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[ Indistinct talking on tv ] Mm. Oh, come on.

[ Cellphone rings ] Hello? Brook lynn. Where are you? We were supposed to meet at the pool. I’m watching the game. Oh! Shot-clock violation. Damn it. What?

It’s nothing. What are you eating? Cereal. So you’re watching the game and eating cereal when you could be hanging out at the pool with me? Yep. No, I mean, I’ll be there soon, okay? When?

Soon. Come on! I got to go, okay? Bye. What are you doing tonight? I was just headed home. Can you reconsider that and stay with me? Please? Oh, sonny, I really — I shouldn’T. I’ll make it worth your while. One drink. So, sonny and nina? Yeah, I’m just going to make like they’re not here. You are a chicken. I totally am. But you know what? I’m here with you, and I don’t want family drama ruining my night. That’s good. Mm-hmm. It gives you more time to fill me in on whatever trouble you and cody got into back in the day. Alright. Huh. Things just got interesting.

[ Cellphone chimes ] Hey, t, what are you doing here? Hey. I just went by your house to look in on marshall. Aunt stella said you left early, so I thought I’d stop by. Yeah, look, I know I owe you a conversation. Marshall already explained everything. I just — I came here to see about you. Aiden: Hey, I want to try. So, what’s the verdict? Did I overstep asking you to talk to cam? Not at all. No, I think he appreciated the gesture. He’s got some weight on his shoulders right now. I think he’s strong enough to carry it. If he isn’t, he’s got you to help him out. I don’t think cam wants my help. Give him time. My bet is he comes around. Hey, you’re holding it wrong. Do you want me to show you? I want to learn myself, okay? Back off. In or out. Alright. Whew. We should’ve stopped by the drugstore and covered ourself with fake tattoos before we got here. Yeah, not really my vibe. Well, never mind the aesthetics. We need to blend in so we can get some answers. Well, this place is pretty close to spring ridge, which is where esme interned. Must’ve been very convenient to pick up an untraceable phone. So what now? I doubt there’s a counter that sells black-market cellphones or a guy that says, “hi, can I help you?” Wow. You’re hilarious when you’re out of place. Listen, we just need to stay calm, mingle, and strike up a conversation with the clientele. Hey, you guys lost or something? Maxie: Well, if these sticks are more to your satisfaction, have about them. I, for one, am more invested in the chocolate. Oh, don’t get me wrong. I love chocolate. But, maxie, you should know I’m a marshmallow man. And a gooey marshmallow is what defines a s’more.

[ Rustling ] What was that?

Hey. Hi. Finally. Your piña colada is melting. Sorry. It was a great game. The lead changed nine times in the last two minutes, and the three-point favorite lost on a buzzer beater. That’s nice. Nice? It’s heartbreaking for the three-point favorite. Are you going to swim tonight? It’s perfect weather. Uh, nah, I think I’m just going to sip on this piña colada. I’m really glad you asked me to hang out tonight. Mm-hmm. I feel like you’ve been so focused on taking down linc that we just need a break, a night to just chill, you know? Mm-hmm. But I guess that was just too much to ask for, huh? I really appreciate you giving marshall space to talk to aunt stella and me. Now, I’m sure you have your own questions, but it really meant a lot. No, you needed answers. But now that you have them, how are you feeling?

[ Sighs ] Well, I’m not going to lie to you. I’m confused. There’s a lot to process. For me, as well. Even though I’m a medical professional. I felt a pit in my stomach when I saw marshall’s medication, and when he said that — that his diagnosis was schizophrenia, I had an immediate, visceral reaction. That’s understandable. Medical strides have come a long way, but it is a complicated diagnosis. Just imagine how marshall felt hearing that 40 years ago. He was probably terrified — not only of the stigma, but for what could happen to him. Which is why he chose to leave and stay lost for so long. At least now you know that it wasn’t out of neglect. It was out of love for you and my father. Marshall wanted to protect you, even from himself if it came to that. Cheers. Oh, well, it’s bad luck to toast with water. Oh, yes, I heard about that. But what if the water’s as sparkly as your eyes?

[ Chuckles ] Besides, I’ve had all the bad luck that one person is allotted in one lifetime. Granted, I’m to blame for most of it. Can I tell you, I don’t want to tempt fate, but I think that luck is going to turn around. Oh, really? Yeah. Do tell. Well, because the hearing is over. No more secrets, betrayal. No more, you know, waiting for the other shoe to drop. The worst is over. And I think it’s time that we stop denying that… there’s something between us. Is there? You heard that, right? I did? Yeah, it’s probably nothing. Nature’s noisy. Yeah. Yeah, you’re right. I need to stop watching old slasher movies before I go to sleep. Well, that can’t help. Does that help?

