Y&R Short Recap Monday, May 23, 2022

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Recap written by Christine

Summer had second thoughts about relocating to Genoa City, because she didn’t want Diane and Ashland to be around Harrison. Kyle wasn’t sure how he felt. After a chance meeting in the park, Kyle introduced Diane to Harrison. Kyle was positively affected by seeing how good his mother was with his son. Summer admitted she was scared about Kyle possibly letting Diane into his life, but she supported him no matter what he chose. Esther went on a date with Dwight, a man she met on a dating app. A protective Chloe spied on the pair and got caught. Esther assured Chloe it was fine. Esther and Dwight’s date went well, and he asked if they could see each other again. Victoria and Nikki planned their trip to a Swiss spa. Victor wanted Ashland out of town, but Victoria thought they needed to accept that he wasn’t going to leave. Victor was concerned because he knew Victoria still had feelings for Ashland. Victoria thought her trip would help her get over it.

Ashland was unfazed when Michael threatened him with legal action, on Victor’s behalf, unless he left town. Ashland said he’d accepted that Victoria didn’t want to be with him, and he was going to leave her, and the rest of the Newmans, alone. Lauren confronted Ashland about imprisoning Michael. Ashland never explicitly admitted to anything, but he apologized for hurting people, including Michael and Lauren. Lauren didn’t accept the apology, and she vowed to try and put Ashland in jail, the way she’d helped put his ex wife, Tara, in jail. Lauren wasn’t happy that Michael was still working for Victor. Michael told Lauren his plan to get Ashland by burying him in legal procedure. He promised it’d be safe, but she walked off and left him in the restaurant. Michael told Victor his plan to use the threat of lawsuits to force Ashland out of town. Victor didn’t like the idea. He thought Michael was playing it safe because of Lauren’s reservations. Victor learned that Kyle and Summer were thinking of staying in town with Harrison. Victor concluded that Harrison was Ashland’s Achilles heel. Ashland and Diane met for the first time and learned that they were both having a bad day and that they were connected through Harrison.

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