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thank you. Thanks. This is really nice. Thank you. Oh, you’re welcome. I thought we could use a little bit of mother-daughter pampering. Mom, why don’t you ever do color? ‘Cause I don’t like color. Well, why are you doing that? ‘Cause I already messed it up. Oh. Of course. Well, I could tell that you’ve been meaning to ask me something since we first walked in here. It can wait. For a more appropriate time?

[ Chuckles ] When will that be? Come on. Is it about me and cam? Is it esmé? Trina’s trial? Or something simple like final exams? I was just going to ask about the pcu report and if trina was allowed back in school. Oh, well, yeah. There’s no official word on that yet. We’re just trying to stay as distracted as possible while we wait. Given that list you just rattled off, it seems like you have tons to distract you. Well, same with you. The hearing for nina’s petition is tomorrow. Yeah. Looks like we both have our hands full, huh? I’m not worried about michael. You know, he’s in strategic mode and has his game face on and can handle anything right now. But… I can’t help but feel sorry for willow. I mean, I can’t imagine how hard this must be, especially after you told her the truth about her mother. So what do you think about the feature? Smoltz did his job and more. Look, I know you had your reservations, but with the hearing tomorrow, it’s best to use smoltz to our advantage than to have him press assault charges against me. I agree. It’s also good to remind the world what nina is capable of. Yeah.

[ Knock on door ] Hey, dante. Hey. Come on in.

[ Sighs ] I’m guessing this isn’t just a social call. Yeah, I’m afraid not. Uh… willow, as the lab came back with your dna results. Do they prove that my mom was not… my mom? Oh, you look so handsome, sweetheart. Do you want to run your poem for me one more time before we go? I’m tired of practicing. I know it by heart.

[ Chuckles ] Okay. Leo. I think you forgot something. Ohh. You want some help putting it on? Yes. Thank you. Okay, here we go. Hey, leo and I are gonna head over to the fair a little bit early so he can get used to the crowds and all that stuff. You’re still joining us, right? Of course. I’ll meet you there. Because of elq business. Martin: I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I did not mean to keep you waiting. Got caught on the phone. If you’re going to give me some flowery excuse involving your personal life with lucy coe, I really wish you wouldn’T. Oh, forgive me. Obviously, somebody got up on the wrong side of the bed. Why? Because of that feature about nina in the invader? You know, you’re not the only one. Lucy’s positively livid about all that dirty laundry being aired. I feel for nina. It’s no fun having your private life and your past mistakes raked over the coals by the media. But there’s something else. Elq has called a board meeting. Aha. No doubt the quartermaines are intent on voting you out as ceo. Well, now it’s time for you to earn your retainer. What are we gonna do about it? Jordan: I hope that’s not breakfast. Mm. Did you come by here just to check on me? After the 24-hour shift you pulled the night harmony miller was brought in, I wanted to make sure you’re okay. Well, I got a good night’s sleep, and molly’s pampering has been better than hitting the spa for a week, so… alright. Make sure it stays that way. Actually, I’m really glad you’re here. You have something to report, dr. Ashford? A missing person. My grandfather.

[ Cellphone beeps ] Mr. Ashford. Nice to see you. Ms. Reeves is expecting you. Go right in. Thanks. How’s nina handling the release of the article? See for yourself. So make sure you keep the skirts mid-length. Remember, this is business attire, not a night out on the town.

[ Phone ringing ] Oh, beatrice, I think I have another call. I’ll call you back, alright? Alright. Bernardo, that section was beautiful. Listen, I want to discuss that further, but my 10:00 just arrived, so I will have to call you back. Okay. Ciao. Okay, shannon, hold all my calls. Hi. Sorry about that. Well, I came by to be the shoulder for you to cry on, but I can see that I’m your 10:00. Well, the world doesn’t stop because there’s some stupid feature in the invader. Are you really okay? Yeah. I’m great. I’m really great.

[ Chuckles ] Why wouldn’t I be? Yeah, I read

the invader feature. It looks like michael didn’t hold back at all. And I know you’re going to say it’s okay, but listen, we both know that you’re not. Just know that you’re not alone. Hey. Hey. Are you here for the elementary school fair, or are you eavesdropping on my private conversations? Well, scout’s got a watercolor that’s worthy of da vinci. I’m telling you, it’s pretty amazing. How about you? I’m here for avery’s, you know, dance performance. Oh. Yeah. You know, a father’s got to do what a father’s got to do. Right. Well, then, why are you at war with your son?

