GH Short Recap Friday, May 13, 2022

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Recap written by Eva

TJ wants to file a missing persons report on Marshall but Jordan tells him Marshall left town on his own so he isn’t a missing person. TJ finds a receipt for a Brooklyn music store in the case for the clarinet his grandfather gave him so he decides to go to Brooklyn with Molly.

Leo is nervous that he has to recite his poem at his school fair in the park and Chase hasn’t arrived to be his one person to look at so he won’t get nervous.

Olivia accidentally tells Valentin that the ELQ board meeting has been called to discuss a possible merger between Aurora Media and ELQ. Valentin figures out that Ned is unhappy because the proposed merger would leave him out of the company so he plans to get Ned on his side so they can stop the merger.

Curtis advises Nina to use the fact that Sonny is an alleged mob boss in her hearing to get visitation with Wiley but Nina refuses to do it.

Dante tells Willow that the DNA results prove Harmony wasn’t her mother. Sam offers Willow her help when she is ready to find out the identity of her biological mother.

Dante tries to persuade Michael to reconcile with Sonny but Michael is determined to take away Sony’s legitimacy and expose the fact that he is a mob boss so the next time the police comes for him he won’t have any place to hide. Drew tries to persuade Sonny to reconcile with Michael but Sonny thinks Michael is the one being unreasonable and if he lets a family disagreement escalate Michael will need all the help he can get from his friends.

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