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Recap written by Christine

Devon and Lily were at Nate’s having a work meeting. Billy came in late and apologized, then he pulled Lily aside to talk. She quietly told him to focus on the launch instead of his ex. He didn’t like the way things ended last night. Lily said it wasn’t the time, then she returned to the meeting. Nate said that the business press was salivating for some details about Chancellor Winters’ plans. He wanted to make sure they were going to make some specific announcements about their project tonight at the party. Devon said they were going to tease the up and coming projects but the focus would be on the overall vision of the future – two companies and families uniting to carry on an amazing legacy. Nate was honored to be part of the legacy, but he didn’t think they should give the impression that this merger was a symbolic change. He thought they needed to give the reporters something juicy. He asked what Lily thought. She sided with Devon, saying that they should focus on the big picture instead of the details. Lily got a call about work, and she and Devon stepped away to handle the issue. Nate tried to get Billy on his side. Billy said that the CEOs already made the decision. Everyone started working on the problem with the party. Something that they needed for tonight wasn’t ready.

Billy, Lily, Nate and Devon went to The Grand Phoenix. Crystal, the hotel manager, apologized and said Phyllis wouldn’t be here tonight, because she was visiting her son. Lily said Phyllis already contacted her. Abby was taking over, and she was already in the ballroom. Billy and Devon were surprised Abby was doing a favor for Phyllis. Lily said that Abby was doing this for them, not Phyllis. Devon felt good that Abby was involved. Nate and Devon went to do a sound check. Billy held Lily back. She wanted to talk later, but he said no, because she said some harsh things last night, and she’d been avoiding the conversation ever since. She said she had work to do. He wanted to explain himself. Lily thought the simple solution was for Billy to let Victoria and Ashland go. She thought he should respect Victoria’s autonomy as a woman and a mother. He said he did. She told him to stop thinking that Victoria would endanger the kids. She felt there was no need to change the custody agreement and that he was only doing this to interfere. He denied that. She told him to stop trying to think he could fix Victoria’s life. She said Victoria wanted to leave town because everyone was trying to micromanage her.

Billy said he wasn’t trying to stay involved in Victoria’s life. He had legitimate concerns, mostly because he hurt Victoria in the past, until she finally had enough and got rid of him. Lily said that Billy was making this about himself, and Victoria would say it wasn’t about him. Billy said that could be true, but he couldn’t stop worrying about Victoria, and this could have massive effects on the kids. Lily said that Billy didn’t have the right to try and run Victoria’s life. Billy said he wasn’t the same person he was when he was with Victoria, but because of that experience, he could see how this was going to unravel, and he was trying to stop her from getting her heart crushed. Lily felt that Victoria should be free to make her own mistakes. She knew it was hard for him to watch this, but it wasn’t his job to fix it. She hated that they were talking about Victoria on a day when they should be focused on the event. Billy thought Lily was implying he still had feelings for Victoria. Lily didn’t think he had feelings for Victoria; she just thought he was way too involved in Victoria’s life and that it went beyond co-parenting.

Billy said he and Victoria had a big history, and he couldn’t just cut ties. Lily countered that she had exes who didn’t cause trouble for their relationship. He pointed out that her exes didn’t live in Genoa City. She reminded him that Victoria might leave town. She wondered if that was his problem with this. He said no – his issue was that Victoria couldn’t let go of that monster. Lily snapped that she was done talking about this, so Billy needed to let it go. Billy didn’t want this to come between him and Lily. He said maybe she was right and this had just as much to do with him as it did with Victoria. If that was the case, he admitted he’d have to come to terms with that and let Victoria live her life. Lily appreciated Billy saying that. She knew that had to be hard for him. He loved her, and he knew she loved him too. He said he was a fool, but he’d be the world’s biggest fool if he didn’t listen to her.

Amanda and Imani were at Crimson Lights. After they finished a work discussion, Amanda asked who Imani was bringing as a date to the launch party. Amanda mentioned a couple of coworkers who she thought had shown an interest in Imani. Imani thought Amanda was being transparent about trying to get her to focus on anyone but Nate. Imani asked if Amanda was afraid she’d cast a spell on Elena’s boyfriend. They looked over and saw that Elena was there, across the room. Imani said it wasn’t like Elena had anything to worry about. Elena walked over and asked the sisters how their mom was. Amanda was happy to report Naya’s Afib was under control. Amanda said it looked like Elena had a long night saving lives. Elena confirmed it had been crazy at the hospital. Imani admired Elena for what she did, even though it probably didn’t give her any time for fun. Elena said she found time here and there, but she loved what she did, and the long hours were part of it. Imani imagined it was easier when Elena and Nate were going through it together. Amanda glared at her sister. Elena said Nate was happy in his new job, and she was happy for him. Imani was sure Nate would understand if Elena was too tired to attend the launch party. “You do look exhausted,” Imani added. “Thanks,” Elena replied. Elena said she’d be fine after she had a nap. Imani thought it was sweet that Elena was willing to sacrifice for Nate. Elena said that a party wasn’t a sacrifice; she looked forward to going. Elena left.