So the tests confirm that harmony was not your biological mother. It’s not like it’s a surprise. You still got a shock there. I mean, you can take a minute. I wasn’t in denial. I realized that you and carly wouldn’t make it up, but… still. Hey, dante didn’t tell me what the dna test results were. I came because I figured you could use a friend. I…hope that’s okay. It’s more than okay. So thanks for lighting a fire under the lab. What can I do to show the pcpd some appreciation? They didn’t do this because you’re a corinthos or a quartermaine or my brother or even a captain of industry. What? I don’t think you ever called me a captain of industry before. Well, if the title fits, right? Where are you going with this? Nowhere. You tell me. Is there something going on with your business and you don’t want me to know? There you go. Mom? What do you think? It’s perfect. Not that I would expect anything less. Your father is an expert at the perfect corporate appearance. But I’m going to my school fair. And you are perfectly dressed. You are. Leo, the tie looks absolutely great, and your dad and I cannot wait to sit in the audience and watch you read your poem. Right, ned? Of course. Olivia, I promise you, I am not putting business before my family. But? No buts. Elq needs to be here for leo when he comes of age, michael and drew’s agenda notwithstanding. There you go. Where’s chase? I can’t recite my poem without him. Chase is gonna meet us at rice plaza, just in time to hear your poem, okay? You don’t have to be nervous. You remember what chase said? If I pretend I’m only performing for one person, it makes it less scary. If you do that, you can’t go wrong. Aww.

[ Laughing ] Maybe you ought to take a page out of leo’s book. Stop focusing on everything that could go wrong and cherish everything we have that’s going right. Oh, no, no, no, no, you don’T. It is not that simple. I cannot just wave a magic brief and stop the shareholders from voting you out. You got nobody to blame but yourself. You were gone from port charles. You are not being very helpful. I had an infection. I could have died. Fortunately, for those of us who know and care about you, you’re alive and well and back in fighting form. Unfortunately, your absence gave the quartermaines time to plot your ouster from their company. The minute you turned your back, you gave them an opening. If that family remains a united front, you don’t stand a chance. Look, obviously, harmony was very messed up, but willow still believed that was her mother. You know? She still loved her. Not only does she find out that harmony’s a killer, but that she basically kidnapped willow? I mean, I do not blame you for not wanting to tell willow all of that information the night of the accident. Yeah, willow had a lot going on. But it turns out I didn’t have to tell her. All the information was a part of the police investigation, so dante did it. Well, the important thing is, she knows the truth. Carly:

Can you imagine if ninaturns out to be willow’s mother? That’s going to be a huge problem for michael and willow. And what if the whole thing turns out to not be true? I would have set a hideous chain of events in motion for no reason. Okay. What if it is true? What if the dna test proves that what harmony said is absolutely legit? What are you gonna do? Yeah. Sometimes the truth can be a heavy weight to carry, and I don’t necessarily think willow deserves that burden. You know?

[ Cellphone beeps ] Oh, my god. Okay, I’m sorry to bring this up, but I don’t understand why nina is dragging everyone through this ridiculous hearing, mom. The only reason she can file a petition is because she’s nelle’s biological mother. Oh, my god. Look at nelle. Nelle was insane. She was a baby swapper. I mean, one look at nelle’s police record and the judge should laugh nina out of that courtroom. Nelle is beside the point. The judge should deny nina visitation because of nina’s own actions. Well, I hope that the judge reads the invader, because this feature on nina’s petition makes a strong case. This is perfect. Thank you, shannon. And can you keep holding my calls and make sure you shut the door on your way out? Okay? Thank you. Absolutely.

