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[Monitor beeping]

Steve: So how’s our boy?

Kayla: He is fantastic, really. I’m happy to report that my exam and the test results are showing that he is almost completely recovered.

Tripp: Does that mean I can go home soon?

Kayla: Well, you know what, if you keep progressing at this rate, maybe you can even go home tomorrow.

Ava: Oh, that soon?

Tripp: Mom, I feel really good.

Kayla: I know how it looks, but besides the superficial scrapes and bruises, his body is really almost completely healed.

Ava: Kayla, can I have a word with you please, in private?

Gabi: And now, I’d like to propose a toast to kristen dimera. The last minute, girlfriend came through!

Shin: And I would like to make a toast to you, the endlessly fascinating, eminently talented gabriella hernandez, retaining control of dimera enterprises.

Gabi: Aw, li, that’s sweeT.

Shin: Cheers.

Gabi: Cheers. And jake. Cannot forget jake because we couldn’t have done it without him, so.

Jake: Somebody say my name?

Nicole: Okay, how many tries did it take for you to win him?

Rafe: I refuse to answer that on the grounds that it may embarrass me.

Nicole: Oh, well, that makes him even more dear to me.

Rafe: Oh, and this version comes with a little something extra.

Nicole: Oh, this bear is accessorized.

Rafe: Just take a look in his pocket.

Nicole: His pockeT. Okay. Oh, my god.

Rafe: Nicole stella walker, will you do me the honor of becoming my wife?

Male announcer: Like sands through the hourglass, so are the “days of our lives.”

[Soft orchestration]

Kayla: What’s so important that you couldn’t say in front of steve and tripp?

Ava: My apology.

Kayla: Excuse me?

Ava: I want to tell you how sorry I am for how I reacted when I thought I’d lost my son. I said some really hurtful things and–

Kayla: You know, ava, it’s okay. You don’t have to do this. We were all very upset last night. But thankfully, tripp is gonna be okay. And, um, it happened, but we can, uh– we can move forward.

Ava: Kayla, please. I really, really need to say thiS.

Kayla: All right, I’m listeninG.

Rafe: Don’t want to rush it, but I’m kinda losing feeling in my legs here.

Nicole: Oh, i’m so sorry. Please, siT. Uh…

Rafe: So?

Nicole: RafE… I love you.

Rafe: I love you too. You’re turning me down.

Nicole: No, I–I didn’t say that.

Rafe: No, you didn’t have to say iT. I can see it written all over your face. You don’t wanna marry me. You hate the idea.

Nicole: No, I don’t hate the idea.

Rafe: Well, if you like the idea and you love me, then what’s the problem?

Gabi: What are you doing here, jake?

Jake: Hello to you too, gabI.

Gabi: I’m sorry, that sounded abrupT. I just thought you were working latE.

Jake: I am. I’m finalizing the plans on the gabi chic basic black e-commerce collaboratioN. Just need your signature.

Gabi: And this couldn’t wait till morning?

Jake: You know what they say, never put off till–

Gabi: Fine, fine, fine. Oh, gosh. All right, now that it’s signed, you can go.

Shin: What’s the rush?

Gabi: I’m sorry?

Shin: I mean, you said it yourself. This is jake’s victory as much as it is ours. Please, stay. Celebrate with us. You don’t mind, do you, gabi?

Gabi: Mm, no, i don’T. I don’t mind at all.

Jake: Thank you, li. Much appreciated, but I’m gonna take a pass.

Shin: You sure?

Jake: YeaH. I think I’ll head home.

GabI: Wouldn’t want to keep ava waitinG.

Jake: Hmm. Enjoy your evening, you two.

Gabi: Hmm.

Shin: So where were we?

Ava: I waited… so long to have tripp back in my life. And then to see him gone, and to hear you pronounce him dead right in front of me, I just– I lost my mind.

Kayla: Of coursE. He’s your child.

Ava: And I know how much that you have come to care for him. And the things that I said, when I thought he was gone, when he flatlined, they–

Kayla: You know what, you were in pain.

Ava: Yeah, I was, and I wanted to make sure everybody hurt as much as I did. And I was way out of linE. Kayla, listen. Despite everything between the two of us, I know that you did everything in your power to save tripp.

Kayla: I really tried my best. But I think in this case, we owe it to a higher power.

Ava: Oh, I am thankful to god, but also to you. You are a wonderful doctor, so much so that tripp followed in your footsteps.

Kayla: I’m very proud about that.

