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Ridge: Come in here. Please. You and paris? That’s your future now?

Carter: I wanted to tell you, okay? I– I didn’t know where things were going.

Ridge: Oh, okay. What– what about zende? They’re dating.

Carter: They were. Not anymore. It got messy for a while, but zende’s okay with it.

Ridge: Oh, zende’s okay with it. Well, if he’s okay with it, then there’s no problem at all. What are you doing, carter? You keeping secrets? You– you’re not telling me things? What– what is this about?

Quinn: You know, you don’t have to hide your feelings from me.

Eric: What do you mean?

Quinn: I know how you care about your family. I know you’re worried about steffy and the kids in europe and– and ridge living here. You never tell me anything. You just say, “uh, oh, yeah, everything is okay.” And then you run off to the club.

Eric: No, no, you’re right. You’re right. I’m sorry. I just don’t see why I should put any of that on you.

Quinn: Because I’m your wife. I’m your partner. You’re supposed to open up to me. Please eric, don’t shut me out.

Eric: Hope?

Hope: Um. Sorry. Uh– you’re obviously in the middle of something, so I can… I can go.

Eric: You know, is there anything I can do for ya?

Hope: Well, ridge said that you wanted to give some input into the next collection but if this isn’t a good time for you, I– I totally understand. I know things have been pretty crazy lately.

Eric: Well, thank you. That’s very considerate of you. Thank you.

Hope: Well, with everything going on, I’m just trying to be as useful as I can be.

[ Machines beeping ]

Li: This is what you need, finn, rest. Heal from this trauma. You’re getting stronger every day. I can feel it. They didn’t think you survived. No reason to hope. But they didn’t know what a force you were. Or how hard I’d fight to keep you alive.

[ Rhythmic beeping ]

Eric: Hope, you’re absolutely right. This is not a good time. Uh, I have an appointment at the club I can’t be late for. I have to go.

Hope: Oh, okay.

Eric: But we’ll discuss this at uh, a later date. All right?

Hope: All right.

Quinn: But– but you’ll be home later?

Eri y>>I’ll text you.

Quinn: Oh. Okay. Well, I– I love you. Have fun.

Carter: Look, man, my life’s in limbo right now and I feel stuck. All right? I’m frustrated. It’s like I can see what I want. It’s right in front of me and I can’t have it.

[ Knocking ]

Taylor: Hello? I’m sorry. I’m sorry. Pam said that you’re free. I–

Carter: He is.

Ridge: We’re not done.

Carter: He’s all yours, taylor.

Taylor: Okay. Um, what was that? What is– what is going on?

Ridge: Apparently, carter is involved with paris.

Taylor: I thought she was with zende.

Ridge: Yeah, I thought that, too, but things change quickly around here. He wants to have a future with her but he doesn’t seem that happy about it. I’m worried about him.

Taylor: I can see that, I’m sorry.

Ridge: It’s all I can do these days, right? Worry about things, worry about my friends, worry about my family.

Taylor: Family. Yes, I know. I un– I understand that. Like I’m– I’m– I’m glad that steffy and the kids took this trip but– it’s so hard to imagine them being forced to live a life without finn.

Li: No one knows what I’ve done, finn. Nobody knows you’re alive. I need you to open your eyes, finn. Come back to me. Come back to me, finn. New lash paradise mascara from l’oreal paris.

Hope: Um, I’ll get going. But– before I do, I…. I just have to ask, quinn, is everything all right?

Quinn: It’s fine!

Hope: Okay. Well, I– I didn’t mean to intrude but I did overhear you and eric when I came in and it–

Quinn: Everything is fine.

Hope: But you know, eric seemed good. Um, but I was actually– I was asking about you.

[ Knocking ]

Carter: Hope.

Hope: Carter.

Carter: Um, I uh, get the feeling that I’m interrupting.

>>Hope: Oh, no, no. Pam told me that eric has been working from home and I just thought I would stop by and catch him but–

Quinn: Well, that’s hard to do these days.

Carter: He’s not here?

Quinn: Are you looking for eric, too?

Carter: Yeah.

Quinn: Well, you missed him. Just a little while ago, he went to the club.

Hope: Which is actually where I was heading before I came over here. Uh, douglas is at a pool party and I need to drop something off to him. So, once again, I’m really sorry for interrupting and– and for overhearing everything.

