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[Heavy music]

> Lani: [Sighs] [Exhales, whispers] Okay… I was just trying to wound him, wasn’t I? Oh, okay. Why is he dead? Why is he dead?

Chanel: I just heard.

Lani: What? What did you hear?

Chanel: Eli’s awake. Is he okay?

Lani: Yeah.

Chanel: I’m so happy for you.

Lani: It’s, um… yeah, it’s wonderful. It’s the best thing ever.

Chanel: I also heard about tr is it true? Did mama really shoot him dead?

Kayla: You know, it’s–it’s just all the things are going around in this town. Now I’m just trying to get my head around the idea that lani’s birth father shot her husband and her mother shot her birthfather. I mean, it’s just–

Steve: Well, paulina confessed to killing tr coates.

Kayla: Well, you sound like you don’t think that’s what really happened.

Steve: Yeah. She seems more like a woman who uses words, not bullets. And you know, there’s something I didn’t tell you about the weapon they found at the scene.

Kayla: What’s that?

Steve: I don’t know how paulina could have gotten her hands on what looked like a police-issued weapon.

Shawn: Okay, I know I don’t have to tell you to keep me posted but I’m doing it anyway. All right, thanks.

Ben: Anything?

Shawn: No sign of allie or the car she was driving.

Ben: Then your guys damn well better be fanning off from the dimera crypt. Tony and anna, they found this pacifier there hours ago. Allie was in there with my son, and god only knows where she is now.

Ciara: [Gasps] Oh…oh, my little baby bo. So wish you were inside of me so I could keep you safe. Where are you right now? What is happening to you right now?

Demon allie: It’s friday the 13th, my child. What a fitting day to fulfill my plans for you.

[Baby cries] Oh, no, don’t cry, little one. It will all be over soon.

Susan: I just love this picture of you and your sister. Oh, when you guys were little kids, you used to be the bestest of friends.

Johnny: Yeah. Yeah, I know.

Susan: I wa–I want you to think back to that time. And I want you to try to find that connection again. Mmm? You know, think about what’s happening through your sister’s eyes. Take a look at this–just hold on to that, take a look. I want you to try one more time johnny, all right? Just hold my hand, hold my hand and take a deep breath, all right? And I just–I want you to think about your twin sister and how you used to share your mom’s body for nine months and the same crib. You know what? Your mama used to tell me that she used to find you hiding behind the furniture telling each other your secrets. Johnny, johnny honey, we need to find her. We need to find your sister before that devil makes her do something that she’ll never come back from. All right, you know what? We need to close our eyes right now. Just close our eyes. Okay, now we need to send her our love and our energy. We’re sending our loving and our energy to allie. She needs us right now, johnny.

Demon allie: You are quite the handful, aren’t you? I’m going to need help dealing with you. And I have just the person in mind. Charlie martino dale… I command thee rise from the depths of hell.

[Unsettling music]

Male announcer: Like sands through the hourglass, so are the “days of our lives.”

[Soft orchestration]

Johnny: Anything?

Susan: Uh-huh.

Johnny: Grandma, I’m concentrating as hard as I can, but I just–

Susan: Whoa. Wait, wait. I feel something. I feel something. Do you?

Johnny: I don’t know. Maybe it’s just– aah!

Susan: Oh!

Susan: “Even though I walk through the shadow of the valley of death, I fear no evil. I fear no evil, for you are with me.”

Johnny: Grandma, what–what’s that?

Susan: We almost did it, johnny. We almost reached allie. Oh gah! He broke the connection.

Johnny: He? The devil?

Susan: Hey…I mean, who else would have done this? Huh?

[Eerie music]

Charlie: Well, if it isn’t allie horton. I knew you couldn’t stay away forever.

Demon allie: I am not allie horton. I’m just taking control of her body.

Charlie: Mmm. Pretty good choice, in my opinion.

