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Eric: You left the house pretty early this morning.

Ridge: Just catching up on some work.

Eric: Going to stop and see steffy later?

Ridge: Anytime she needs me.

Eric: Taylor’s still there. Steffy’s not alone.

Ridge: I– I know that. Thank you. I appreciate it. Thank you.

Eric: It was hard to leave, though, wasn’t it?

Ridge: Yes, it was. And I know it was the right thing to do, uh– and thank you for letting me stay at the house.

Eric: It’s a lot of bags, though, just for a few days. It’s just a few days, right?

[ Ridge laughing ]

Eric: It’s your house, my boy. You know that. It always will be. How is steffy?

Ridge: She’s struggling.

Eric: It’s unbelievable that– that sheila shot steffy and then she– murdered finn.

Ridge: Well, she’s in custody now. Maybe she’ll stop hurting the people I love.

Eric: Ridge, you couldn’t have known that sheila was responsible for brooke falling off the wagon. Don’t blame yourself.

Hope: Mom, we can always pick this up later.

Brooke: Oh, I’m sorry, honey.

Hope: No, no, it’s fine. It’s just– yeah, it’s clear your mind is somewhere else, and frankly, so is mine. Can’t stop thinking about what really happened with finn.

Brooke: How can a man that good have a mother so evil?

Hope: Sheila’s going to pay for what she did.

Brooke: Yeah, she is. She’s going to go to prison for finn’s murder. And I’m going to go there and look her in the eye, and confront her for all of her crimes.

Sheila: What is going on? Why am I here?

[ Buzzer ringing ]

Baker: Sheila.

Sheila: What do you want?

Officer: Careful.

[ Buzzer ringing ]

Sheila: I don’t have to answer any more of your questions.

Baker: Not a problem. I don’t have any.

Sheila: Then why am I here?

[ Cuffs jangling ]

Hope: Mom, are you sure confronting sheila is a good idea?

Brooke: Hope, she tried to destroy me. I talked to chief baker, and he’s going to meet me there at the jail.

Hope: Okay, just please be careful?

[ Deacon chuckling ]

Deacon: Hey. Hey, honey. How’s it going? Your mom just took off on a mission.

Hope: Yeah. Um, yeah, I– I have a lot to fill you in on.

Deacon: Is everything okay? You sounded kind of stressed on the phone.

Hope: So we know who shot steffy and finn. It wasn’t a robbery. It was someone they knew. It’s someone you know too.

Deacon: Who?

Hope: Sheila.

Sheila: I’m not talking to you or the D.A., Without my attorney.

Baker: Oh, I think she has everything she needs for your case, sheila.

Sheila: Then what do you want?

Baker: I’m allowing you a visitor. Someone who really wants to see justice finally served.

Ridge: Sheila is more evil than we realized.

Eric: Yeah. She’s caused a lot of trouble for this family, but we’ll get through it the way we always do, together.

Ridge: Keep reminding steffy of that.

Eric: And I’m here to tell you that.

Ridge: What would I do without my father’s wisdom? And his hospitality.

Eric: It’s hard to know. But you can pay me back by bringing dinner tonight. All right?

Ridge: Okay.

Eric: All right. I got to go. I have a meeting.

Ridge: Me, too.

[ Sighing ]

[ Knocking ]

Taylor: Hi.

Ridge: Hey.

Taylor: I’m a little early. Hope that’s okay.

Ridge: Of course. Always nice to see you.

Taylor: Nice to see you too. Hi.

Ridge: Hey. You’re getting settled into eric’s okay?

Ridge: Yeah, you know him, he likes being the host.

Taylor: You are so missed at the house, by the way. Oh! But I’m glad you’re doing this. I really am. You have a lot to sort out.

Taylor: Thank you for understanding.

Taylor: Yeah. Understanding each other has never been our problem.

Ridge: Always gonna be here for you and the kids.

Taylor: I know. I know. You know, liam is over with steffy right now, and they’re telling kelly and hayes about finn.

Ridge: That can’t be easy.

Taylor: No. And now this. You know, we were both so prepared to just support steffy in her loss. Never in a million years did we ever think that thomas–

Ridge: Why is he lying to us?