Quinn: It’s okay, hope. You didn’t overhear anything. Nothing’s going on. Eric and I are fine. We had a little stumble in our marriage, but we’re working hard to overcome it. And I… I’m lucky to be with eric and I know he feels the same way about me.

Donna: Thank you, lucas!

Eric: Uh, well, um, pickleball is a pretty fun game, I gotta say.

Donna: Well, the outfits are cute. I’ll give you that.

Eric: Yeah, well, the outfit looks pretty good on you.

Donna: Oh, really?

Eric: Yes–

Donna: Well, you look quite dashing yourself.

Eric: Thank you.

Donna: Almost like you actually even play.

Eric: I do.

[ Donna scoffs ]

Eric: I don’t play as much as we say I do, but I play.

Donna: Okay.

Eric: If I played that much I would be club champion.

Donna: Hah, well, I’m– I’m just glad that you didn’t retire from the sport.

Eric: You know, it’s pretty hard to give up something that makes you feel so good.

Donna: Speaking of things that make you feel good…

[ British accent ] Would you like a little honey with your tea?

Eric: [British] A little honey with my tea? Yes.

Donna: Yes?

Eric: Yes. Thank you.

Donna: Okay. Here’s a spot of tea. Honey.

Eric: Just a little. Just drip–

[ Donna giggles ]

Eric: Thank you.

Donna: Oh. Well, not to spoil the mood or anything. I just was, I don’t know, a little surprised to uh, get your message. I wasn’t sure if you were comfortable meeting like this.

Eric: Well, I– uh– I wasn’t able to give it up, I don’t think.

Donna: You’re still feeling guilty about quinn?

Eric: Yes, I am. I– I don’t like keeping things from her. I don’T. But when work is hectic and there’s all this stress in my family, all I can do is think of you, coming here and being with you. There’s a lightness and a levity about you and I– I just can’t uh, give it up. I mean, I need that so much in my life right now.

Taylor: You know, I wonder how li is doing.

Ridge: I’ve been thinking about her, too.

Taylor: I left her a message and I told her that steffy and the kids went out of town.

Ridge: Nothing, huh?

Taylor: That– no, I haven’t heard back from her.

Ridge: Well. We all grieve in our way, right?

Taylor: Yeah but she doesn’t need to struggle through this alone. We’re family.

Ridge: Always will be.

Taylor: Let’s call her. I want her to know that we’re here for her.

[ Machines beeping ]

[Phone ringing]

Li: Hello, taylor?

Taylor: Hi, li. Um, I have you on speakerphone. Ridge is here.

Ridge: Hey, good to hear your voice.

Taylor: How are you?

Li: Keeping busy.

Ridge: Well, are

you back at work or…

Li: I’m really focused on an outside case. Given me a sense of purpose.

Taylor: That’s good. That’s– that’s very important. You know, I- I left you a message and I– I told you that, uh, you know, steffy and the kids have gone out of town. I didn’t hear back from you. So we just– we wanted to– we wanted to check in and see if there was anything we could do for you.

Li: No, thank you. I have everything I need right here.

Ridge: And if that changes, all you have to do is call.

Taylor: You know, li, th–finn’s death was a profound loss for all of us. And, you know… I have a question. Um. It might sound insensitive. I– I don’t want to upset you.

Li: I’m listening.

Taylor: It would

be wonderful if we could get

some of finn’s ashes

for steffy. It would be wonderful if she could have a memorial for her husband.

Li: So you can all say

your goodbyes and move on?

Taylor: Well, so that we can– so that we can celebrate his life, and all the joy he brought to the world.

Ridge: Celebrate the great father he was.

Li: My son had an amazing future. But then he got mixed up in all this.

Taylor: I can hear the– the pain in your voice, li. You know, I am– I am happy to meet you somewhere if you’d like to talk or– or I– I know a wonderful grief counselor who’s so great.

Li: I’m not grieving for my son. Finn will always be with me.

[ Call hanging up ]

Ridge: She hang up on you?

Taylor: Li? She’s–

Li: Don’t worry, son. I’m here. I’m going to take care of you. Get you through this. You will recover. Hi, I’m karen.

Donna: You’re not in a rush to get home or to the office?

Eric: No, no. I’m happy where I am right now.

Donna: Me too.

Eric: You know, you uh… you called this our oasis. Are you certain you never… that you never really want to go anywhere else, and maybe go out together? To dinner, or an event or something?