Demon allie: I did not summon you from eternal damnation to talk about your time on earth. You’ve been chosen by me.

Charlie: Me? Why?

Demon allie: I did battle in heaven. But god cast me out for an inferior being. I fell from grace into an eternal inferno. You too know what it means to be passed over, first by your mother and then by this woman you call allie. That makes you perfect for my purposes. Now, bow before me and swear your allegiance. I must know that you’re worthy to receive my instruction.

Charlie: What is it you desire of me, master?

Ciara: Hey, dad… it’s me. I, uh, I know you’re in heaven right now. But I also know you’re not the kind of guy to just sit back and do nothing when all hell breaks loose, so please… oh my god, I need your help right now. Please help me. Please look over your grandson. Please bring my little bo back to me.

[Soft footsteps] You?

Evan: We meet again.

Ben: You have to have some idea where allie is.

Shawn: You know everything that I do, all right? The techs didn’t find anything at the dimera crypt. We interviewed everyone at the dimera house. I mean, we set up roadblocks in a wide perimeter around it. I mean, not even the devil’s gonna be able to travel with a newborn.

Ben: Yeah? Well, he seems to be pretty damn good at getting help whenever he needs it. Plus evan frears is still on the loose.

Evan: I heard your little prayer to daddy bo. I don’t think he’s going to come for you this time.

Ciara: You have five seconds to get out of here or I’m going to start screaming.

Evan: I wouldn’t do that if I were you… or I’ll fix it so that you and daddy can be together forever.

Lani: I can’t speak about ray coates–it’s an open case.

Chanel: Okay, but mama was arrested. You–you can tell me if that’s true.

Lani: Yes, chanel. She was.

Chanel: And I also heard that tr was the one who shot eli. It wasn’t that drug dealer like you said. Is that true? Can you talk about that?

Lani: Yeah. You heard right. After eli woke up, he–he remembered–he remembered everything that happened.

Chanel: And he remembers tr shooting him? I can’t believe it. Mama thought he’d changed, and he’d been so good to her and he was helping her out with jules and carver and everything.

Lani: It makes me sick to think about that man going near my children. My biological father, he took care of one person and that was–that was ray coates. He hadn’t changed one bit. I don’t know, he–he lied to everybody. Everything out of his mouth was a damn lie. And he wasn’t the only one.

Chanel: What? Who else was lying?

Kayla: So you’re saying you think paulina’s lying about who killed coates? It could have been a policeman?

Steve: I don’t know.

Tripp: Hey.

Kayla: Hey.

Steve: Hey buddy.

Kayla: You just missed dinner–I can make you a plate.

Tripp: No, no, I’m good. I fixed myself a sandwich while I was staying with henry.

Kayla: Come on. A sandwich is not enough for you.

Steve: She’s right. You’ve been working your shifts at the hospital and you’re babysitting little henry over at nicole’s–come on.

Tripp: I’m good, good. Is there any news on ben and ciara’s baby?

Steve: I’d like to say that there’s been some progress, but no.

Shawn: That baby is my nephew–I’m not gonna rest until we get him back. I’m gonna call rafe–I’m gonna find out what he knows.

Ben: I pray there’s something, because I need to give ciara some good news when she wakes up. This is killing her.

Shawn: I know.

Evan: It’s amazing how sharp they keep these things.

Ciara: You were helping allie. Where’s my baby?

Evan: I know what it’s like not to know where your son is or if he’ll be all right. I’ve been living that way for years now because of you.

Ciara: That was because of you. You killed your baby’s mother, and you let ben take the fall for it.

Evan: And you rode to his rescue. Now you and a serial killer are living the dream while I rot away in a cell.

Ciara: You see, the difference is ben has changed, and you have not.

Evan: Your kid is better off where he is.

Ciara: With the devil? Hmm?

Evan: You think he’ll have a storybook childhood with ben weston for a father?

Ciara: Shut up and tell me where my baby is.