Taylor: I don’t know.

>>Ridge: He knew that sheila was responsible for brooke drinking. Why is he not telling us that? Why?

Thomas: Hey, you two. You, uh, you wanted to see me? What’s going on? Effective skincare can be affordable.

Deacon: I just– I– I still don’t understand– you– you said that finn died, saving steffy. Look, it– was no secret that sheila hated steffy, but, I mean, wanting her dead? And what the hell were they doing in that alley?

Hope: Okay, so steffy actually found something out that could turn everyone against sheila, including finn. And remember, sheila was trying to convince everyone that she had changed, when really, she hadn’T. And steffy finally had something that could prove it.

Deacon: What did sheila do?

[ Sighing ]

Hope: She went after mom. Mom never really understood why she drank that night, but now we know. It was sheila. She was pretty much behind everything that happened that night, and everything horrible that has happened ever since.

Thomas: Uh, is everything okay? Because I’ve been texting and calling steff and i haven’t heard back.

Taylor: Yeah, we asked her to let us speak to you first.

Thomas: So, something is going on?

Ridge: Yeah, there’s been a break in the case.

Thomas: Wait really, wh– what is it?

Ridge: Steffy remembers who the shooter was. Sheila.

Thomas: That’s insane. Finn is her son!

Ridge: Finn died trying to save your sister.

Thomas: Look, I know sheila- she’s a terrible person. She tried to kill people before, but steffy? And her own son? Like– why?

Taylor: That’s why we want–

Ridge: We think you know why.

Thomas: If I’d known anything about who hurt steffy, I would have gone straight to the police and told them.

Taylor: Thomas. Steffy overheard you on the phone talking to sheila. That’s how she found out what sheila did to brooke. Steffy went to il giardino to confront her.

Thomas: No, no, no, no.

Ridge: They argued, she pulled a gun, and you know the rest.

Sheila: The only person I want to talk to is my attorney. What happened in the alley was a tragic accident. I never meant to hurt anyone.

Baker: Then why take a gun?

Sheila: I didn’t want to use it. I never would have turned it on my own son.

Baker: Right. You were there to shoot steffy forrester. I don’t think that defense is going to be a winner for you.

[ Buzzer ringing ] Oh, here we go.

Brooke: Thank you for making the deal with me.

Baker: Well, the rules were explained to you. Keep your distance from the prisoner.

Brooke: Yes.

Baker: I’ll give you a few minutes.

[ Knocking ] And remember, the guard is standing right outside the door.

Brooke: Thank you.

[ Door clicking ] You seem surprised to see me. What you did to me, sheila, wasn’t nearly as horrifying as what you did to your own son. I just want you to know you’re not going to get away with this. Nexgard is the flea and tick protection

Deacon: Sheila switched the labels on the champagne bottles to get your mother drunk?

Hope: Because mom threatened sheila’s relationship with finn.

Deacon: Nobody threatens sheila.

Hope: Yeah. And mom being an alcoholic, her sobriety is paramount to her well-being. So. Yeah. Yeah. What, uh, sheila did is sick.

Deacon: I am such an idiot. I– honey, I’m so sorry.

Hope: Please. It’s not your fault.

Deacon: So it’s out? Everybody knows?

Hope: Yeah.

Deacon: Well, this– this changes everything for your mom and ridge.

Hope: Yeah. I wish, but, uh, no. Ridge isn’t ready to come home yet.

Deacon: Huh.

Taylor: Your sister remembered everything about the shooting.

Ridge: And everything that led up to it.

Thomas: Steff heard me talking to sheila about what she did to brooke?

Taylor: Yes.

Thomas: That’s why steffy was in the alley that night. God. I’m so sorry.

[ Scoffing ] I knew I shouldn’t have kept that to myself. I had no idea. I mean– I thought– I– I saw you two together and how happy you were, and I just– I didn’t want– I wanted you to have a little more time together–

Ridge: You didn’t think I needed that information?

Thomas: I knew that if you found out, then you’d go straight back to–

Ridge: That wasn’t your call, thomas. It wasn’t your call! You should know better than anyone what it means to keep secrets from the family. You should have told me. I’m your father. Brooke is my wife. Like it or not, she’s my wife.