Ava: And kayla, thank you for being so graciouS. If you haven’t noticed, this is not exactly my strong suit, but I am gonna work on it, and I’m gonna try and be better. Look at that, you’re inspiring me too.

Kayla: You wanna go back inside?

Ava: Yeah, I do. But, um, actually, I have to get goinG. Would you say my goodbyes to tripp? I’ll call him. But just would you let him know that I’ll be here first thing in the morning?

Kayla: Of coursE.

Ava: Thanks. Oh, and kayla?

Kayla: Yeah.

Ava: Thanks again.

Rafe: Is it ava?

Nicole: Ava?

Rafe: Yeah, you don’t wanna get engaged because you’re worried about ava freaking out when she sees you wearing this ring?

Nicole: Wow. No. Actually, I haven’t even given her a second thought. And I don’t even– I don’t even think she’s an issue between us anymore.

Rafe: You don’t?

Nicole: No, I don’T. And even if she was, I wouldn’t let her stand in the way of us moving forward.

Rafe: Okay. But you didn’t say yes. So if you’re not worried about the mafia princess taking us out, then what’s going on?

Nicole: Maybe i should ask you the same question.

Rafe: What does that mean?

Nicole: Well, rafe, we’ve never really talked about marriage. And all of a sudden, you’re proposing? I mean, what’s that about?

Rafe: I thought you’d be happy.

Nicole: I am. I–I am happy. I’m just surprised, you know? Very surprised. That’s the only reason I’m–I’m hesitant. But I really don’t give a damn what ava thinks, or what anyone thinks for that matteR.

Rafe: You don’t?

Nicole: NO. Now why would you ask me that?

Rafe: Well, you’re sure there’s not someone else who’s giving you pause?

Nicole: Who?

Rafe: Eric.

Roman: Hey, son. How’s sarah doing?

Eric: She cried herself to sleep.

Kate: Poor thing.

Roman: Oh, maN. I hate she’s going through this, reliving the loss of your baby.

Kate: You know, xander tore through here earlier. Did something happen upstairs?

Eric: Well, he’s not exactly happy that sarah’s staying here with me.

Kate: Well, forgive me for asking, but I wouldn’t think the church would be either.

Eric: There’s nothing inappropriate about me or sarah. Nothing’s going on. I’m just trying to help an old friend come to terms with her grief. Yes, she’s sleeping in my bed. And no, I’m sleeping on the flooR.

Kate: Oh, I see.

Roman: Well, we’re talking about the catholic church here, not big brother. I highly doubt they’re watching eric that closely.

[Phone ringing] Who is it?

Eric: It’s the vatican.

Steve: [Chuckles]

Kayla: Well, dr. Johnson, can I get you anything else?

Tripp: No, dr. JohnsoN. I think I’m all seT.

Steve: Oh, no, wait just a minute herE. Tripp, didn’t you say you wanted a couple more injections? And he would like one of those extra-long needles.

Tripp: What happened to my mom?

Kayla: Um, she had to go somewhere, but she told me to tell you that she’ll be back first thing in the morning.

Steve: Should we be concerned about what you two discussed outside?

Kayla: No. We had a very nice conversatioN.

Steve: You did?

Kayla: Yeah, yeah, we did. She wanted to apologize for lashing out at me when we thought we had lost tripp.

Steve: Hmm.

Tripp: I had no idea she did that.

Kayla: Well, it doesn’t matter because she didn’t mean any of it. It was just a mother overcome with grieF.

Tripp: But you two are good now?

Kayla: I guess we are.

Steve: So ava apologized to you?

Kayla: She did.

Steve: How about that?

Ava: Hey, you.

Jake: [Sighs] Hey.

Ava: Okay. What’s wrong?

Jake: Nothing, I just– you know, I tried to help gabi out with one little thing for work, and she just– forget iT. I’m not getting into it.

Ava: Well, you are home now. You can relax, take a load off. Forget all about gabi.

Jake: Right. So how’s tripp?

Kayla: He is expected to make a full recovery. Not bad, right? Not bad for a kid who threw himself out of a window to save a girl from the devil.

Jake: It’s incredible.

Ava: You know, I’m gonna spend the rest of my life thanking god every single day for saving him.

Jake: Yeah.

Ava: You know, believing that tripp was dead, it was the most horrible experience of my life. And you… You were so kind and I never would have gotten through it without you.

Jake: Well, i’m glad he’s making a full recovery, and that I could be there for you when you needed me.