Amanda and Imani arrived at the Grand Phoenix. Amanda asked if the dig Imani took at Elena was necessary. Imani pointed out that Amanda was the one who said Elena looked like she had a long night. Imani said that if she were Elena, the last thing she’d want to do was put on high heels and a fake smile for her boyfriend, no matter how fine he was. Imani got a text from her date for tonight, Giancarlo from marketing. Amanda was pleased – this was one of the guys she’d thought was interested in Imani. Imani said Amanda could relax, because Elena had nothing to worry about.

Imani ended up with Nate, who was excited about tonight. Imani told Nate he should be proud of the work he’d done. Nate felt proud, but he worried tonight would be a missed opportunity. He told her how he wanted to make some announcements, but Devon wanted to focus on the big picture. Nate thought this was the time to show the world exactly what the merged company was going to do, and let the business world see how Chancellor Winters was going to innovate and disrupt. Nate told Imani how nobody else would take his side. Imani was supportive of Nate’s idea. From across the room, Amanda watched the pair with narrowed eyes. Later, Devon, Lily, Billy, Amanda, Nate and Imani were together. Billy told Lily and Devon that this was their moment. Devon and Lily said it was all of their moment. Nate stepped away to take a call. Billy told Lily he’d meet her at the office, but he had something to do first. Her face fell when he wouldn’t tell her where he was going. He kissed her cheek and left.

Elena went home and looked in the mirror and realized she really did look exhausted. She told herself it was because she actually worked instead of sitting around plotting and scheming. She got a phone call with disappointing news. When Nate came home, Elena told him that two doctors called in sick, so she had to work tonight. He asked if she could get anyone to cover. She tried, but she couldn’t. He understood. She really wanted to be there tonight and show everyone how proud she was of him. She said she ran into Amanda and Imani earlier and made a big deal about how excited she was to go, and now she wouldn’t even be there. She was sure Imani would be glad about that. Nate said that Imani was invested in the launch, so she’d be focused on work. He said he’d miss Elena like crazy tonight, but maybe once they were home, they could have their own private celebration. They kissed.

Across the hall, Devon and Amanda kissed in their penthouse. She was really proud of him and all he accomplished with Hamilton Winters and with this expanded family business. She knew Neil was smiling down on him and Lily as they built this amazing company. Devon said he and Amanda had come so far since they met – living together, working together and embarking on a new adventure together. Amanda couldn’t wait. Devon thought tonight would change everything. They kissed too.

Billy met Lily at the office. She was dressed for the party, and he felt like the luckiest man in the world. He told her how proud he was of her. She said she could do this job without him, but it would be a lot harder and a hell of a lot more boring. Billy’s errand was to buy a gift for Lily. It was an amethyst ring, which represented faithful love. She loved it, and she loved him. He said he loved her more than he could ever say, and he dind’t want anything to jeopardize what they had. He was letting go of the past and focus on the future with her. She thanked him for prioritizing their relationship. She knew it was a big step. He said tonight was about the realization of a vision – the future of a united family enterprises and of his future with her. He said tonight would change everything. They kissed.

At Society, Nikki felt just sick about Victoria. She wondered if there was anything they could’ve done to make Victoria realize she deserved a much better man. Victor told Nikki that she couldn’t keep beating herself up over this. She didn’t understand why Victoria would choose a relationship based completely on lies over her family. She acknowledged that Victoria didn’t make the best choices with men – she’d been involved with Billy, who had a gambling problem, but she walked away from him. Nikki didn’t understand why Victoria didn’t realize this was worse. Victor was perplexed too. Nikki felt like they were losing their daughter, and there was nothing they could do about it.