Donna: Oh, stop. I don’t need all that to know that I’m important to you.

Eric: Oh, you are. All this time with you, this time here and these afternoons. I mean, it’s just absolutely perfect.

Donna: As long as we don’t run out of honey, right?

Eric: Well, we can’T. Because you’re my honey.

Donna: Why? Because I’m so sweet?

Eric: Yeah and mostly because I’m just, I’m absolutely stuck on you.

Donna: Oh, that is so corny! Oh!

Eric: Oh, well come on– oh, yeah?

Donna: I’m sorry.

Eric: Oh, is that what you want?

[ Donna squealing ] Eric: There you are! I’m got you– I got you. Here it is. Here!

Quinn: Did you really come here to see eric?

Carter: I knew there was a chance you could be here, but… no.

Quinn: You can’t do this. You can’t just show up like this.

Carter: I needed to talk to you in private.

Quinn: Why? Did– did you come to your senses and– and give up this crazy idea to get involved with paris again? I mean. Carter, come on. Why are you doing this?

Carter: I have to do this quinn because I can’t be with you.

[ Alarm ringing ]

Quinn: Oh, no.

Carter: What?

Quinn: It’s an alert from the smart ring. Something’s going on with eric.

Ridge: I know you don’t like when I use that word, but, um, the way li was acting was normal, right?

Taylor: You know, some people grieve by–

Ridge: I know. We all grieve in different ways. I get that. But what just happened didn’t make sense to me.

Taylor: Yeah, I– I can understand her not wanting to face what happened. We’ve been there, you know, but… but not allowing steffy to have any closure or to memorialize her husband.

Ridge: It just seems to me like she is not accepting that finn is gone.

[ Rhythmic beeping ]

Li: You’d want them to know. You don’t want steffy and your family to grieve while you’re still here. But I can’t think of what they need right now. I have to focus on you. And you have to focus on getting better. You need to heal. You did what you could for steffy. Now you have to take care of yourself. Steffy’s looking after your son and I’m looking after mine. Finn? Finn, can you hear me? Finn? More protection,

Quinn: It’s happening again.

Carter: His heart rate?

Quinn: It’s spiking again!

Donna: No more honey jokes! Oh!

Eric: Oh, I got– I got a pot of them.

Donna: Don’t you dare!

Eric: You can’t run away from me. Just– just hang on. I’m gonna be all right, I just need to–

Donna: Oh, stop. I’m not falling for–

Hope: Eric–?

Donna: That one!

Eric: No, no, really.

Donna: No!

Eric: I’m gonna be okay. I just wanna catch my breath, that’s all.

Donna: Eric, you okay?

Eric: I think so.

Donna: Eric.

Eric: Soon as I do this.

Donna: I– oh!

Eric: I got you.

Donna: I can’t believe– oh!

Eric: Come here. Come here.

Li: Finn, sweetheart, it’s– it’s mom. I’m here with you. Can you hear me? If you can, squeeze my hand, open your eyes.

[ Rhythmic beeping ] Come on. You can do it. I’m never giving up on you.

Taylor: The loss of a child is one of the most traumatic things a person can experience. There’s no– there’s no normal reaction.

Ridge: I’m not, that’s not what I meant. I ju– I meant she reacted in a way that you weren’t expecting.

Taylor: It’s not what I hoped. She– she’s a doctor. She prides herself on saving lives. And she couldn’t save her son.

Ridge: Ah. Put it that way. It makes sense to me.

Taylor: Yeah. Just… cuts to the– the very core of who she is, you know?

Ridge: So what do we do? How do we help her?

Taylor: Well, she’s– she’s shutting us out. All we can do is, just be there for her.

[ Knocking ]

Baker: Ridge.

Ridge: Baker, hi.

Baker: I’m glad you’re both here.

Taylor: What’s going on?

Baker: Is steffy in the building?

Ridge: No. Why?

Baker: I’ve got some urgent news about sheila carter.

Li: Eye movement detected. No corresponding change in vital signs, no change in awareness, still no response to stimuli. I’ll continue to monitor for other signs of progress.

[ Machines beeping ] Keep fighting, sweetheart. I know you’re coming back to me.

[ Rhythmic beeping ]

[ Knocking ]

[ Knocking persists ]

[ Knocking ] All right, all right, I’m coming. Who is it?

Sheila: Hello, li.

Li: Sheila.

Sheila: Where is my son?

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