[ Door closes ] Have you, uh… have you read this? Yeah, an advance copy. And I have to admit, at first I was horrified. You know, that hack reporter paints me as dangerous and deranged, facts courtesy of michael and willow. And now? And now… I am not new to a scandal, curtis, so either I could curl up in a little ball and die, or I could just keep going on with my life and prepare for my day in court and a chance to be in my grandson’s life. In other words, backing down is not an option? You surprised? I shouldn’t be. It’s just that… it’s just — it’s just what, curtis? Just spit it out. I know when you’re trying too hard. Did michael put you up to this? Using a kids’ event to lobby on his behalf? Michael doesn’t need me or want me to fight his battles for him. And frankly, I really wish there weren’t any battles to fight. Yeah, well, you got to ask michael that, ’cause he’s so angry that he wants to change the image of the corinthos name. And, I mean, by the time wiley’s old enough to ask questions about his grandfather, I’m gonna be a distant memory. I’ve got to put a stop to that.

Ss defensive. It’s just now that drew regained control of his elq shares, we’re getting ready for a showdown with valentin. Corporate shenanigans may have to wait, because I’m pretty sure drew is focused on scout’s watercolors she’s exhibiting at the elementary school fair. Good for scout. The world needs more artists. I may be biased, but I think she’s a pretty great artist. You know, the fair is today, by the way. If you want to get your mind off the dna test results, you can come with me. Sounds perfect. You want to bring wiley? Oh, I wish I could. The nanny took him to the zoo. Well, I’ll see you both at the fair. Have a good time. Thanks. Join us later, if you can? I’ll try. I’ll take good care of her, don’t worry. Okay.

[ Door closes ] So you didn’t just come by to share the dna results, right? Want to tell me why you’re really here? Mom, we’re gonna be late! Okay, okay. Don’t worry. I’ll make sure my dad is there on time. Chase too? Chase too, promise. Okay, then let’s skedaddle. Uh-oh. I’m in trouble. Look, you know I don’t always agree with olivia, but this time, she’s right on. You have a lot to be grateful for, dad. Do not mess it up. Honestly, I’m trying not to. Then why not just be grateful there’s a strategy to weaken valentin’s hold on the company? I mean, isn’t expanding aurora and merging it with elq a good idea? Oh. I see. Michael and drew got to you. Curtis told me marshall left town. Did he tell you why? Curtis was determined to dig into your grandfather’s past. Maybe he found something that marshall felt could hurt him. Or maybe he took it personally that his own son didn’t trust him. Don’t you think curtis has a reason not to trust his father? After all, marshall left his family when curtis and your dad were just boys. He pretended he was dead. And I have my reasons for wanting to find my grandfather and bring him home. Okay, I tried calling his phone, but it isn’t in service. T.J., It’s possible that — that marshall doesn’t want to be found. Uncle curtis said that, but I need him to tell me that face to face, okay? The trouble is, I’m a doctor, not a cop, and you’re the police commissioner, mom. Help me find my grandfather. I’m not going to let that smoltz and that sleazy feature have power over me. Easier said than done. Who am I kidding? Curtis, everybody loves a scandal, right? And judges, they’re not immune. And michael and willow couldn’t have timed this feature better. I’m sure it’s gonna affect my petition for visitation with wiley, and the only person I can blame is myself. Where is the strong and determined nina reeves that I know and love? Hmm? You have your own ammunition. I do? You do. Look, if michael and willow determine that you’re unfit to see wiley, then you and your attorney should demand to know why someone with sonny’s reputation is granted unrestricted access. Michael feels protective of carly. You can’t really blame him. Yeah, but this is between me and his mother. She’s very capable of fighting her own battles. Michael doesn’t have to do that for her. Still, she’s his mom. Yeah, and I’m his father. I didn’t want the divorce. Carly wanted the divorce, and now michael’s accusing me of being disloyal and unworthy of the name I gave him. Look, I just — I hate seeing bad blood between father and son. So is there something, is there anything at all, anything that you think that I could do to help?

You want to talk about dad? Yeah. But remember, I said I’m not taking sides. I appreciate that. Okay, good. Can we drop it now? No. We can’T. I think you and sonny need to get in a room together and talk. And who knows, maybe you’ll find somewhere to meet in the middle.