Victor wanted Nikki to stop blaming herself. Victor said he spoke to Ashland last night, and he said there was nothing Victor and Nikki could do to stop him and Victoria. Victor punched his fist into his palm and said he wished he could’ve wiped that smug smile off Ashland’s face, but he knew that would’ve been playing into Ashland’s hand. If he’d hit Ashland, he would’ve played the victim, and Victoria would’ve been more sympathetic to him. Ashland had said it was Victoria’s idea to leave town and that it was her family’s fault for pushing her away. Nikki didn’t believe that. Victor didn’t understand any of this. He felt they’d always encouraged Victoria, but she’d let them know in the past that she didn’t think they respected her enough.

Victor and Nikki continued to fret. Nikki said they couldn’t just let Victoria walk out of their lives, but Victor felt they had no choice but to let this play out. He said they’d have to let Victoria go, and Nikki looked like she was about to cry. Nikki said that even if Victoria realized she made a terrible mistake, she might be too proud to admit it. Nikki worried that Ashland would break Victoria’s spirit. “Have you forgotten how strong our daughter is?,” Victor asked. Nikki was concerned Victoria might never forgive the family. Victor thought Victoria would come to realize that the family only wanted the best for her and that they’d welcome her back with open arms. Victor had an idea to speed up Victoria’s decision to come back home. “There’s the Victor Newman I know and love,” Nikki said.

Victor talked about how much Victoria loved running Newman. He said he was going to make a splashy announcement that Adam would be the new CEO of Newman Enterprises. He would leave Nikki on as co-CEO, and she would have the power to rein Adam in as she saw fit. Nikki thought she should step down and become COO again, that way she could keep an eye on things without diluting the impact of Victor’s decision. “You’re thinking like a businesswoman, baby. I like that,” Victor said. Victor predicted that when Victoria found out her brother was running the business, it’d be too much for her to bear.

Victoria packed up her office. She glanced up at her portrait on the wall. She flashed back to Nikki saying that Victor commissioned it to replace the one that Ashland gave her – the one Victoria destroyed. Nikki said Ashland may have broken her heart but he didn’t destroy her spirit or strength of leadership, and that was what the new portrait represented. In the present, Nick walked in. Victoria told Nick that he wasn’t going to talk her out of leaving. He promised that wasn’t why he came.

Nick said he wouldn’t make the mistake of interfering again. He knew he had to accept that this was what she wanted and needed. He couldn’t stand the idea of her leaving town when there was so much distance and anger between them. He was afraid he’d never see his sister again. Nick said that Victoria had always been an important part of his life and she understood him the way no one else did. He understood that, since no one else knew what it was like to grow up as the child of the Great Victor Newman, with all the complications and obligations that went along with that. Victoria said Victor gave them everything he didn’t have as a child, but he put a lot of pressure on them. Nick said they were always fighting for Victor’s approval and competing to be the chosen one and win the ultimate prize – Newman Enterprises. Victoria said she and Nick competed well, sometimes together. He added that they ran Beauty of Nature. She said they ran Newman for a time. “We were the best team,” he said. He admitted they fought like hell sometimes, like every sibling did, but they always supported each other. He said he’d always be here for her. She asked if he was expecting her to say things hadn’t changed for her either. He was just trying to be honest, and he hoped she would be too.

Victoria was just tired of the constant judgments and attacks on everything she did. She wished he’d understand why she was doing this. Nick admitted he was worried Victoria was turning her back on everyone who loved her, and he was also worried Ashland would hurt her. Victoria told Nick that he didn’t know Ashland would hurt her. Nick hoped things worked out, but he was going to worry because of who Ashland was and all the games he’d played. Nick said he and Victoria had always shown up for each other and helped each other through the most terrible things you could imagine. That was what she wanted him to do now. Nick said he and Victoria always supported each other’s choices, good and bad, but he couldn’t say the same for the rest of the family. He noted that Nikki didn’t want him to marry Sharon, but Victoria knew how happy Sharon made him. Nick said Victoria had a lot of issues with Sharon, but she put that aside. Nick thought it was the same way with Billy – Victor hated him, but Nick knew this was Victoria’s choice to make. Victoria said she chose Ashland. She asked if Nick would support her. “Of course I will,” he assured her. He would never understand this decision, but he would always protect, support and defend her, because she was his sister, and he loved her.

What Nick said meant a lot to Victoria. She thanked him. She wished he could share this excitement with her. She was starting a new chapter on her own, away from the family. She just wished everyone understood she needed a little air to breathe, to chart her own path. She said she was starting a new life, in a way, and she wanted to share her news with him. He said she could call him whenever she wanted. They hugged.
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