[ Twig snaps ] Okay, that was definitely something. Probably just a fox. That doesn’t make me feel any better. Okay, you know what? Just stay put for a second. I’ll go check it out. Oh, you are not leaving me. Okay. Let’s go together.

[ Rustling ]

[ Twig snaps ] Skunk? Maybe it’s a skunk. Now it’s definitely time to go. Okay.

[ Both scream ] Boo! Dude, relax. I was just trying to help. I just want to figure this out on my own, okay? Aiden, relax, alright? Cam crushes on the guitar. He’ll teach you how to play in no time. Cam won’t always be around. He’s in college. And you’ll be in college soon, too. And if mom doesn’t come back… I just need to learn stuff by myself. Okay? Jake: Aiden, you don’t have to get upset. Cam was just trying to help.

[ Whispering ] Wyatt, hey. Did you need me, dr. Finn? I need a favor, wyatt. Two, actually. Of course. How can I be of assistance? I want you to call me finn, alright? I appreciate you acknowledging the whole doctor thing, but all my friends call me finn, and I like to think you’re one of them. I’d like to think so, too. So no more “doctor.” No more “doctor.” Okay. What’s the other favor? Alright, look, aiden’s going through a pretty tough time right now, and, you know, I was wondering if you could include him in whatever you’re doing, alright? There’s probably not enough time for him to learn to play guitar before the sing-along tonight, but maybe there’s another way you could find for him to participate. I think I know what to do. Leave it to me, d– finn. Good man.

[ Sighs ] Trina: We’re not lost. We’re just from out of town. Yes, um, we heard about this place and figured we’d stop by and check it out while we’re here. It’s a definite vibe. Yeah, you’re, uh — you’re a little younger than our usual clientele. Yes, we like to hang around, uh, groups of people that are sometimes different than our friends. Yeah, that’s not what I meant. You got I.D.? Yes. Yeah.

[ Sighs ] Okay, jane and kara, hate to break it to you, but these are totally bogus.

Hey, can you help me out with something? Sure. I was thinking about switching the song for the campfire sing-along. Can I play some possibilities and you can help me pick the best one? Sure. Wow. Hmm? Seems like wyatt found a way to make aiden feel better. Oh. Good. I’m glad everything worked out. Yeah, it’s almost as if someone knew that in order to make aiden feel better, he’d have to be in control of the situation, especially with everything in his life spinning out of control. Who could’ve been that smart? Oh, um… you know, I guess the important thing is that aiden’s coming to terms with his emotions, right? Doesn’t matter how it happens. Actually, it does. My license is not bogus, and neither is kara’S. We would never do something like that. Really? Well, if you’re both 23, tell me about dimpled chads. They were really cute guys. Boy band. Not even close. Beat it. Next time, invest in better fakes. That’s actually why we came. We heard that somebody knows how to get things like that — quality I.D.S, unregistered phones. We can pay in cash. That’s the guy you’re looking for, but make it quick. Wow. You sure got over your jitters quickly. I wasn’t going to let our last hope go down the drain. They say desperation gives you strength. I’m done dealing with that parachuting charlatan. That was not part of our agreement. But don’t worry.

[ Muffled ] I handled dr. Westbourne. No lawsuit. No chance of exposing what’s really going on here. So, summer camp? Hm. Uh, yeah, okay. I was, uh — I was 12. And my buddy tommy fazio had just gotten busted for shoplifting, and my mother was convinced that I was going to be next. And off you went. Yeah. And I wasn’t thrilled about nature, you know? But then it dawned on me that I’d be away from my mother and my 200 other relatives that lived in the vicinity of our apartment. That their sole purpose in life was to guide me and supervise me. Okay. Yeah. I’m assuming nature was the downside. Nature, to me, was a church parking lot, playing stickball.

[ Chuckles ] You know, I wasn’t opposed to nature, but getting that close to it? No, it wasn’t my first choice, no. Well, on the upside, no supervision. Well, limited supervision, right? I mean, you still had counselors, but at least I wasn’t related to any of them. And then you met cody? Yeah. Yeah. You know, most of the kids at camp, they were like me, city kids. But cody, he was a country kid. He was different. He was comfortable out there. And I saw him, and I’m thinking, “I should take some pointers from that kid.” Well, cody seems to want to remind you all the time about the trouble the two of you got into back in the day. Yeah, he does. We, uh… well, we had some good times. I was surprised you came to work tonight. Isn’t the owner entitled to take a night off every now and then? Sure. But I got something going on tonight. Chase: Something tells me tonight wasn’t just about us hanging out.