[ Scoffs ] The middle. Yeah. Dad made the choice to forsake his family. He put nina first, and the rest of us are a distant second. No. Michael, that’s not true. Sonny cares about his family. And I’ll prove it to you. Have you read part one of the feature yet? No, I have not. Well, you really should consider it karmic payback for nina sabotaging your marriage. Sonny doesn’t get a free pass. My marriage ended because of all the choices sonny made when he came back to port charles. What he did to you was so unfair, and I still don’t really understand it. I don’t understand how sonny tells you he loves you and then treats you that way. Look, I won’t deny that it hurt, okay? It did. But I can move past a broken heart. Sonny’s kids thought he was dead for nine months, and michael, kristina, and dante, they can navigate through their grief or somehow understand it, but avery and donna were babies. And they were sad and they were confused and they missed their dad. I mean, all the tears I wiped off those little girl cheeks, and nina could have put an end to it in 30 seconds and she didn’t? Yeah, she didn’T. I know. Nina kept sonny to herself while we all grieved. We were collateral damage. I’m so sorry. What kind of mother would I be if I didn’t insist that nina suffer the consequences for what she did to our family? For what she’s doing now, to michael and to willow and to wiley. How do you think you can help?

[ Exhales deeply ] Maybe get you and michael together? I’ll play mediator. I definitely won’t take sides. Well, it looks like all the moms and dads are here. I’m sorry.That was tactless. You’re grieving harmony and only just found out that she’s not your biological mother. No, no. If anyone owes an apology, it’s me to you. My mother tried to kill yours. And she wasn’t even my mother, which leaves me with a serious question. Who is? No. No. I won’t allow sonny to be dragged into this. Nina, not even 5 minutes ago you were ready to take on the world, and now you’re giving up? No, but I thought about giving up. I — I visited nelle’s grave, and I was reminded that not only did I miss out on raising that little girl, but I didn’t get the chance to help her. Maybe help her conquer her demons, demons she might not have had if I was the one who raised her. Wiley, he’s all I have left. I can’t turn my back on him. I won’T. I can’t lose another child. Michael’s not gonna listen to reason. I told him that I’m not taking nina’s side at the hearing tomorrow, but I’m not going to throw under the bus either. But he thinks that’s, like, a major betrayal. Michael just — he’s got a lot on his plate right now besides the hearing, so don’t write him off just yet. Try to be patient. Let things kind of settle down a little bit. Michael is building a wall around his family to keep me out. Well, walls don’t stay up forever, you know? Things change. Why would you say that? Is there something that you know that can help me get my family back together? Because if there is, you got to tell me.

thatharmony attacked carly, his first impulse was to call her. Yeah, to alleviate his guilt. You’re — you’re so sure of that, aren’t you? Okay, look, you — you weren’t raised by dad, but I’m sure you heard him talking about his code, right? About family and loyalty and all that. Well, he threw that all away for nina, and he threw my mom away, even though she stood by him to hell and back. So, sure, he thought about calling her, but he didn’T. Why? Well, because every single time he sees mom, he’s reminded that not only did he betray her, he betrayed himself. Okay. I think there’s more to it than that, michael. But nobody is perfect. Not sonny, not me. And believe it or not, not even you. Yikes. If we don’t leave now, we are gonna be late for leo’s performance. Oh, I think you still have time to explain how you found out about this merger.