Eric: Yes, I understand. I’m sorry toO. Goodbye.

Roman: Everything okay?

Eric: No, um… it was one of the american cardinals in romE. They just had a meeting. And he was just calling to tell me that they were, uH…

Roman: Telling you what, son?

Eric: That the church is taking steps to remove me from the priesthood.

Nicole: Hey. What exactly concerns you about eric?

Rafe: Nothing.

Nicole: Nothing? Well, if that were true, then you wouldn’t have brought him up, right? Listen, I– I’m gonna tell you something, and I really want you to hear me. Eric and I are divorced. He went back into the priesthood. His loyalty is to god, and my loyalty is to you and only you. And trust me when I say I am not sitting around pining for father brady.


Roman: Okay, hold on, um, removing you from the priesthood. Why?

Kate: It’s the sarah thing, isn’t it?

Eric: No. No, it’s not.

Roman: Then what? What could you have possibly done wrong?

Eric: Dad, I performed two unauthorized exorcisms.

Kate: You need permission to remove the devil from someone’s body?

Eric: Yes! Yes, i do. There’s a specific way they want things to happen.

Roman: Which obviously, you knew nothing about.

Eric: Actually, I did. The church gave me a slap on the wrist when I did the exorcism on mom back in christmas. Now the vatican just must have discovered that I’ve done it for a second time, that I gave them no other choice but to remove me.

Roman: How did they find out?

Eric: It doesn’t matter, dad. I’m not gonna be a priest anymore!

Roman: We’ll appeal it.

Eric: Dad, it’s a done deal. He was just letting me know.

Roman: That’s a damn shame for the church. Their loss. I am so sorry, son.

Kate: Well, maybe there’s a silver lining in all of this.

Eric: And what’s that?

Kate: Well, you’re no longer a priest. So maybe you can get back together with nicole.

GabI: What should we toast to next?

Shin: How about a peaceful work environment?

Gabi: I’m sorry, what?

Shin: I couldn’t help but notice the tension between you and jake.

GabI: There’s no tension. I just didn’t like him interrupting us. But now, he’s gone, so yay!

Shin: Well, jake may have declined to join us tonight, but he did accept your offer to return to dimera. We’ll be seeing him at the office every day.

Gabi: Is that a problem?

Shin: I don’t know. Is it?

Gabi: What, you think that just because he’s my ex, we won’t be able to work together? Trust me, li, you’ve got nothing to worry about.

Shin: Well, i’ve seen people who used to date try to co-exist in the office, and it didn’t go well.

Gabi: That won’t happen between me and jake.

Shin: I’ve also seen colleagues become romantically involved, get together, break up, get back together.

GabI: Well, that also won’t happen between me and jake because we’re over, for good.

Shin: Okay, I guess my point is not everybody can keep their personal and professional lives separatE.

Gabi: Yeah, well, I can.

Shin: Good to knoW.

Gabi: Shall we order another bottle of champagne?

Shin: We coulD. Or we could go back to my hotel room for a nightcap.

Steve: So have you had any other visitors besides us and your mom?

Tripp: Uh, johnny and chanel stopped by earlier. And then before then, allie stopped in.

Kayla: How’d that go?

Tripp: Not exactly the way I’d hoped. I’m sure you remember me saying that despite everything, I’m still in love with her.

Kayla: It’s the last thing you told us before you were hurt.

Tripp: And when allie was here, I told her that.

Steve: How’d she respond?

Tripp: She said she loved me too.

Kayla: Isn’t that a good thing?

Tripp: Would be, except she also loves chaneL. She admitted as much.

Steve: She loves both of you?

Tripp: Yeah.

Kayla: How do you feel about that?

Tripp: I will always care about allie and I want to stay in her life and henry’s, but… I wanna be with someone who is in love with me and only me.

Kayla: I don’t think that’s too much to ask for.

Steve: Me neither.

Tripp: Allie gets it, you know, that we have to just be friendS.

Kayla: I’m sorrY.

Tripp: Well, the important thing is that allie is okay. But anyway, it’s getting late. You guys are probably hungry. You should go eat.

Steve: We’re not gonna leave you here alone, man. We can hang for a little while longer.

Tripp: No, no. It’s cool. I’m good. I’m just gonna watch a little tv and then crash.

Steve: Okay. Well, in that case, you ready to roll?

Kayla: I just have a couple things to do, and then I’ll be ready.

Steve: Okay. All right, we’ll see you later, buddY. I love you so much.

Tripp: Love you too, daD.