[ Sighs ] Did you know linc would be here? Well, I hoped so. I saw him checking in in the lobby earlier. I knew he was up to something, and I was right. Don’t jump to conclusions. Did you see him talking to selina wu? That has to be fishy, right? Selina wu has never been convicted of anything. In the eyes of the law, it’s not a crime for linc to associate with her. Oh, don’t give me the whole “in the eyes of the law” talk, okay? Isn’t your detective’s intuition tingling? My detective’s intuition is telling me that you’re trying to make up excuses to go after linc. I don’t need an excuse, okay? He’s holding my songs hostage. I said I would help you get your songs back, but you have to let me take the lead.

[ Sighs ] We have to do it the right way. You just don’t get it, chase. Music, to most people, is just — it’s something they listen to when they’re bored, okay? But for me, it’s — it’s home. Grounding. Purpose. It’s — [ Sighs ] It’s my life. Ever since my mom took me to tower records on 4th street and broadway to get a jets cassette.

[ Chuckles ] Jets? I don’t know that band. We’ll go over your deprived childhood at another time. Look, the point is

[Sighs] — Is that ever since I knew that I could sing, it’s the only thing I’ve wanted to do. And now I can’t sing. And thanks to you, I realized that I can still participate in that part of my life through my songwriting. It’s the only thing I have left in that area of my life. Oh, hell. Linc’s coming over here. Brook lynn.

[ Sighs ] How is my favorite personal atm doing this fine evening?

Why are you back, linc? Oh, I’m just relaxing here in port charles in between taking meetings about your catalog. You know, it’s amazing how much more valuable those songs are without you attached now. Alright, it’s time to take a walk. Hey, I’m just living life and enjoying the night. Brookie knows I would never do anything to upset her. I only wanted her to know how profitable her songs are. Profitable to me, anyway. I intend to continue tapping that.

[ Scoffs ] Let — just let him be. He’s just trying to press my buttons. I’m just going to have a little conversation with him. Hey. When are you going to get it through your thick skull? Leave brook lynn alone. Linc: I’m just making conversation. No, no, no. You are harassing her — the lewd innuendoes, trying to rub it in her face that you cheated her out of her own songs. Who the hell do you think you are talking to her like that? You know, I don’t care if you’re on some big power trip or you just get off on being cruel, but you do not talk to her like that again, ever. Mr. Ashford, your business continues to thrive. Who’s your friend? Ms. Wu, this is my nephew, dr. Ashford. A pleasure to meet you. You, as well. Um, t, why don’t you go order us a round? N’neka knows what I like. I need to talk with ms. Wu. Yeah. I got your text. Is there a problem? Thankfully, no. You went off the grid for a few days to deal with a family matter. Well, I’m quite sure that my staff and your nephew handled things quite nicely while I was away. Nevertheless, I was compelled to come here and confirm the details for tonight’s game. There’s a very influential player who will be joining us for the first time. So one of the activities at camp was horseback riding, and the closest thing I’d ever been to a horse, being from bensonhurst, was, whenever we went to the city as kids, we’d see them pulling carriages through central park or, you know, cops mounted on patrol, that kind of thing. Mm-hmm. So, okay, there I am, you know, 12 years old, staring up at this giant beast with its nostrils flaring, and I’m thinking…

[ Chuckles ] “I don’t want to get on top of that thing.” So cody sees this, and he walks over. And then I started thinking, “oh, great, this guy’s going to give me a hard time because I’m scared,” and he didn’T. He walked up to me. He was super chill. He’s like, “hey, man,” taught me how to stand, how to approach the horse, how to be respectful towards the horse. I was comfortable with the horse. The horse was comfortable with me. And then he said horses can sense human emotion, and it’s their gift. You know, at that point I figured he was a good guy, and we had each other’s backs ever since. So the guy’s got layers.Mm. And I think that’s why you’ve been able to tolerate some of the more questionable ones? Where he may be a screw-up, for sure, but he’s got a heart of gold.

