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Update written by Suzanne

At Steffy’s place, Taylor, Ridge and Steffy continue to confront Sheila about what she’s done. She keeps saying that she’s the real victim because she lost her son (even though she’s the one who pulled the trigger). They yell at her and say she’s going to jail. Sheila tries to turn it around on them, calling them cruel for inviting her there and blames Steffy for coming after her that night. Ridge yells loudly at her to shut up and calls her sick. Steffy hopes that Sheila suffers miserably for the rest of her life. Sheila points out that Finn would tell her to have compassion for her “mistake,” but Steffy denies it. Taylor lets Sheila know that she’s not her friend and will never take her side again. Ridge tells Sheila with a smile that he’s happy she will die in prison for all she’s done to his family. Steffy sobs, upset.

Steffy points out that this is why she didn’t want her anywhere near their family. She regrets that Finn didn’t listen to her warnings. She will protect her son from Sheila. Sheila says they have no idea how sorry she is that he’ll grow up with his father, but she’s adamant that she’s not going to prison. She starts to run out, but uniformed police officers stop her at each exist. Detective Baker comes out and tells Steffy that she can take off her wire now, so she does. Sheila is shocked as he explains that he’s been in the back room, listening. He informs her that she’s going back to prison for a long time and then arrests her for murder. Sheila insists that she get to speak before they haul her off. She tells them that they were all so sure that she meant harm when she came there, but she just wanted to know her son and be a part of his life. She blames Steffy for keeping her away. She says they’ll never know what it’s like to cherish having someone love her unconditionally because they all take it for granted. She babbles on about how much she loved Finn. Steffy tells her that Finn didn’t want her kind of toxic love. Steffy accuses her of destroying her family, and she’s going to have to forget about her, but she says Sheila didn’t destroy her, and she vows to raise her son to be like Finn: Strong and compassionate. The opposite of Sheila, in other words. Steffy twists the knife by saying Sheila will be completely erased because their son won’t even know her name. They take Sheila away as she yells that she’ll be back and that Hayes will love her one day. She vows that she’ll be back and they haven’t seen the last of her. Steffy’s parents console her.

Taylor assures Steffy that Sheila won’t be back. Steffy is upset about what Sheila said about wanting Hayes’ love. Ridge assures her that Steffy won’t get out of jail. Steffy is glad that she has her memory back. Taylor turns the conversation to Brooke. She thinks that Ridge should go tell Brooke what really happened. He’s reluctant to leave them but leaves after they insist. He kisses Steffy’s head and squeezes hand before he goes. Steffy looks sadly at the photos of Finn. She still can’t believe everything that Sheila did and is worried that Brooke learning the truth will change things for her parents.

At home, Brooke tells Hope that Deacon was indulging in “wishful thinking” that Sheila might be able to talk her way into a place in Steffy’s family. Hope wonders if he’s right, since Taylor invited her over. Brook doubts Ridge would ever accept her. She wishes she and Ridge weren’t apart because she would love to be there for him. Hope thinks they need to fix that. Brooke still feels guilty for betraying his trust and still wants to figure out why she took a drink that night. Hope wonders if it’s because of the drinking or what it led to? Brooke shakes her head in confusion. She admits that what she did with Deacon was wrong, but she still wants to figure out why she drank, so she can start forgiving herself. Hope reminds her for the 10,000th time that she was “inebriated” and that nothing happened with Deacon. Brooke cries, upset. Hope begs her to stop beating herself up and obsessing. Brooke hopes that Ridge can trust her again. She won’t give up on him. They smile at each other and hold hands as Brooke says that she and Ridge will find their way back to each other.

Ridge drops by to see Brooke. He isn’t sure, at first, what to tell Brooke because so much has happened. He tells her that Steffy remembers the shooting. Brooke is glad to hear it. Ridge tells her that Sheila shot Steffy and Finn and then took their stuff to make it look like a robbery. Brooke is shocked. He tells her that Sheila has confessed and is behind bars. He lets her know Steffy went to the restaurant to confront Sheila about what she did New Year’s Eve. He tells her that Sheila switched the labels on the Champagne bottles so that Brooke thought she was drinking non-alcoholic bubbly. They hug. Brooke looks hopeful.

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