Evan: You don’t need to worry about your baby boy. You’re the one lying here helpless as a newborn.

Ciara: Ha. Helpless? Listen, I just gave birth. I didn’t have open heart surgery. And I wouldn’t be so sure about that if I were you. You and your little pal the devil tried to convince me that ben was dead. And I knew better, and I was right. How many times have you tried to kill us…and failed?

Evan: God was on your side in the past. I have my own backup now. The devil’s on my team, so I say you and i are pretty evenly matched.

Ciara: Aah!

Evan: I forgot, the necktie killer’s wife likes it rough.

Ciara: [Gagging]

Susan: Oh, dr. Marlena evans, you are a sight for sore eyes!

Marlena: I thought you might have heard something about allie and the baby.

Susan: Yeah, we got a message all right. But it was from beelzebub himself.

Marlena: What are you talking about?

Johnny: Grandma susan and i were looking at this picture of allie and me trying to make some kind of connection.

Susan: Right. Yeah. And then it got knocked plum out of our hands. It was like it was struck by lightning.

Johnny: Or we just dropped it.

Susan: That is not what happened, johnny, and you know it. This is–this is the dark one. This is the dark one, and he is saying, “this is war.” Know what? The almighty god, he sent–he sent us a weapon, johnny, sent us a weapon. So who cares? Who cares if satan cracked some glass? I mean, he can’t walk this earth as himself, I mean he needs a host body. And we–we belong here. We belong here because we are human beings and you know what? You…there’s no human being I’d rather have on my side than you, dr. Marlena evans. So get over here, johnny, come on, come on. No, get over here, all right. We’re go gonna drum up. We’re going to close our eyes and we are going to drum up all the love, all the love for alice caroline horton so that we can save her soul.

Johnny: We already tried this!

Marlena: And we’ll try it again. Because now there’s one more person here that really loves allie too.

Susan: All right.

[Baby crying]

Demon allie: I’ve grown weary of the external battles that accompany a possession– fighting off exorcists, the host’s loved ones, not to mention the internal struggles of the individual’s tortured soul. I’ve done that dance for millennia. And now it’s time to rest. To that end, this innocent newborn will be my vessel for his entire lifetime. I snatched him straight from his mother’s womb. He knows no other touch but mine. He doesn’t have the will or the bonds of love to restrain me. I will take up residence in this little one. And when he is a grown man, I shall make hell on earth through him.

Charlie: What can I do to assist you, master?

Demon allie: Your chance to be a father to a son was taken from you. I’m giving you the opportunity to raise another child. When the ritual is done, you will take this child and you will keep him as your own.

[Eerie off-key notes]

Susan: There’s three of us now, allie. Yeah, we’ve got your grandmama marlena with us. So for the sake that sweet poor, poor baby and to save your own soul, we’re asking god…to break the devil’s hold on your spirit so that you can hear us.

[Loud thud] Oh! Oh, oh, she’s here! She’s here! Johnny did you–do you see her?

Johnny: No, there’s nothing. It’s like I can feel her, but I can’t see where she is. She– she–is she gone?

Allie: [Echoing] I’m here.

Both: Oh! Get ready for more

Steve: Listen, the entire salem pd is looking for allie. But so far, no trace of her.

Tripp: Henry misses her so much–I mean, he made me read “the runaway bunny” over and over again.

Kayla: Oh, I love that book. The way the mother rabbit is gonna transform herself into a bunch of different forms so that she can go with her baby bunny if he decides to run away.

Tripp: No, allie’s not gonna do that for henry–she doesn’t care what happens to him.

Kayla: Oh, you know that’s not true.

Tripp: You’re right. I shouldn’t be talking about her like that. Not now.

Steve: Okay, so let’s talk about you. How you doing, son?

Susan: Oh.

[Wind howling]

Johnny: Did we all just hear that?

