Days Short Recap Monday, June 13, 2022

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Susan talked to Johnny about Belle possibly being interested in EJ. Johnny and Marlena didn’t think that was true. She said that she wasn’t staying at the mansion just for the ambiance. Johnny was worried about Sami finding out about it. He wanted to change the subject because Marlena was worried about Belle, Jan and the baby. Belle asked EJ to make her feel better. She kissed him and wanted him to make love to her. He backed up from her. She wanted to forget about everything. She wanted him so she backed him into the house and he kissed her. Chad came back from the movies with the kids and found Abby on the bed. She stirred and he called the police. She managed to tell him that her attacker had a knife. Chad hung up from the police and screamed for help. EJ and Belle were on their way to his room when they heard Chad scream. They ran into Chad’s room. They saw the blood all over the room. Chad wanted them to find his kids. He begged Abby to hold on while he tried to save her. EJ told him that Belle took the kids to Marlena’s place. Abby told Chad that she was cold. She closed her eyes. Chad begged her not to die.

Chad arrived with Abby at the hospital. Chad begged Kayla to help Abby. Later, Kayla came back and told Chad that she was sorry. She told him that she was gone. Chad was in denial about what happened. He thought Rolf could fix everything. Kayla said that Rolf couldn’t help Abby because she lost too much blood. EJ held Chad and he kept repeating that it couldn’t be true. Chad wanted to be alone with Abby and asked EJ to check on his kids. Kayla took Chad to see Abby’s body. Kayla left him alone with her. He broke down as soon as he saw her. He told her that she was everything to him as well as to their children. He wanted to know why someone did that to her.

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