Days Short Recap Thursday, May 19, 2022

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Xander talked to Eric about Sarah getting her memory back. He said that she didn’t remember that their baby died. He panicked when Sarah asked to hold Mickey. He told her that she was with him. He didn’t want her to go through the pain of losing her baby all over again. Eric thought he didn’t want her to be mad at him again. They went back and forth about Xander’s motives with Sarah. Eric wanted him to tell Sarah the truth immediately. Xander noticed Eric’s bag so he asked him if he could just say he and Nicole had the baby. Maggie called him and told him that Sarah. Xander was afraid Sarah went out to look for Mickey. Sarah went to Nicole’s apartment to see Mickey. Nicole was confused. Sarah thought Eric was there and was surprised to see Rafe in a towel. Sarah was confused too. Nicole told her that Eric wasn’t there because they split up. Sarah thought they broke up because of her. She rushed out before Nicole could explain. Later, Xander showed up at Nicole’s place. She told him that Sarah left to find her baby. She wanted to know what that was about. He brushed off her question. He wanted her to pretend to go on vacation with Eric. She said it wouldn’t help. She advised him not to keep the truth from Sarah. She warned him that it would be better for you to hear the truth from him because she could hear it in a loving way. Sarah went to the pub and ran into Eric. She wanted to hold her daughter. She asked him to get her. Eric sat her down gently. He said he had to tell her something that would be hard to hear. Xander ran into the pub and saw Eric holding Sarah. She shot daggers at Xander. She wanted to know how he could keep the truth from her. She ran upstairs to get away from him.

Lani refused to let Paulina to take the rap for something she did. Paulina thought the juror would believe she acting in self-defense. She said she didn’t pull the trigger, but she was the reason why TR was back in their lives. Lani didn’t think she could live with the cover up. She wanted to tell Rafe the truth. Chanel joined them in the interrogation room. Paulina wanted Lani to be with her husband. Lani hesitated, but she left. Chanel told Paulina that she needed to take her arrest seriously. Paulina told her that her lawyers would take care of everything. She thought she would get a slap on the wrist. She told Paulina that she was scared for her. She didn’t want to lose her. Paulina assured her that she wouldn’t lose her. She said if something happened to her, she wouldn’t be alone. Chanel said that she had family there, but they weren’t her mother. Paulina gave her a hug. Abe and Eli wondered if Paulina was covering for Lani. Eli wanted to talk to Lani right away. Eli went to back when Lani showed up. He let her know that he didn’t think Paulina was guilty of the shooting. He thought she was covering for her. Lani became defensive. Eli said he was on her side. He wanted to know what was going on. He said they would get through it together. He wanted to know who really shot TR. Lani admitted that she did it. She explained what happened to TR. She said she was in shock and went along with what Paulina said. She wanted Eli’s help to convince Paulina to recant her confession. He didn’t want Lani to go to prison. He told her that he and the kids needed her. He said she was looking at hard time if the shooting wasn’t clean. He thought it would be better if Paulina took the rap for her.

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