[ Sighs ]

[ Clears throat ] Ah, uh, can I help you? Well, I think we could help each other. I know what’s really going onbetween you and zelda. So why don’t we talk about what it’s going to take to keep it quiet? You got quiet all of a sudden. Did I say something uncomfortable? No, I don’t feel uncomfortable, sonny. Just maybe given pause. As much as I love sitting across the table from you, I can’t help but notice that your own son hasn’t even acknowledged our existence since we sat down. Dante, he’s just… he’s just enjoying himself, like I am. Listen, don’t worry about dante. He’s been very nonjudgmental for all — yeah. Yeah? Really? Even after the hearing? I mean, he can’t be okay with everything that was said or with me. Do you want to go someplace else, where it’s more our speed? You don’t have to be scared anymore. Did you really think we were a bear? Okay, maybe I overreacted, but in all fairness, I didn’t expect to see people that far away from the campsite. I’m sorry if we startled you. I find I can’t resist the charms of a certain granddaughter. When she asked if she could come along to gather sticks for, uh — for s’mores. Can we make them now? Ah, there we go. A girl after my own heart. I love a good s’more. I can eat 10 s’mores. Can you do that? Alright, let’s see. I’ll tell you what. We’ll wash these sticks off, we’ll get them dry, and I promise that I won’t munch any marshmallows in the meantime.

[ Chuckles ] What

can I get ya? I.D.S and an unregistered phone. We heard that you’re someone who can hook us up. Heard it from who? I might know a guy. You both want I.D.S? Uh, yeah, but actually, we — we want the phone first, and it should have working e-mail and internet and a camera. Do you have phones that can handle all of that? Well, sure. It’ll set you back about a grand. That going to be a problem? No. Wait. We’ve been burned before. We don’t want to get scammed again. Our friend said that she bought her phone here, and I want to make sure you’re the right guy. Do you remember selling a phone to her?

oh, you’re right. This is absolutely more our scene. Okay, do me a favor. You grab a table. I’ll get the drinks, and then — how about this? How about you grab a table? Right. This round’s on me. Mm. Hey. Hi. It’s nice to see you. You know… chase: Be decent for once in your life and relinquish control to brook lynn’s songs, or at least split the profits. Linc: What are you, her manager all of a sudden? Huh? You looking for a payday? She’s already rich. She’s not hurting for cash with that family of hers. What, a man can’t get a drink in peace here? You got to sic your pit bull on me? Watch your tone. Oh, and this entire conversation was my idea. Oh, yeah? Well, next time you get the urge, don’T. Keep clear of brook lynn, and we don’t have to worry about that. Don’t worry. I have better places to be. I bet you do. What? What did you say to him? Just that he can’t talk to you like that again. I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have lost my cool. No, don’t apologize. It was incredibly reactive and old-school and really… and it was a perfect diversion. Linc is up to no good, and now I know what. Everything is ready for tonight’s game. I’ve honored our deal, even during my family emergency. This family matter must’ve been most distressing. Are things better now? Do you really care? I know you may not think of me as a friend. That’s fair. But I can provide an ear if you ever need to vent. As an ally. Our businesses are dependent on one another. Cameron: I, uh, spoke with your father. He’s a really cool guy. Yeah, he is. Helped me explain this whole title ix situation. I assume you asked him to talk to me. I hope that was okay. Yeah. It was, actually. Really helped. So thank you. You’re welcome. I just, uh — I just — I just want… you just want what’s best for me and my brothers, because you care about my mom, and you care about us. Yeah, I do, cam. Yeah, you guys are — you guys are pretty great the way you’ve been so welcoming with violet.

[ Chuckles ] That’s not hard. I mean, violet’s violet. Mm. Look, I…

[ Sighs ] I just wanted to say that I’m sorry for jumping on you about my mom. I know you only wanted to help, and… the truth is, I-I’m really scared. And seeing aiden now, I understand that he’s scared, too. Jake probably, as well. I’ll let you in on a secret. I’m a little scared myself, but I promise you, we’re going to get through this together. Together. Yeah. Yeah, I sold her a phone a while back.

[ Chuckles ] Kind of had an attitude on this one. Mm. That sounds like ezzie. So do you remember when she came in? Around last january? Mm –well, hello. I know you two. No, you don’T. Yeah, I recognize you both. You were all over the news a few weeks ago. You must be mistaken. I never forget pretty faces. I remember everything about your story. Including your father. The cop.

I know it’s not the tan-o but, you know, when we’re here together… yeah. …It feels close enough. It’s like our pocket universe, where all the reasons why we shouldn’t be near each other just disappear. But that’s a fantasy because we can’t go back to the way it used to be. No, we can’T. But you know what we can do now that things are out in the open? Hm? We can — we can — we can take the universe out of our pockets.

[ Chuckles ] And then maybe suddenly we have free space. Oh, free space to do what? To think about us and what happens next. Yeah.