Susan: I did, I did! She’s here with us. Oh, dr marlena evans, talk to her, talk to her.

Marlena: Yes, yes, uh… allie… darling, it’s–it’s marlena. We’re all here, susan’s here and johnny is here. And we can hear you.

Allie: [Echoing] Grandma?

Marlena: Yes, we’re right here, darling.

Allie: I tried to fight him, but he’s–he’s too strong.

Marlena: It’s okay. It’s–we’re gonna help you fight him. We just have to know, darling, where are you?

Allie: He has the baby. Ciara and ben’s baby.

Johnny: Where are you right now?

Allie: At the cemetery. Charlie dale’s grave. Please come, or it will be too late…too late…late…

[Eerie off-key notes]

Demon allie: You are to keep a vigil so that the ritual is not disturbed by mere mortals. If they are to appear, this is the perfect place to bury them where they stand.

Ciara: [Gagging]

Demon allie: I summon all forces of evil to this ungodly place. Let the transference begin. The lows of bipolar depression

Chanel: Who else is lying?

Lani: Did I–did I say that?

Chanel: Yeah, you did.

Lani: I–chanel, I’m running–I’m running on fumes right now. Anything that comes–I can say anything. Anything can come out of my mouth right now.

Chanel: Okay. I’m sorry. I was-I was pumping you for information.

Lani: No, it’s fine. Paulina is your mother too, and you deserve to know. Why did you tell him that you shot tr?

Paulina: You hush. I know what I’m doing.

Chanel: Know what? Lani?

Lani: I was thinking about that–that beth. Beth howard is her name. She–she was the one who swore that tr, he–he didn’t use drugs around her and he didn’t hit her.

Chanel: And she got a part in that movie.

Lani: Yeah. Maybe he gave her that role to keep her quiet or he threatened her. I don’t know. She–she came by eli’s hospital room one night and said that she has something to tell me but–I don’t know. She must have been scared.

Chanel: I wish she would have told you. Then mama wouldn’t be in this mess.

Tripp: I don’t know what there is to say. I didn’t keep it a secret how I felt about allie. I-I loved her. And trusted her. She knew I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her. But she still couldn’t tell me how she felt about chanel. She couldn’t tell me that she cheated on me.

Kayla: I know how much that hurt you when you found out.

Tripp: I’m fine. I’m dealing with it.

Steve: You sure about that? Listen, buddy, I know you’re tough. And I respect that. But from one tough guy to another, you don’t have to keep it inside and pretend that this isn’t bothering you. Not around here you don’T. Just talk to us. Okay? You’re not gonna feel better until you do.

Johnny: I gotta get to the cemetery.

Marlena: Not by yourself you’re not.

Johnny: Look, allie’s always making a big deal about how tough she is. You heard how scared she was just now. She needs help. She’s my sister, and I’m going to get her.

Susan: Johnny, the devil can get you again. Johnny: I don’t care!

Marlena: We care!

Johnny: I’ll be damned if I let him keep allie one more second or hurt that baby. You guys call ben, call the cops, tell them where to go.

Ben: Tell me where my kid is right now or I swear–

Evan: God is not coming to rescue you. Don’t you know that by now? He doesn’t dirty his hands with guys like you and me. We’re both going to hell. You know that. I’m just gonna make sure I send you there first.

Demon allie: By the sins of his father and the virtue of his mother, from this mortal child, I take his uncorrupted soul as my own.

[Baby crying]

Evan: Say hi to jordan for me.

[Baby crying]

Charlie: Uh… is it…done?

Demon allie: I’m leaving this corporeal form.

Charlie: Master? Question, what do you want me to do with allie once you’ve left her body?

Demon allie: I have no use for her anymore. Do what you want.

Johnny: You’re not gonna lay a finger on her. We do it every night.

Tripp: You guys know how I grew up, you know, I felt like I didn’t belong anywhere. You two found me and you took me in and if you hadn’t done that, I don’t know who I would be now. I know I put you through hell there for a while but… here we are.