[ Sighs ] Michael told me, okay? He assured me that everything’s aboveboard. I don’t think you need to be concerned that your position is being threatened. Michael and drew came up with the plan and started laying the groundwork without ever consulting me. I’m just going to take a shot in the dark here and say that’s because they both work at aurora. Given their close proximity, they have more opportunities to talk. With each other and not to me. Dad, there’s no secrets here. Okay? Michael wants to be completely transparent. I haven’t talked to drew about it, but I’m sure he feels the same way. And they approached you thinking that if they won you over, you could try and sell the idea to me. I’m not selling anything, okay? I just happen to think that merging elq with aurora to dilute valentin’s shares is a genius idea. For michael and drew. They’re planning for the future with no place in it for me. Dad, please don’t do this. Do what? Don’t go to the dark side and say or do something that you’re gonna regret. Well, I can hear the wheels turning from here. What exactly do you think you’re hatching, valentin? I’m mulling my options. You don’t have any. As you said, this whole thing hinges upon the quartermaines remaining a united front, which has never been their strong suit. Okay-dokey. You know what they call this? Kelly’s? Procrastination. But a donut will help me say my poem. Everybody loves donuts. Hello, leo. I don’t suppose you remember me. You used to be bailey’s father. Yeah, that’s right. You like donuts, huh? My favorite’s cream-filled. So is mine. No kidding. Martin, do you mind? Oh, by all means. If I have your permission. By all means. Just one, leo. You got it? That was very kind of you. You seem surprised. All the tension with the elq-aurora merger, I figured that you might be a little less than thrilled with the quartermaines. There’s been a merger? I — you didn’t know? I assumed — of course I knew. I’m the C.E.O. But what’s more important? A bit of business, or putting a smile on a kid’s face? Marshall told curtis he was leaving port charles, which doesn’t make him a missing person, and it would be unethical for me to launch a private search, especially since marshall may have left because curtis crossed the line. Okay, so uncle curtis drives my grandfather away. Your hands are tied, and there’s nothing I can do about it? I didn’t say that. As a doctor, you have your own powers of observation, as well as an ability to search for clues. Through the lens of a microscope. It’s not so different from police work. Start with what you know about your grandfather. Which is next to nothing. He vanished almost without leaving a trace. Almost? All grandpa left was his clarinet and a note. Really? Don’t go anywhere. Just — I’ll be right back. I’m not naive, okay? I know that nelle did some terrible things, but maybe if she had a loving mother to raise her, I could have directed her on the right path. Maybe. Or maybe I’m just deluding myself. At this point, I’ll never know. It’s the not knowing that drives us crazy. Well, you’re lucky, aren’t you? Your father came back into your life. You have a second chance. Not anymore. Marshall left town. For good? Looks that way. I am so sorry. You know, you’d think I’d be able to handle it. I learned to live without him when I was a kid. I think I can do it again. Yeah, but this time, it’s harder. Marshall isn’t just a name that your family would tell stories about. He’s someone you actually got to know. Hey. What are you thinking? All the places I lived when I was a child. My parents moved around so much, it’s just a blur of names and faces. Could a neighbor or a member of the community be my biological mother? Okay, before you start asking yourself these questions, I just — I want to say, there’s something I always tell my potential clients before I take on a job. And it applies to me? It could. Once you start the search, you don’t know where it’s gonna lead. So before you go looking for your biological mother, I would say that you have to ask yourself this — am I prepared for any and all answers, even if it’s not what I want to hear? I can’t really reveal the details, but michael and I are working on an important new project involving aurora and elq. And? And while we’re butting heads with valentin, maybe I can intercede on your behalf and broker peace. Is valentin likely to retaliate? If he does, michael and I can handle it. No disrespect. Despite our differences, I’m not going to let michael go up against valentin cassadine without backup. I want in.

Y is all about leo,dad, okay? Put your politicking over who has control over elq on pause. Tomorrow you can talk to michael, you know? Tell him how you feel. Together, you guys can work out where everyone stands in the new world order. In theory, that sounds good. Wait for it. This is where you dismiss my idea like you always do. Brook lynn, I am not going to dismiss your idea. You’re right. I am? This is leo’s day, and I am not gonna spoil it by talking about business. Just like you said, there is plenty of time to resolve my differences with michael and drew. I knew you’d understand. More than you know. Good luck at the fair, leo. Thank you, both of you. Elq and aurora are merging. Since when? What am i paying you for? First they replace me with a quartermaine as C.E.O., Then they merge aurora and elq, diluting my shares and weakening me further. Unless… unless what? Unless I can bring a member of the family over to my side.