[ Chuckles ] You want to get out of here? Oh, yeah. I would love nothing more. Let’s go. Whoa, whoa, whoa. You guys aren’t going anywhere, are you? The party’s just getting started. What? You went through his coat pockets? Focus. Whatever is happening is happening at the savoy. Okay, for starters, we don’t even know if there’s anything illegal going on. He had a password. You never saw that movie where the guests were all wearing, you know, masks and costumes, hiding their identities to indulge themselves in debauchery and drugs? At the savoy? We know the slimeball linc’s involved. Okay, but we don’t want to rush into anything without having a better understanding of what we’re dealing with, because that would be reckless and counterproductive. God forbid. Come on. What ever happened to just enjoying each other’s company on a fine summer’s evening? Okay. You win. [ Sighs ] Shouldn’t the winner go get the next round? Why not? Hey, can I get two more piña coladas, please? Thanks. Hey, T.J. Look, I’m sorry, man. There’s a lot that I want to unpack with you about marshall, but, um, I just can’t, not right now. I understand. I’ll just — just — I’ll just chill, and maybe you’ll have time later. Yeah. Right. Molly’s home, right? Right. Why don’t you fill her in? I’m sure she wants to know everything, and the two of you can talk about it. Hey, uncle? Yeah? You trying to get rid of me? I-I’m sorry. No, my father isn’t a cop. Oh, right.

Former cop. What the hell is this? Some kind of sting? No, no. This man is making it up. And you, you’re the pcu campus porn queen. Ugh, get off of me, you creep. Oh, touchy. Let her go. Hey, leave her alone. Hey, mind your business!

[ Grunts ] Come on.

[ Men grunting ] Trina. Trina.

Wyatt’s going to play a song. He said aiden picked out a good one.

You know when

you’ve been running so long

it’s hard to keep up

it’s hard to stay strong

let’s catch our breath

soon we’ll go on

but right now with you

I want to break out in song

life can get tough, you got to relax

whenever you feel tense, know I got your back

I know we’re going to make it

’cause we’ve got loving on our side

there is no mistaking

with you, everything’s alright I know the situation with marshall is on your mind, and by you sticking around, that’s all I’ll be thinking about, too. Does that makes sense? Yeah. Yeah, it does. It’S… it’s been a long day for me anyway. How about I just stop by your place first thing in the morning? I don’t know about first thing.

[ Chuckles ] Yeah. But that sounds fine. Thanks for understanding. Talk soon. Talk soon. This way, please, mr. Brown.

Let’s clear our mind

it’s time for some music

it’s the best time to use it

to cleanse our hearts

feel the wind

let’s tend to our bruises

we been stumbling a lot

but we can get through this

life can get tough, you got to relax

whenever you feel stressed, just know I got your back

I know we’re going to make it

’cause we’ve got loving on our side

there is no mistaking

with you, everything’s alright

we’re not just going to make it

we’re going to soar and shine

our future’s burning, oh, so bright

[ Cheers and applause ] That was great. Gregory: Excellent.

[ Applause continues ] Austin? Alright. You made your point. Understand something. The next time you want to talk to me, you find me when I’m alone. Leave maxie alone. Leave her friends out of it. Leave her family out of it. Got it? What do you want? So, is this part of having the space so we can figure things out? Yeah, I guess. Okay, I think I could get used to this. So where did this newfound wisdom come from? Well [Sighs] I made peace with the idea that my life moving forward is going to look more like what we had in nixon falls, as opposed to my past here in port charles. There’s no — there’s no going backwards. And carly made it crystal clear that, um… …we’re done. I-I’m sorry. Are you saying — are you saying that that kiss just happened because you got into a fight with your ex-wife? What are you talk– man, you left. You hightailed it out of here. We thought you were long gone. Well, the night bus doesn’t leave for a few hours. Come on. You can stick around for a little bit, right? For old times’ sake? I don’t think so. I’m taking this one. We’re getting out of here. Alright. It was good seeing you again. Yeah, you, too. Hit me up if you’re ever back in town, okay? I’m going to. Alright, man. Good to meet you. You, too. What took you so long? I was getting worried. I had to make an unexpected trip to an atm. We’ve got a problem. Mr. Bell is going to be an issue. I’m looking for, uh, bradley cooper. Mm-hmm. He’s in the back room, down the corridor on the left. Thanks. Appreciate it. Okay, brook lynn, this is the second voicemail. I have looked all over for you. You can’t be in the ladies’ room this long. Where the hell are you?

[ Cellphone ringing ]

[ Ringing stops ] That’ll do in a rush. Wish you were here, chase. You don’t know what you’re missing. Trina.

[ Men grunting ]

[ Siren wailing ] Joss! Joss! He’s getting away! I don’t care. We need to get out of here — now. Damn! It’s the cops! The cops! The cops.

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