Kayla: Here we are.

Tripp: And I’m saying all that because… because I thought that I was gonna have what you two have.

Kayla: We know that.

Tripp: Yeah. I saw allie and me raising henry together, you know, and… maybe having kids of our own, you know, kids that would know from the jump that they were wanted. But right after I asked allie to marry me, like the next minute johnny walked in and told me about her and chanel.

Steve: That wasn’t johnny. It was the devil’s work.

Tripp: I can’t even–why does it matter why he told me? It was the truth. Feels weird talk about this now. I know what allie must be going through. I mean, I don’t know, but I can imagine. I just wish that she had been honest with me. I took care of her after she figured out what charlie did to her. She knew how I felt about her and henry. Why couldn’t she just level with me? Now I wouldn’t have made all those plans. I mean, that–that’s what keeps me up at night is all those damn plans and… I thought it was gonna be her and I against the world. I-I thought that now that she had my love I thought–

Kayla: You thought that nobody could ever hurt her again.

Demon allie: You’re not welcome in this circle johnny. I’m not happy with all your attempts to interfere with my plans.

Johnny: Yeah? Well, that’s too freakin’ bad.

Demon allie: How reckless you are. Don’t you know you’re playing with fire?

Johnny: You underestimated the love between my sister and me. You don’t get the family that I come from. My two grandmas can take you on.

Demon allie: Ha ha ha ha ha! Those two god-fearing harpies? Don’t make me laugh.

Johnny: Allie. Allie, it’s me. I’m here. I’m–I’m myself again, you can trust me, but you have to fight now. Okay?

Demon allie: This is the resistance I was telling you about. You know what to do.

Charlie: Yes, I do.

Johnny: I’ve seen your picture. You’re the pig that raped my sister. And I wanted to kill you when I found out about it. Looks like I finally got my chance.

Shawn: You sure you’re both okay?

Ciara: Yeah, we will be.

Ben: Yeah, as soon as this bastard spills his guts about the devil’s plans for our baby.

Evan: What? You think you’re gonna be able to stop him? Don’t make me laugh.

Ben: I stopped you, didn’t I? Huh?

Evan: You’ll be too late. By now the devil’s the proud owner of your son’s immortal soul.

Marlena: Ben? Ben, it’s marlena. I need you to call me. It’s urgent. Maybe we should go help johnny.

Susan: Of what help would we be?

Marlena: I don’t know.

Susan: This is johnny’s fight. Yeah, let’s just lea–let him and the police take on the devil.

Evan: The devil’s not going to kill your son. He’s going to be your son. Never heard of the demon seed? Once the devil has become one with little bo, he’ll be unstoppable. The kid was probably born with the brady charm and weston taste for blood. Now he’s gonna be raised from within by the guy that wrote the book on wickedness. So you fixed it so I couldn’t see my kid. Now you’re gonna have ringside seats, while your son walks through life making the whole world miserable.

Shawn: Stop! Listen to me–

Ben: Where’s my baby? Where’s my damn baby?

Shawn: He’ll say anything right now, stop.

Ben: Where is he?

Shawn: Stop.

Ben: Where’s my baby?

Evan: All I know is the time. Ha. Not the place. The ritual of transference is happening right now.

Shawn: Listen to me. We’ll get more out of him down the station. Do not give up hope. We’re gonna find baby bo.

Evan: Like hell you will.

[Ciara sobbing] My a1c stayed here,

Chanel: I wanna see mama.

Lani: She’s going through the booking process right now and can’t have visitors for a while–maybe tomorrow?

Chanel: Seems like I can’t do a damn thing to help the people I care about, especially when they’re in big trouble.

Lani: I’m guessing you’re talking about allie. I heard that she ran off with ciara’s new baby.

Chanel: I don’t even know who allie is anymore.

Lani: You’ve been through a lot too.

