respected her, her strength, and her love of family. I guess she got that from you.

Jennifer: Thank you.

Lucas: I hate to see jenn going through all of this.

Kate: And chad. I just left him.

Lucas: How’s he doing? Forget I asked. It’s a stupid question, okay?

Kate: I tell you, it’s so difficult. It was so difficult. He’s in so much pain. And, out of grief, he accused me of killing abigail.

Lucas: He what?

Kate: Yeah, yeah. To keep her quiet because she knew about you kidnapping sami.

Lucas: What are you talking about–that’s ridiculous. You would never do anything to hurt abigail.

Kate: Yeah, of course I wouldn’T. But, you know, I can’t help thinking, would you? So I said, “yeah you’re saving hundreds

Jack: I’d better get back to jennifer; she doesn’t know where I am. I didn’t tell her I was coming to see you.

Gwen: Please give her my condolences.

Jack: I will, thanks. Please take care of yourself, gwen.

Gwen: Dad, wait. Happy birthday.

[Soft music]

Gabi: What are you doing here?

Jake: I came to see chad.

Gabi: How is he?

Jake: How do you think? He just lost the love of his life.

Gabi: I know what that’s like. I’m talking about stefan, of course.

Jake: Of course. Look at you now. You’ve bounced back. Right into shin’s bed.

Gabi: Excuse me, how did…

Jake: So what, are you guys like a thing now?

Gabi: Why do you care? Especially since I hear you and ava are no longer “just roommates.”

Jake: Looks like we’ve both moved on, so I guess we have nothing else to talk about. See you at the office.

Lucas: So my mother–my mother, who’s supposed to have faith in me, you actually think that I killed abigail, really? Mother to two young children? Beautiful person that abigail was?

Kate: It crossed my mind, yes, but most importantly, it crossed chad’s mind.

Lucas: Oh, my god. You can’t be serious.

Kate: Okay, don’t worry. Don’t worry, I covered. I covered. I told him that you had no idea that abigail even knew, so you wouldn’t have a motive. But we both know that you could because you were very, very upset when i told you about abigail. And then you didn’t show up for dinner.

Lucas: I didn’t show up for dinner–

Kate: What did you do to your hand?

Lucas: I don’t know what i I did with my hand, all right?

Kate: What does that mean?

Lucas: After we talked last night, I fell off the wagon.

Kate: Oh, god, lucas.

Lucas: I blacked out. I have no memory of what I did last night.

Kate: Oh, god.


Tripp: Are you sure i shouldn’t stick around? I mean, given the circumstances, everyone being in shock about abigail, I can put off leaving.

Steve: No, no, come on. We’ll all be all right. I’m just sorry I couldn’t give you a bigger sendoff.

Tripp: Are you kidding me? This is perfect. I mean, it kind of reminds me of when we first started getting to know each other, bonding over fries with hot sauce.

Steve: Yeah. This is the way real men eat fries.

Tripp: And do real men drink beer this early in the day?

Steve: How else was I gonna give you a goodbye toast? Lift that bottle. To the best son a man could ever ask for. I’m gonna miss you, tripp. Promise me you’ll come back soon.

Tripp: I promise.

[Soft music]

Jack: I’m sorry I didn’t tell you that I was going to see gwen. I just–I didn’t know how you’d take it.

Jennifer: Oh, it’s fine. I’m glad you did. I mean, she’s your daughter and abigail’s sister. No matter how I feel about her, she deserved to hear the news from you.

Jack: Actually, I didn’t tell her. By the time I got there, she had already heard.

Jennifer: How did she take it?

Jack: Well, obviously, there’s no love lost between her and abigail, but I could tell. Much as she tried to put up a good front, I could tell that abigail’s death shook her more than she was letting on.

Ava: Gwen. I’m glad I caught you.

Gwen: Ava.

Ava: I just heard about abigail. It’s horrible, oh, my god.

Gwen: So you came all this way to give me your condolences?

Ava: No. I came to ask you one thing. Did you do it?

Gabi: I’m so sorry, chad. This is such a terrible tragedy. I just–my heart goes out to you and your children.

Chad: Thank you.

Gabi: I know you’re skeptical about my feelings for abigail. Yeah, we had a lot of problems. I loved her. I loved her very much. And it’s just complicated.

Chad: Yeah, that’s one word for it.

Gabi: You know, over the last year, I’d like to think that we’d gotten to an okay place. I hope she thought so too. You know, whoever did this made a huge mistake because nobody but me gets to mess with abigail deveraux dimera, all right? So we’re gonna find the son of a bitch who did this, and we’re gonna make them pay.

Kate: How could you have done something so stupid after working so hard to get sober?

Lucas: Maybe the pressure of keeping my secret finally got to me, all right?

Kate: Oh, god, lucas. So what did you do? So you just start drinking when I left the pub?

Lucas: Yeah, yeah, when you left, I stole a bottle from behind the bar, and i got totally wasted. I woke up with a massive hangover, and I have no memory of what I did after i left the pub.

Kate: You have no idea of where you went, what you did?

Lucas: I have no idea. I just woke up with this cut on my hand, which could have been from a knife.

Kate: Oh, my god. You don’t think that you–that you could have…

Lucas: Killed abigail? I wish I could say, “of course not.” But honestly, I’m not sure.

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