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Brooke: You were right. You were right all along. I never should have let deacon infiltrate our lives. I never should have let him into our home.

Ridge: Even though he’s hope’s dad?

Brooke: Hope can still have a relationship with him. But I won’T. My future’s with you. Together in our home. And I’m going to make sure that deacon and hope know that. I’m going to make it very clear.

Hope: So, are steffy and the kids getting settled?

Liam: Yeah. Safe and sound. Apparently, um, kelly’s been making lists on the plane of all the places she wants to see in europe. A lot of castles.

Hope: Well, then, it sounds like this trip will be a good distraction for them.

Lia being so far away.

Liam: Yeah, but I think I’ll manage considering I have something to distract myself.

Hope: Oh, then I am happy to oblige.

Liam: Oh.

[ Knock on door ]

Deacon: Oh, ah, hey.

Hope: Hi dad.

Liam: Hi.

Deacon: Ah, is your mom back yet? Is she here?

Hope: Ah, no, why?

Deacon: I’m worried about her, hope.

Quinn: This is baD.

Carter: Eric’s smart ring is sending you an alarm?

Quinn: Well, if his vitals change drastically, it sends me an alert. I mean, why did his– why did his blood pressure and heart rate go up so drastically? Look at this, carter. I think I need to go to him. I think eric may be in trouble.

Eric: Okay.

[ Donna panting ] Okay. I think, uh…

Donna: Ahh.

Eric: I think I’m actually speechless.

Donna: And you just made me wanna shout from the rooftops.

Eric: Okay, good. Good!

Donna: Don’t worry, I won’t, I won’T. I just… this little rendezvous is just– I can’t even speak. It’s just going to be our secret.

Eric: Okay, okay.

Donna: Ahhh. Oh my goodness, your heart is just racing.

Eric: Yes, well, that’s actually a very good thing, after what we’ve just been through together. I would be amazed if it wasn’T.

Carter: You said eric’s at the club.

Quinn: Yeah.

Carter: Okay, so he’s working out. His heart rate’s gonna go up.

Quinn: No, no, no. Not like this. This is an extreme spike.

Carter: If something was wrong, eric would call you.

Quinn: But what if he can’t? That’s why I gave him the ring in the first place, to make sure my husband is okay. I– if something is wrong, I need to be there for him. I would hate it if something happened to eric and he was all alone.

Donna: I just love how close we are. No self-consciousness, no reason to pretend.

Eric: No. We know each other too well for that.

Donna: Yet, you still find ways to surprise me.

[ Giggling ]

Eric: I’d love to keep trying. But I can’T. Donna, we can’t keep doing this. This… this affair has to end.

Brooke: You don’t have to worry about deacon anymore.

Ridge: Really? You gotta tell him he can’t be on the property.

Brooke: Mm-hmm.

Ridge: Can’t be around you.

Brooke: Right. I’m going to tell him.

Ridge: Hmm.

Brooke: And then after I do, you and I get to put all of this behind us, and go back to being the fun-loving, wonderful couple that we’ve always been. And, I can’t wait to show you just how much I’ve missed you.

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Carter: What’s happening now?

Quinn: Nothing. His heart rate is going back down to normal.

Carter: That’s good. The ring’s not sending you any more alerts.

Quinn: But it was so high though. I mean, it has to be dangerous, right? I mean, maybe I should– maybe I should call his doctor. Or I can call bridget. I know that she would want to help her father.

Carter: You don’t even know if anything’s wrong. Wh– why don’t you call eric? Hearing his voice will make you feel better.

Quinn: Okay.

Eric: This isn’t fair. It’s not fair to quinn or to you.

Donna: Uh, ah, you don’t hear me complaining, eric.

Eric: Yeah.

[ Phone ringing ] It’s quinn.

[ Phone ringing ] Hi.

Quinn: Oh, eric. I’m so glad you answered.

Eric: Yeah, uh, is everything all right?