Kayla: Sweetheart, get some rest, right?

Tripp: I will. You guys have a good night.

[Door closes] Just friends.

Eric: Get back together with nicole? What are you talking about?

Kate: Well, i’m sorry. I didn’t mean to make light of what you’re going through. It just occurred to me.

Eric: So since I can’t spend my days serving god anymore, I should get back together with my ex?

Roman: [Sighs] Eric, I think kate is just trying to get you to look on the bright side.

Eric: Yeah, well, what’s the bright side in that?

Roman: I’d look at it like this. Before you got that phone call, you had one wonderful thing to do with your life. And now, if you choose, you can do more. You can still help people. But if the opportunity and the possibility arise, yeah, you could still have another chance with the love of your life.

Rafe: Okay, I admit, having eric back in town has been a little unnervinG.

Nicole: Hmm. Is this about the hug that you saw earlier today with eric?

Rafe: No, no, no. I mean, obviously when I see you two together, you still, you know, you have a connection.

Nicole: Yeah, but that connection is just two people with a long history. And we talked about this. Eric is my past, right? And of– of course, I’m always gonna care about him, but… I’m not in love with him, rafe. You believe that, right? Look, when we were at the pub and eric told us that he was gonna stay in salem to help sarah, is that why you proposed? Hm? Just so you could lock down and make sure eric didn’t come between us?

Rafe: [Chuckles] No.

[Both chuckling] No, I– no. I got the ring a while back and I was just waiting for what I thought was the right time to give it to you. Okay, yes, maybe, you know, when eric said that he wasn’t going back to africa maybe, like, gave me a little push, but… no. The reason I asked you is because I love you, nicole. Because I wanna spend the rest of my life with you. But if it’s too soon and you don’t wanna get married, then we’ll just forget about it and keep things the way they are.

Nicole: [Sighs]

Ava: How’s the ziti?

Jake: Delizioso.

Ava: Yeah?

Jake: Yeah.

Ava: You’re sure? Not too much salt?

Jake: No, it’s perfect. Just like the company.

Ava: Better stop with those compliments, jake. A girl could get used to iT.

Jake: MM. Could you, now?

Ava: Yeah. Might not be such a bad thing.

Jake: Come here.

[Romantic music]

Shin: Forgive me. I assumed what you said about keeping your personal and professional life separate would apply to us. But obviously, I was being way too forward.

Gabi: Not at all.

Shin: Well, I’m just going to say it. I’m intrigued by you, gabi. Not only as a business partner, but as a woman. A woman I find incredibly attractive.

Gabi: Is that so?

Shin: It most definitely is. And I’m hoping the feeling’s mutual.

Gabi: It is.

[Both chuckle]

Shin: I’m–I’m very glad to hear that. So, um, how about that nightcap?

Gabi: Uh, check, please! Nope

Steve: Hey, you ready to go?

Kayla: Uh, yeah.

Steve: Should I call your brother and ask him to keep the pub open so we can grab a late dinner?

Kayla: Sure.

Steve: Hey, baby?

Kayla: Yeah?

Steve: What is it?

Kayla: I’ve just been thinking about tripp.

Steve: Well, you said he’s doing great, right?

Kayla: Yeah, he is physically, but–

Steve: Yeah, I know. He’s pretty sad about allie.

Kayla: Yeah. I mean, I think he acts cool and everything, but he’s heartbroken. And now, he’s stuck here all alone? It’s just–

Steve: Well, you know, I just happen to have some pull with the chief of staff at his joint. So maybe I can convince her to spring him early.

Kayla: I have a better idea.

Eric: [Sighs]

Roman: Nobody’s pushing you, eric.

Kate: No. No, we’re simply saying that if you are interested in exploring a reunion with nicole, you could.

Roman: Or not. Look, the bottom line is we just want you to be happy.

Eric: You know what would make me happy? If you would stop playing matchmaker for one minute and allow me the time to process this because nicole has moved on.

Kate: Well, maybe she doesn’t realize that she has other options.

Eric: I don’t really know how many ways that I can say this to you right now, but nicole’s moved on. I mean, she has feelings for another man.

Kate: Mm, yeah. But you don’t think that her feelings would change if she knew that you were available?

Nicole: Wait, wait, wait. Don’t–don’t put that way.

Rafe: Why not?

Nicole: Because you’re right. Because you’re right.

Rafe: About what?

Nicole: Everything. Rafe, we love each other. We’re committed to each other. So what are we waiting for?