[ Laughing ] I left them both in my locker, since I’ve been working around the clock. Forgot to take it home with me when I got off shift. Nothing about where he’s headed. Marshall never told uncle curtis or me where he’s been living the last few years. Wasn’t marshall part of the music scene in new york city? With its five boroughs and 8 million people? Where do I start, mom? Maybe your grandfather left behind something more than just his clarinet and a note. It’s a receipt from a music shop in brooklyn. Pretty recent, too. Marshall must have used that shop to refurbish his clarinet. But he gave me the clarinet. Why would he go back to the shop? To buy a new one? Maybe the shop owner knows where marshall lives. You won’t know unless you ask. Do you give up the first time you look through a microscope? What do you think? I refuse to give up on wiley, and I will not let you give up on your father. Another voice in the room. Aunt stella already weighed in. Well, I’m sure she and I agree, and I’m very honored to be in such a distinguished company. So what did aunt stella have to say? She said that I should talk it out with marshall and get the answers that I want, no matter how much they hurt. That’s really good advice. So, what are you gonna do about it? I never claimed to be perfect, and I don’t expect perfection from dad or anyone else. Great, then cut the man some slack, okay? Have a chat with him, man to man, figure out what kind of relationship you’re going to have. Isn’t that in wiley’s best interests? In everyone’s best interests? So dad was given a second chance in life, and how did he use it? By turning his back on his family to be with the woman who kept him from us for almost a year. I can’t get past that. Look, dad made his choice. I made mine. Yeah. You know, you sound just like him right now. Part of me is convinced the pain will never go away until I find out where it came from and who my real mom is. But at the same time, I’m not sure I’m ready. Maybe I never will be. And here I thought you were ready to turn your back on michael, but now you want to help? Yeah, michael turned his back on me. He’s still my son. And, you know, it’s my job to protect him. Well, I’m glad to hear that. Good. So now you’re going to tell me what’s going on with valentin and how I can help. Look, sonny, as much as your friendship means to me, the answer’s no.

If I go looking for my father, I open up myself and my family to more lies, more deception. Yeah, I mean, I know how you feel. One day, wiley is gonna come up to me and ask me all sorts of questions. I’d give anything not to answer them. About nelle? And about me. I could do the easy thing and just give michael and willow what they want and walk away. But you won’t do that. No. I can’t live without my grandchild. Now you have to ask yourself something. Can you live without your father? I already got some time off approved. I’ll head to brooklyn and to the music shop. But — but what if uncle curtis is right? What if marshall doesn’t want to be found and I end up making things worse? What if you end up making things better? Follow your heart, T.J. I’ll square things with curtis. Thank you. I have to call molly. I hope she’s not too attached to that miami trip we were planning.

[ Both chuckle ] We’re headed to brooklyn. Good luck. Yeah, a brilliant idea in theory, but there are significant obstacles. You have to move quickly before the merger closes. Not to mention finding a quartermaine willing to take your side. You have to ask yourself, cui bono? Who benefits? Okay, I’ll bite. If aurora and elq merge, then I lose, and drew and michael stand to gain. Yeah. So? Then you have to ask yourself, where does that leave ned? Too many people. Hey, leo, you’re gonna do great. You’ve got this, kid.

[ Gasps ] You came! I told you I would. Now, you remember chase’s advice, right? But chase is my one person. Where is he? If you want to look at the exhibits, go ahead. I just need to rest a bit. Yeah, of course. I mean, after everything you’ve been through. Once the kids perform, I’m sure I’ll feel better. Okay, um, take your time. And about the identity of your birth mother — if and when you decide to look for her, count me in. We’ll find her together. I have to protect wiley, and that starts with doing whatever I can to support willow and michael. Mom, everybody knows that our family was the wronged party. And nina’s circle of friends or fans, whatever it is, they can’t defend her for very long.

[ Chuckles ] Not with this reminder, this feature showing the world who nina is and what she’s capable of. Oh, I’m sure nina is working overtime to paint herself as the victim. I mean, the grandmother with good intentions who’s tragically misunderstood? No, she’s the woman who kept sonny corinthos from his family for nine months, and who induced labor and who stole avery. Everyone knows that you are completely justified in wanting to shield wiley from nina, no matter how far you have to take it. I’m nothing like him. Sonny — sonny takes what he wants. He does what he wants, and to hell with anybody who gets in his way. Now, I owe it to wiley to make the corinthos name mean more than that. Hmm. Yeah, I get you want to rebrand the corinthos name in your image, okay? But why do you have to trash sonny to do it? Why can’t you leave our dad out of it? It’s not enough that I have to rise to the top. Sonny has to fall.

[ Sighs ] You do know where this could lead, right? I’m going to take everything from him. Every shred of legitimacy that he has. And the next time the pcpd comes calling, he’s not gonna have anywhere to hide. Michael’s lucky to have you by his side. Thank you. But if michael lets a family disagreement escalate to something more, he’s gonna need all the luck he can get.

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