Quinn: Oh yeah, yeah, no, I’m– I’m– I’m doing great. Um, are you done with your match?

Eric: M– my match?

Quinn: Or your game? I– I’m sorry, I don’t know what they call it in pickle ball.

Eric: Oh, yeah, yeah. Just wrapping up.

Quinn: Uh, well, how was it? Uh, was it good? Did you– did you get your blood pumping?

Eric: I did.

Quinn: Good. That’s good. Uh, listen, I– I know you’re driven and you love a challenge, but just don’t overdo it, okay?

Eric: I’m just cooling down. It shouldn’t be long now. I’ll be home soon.

Deacon: I feel for brooke, I do. What sheila did to her, that was terrible. She was a victim. Why can’t forrester see that? Uh, look, now that he knows what sheila did, that should change everything.

Hope: Uh, mom was hoping that it would.

Liam: Hey, at least she knows the truth now.

Deacon: Brooke is so… she’s so amazing. You know? She’s passionate, she’s devoted. She’s got everything in the world going for her, and she feels like a failure because her husband won’t come back to her. She deserves a guy who actually appreciates her.

Liam: Huh, a guy like you?

Brooke: Just come home, ridge. I’m going to make you wonder why you stayed away so long.

Ridge: Mmm.

Brooke: You and I make up better than anybody.

Ridge: Oh, man, that’s absolutely true. And you know why? It’s because we’ve had so much practice.

Brooke: I’m just worried we’re not going to be able to try anymore because our life is going to be so perfect.

Ridge: Mmm.

Brooke: I just love you. And you are my husband. And I want a future with you. I’m not going to let anything stand in the way of that. We have some great memories, wonderful experiences together. I know that you remember some of those, right?

It’s still you and me here

making destiny appear

after all these years

the laughs and the tears

it’s still you and me here

making destiny appear


Ridge: I’m never going to forget who we were.

Brooke: Since we are going to be together, we’re going to have new experiences and new memories. Deacon cannot be a part of that. He’s not going to be a part of our lives whatsoever. I’m steve, I lost 138 pounds in nine months on golo

Quinn: You were right, carter. Eric is fine.

Carter: Good.

Quinn: These workouts are doing wonders for his tension.

Carter: I wish they were doing the same for you.

Quinn: I know I shouldn’t worry about him. I mean, eric is healthy and he’s– he’s fit. He actually has an extra spring in his step lately.

Carter: Well, I’m sure you can take all the credit for that. Eric’s a lucky man, getting to come home to you. Spending his nights holding you in his arms.

Quinn: I think you’ll understand if I don’t tell eric that you said that.

Carter: But you’re flattered I did.

Quinn: I need to be getting home.

Donna: The phone call from quinn really flustered you.

Eric: She sounded a little concerned.

Donna: Do you think she suspects, or…

Eric: No.

Donna: Good. And– and you know, if this is the end, she– she will never.

Eric: Yeah. Is it– is it the end?

Eric: Not of how much you mean to me, no. No to the end of how important you are to me. The gratitude I feel for you. Or the appreciation.

Donna: Mine for you too. Uh, I, um, I’ll always cherish these moments here. And you are always going to be dear to me. This was, um, an unexpected adventure. But I never want to hurt you.

[ Sighing ] You are my honey bear.

Ridge: There he is, our coo, deep in thought. Are you dreaming about profits?

Carter: Yeah, I was, uh, definitely dreaming.

[ Ridge sighing ] It seems like you’re lost in thought too. How’s steffy?

Ridge: She’s okay. She made the right choice for herself. And I’m trying to make the right choice for brooke and me.

Hope: Mom wants ridge.

Liam: And only ridge, apparently.

Deacon: Look, you don’t have to protect her from me. I mean, brooke’s happiness is all I care about. Yours too. Which technically means, I guess I care about yours.

Liam: Aw.

Deacon: Look, it’s abundantly clear to me that brooke is never going to be truly happy with ridge.

Brooke: Deacon, why are you still here?