Rafe: We’re waiting for you to be ready.

Nicole: I am! I’m ready! I’m ready.

Rafe: Nicole, you just said that I blindsided you.

Nicole: I know, I know, but I was surprised. I mean, now that I think about it, this just makes total sense.

Rafe: What does?

Nicole: Okay. You are a wonderful, wonderful man. And you make me feel special, and needed, and valued. And I know you, and I trust you, and we know each other so well. And holly, she adores you. And with that being said, I’m in love with you. And this is everything I ever wanted. So… will you ask me that question again?

Rafe: What question?

Nicole: [Chuckles] Oh, my god. The question– the question that goes with that ring.

Rafe: Oh, that. Yeah. Um, okay.

Nicole: Wait, wait, wait. Just–you don’t have to do that. Just–just ask me.

Rafe: Okay, um–

Nicole: [Chuckles]

Rafe: Okay, this– this is really not like I imagined it going, okay? So, um…yeah. Nicole walker, will you marry me?

Nicole: Yes.

Rafe: Okay, are you sure that you’re ready?

Nicole: Yes, yes.

Rafe: You sure?

Nicole: Yes. I’m a thousand times sure.

Rafe: Oh my, god.

Nicole: Yes, I cannot wait to be your wife.

[Soft romantic music]

Rafe: I’m the luckiest man in the world.

[Soft romantic music]

Nicole: Well, you’re about to get even luckier.

[Both chuckling]

Rafe: [Grunts]

Nicole: Whoo!

[Both laughing] Ah!

Shin: I think this calls for another toast.

Gabi: Oh, how many is this? Okay, know what? Doesn’t matter. Go for it.

Shin: To the great and lasting success of dimera enterprises, with you at the helm.

Gabi: I’ll drink to that.

[Sensual music]

Jake: Sorry, I shouldn’t have done that.

Ava: I wanted you too.

Jake: Did you?

Ava: Since the first night you let me crash here.

Jake: So you’re good with this?

Ava: This almost happened yesterday, before we got interrupted. Don’t tell me you forgot.

Jake: Oh, no. I didn’t forget. I just–

Ava: Jake.

Jake: What?

Ava: Shut up.

[Sensual music]

Gabi: Okay, hold on.

Shin: Is everything okay?

Gabi: Yes, um… before this goes any further, we need to talk about your dad.

Jake: My father?

Gabi: Yeah, he, um– he’s the head of the board for the company I run, and you’re on that board, so.

Shin: As are you. Gabi, if you’re worried about a balance of power, don’t be. We’re colleagues, equals.

Gabi: Yeah, but people may talk.

Shin: You never struck me as the type of woman who was afraid of a little office gossip.

Gabi: What the hell. Let ’em talk.

[Upbeat music]

You’re my obsession

I haven’t shown you

how you make me feel inside

oh, oh, oh

I haven’t shown you

all the things I wanted to do

do with you

I can’t let you slip away

I’m gonna make you stay

oh, it’s all for you

oh, it’s all for you

you’re my obsession

you’re my obsession ubrelvy helps u fight migraine attacks.

Eric: I know this is all coming from a good place, but really?

Roman: Look, you took a hell of a blow tonight, and I think the last thing you need is for us to be badgering you about your future, whatever it may hold.

Kate: Well, I still think–

Roman: And I think it’s time for us to say goodnight.

Kate: Really? Fine. Goodnight, and, um, we’ll talk about it tomorrow.

Eric: Goodnight, kate. She’s relentless.

Roman: Oh, yes, she is. And you are a good man. I know that, and so does he.

Eric: I love you, dad.

Roman: And I love you, son. All right.

Eric: Hey, I’m gonna lock up.

Roman: Okay, thanks.

[Emotional music]

Late in the night

you reach for the light

suddenly realize

you’ve lost every fight

the love that you pined for

where has it been?

What will it take

to be happy again?

[Indistinct chatter

Your second chances

your fourth or your fifth

you kind of lose track

when life gives you the slip

your lover tonight

will make your head spin

is that what it takes

to be happy again?

Time to say goodnight

don’t give up the fight

the hope and the fate

that you live for

could be right here

the love of your life

may be gone long ago

the love of your life

may be near

call out the name

that you hear in your dream

then take a ride

in the way back machine

time to say goodnight

don’t give up the fight

the hope and the fate

that you dream of

is right here

the love of your life

might be dust in the wind

what would it take

to be happy again?

What would it take

to be happy again?

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