Brooke: All right. You don’t have anything to say, sheila?

Sheila: I have the right to remain silent.

Brooke: Good one. I don’t want to hear your stupid excuses anyway.

Sheila: Why did you ever have to threaten me, brooke? All I wanted was a chance at a life with my son.

Brooke: What are you talking about? You killed your son. You made steffy a widow. And because of you, hayes is going to grow up without a father. You ripped that family apart, sheila. And that little boy. He is not going to forgive you.

Sheila: That is not what I wanted. I never wanted that for him. I never wanted that for the family. I– I was trying to help their family.

Brooke: By interfering with mine?

Sheila: Oh. Oh, that’s what this is really about. Not that my son is gone. Or steffy’s life is shattered. You want me to feel sorry for what I did to you? Oh, god, you are pathetic.

Brooke: No, no, I just want you to pay. For all of it.

Sheila: You have no idea how I am haunted by that night. And if I could go back, and change things, I would– none of it ever would’ve happened. But I will never, never apologize for what I did to you.

With age comes more…

Deacon: So ridge knows that it was sheila that got your mother to drink, and he still won’t forgive brooke?

Hope: Mm hm, I mean, ridge supports mom. He just isn’t ready to come home yet. He said he needed some more time to figure things out.

Deacon: What the hell is there to figure out? It’s ridiculous, he– ha ha! Ah, wait. Mm, now I got it. It’s taylor, right? I mean, she is an amazing woman, but she’s no brooke logan. Stop it. Don’t look at me like that. Because it– your mother is… there’s no one like her. All right, you didn’t get all this goodness from me, that’s for damn sure. She’s understanding and she’s kind. And she’s devoted. Loyal. You know, ridge moved out. Your mom could’ve written him off, but instead she’s fighting for their marriage. My question is, why isn’t he? I– I just don’t get it! It’s like, how does forrester not know how lucky he is to have brooke’s love?

Taylor: Okay, ridge, just– easy.

Ridge: Come on! Just tell me, what possessed you? What was it?

Thomas: I wanted to tell you. Yeah, I was going to, but then things kind of happened. Steffy was in the hospital, and finn was gone, and we were worried about her. We’re trying to take care of the kids. How could I know that– that steffy had overheard me talking to sheila? God, I just– I can’t believe it. I can’t believe that stupid secret is the reason that steffy and finn got shot.

Taylor: Hold on a second, thomas. We are not putting this on you.

Thomas: Hah, finn might not have died.

Thomas: Sheila is the reason that finn died. She pulled the trigger. She took his life.

Thomas: But I’m the reason he and steffy were there.

Ridge: All right, stop it. Sheila attacked steffy, finn, and my wife. You should’ve talked to me. Could’ve helped you, I could’ve helped brooke. Instead of just watching her suffering. I could’ve helped her. But you didn’t give me that chance. It didn’t have to end like this.

Sheila: I would rather go back to cell than to spend another moment here with you. Guard!

Brooke: We’re not done. Sheila, you’re gonna spend the rest of your life in a cell. So why not just spend a few moments here with me? I– I would never compare my pain and my loss to what steffy and her children have to go through. The loss of finn. That’s going to affect them for the rest of their lives. And yes, you did impact my life, too. You knew the history I had with alcohol. Yet, you got me to drink. And you made that night happen, all of those horrible events, and you have no remorse about it whatsoever. But you will. You will regret it, and all of the horrible things that you’ve done. I came here to look into your eyes and tell you that you are no longer going to terrorize steffy, or her family, or me or the forresters ever again. You don’t belong out there in society with the good people, the normal people. You belong in here, sheila, for the rest of your life. And I’m going to make sure that that happens.

[ Cuffs jangling] Now, we’re done. Guard.

Sheila: You never learn, do you, brooke?

[ Buzzer ringing ] You should never threaten me.

Brooke: No, sheila, you don’t learn. I mean, look where you are, and you’ll never threaten me ever again.

Sheila: You haven’t won. This isn’t over, brooke. You, ridge, steffy. You haven’t seen the last of me because I will be back.

[ Sheila laughing ]

[ Buzzer ringing ]

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