[ Door closing ]

Quinn: Eric, you’re home!

Eric: Yes. I– I thought you would still be at the office.

Quinn: No, you said you were coming home so I wanted to see you.

Eric: Thank you.

Quinn: Ah. I, uh, I missed you today. Well, not just today, I– I’ve been missing you a lot lately.

[ Glasses clinking ] (Vo) single-serve fancy feast petites

Quinn: Mmm.

Eric: Mm-hmm.

Quinn: So, did you have a good time at the club?

Eric: Yes.

Quinn: You’ve been going there a lot lately.

Eric: I have, yes, I know.

Quinn: I’m just happy that you found something that excites you so much.

Eric: Well, it takes me away from you, though. I’m very aware of that.

Quinn: No, that’s okay. You’re just– you’re getting used to a new routine. I’m just, I’m so happy that you’ve committed to working out, taking care of yourself, getting your heart rate up and… I mean, pickle ball, that seems to be a pretty challenging sport. You know, all that running around, working off all of that tension. I can see a change in you too. You just seem more… I don’t know, relaxed when you come home. And I think that’s really important for a man who is as busy and driven as you are.

Eric: So’s this, though, quinn.

Quinn: Mmm.

Eric: Know this, my conversations with you, I cherish those. The way we’re able to talk about our– our creativity, and our, uh, artistic processes. I mean, that’s very exciting to me too. You’re this wonderful artist. It’s the first thing that drew me to you, you know. I appreciate very much that we can share that, you and I, the beauty and creativity.

Quinn: Yeah. And, martinis.

Eric: And martinis.

[ Quinn laughing ]

Quinn: I’ve been thinking about that a lot lately, too. You know, how we– how we inspire and encourage each other. And I think that’s important. Especially– especially in our marriage, you know. We’ve– we’ve had to overcome so many challenges. It’s kind of our foundation. It’s how we began and where we keep coming back to.

Eric: I don’t have that with anyone else. I never will. I admire you so much, quinn.

Quinn: Eric, my love, I admire you. And I am so thankful that you’ve given us and our marriage another chance. I am so grateful to be married to such a kind, decent, loving, loyal man.

Carter: I can see how much you miss her.

[ Ridge sighing ]

Eric: I do miss her. She wants me to come home and part of me wants to do that. She says that deacon is not going to be a problem for us anymore. He’s not going to be in our house. He’s not going to be in our lives. We’ll see.

Deacon: I’m sorry, brooke. I had to come back. I was telling liam and hope about everything that sheila had done to you. It makes me sick. Not just the fact that she targeted you, but the fact that ridge doesn’t seem to care.

Brooke: He does. He understands.

Deacon: How can you say that? Do you know that your mom went over there and ridge sent her away so he could be alone with taylor?

Brooke: Deacon, stop. It didn’t really happen like that.

Deacon: It’s– it’s not right.

Liam: Wait. Did ridge send you away?

Brooke: No, I, ah, I went away so that taylor and ridge could talk about steffy. And then when I came back, he was there alone. And I stayed with him for a while and… well, I– I think he might be coming back to me, might be coming home. I just get that feeling. But now that I come home and I see you here for the third time today, I know what I have to do, deacon. Something I should have done a long time ago.

Hope: Mom, what are you talking about?

Brooke: I am talking about deacon.

Deacon: About me?

Brooke: Mm-hmm. You’re a lightening rod to ridge. You always have been and you always will be. I don’t want you to be here on this property any more. You can spend as much time with hope as you can, but not here. Not in my home with ridge.

Deacon: Come on, you can’t mean that! Look, he tried this before and you told him no.

Brooke: No, this isn’t ridge. This is me. I’m saying this. This is my decision. So please, listen. I can’t have you here, deacon. I mean, yes, I want you to have a relationship with your father and you should. But I can’t have deacon coming and going whenever he pleases. This is wrong. It’s not going to work. So, please, just– just respect me. Respect my wishes. I want my husband back. I want ridge back home with me.

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