Chanel: Yeah. Those twins really did a number on me.

Lani: I’m so sorry, chanel.

Chanel: Yeah. Well, I guess now that I know it wasn’t them doing it all, treating me so badly…

Lani: I hope that it helps you.

Chanel: It does a little.

Lani: I need to get back to the hospital and see eli. But do you wanna come with me? You can say hi to him.

Chanel: Yeah, sounds great.

Lani: Okay.

Chanel: Yeah. You know, this having a sister thing…it’s nice.

Lani: It is. Come on.

Tripp: No matter how I feel about allie, I don’t want anything bad to happen to her.

Steve: Well, the two of you never had a chance to straighten things out.

Tripp: I don’t think anything will ever get straightened out.

Kayla: Even so, I mean, you might have turned out to be friends.

Tripp: I don’t know about that either.

Kayla: I just wonder what would have happened with the two of you if the devil hadn’t played around with your lives.

Steve: Chanel was a happily married woman. She made her choice–allie knew that.

Kayla: Yeah, and maybe it allowed allie to fully commit to you. Well, it’s a possibility, don’t you think?

Tripp: It’s kind of hard to think about what might have been. Chanel and I are like friends now. I never saw that happening.

Kayla: You see, because people change and feelings change.

Tripp: I was telling chanel that I think maybe life has gotten be too much for allie. And that was before I knew about all this devil business.

Steve: She’s had it really rough.

Kayla: Yeah. She had her rapist’s baby. And she’s been a good mother to him.

Tripp: Allie’s life turned sour the night she crossed paths with charlie. I thought I was gonna make things right for her again. Kind of arrogant when you think about it–I mean, who am I, captain wonderful?

Steve: I think you’re pretty great.

Tripp: Why’d this have to happen to her?

Steve: I don’t know, son. But no matter how hurt and angry you feel right now–

Kayla: I think part of you still loves her and you wanna help her.

Tripp: I’m just scared to death that she’s in a place where nothing I do now is gonna make a difference.

[Beep beep]

Ben: That’s my phone. Must’ve fallen out of my pocket when I was fighting evan.

Ciara: Baby, there it is.

Ben: It’s dr. Evans. She called like six times. She must know something.

[Phone rings]

Marlena: Oh! Ben, thank god you called.

Ben: Hey, what’s going on?

Marlena: We found allie. She’s heading for the cemetery.

Ben: What about the baby?

Marlena: I don’t know for sure.

Ben: All right, thank you. She knows where allie is.

Ciara: Hey, hey, not without me, you’re not.

Ben: You just had a baby.

Ciara: Yeah, and I’m gonna be there when we save him and save allie. Now help me find my clothes.

Charlie: You’re not gonna get away. You see, the thing is I’ve had lot of time to work out. Nobody told me hell had such an awesome gym.

Demon allie: Well done, my loyal servant.

Charlie: What now, master? Should I…finish him off? Like pulsing, electric shocks,

Shawn: Don’t get too comfortable. The van from statesville’s on its way. You gonna love solitary.

Evan: Ha. I’m gonna sit there and think about you and ben, ciara, your families… this whole damn town as you look on helplessly while your nephew and the rest of this rotten world all go straight to hell.

Tripp: Wow, I guess you’re right. I was really holding a lot of that in.

Kayla: I’m glad you opened up to us.

Steve: Hey, we’re gonna find allie and we’re gonna help her.

Kayla: Mm-hmm. And she will be saved because there are so many people who love allie horton.

Tripp: And I’m one of those people. Even after everything that’s happened, I’m still in love with her.

Marlena: Heavenly father, please watch over our grandchildren tonight. Bring them home safely to us. And deliver them from evil.

Charlie: Talk about a glass jaw.

Demon allie: Once the ritual of transference is completed, you can get rid of him and the sister.

[Engine revving]

Ciara: You get the hell away from my son.

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